The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.308 Part. 1 [ENG/IND/2019.12.22]

(Kyungwan and Yunjung are back.) The doppelganger family joined us last week. (New face, Do “Ddokkom” Hayoung) – You were the talk of the town. / – Yes. (Shall we start our exciting party?) (It’s Hayoung’s first birthday party.) (Clapping) (In a trance) He’s so cute. (She’s excited just like her brother.) I guess he’s having a lot of fun. (The story of the exciting Do family begins now.) The Return of Superman, episode 308. “The Miracle of an Ordinary Day”. – Hello. / – My gosh, hello. – Aren’t you going to say hi? / – She grew a lot. – Say hello. / – Hi. – Where are you? / – Say hello. We came to take photos for her first birthday. – It’s before her first birthday party? / – Yes. – You went to take photos. / – Yes. (Full of cute props) – Outfits are important. / – They’re very important. She’s loving it. – She likes it too. / – Look at her mom’s face. She’s already in love. – Kyungwan, you’re wearing a dress. / – I guess I am. (It’s Hayoung’s first dress.) – My heart fluttered. / – She’s so beautiful after all. The dress looks pretty because Hayoung is wearing it. Peek-a-boo. (She looks even cuter with the hairband.) Let me see. (Pulling off the outfit perfectly) – She is adorable. / – She’s cute. (Laughing) – I’m about to lose it. / – Is she pretty? She looks pretty to you with her cheeks this chubby? – She looks great in dresses. / – What are you saying? Her dad is smitten with her. She’s the perfect girl to wear dresses. – She’s so pretty. / – Wait. She’s… (Yes!) – Your brother isn’t ready yet. / – Mom. (Mom!) What is it? His pose is very different. (Irresistible) He seems to have a knack for that. – Goodness. Mr. Do, that’s you. / – Gosh. (My gosh, look at this guy.) – Just relax. You get me, right? / – Let’s see. – I know I can do it. / – You can do it? – He says he can do it. / – They look so cute! Can you move closer to her? – Face forward. / – Look at him. He seems a bit awkward. He’s a bit nervous. He’s not himself yet. (Subtly different facial expressions) He’s doing a good job of leading his sister, though. (What are you looking at? Face forward, Ddokkom.) – Wink. / – Why don’t we try again? – Look over here. / – That’s it. Yeonwoo is really good. – Give her candy. / – Hayoung. (Crying) (The camera flash scared Hayoung.) – This is hard for Hayoung. / – Hayoung. Taking photos is hard at her age. – Do you want cheese, Hayoung? / – Cheese? The cheese is tasty. – Do you want cheese? Food? / – Bring it. – Either way, we need food. / – Yes. (I knew this would happen and prepared some food.) – She can’t cry. / – Her dad is busy. As hard as it is for the baby, it’s also hard for the parents – who have to calm her down. / – Yes. (Hayoung, wait a bit.) (Your cheese is here.) – She stopped crying right away. / – Hayoung. My gosh. What is this? – It’s cheese. / – Lift it slightly. – It’s cheese. / – Hold on. – Let’s try now. / – Wait. – He took the photo right away. / – Yes, he must. – “Yes, this is the taste.” / – Yes. Hayoung. That’s it. (The cheese has melted.) Cheese. Did you finish eating the cheese? (Here’s a refill of the cheese.) Yeonwoo, you have to keep smiling. (Let’s smile.) That’s it. (I’m going to cry.) (I hate that cheese melts the moment it’s in my mouth.) It was tough. – Was it? / – If they were taking photos separately, we could take them when they are in a good mood. Getting both in a good mood – at the same time was hard. / – Comfort her. – Let’s do it while taking photos. / – Comfort her. (Taking a step back strategically) Good job. (She keeps crying.) – My gosh. / – Mom, give me a second. Where are you going? What is it? Where is he going? He left all of a sudden. (What’s inside the bag?) Here it is. I found it. – What is it? What did he find? / – Hayoung, don’t cry. – You brought that? / – Yes. – You brought that here? / – You brought that here? – Why? / – My gosh. Does she like it? – Is that Hayoung’s favorite stuffed rabbit? / – Yes. She’s glued to that, and he remembered to bring it. – I told him to pack his stuff, / – Just like that? and he took his sister’s stuff as well. He deserves the nickname, Condensed Milk. How sweet. Your brother brought this. (He’s the best.) Why don’t you take a photo with your brother? – Just like that. / – He’s the best brother. – She’s smiling now. / – Right. How adorable. (Now focus. It’s the best first birthday photo.) Yeonwoo has the same expression from start to finish. (Good job, Yeonwoo.) Thanks to Yeonwoo, Hayoung isn’t crying. What a nice boy. (Their parents are trying their best too.) (I’m feeling great.) (Stiff) Thanks to Yeonwoo… – This is so hard. / – Ma’am. (I should keep going.) Look at their mother. Thanks to Yeonwoo… (A meaningful photo they all put effort into) – You got a great photo. / – Yes. – Yeonwoo. / – He did a fantastic job. Seriously. He was a big help. He was better than me. How did you think to bring that? Even I forgot. – You’re amazing. / – I had it in my secret bag. – That’s why you had your bag. / – “Hello.” – Is this the second makeover? / – Yes. (Hayoung dressed up to the nines.) Why is she wearing a hairband? (Joint performance of Kyungwan and Yeonwoo) It’s a joint performance of her father and brother. Yes. (I like it.) – Hi. / – Hi. (Sometimes, he goes a bit far.) You went too far there. – That was too much. / – So that’s how I looked like. (Smiling again) When she smiles, – she looks just like her mother. / – She does. When she smiles, she’s her mother. (I took photos with my brother and by myself too.) – Yeonwoo, isn’t it tiring? / – I know. We should take a photo in a pretty outfit. (As they’re tired, they will take their last photo.) – She can stand here. / – Stand here. – She’s so pretty. / – How pretty. (Ddokkom becomes Peter Pan.) She’s going to fall back. Wait, she balances well. (Her sturdy legs can support her body.) Her legs are nice and strong. Her thighs are strong. She takes after her mother. She must think it’s food, she’s so interested in it. She’s so pretty. (Peter Pan is back!) Here. That will be 50 cents. – That’s a different hairband. / – That’s 50 cents. – There are many pretty hairbands. / – Right. (This will do for the photos, right?) – Good job. / – Great job. – You finally finished. / – Yeonwoo. If you didn’t bring her toy, we couldn’t have done it. – I’m serious. / – That’s right. How did you come up with such a great idea? (I prepared it in case you have a hard time today.) You’re so amazing. – We were in a crisis. / – Right. Did you see earlier? Hayoung was crying, but she smiled once she saw the rabbit. You saw it, right? You’re the best, Yeonwoo. He’s a great brother. He’s the best brother to her. You need to look after them alone. – I have to go. / – Food. Right. / – Where are you going? – I need to go to work. / – She’s leaving. – She’s going to leave. / – She’s leaving. – She needs to go and sing. / – Mom. – She needs to go and sing. / – Can I go with you? I’m going far this time. Oh, no. (He becomes a six-year-old as she mentions leaving.) – No. Oh, no. / – He became a baby. I always go to work. Why are you so sad today? If he knows that she’s coming back home, albeit late, – he wouldn’t be so sad. / – Right. When will you not go out? I’ll be away for a few days. It will be a few days. Yeonwoo, you and I can grill meat and have fun, wash up with Hayoung and go to sleep together. Will you come back soon? – Should I come back soon? / – Yes. I’ll come after two nights. You need to spend two nights without me. I know how that feels. When your kid looks so sad, it’s hard to leave. He’s sad. It’s okay. It’s okay. – I’ll come back soon, okay? / – Okay. Okay? When it was time for us to say goodbye, I was worried Yeonwoo might throw a tantrum. At first, he asked me not to go. However, he knows. He knows it can’t be helped and that I’d leave anyway. Yeonwoo expressing his feelings might look like he’s being fussy, but he’s just expressing himself. He holds it in. That’s what makes me more upset. I bet he really wants to follow me. It breaks my heart, and those feelings can only accumulate. Bye-bye. (He has a hard time leaving his mom’s side.) Mom. – You’ll be good with Dad, right? / – Yes. – He answered her so energetically. / – You’ll do well. I believe in you. Also, you… Look at me. You’re Mom and Dad’s proud son, and Hayoung’s cool big brother. So I’m sure you’ll do well. Am I right? Let’s do a three-kiss with Dad. – We’ll do it without Hayoung. / – “Three-kiss”? – What is that? / – It’s a kiss we used to do before Hayoung was born. – Because there are three of you? / – Yes, it’s ours. Hayoung might feel left out. What is this? Are you having a separate one without me? Do it with Hayoung. Okay. (Scrunched face) Wait, those cheeks… (She’s happy to be kissed.) She’s happy. How sweet. I’ll be going. – Do well. / – Let’s go. Get down now. Get down. Get down now. Hayoung, you too. Say bye to Mom. Bye, Mom. Hayoung doesn’t know what goodbye means yet. No. Bye. Bye to you too. What is this? Cheer up. Why aren’t you doing what you did to them with me? Cheer up. Do you mean two-kiss? – I’ll be back. / – Yeonwoo. Say bye to Mom. (She’s having a hard time leaving.) Gosh. Bye. – She barely got herself / – Bye. – in the car. / – Have a safe drive. – Yes. / – Have a safe drive. – Bye! / – Bye. Look how worried Yeonwoo is. Lee Mido, your son will grow up to be like Yeonwoo. Yes. (The first day with Dad without Mom) It’s the first day with Dad without Mom. Is the doppelganger family up? It’s nice out. It’s really nice. What? Where are you going? The weather was nice, so we had to go out. – It’s a perfect day for camping. / – Your stomach… Are you ready to go on your very first camping trip? They have cool items like that these days. – Gosh. / – I forgot to tie your hair. – How cute. / – There are so many of them. Are you ready for your very first camping trip? Let me get in the car. (Yeonwoo skillfully gets in the car.) They installed cameras. – Yes, there are cameras. / – How cute. Hello. Hayoung is strapped in too. Yes. – Doesn’t she cry? / – No. – She just loves going outside. / – I see. It wouldn’t be easy to go camping with a one-year-old. Hayoung, we’re going camping. I don’t know what made me so brave then. I just wanted to go out. (Where’s Dad?) But… Hey. Gosh, are you moving? (They’re not moving.) – I took a little less that day. / – What? Originally, I’d have things to put in where Hayoung is sitting. My goodness. (Dad is in the car too!) Are you ready? Yes? I think you’re the most excited one. Good? (They’re ready.) It’s exciting. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. I think Yeonwoo would be very helpful. Of course. (Struggling) Of course. Gosh. When did she take those off? – She’s so skilled. / – I know. (Rummaging) She somehow knows when her brother’s eating something. Hayoung, here. – He can’t reach her. / – Here. He changed arms. – He’s smart. / – Even now, he’s looking after his sister. How cute. You can share some with Hayoung. (Snacks are mandatory for trips!) (Shall we step on it?) (Who is the owner of this coy voice?) – ♪ Please come in ♪ / – Isn’t that trot music? – I think you’re just lip-syncing. / – That’s right. (It’s not Kyungwan, who is lip-syncing.) Is it Hayoung? (It’s not me either.) – Gosh. / – ♪ I want to be your flower ♪ – Gosh, that’s Yunjung’s famous song. / – Yes. He skipped over children’s music completely. (How exciting.) (It’s “Flower” by their mom, Jang Yunjung.) – ♪ I waited for you ♪ / – It’s not an easy song. It’s a hard song. (He sings the chorus perfectly.) He sings both the main melody and the chorus. Hayoung is excited too. (Good job, Yeonwoo.) ♪ Plant the seeds of love, feed them with happiness ♪ (They’re in perfect sync.) My goodness. (He adjusts the tempo perfectly too.) Is that how he sang it? (He’s so into it.) He’s full of emotions just like his mom. He takes after his mom. Gosh. – This song will be hard. / – I know, and it’s a little sad. I might cry a little. – He knows all the sentiments. / – He does. (Something within reach that cannot be grasped) This song makes me really sad. Dad, sing it for me. (Dad is feeling sentimental too.) Out of Mom’s songs, this one is the saddest. This is a new song. Yes, I know this song. It’s very sad. (He gets into the mood and starts singing.) We’re supposed to go camping. What mood is this? I want to cover my ears. He wants to cover his ears because it’s so sad. (You might be able to see it, but it’s not visible) (More than the pain from losing your love) (Love is so difficult) Now this is the really sad part. (Can you hear me?) Goodness. (Can you hear me, Mom?) (She’ll hear you.) Hayoung is startled. (My sad love) (Mom, do you see me?) (Can you see my love?) (Mom, I miss you…) He’s squeezing it out. His tears fell. They fell. I’m amazed by how emotional he can get. Gosh, it’s so sad. He’s really sad. Didn’t you know? I was just excited to be driving. I had no idea. (Yeonwoo’s emotions are at their peak.) (Nature is alive and breathing in these sceneries.) – It looks like you’re almost there. / – Yes. When I enter the foot of the mountain with its fall foliage covering, I automatically relax. The best thing about camping is becoming one with nature. – Those leaves look beautiful. / – Yes. (They arrived at today’s camping site.) By the way, Hayoung… – It makes her look like she has a big head. / – What? – A big-head outfit. / – A big-head outfit? Isn’t it so cute? No. Why would you do that to pretty little Hayoung? Stack them up here, okay? Okay! – Gosh. / – Stack them up. He went camping with me many times. – He knows what to move first. / – Okay. – Wait. Yeonwoo. / – Yes? I think I should put Hayoung down, so please wait. (I’m right here.) – Gosh, a ball pool? / – I brought it. – Did you prepare that? / – Yes. If I want to set up the tent, I can’t do it while holding her. I see. You prepared it – so she could play safely. / – That’s right. – Dad, here! / – Okay. With you two wearing the same hat, it’s even more confusing. (It’s nice.) (She looks like…) Don’t they have the exact same smile? – They look so similar. / – Yes. (Hayoung looks just like her mom when she smiles.) (The huge tent was put up in a split second.) I did it by myself. You finished putting up the tent. You’re… There are three Do Kyungwans! We’re the same person. Anyone can tell that you’re a doppelganger family. That’s right. Yeonwoo was so excited that he made that himself. – Really? / – There you go. I did it, but the color didn’t show. Yeonwoo, do you… – Gosh. Gosh! / – What is it? (It’s water!) (She was splashed with water.) Why did you give her water that way? I forgot to take one thing. – Sippy cup? / – I forgot her sippy cup. Even so, how could you… Gosh, I’m sorry. The water went through her nose and out her mouth. My goodness. Hey, Kyungwan! Do Kyungwan! Yes! Hey! (They must be here.) – They must be here. / – Who is it? Hey. Hey. (Happy) (Confused) What’s going on? Dad, come to your senses! Yeonwoo, come out here. Hello. I invited some guests. Who is it? It’s announcer Kim Hwan, who’s become a freelancer. – It’s Dani. / – What is this? (Welcome.) Hello. – It’s Yeonwoo and Hayoung. / – Say hello. (Yeonwoo, say hello.) – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – How cute. Hayoung. Isn’t Hayoung 11 months old? (Laughing) She’s 11 months old. That’s right. I’m looking at Hayoung, but I feel like I’m speaking to you. I feel like I’m talking to you, Kyungwan. – We get startled all the time. / – Why does she look just like you? Hayoung, she’s your friend. – She’s the same age as you. / – But she lived – almost twice as much as Hayoung. / – Really? – Yes. / – They’re the same age. – Yeonwoo. / – I’m six. – Yeonwoo. / – Are you six? What do you think of her? Dani? I like her. – I love the way he talks. / – She’s pretty. Is she pretty? You talk like a young man. Yeonwoo. That’s awesome. – Dani, do you like him? / – Yes. How can you like him when you just met him? – Why is he jealous of that? / – He’s really something. – Don’t look at Yeonwoo. / – I see. – Is that how it works? / – No. That’s how all dads with daughters act. Go up to Yeonwoo. Yeonwoo. Say hello to him. Hold her hand. Is her hand big enough for me to hold? He makes me swoon. Oh, I can hold it. Yeonwoo is so sweet. Did you hear what he said while taking her hand? “Is her hand big enough for me to hold?” (Sweet Yeonwoo) I’m sorry, but he’s too similar to you. – He’s too much like you. / – He’s my son after all. (They’re holding hands tightly.) Those things are genetic, and his genes came from me. (Staring) Yeonwoo. – He’s my son. / – Is he Yeonwoo? – Is he Yeonwoo? Do you like him? / – Yes. Yes. By the way, Yeonwoo looks nervous. Gosh, look at them holding hands. – Who is holding who? / – You must be annoyed. Is Yeonwoo holding Dani or is Dani holding Yeonwoo? I did. I held her. – Are you holding her? / – Look at my hand. – They got close so fast. / – Yes. Kids get close instantly. – Here. / – How cute! (Yeonwoo and Dani got close fast.) – Hwan. / – Yes? – I have to cook. / – Okay. – Hold Hayoung for me. / – What? What? – Wait. / – Is that why you called him? You called me to be your camping assistant, didn’t you? Be honest. You called me to be your camping assistant, right? – No. / – So I could hold Hayoung? How did everything work out so perfectly? When you told me you’d treat me to meat, did you mean you’d barbecue it for me? This is not just any meat. – No? / – No. – Is it… / – Yeonwoo seasoned it. How adorable. That looks delicious. Yeonwoo and I seasoned it at home. – It’s easy to make. / – Really? We’re in trouble. (Yeonwoo’s beef is glossy.) It’s going to be amazing. Camping. A barbecue while camping is so good. It’s amazing. (How can it taste so good?) How is he so expressive? – Does she? / – She likes older kids. (Dani, try it.) You can feed her. Give it to her. (Dani, try it.) He’s so sweet. (Yeonwoo is looking after Dani.) (Chewing) I can only see Hwan’s face right now. Her dad’s face wasn’t looking good. He should be happy if his kid is eating meat. I can only see your face. You can date a boy if he buys you meat. (A cool guy who buys her meat) If he buys you Korean beef, then he’s a good guy. It’s okay if it’s Korean beef. Just get my permission. (A cool guy who buys her Korean beef) Dani and Yeonwoo are eating well. – Yes. Dani really likes it. / – She’s eating well. It makes me happy. Dani is excited too. (Hey, excuse me…) Hold on. (Let me eat some too!) – You should look after her too. / – Dad, look. Dani, open up. – She’s alienated. / – I hate having to wait for the meat to cook. I only thought about feeding my child. She got out! She got out! – Where are you going? / – Yeonwoo, hold Hayoung. How did you get out? She wants to drink water. (Her goal is right before her, but she failed.) My goodness. – You have to sit. / – Are you full? Yeonwoo forgot about his sister. (I’m hungry.) Here, Hayoung. He’s back to looking after her right away. You’re all grown-up. I have to look after two little sisters. Yeonwoo, do you like having one little sister or two? – Two! / – Go and tell your mom. (No, you do it.) It’s nice to see a family having a good time together. – Although the mom isn’t here. / – I know. – People misunderstand us a lot. / – Dad. What is it? Misunderstand how? I’m not as famous, so when people see a man camping with two kids, older men pity me. Really? They tell me to cheer up. Their romantic night of camping is getting deep. This is when you need some songs and dancing. Ready, go. (I’ll show you what cheerfulness means.) It doesn’t matter where they are. It becomes a ball right away. (Bouncing) He started dancing like that right away. He’s full of energy. (I’m excited.) Good job. – She’s having fun. / – That was some groove. – They’re battling. / – Dani is just as good. – That’s it. / – Yes. He can’t forget his saxophone dance. (Good job, son!) (He is a dancing machine.) – What is that? / – It’s the dance to do at that age. Yes. It’s a must. Yeonwoo, you’re really good. (I have to show them something more.) You should do a performance to congratulate Dani. What do you want to sing for her? – “Partner For Life”. / – “Partner For Life”? What kind of partner for life do you mean? – What partner? / – Does he know what it means? He does. Is this the one he was talking about? (“Partner For Life” by Leonar-Do Yeonwoo) – His groove changed. / – He changes it depending on the lyrics and his audience. (You’re my partner for life) (It’s making him laugh.) (Forever my partner for life) Look at him snap. He’s good. (The best gift I ever had) He called you the best gift. (Gift?) (Immersed) – He’s into it. / – I’m amazed. (He’s putting up his best performance.) My gosh. – Does he know what fate is? / – He does. – That’s it. / – ♪ I only ♪ (I only love you) (Forever my partner for life) That’s my son. (Screaming) Hey, Dani. Hey, Dani. What got you so excited? Are you okay? Do you like it? – He already has a fan. / – Yes. (So sweet) – That was your big picture. / – Yes. Hwan is going on his knees. How can she hug him so easily? (Let’s get along.) – Camera. / – What is he taking out? – Dad. / – Yes? Dad, can you take one of me and Dani? A picture? Sure. He took it out so he could take a picture with Dani. – You’re right. / – Do you want a picture with her? Bunny ears. – In one, two, three. / – Dani is so cute. They took one each like a promise. Here, give me the camera. I’ll take some of you. That’s good. – Okay. / – I’m not taking you. Put them down. Hayoung, look over there. – Yeonwoo, smile. / – In one, two, three. – This is so nice. / – In one, two, three. We were so happy. (A picture to commemorate their first camping trip) Thank you for inviting us here. It’s so nice. Let’s come here again! (They had a fun day even without their moms.) They’re back home after camping. Kyungwan, you must be tired. Yes. I had to bathe the kids then put them to sleep. I didn’t even notice how tired I was. I put her to bed. The kids had so much fun, they probably fell asleep right away. Kids pass out after camping. (Sleep tight.) Starting from here, I got some of my own time. – That’s right. / – What is it? You’re off work. I’m going to have a drink by myself. – What about the kids? / – I put them to sleep. – What are you eating? / – Yours. – Salted shrimps? / – How did you know? (Are you watching me from somewhere?) – Don’t eat too much of it. / – She’s watching you. Is this yours? Or is it mine? It’s mine. Mother gave it to me. – Fine. You… / – You should… You help me keep my pride intact. Hang up if you have nothing to talk about. Why are you talking about nonsense? I knew she’d scold you. Okay. I just called in case you were worried. – We truly are a married couple. / – I was so worried because you didn’t call or text me at all today. Good job. It’s exhausting to be on a TV show, right? No. I really didn’t think that it was exhausting. I was happy when I spent my day with them. What’s exhausting was not having you with me. You always say something so random when we are talking about something important. By the way, this is what Yeonwoo said earlier. He said it’d be nice to have one more sister. He’ll meet more girls at the kindergarten. – It didn’t work. / – No. She’s firm. You’re being nice since we’re filming a TV show. – Is that her being nice? / – Is this for a TV show? – Of course. / – No. This is for my online channel. Are you drunk? Is this for a TV show? Or are you talking nonsense because you’re tired? Which is it? All correct. This show is about you for my own channel. Gosh, you’re so annoying. – I’m hanging up now. / – Okay. (He’s forced to end the call.) – It didn’t work. / – No. That was a firm no. She’s tough. Let’s go. This tough mom will be back soon. Stop it. (It’s beyond his imagination.) The mother’s return will restore order in the house. (She could explode any minute.) (She will be back soon.) What will happen to Kyungwan? (It’s morning at Ddokkoms’ house.) It’s morning now. (Kyungwan is sprawled on the bed.) (His morning will be thrilling for some reason.) Wake up already. (Do Kyungwan, born in 1982) (Hello, everyone.) (Fixing Hayoung’s toy) He fixes her toys. (Goodness!) I’m sorry, Hayoung. (He’s sweet in the morning.) I fixed the wheel. (Yeonwoo fixes the toy wheel.) It will go slowly now. You need to adjust the speed for that. Right. We have that too. He made it go slowly. (The siblings are getting along in the morning.) (Pushing away) (Is she in a bad mood?) (Activating the toy that will excite Hayoung) – That again? / – Yes. (Her legs react first.) – She danced within a second. / – Yes. (Her legs react first.) (As always, they start their morning with a fun dance.) I didn’t know they had fun like that in the morning. My gosh. (Their excitement overcomes their empty stomachs.) Why do they dance like that? They should look cute. (Plopping down) (Her brother is like a dancing machine.) (What? He’s still dancing?) (I can’t lose to him.) (The ruler of excitement) That’s new. That dance is new. He’s good at creating new dance moves. (What are you going to do?) What is it? They become one. (Today, Units 2 and 3 will unite.) (Reply, Do Kyungwan Unit 1.) (Turning down the reception) Gosh, that’s what I did. I’m dead. She’ll scold me. (Setting out to Unit 1) (Crawling powerfully) She’s good. (Dad, wake up.) Dad, Hayoung is climbing the bed. – Right. Go wake him up. / – Goodness. Let her be. Yeonwoo, let her be. I wasn’t conscious then. (With Unit 1, the family begins their morning.) Wait. What’s this smell? (It smells.) She pooped. That’s right. – Did she just say that? / – Come over here. Lie down, young lady. (That feels good.) – Doesn’t it feel good? / – She probably felt dirty. (I’m nice and fresh now.) Do you like it? – They’re eating breakfast now. / – It’s so crispy. Shall I try this? – Is that bread? / – I toasted a slice of bread. – That’s an American breakfast. / – How is it? We eat an American breakfast. (Is this that good?) Wait, Hayoung can eat bread too? (Surprised) – Hey. / – I fed it to her. Is it okay to feed her bread instead of baby formula? Does her mother know too? She found out later. (The delicious flavor reaches all the way to my head!) (Shouting) – Dad. / – Yes? Hayoung wants the strawberry jam. – Do you want this? / – Strawberry jam? Strawberry jam? (Dad, that was not funny.) – Try it. / – Thank you. Hayoung, do you want to try it too? This is the popular strawberry jam. (Thanks to the jam, he finishes a slice in a flash.) He’s eating a lot. (No way. Is he…) Wait. – It was just one bite. / – Hold on. It was one bite. Just one bite. (Amazed) You can’t feed that to her! (The strawberry jam makes her smile broadly.) – Is it good? / – More? (Give me more jam.) – Jam. / – No. Two bites. She only had two bites. – No. / – She only had two bites. Once she gets used to sugar, – she won’t eat baby food. / – I know. I know that. My gosh. Do you want more? Say, “please.” “Please.” (Welcoming with two hands) She can ask for things with two hands. (Making it hard for her to grab it) “Please.” – She already finished a slice. / – Yes. – “Please.” / – Dad, just give it to her. (Acquiring a new slice of bread) She gets mad when other people are eating something and her hands are empty. (Hayoung likes the bread.) All right. You should also eat your meal, Hayoung. What? I thought the bread was her breakfast. – That was an appetizer. / – What? – It was an appetizer. / – It’s really good. She’ll eat baby food now. (Having a spoonful of baby food) She’s a big eater. (Korean people need rice to get energy.) It’s so good. (Eating) It makes you happy when your baby eats a lot. – Of course. / – It’s sad when they won’t eat. – It’s the best. / – You can’t eat if you drink too much. (She keeps eating.) (Food-muncher Hayoung) – Yeonwoo. / – Yes? – Do you know the word “burn out”? / – What? (What’s that?) When you eat food, you recharge your energy. And… I’m burned out. (The warning signal is on.) I’m out of energy. I should eat something too. Should I eat that? Right. You need to eat and get some energy. My wife doesn’t let me eat my favorite food. I eat this when my wife isn’t home. – Is it healthy? / – Yes. Doesn’t this look delicious? It’s not yours. Yours is over there. Doesn’t this look good? (What’s his breakfast?) (Ramyeon?) The ultimate superfood. – Is this good? / – Yes, it’s really good. You can’t eat ramyeon for breakfast. Hold on a second. – It’s interesting. / – Try it. Have some. Here’s your water. Try it. – I gave him his first ramyeon. / – He’s never had it? – We didn’t let him. / – This is his first time? How is it? (Is it good?) How is it? – What is this? / – He loves it. – I think I can finish this. / – Right. – But… / – It’s good. – Does his mother know? / – Well, she’s not home. I should’ve cooked it sooner. Is it good? (Nodding) Cheers. – Cheers. / – Cheers. (Cheers to your chopsticks.) Hey. (Slurping) We can’t eat this often. We can only eat this when your mom isn’t here. – Eat a lot while you can. / – You even told him that? She’ll be upset when she sees this. (It’s a secret between father and son.) Hayoung, you should try it too. (He’s happy to see Yeonwoo eating with gusto.) Hayoung, you should try it too. – Hayoung, try it too. / – What is she eating? – She ate bread and rice earlier. / – Kimchi. (Picking up the noodles with her hand) Noodles? (Consuming carbs for the third time) I only cooked the noodles – and mixed them with sesame oil. / – Gosh. That’s nice and all, but you didn’t even cut them for her. – She must learn how to slurp. / – My gosh. (Eating with her right hand) (Eating with her left hand) (Having a big bite of the noodles) (Inhaling the leftovers to wrap up) She finished her third dish! It’s a well-balanced meal. (But he had no idea) (that this warning signal meant a crisis in his life.) Why? (A shocking incident will unfold shortly.) (Vibrating) – Hold on, Yeonwoo. / – Why? Wait. (Who’s calling him?) – Are you doing well? / – Of course. It’s a call from Yunjung. You made them breakfast, right? Don’t worry. She must have had a hunch. You didn’t feed the kids anything weird, did you? Why would I feed them anything weird? (His eyes show his nervousness.) You didn’t leave used diapers in the living room, did you? – What? / – Goodness. She was watching from there. It’s like that song. ♪ The eyes that show nervousness ♪ ♪ And you who watch them ♪ (What is Yunjung doing in front of the house?) (Peeking) What is he doing? My goodness. She was watching from outside. (Kyungwan is carefree.) No, no. It’s so late, and they’re just eating now? (Yunjung throws a bait.) The living room is clean. Gosh, I can’t believe she was watching. My goodness. Did you wash them up? The kids are as clean as rice weevils. They are eating well. You don’t need to worry. You aren’t feeding them the food I forbade, right? Of course not. Just focus on going to work. Do you have anything to say to Mom, Yeonwoo? Mom, hurry home. Yeonwoo. When will you come home? Will you come home soon? (Mom is on her way.) Let’s hang up, Yeonwoo. – She is on her way. / – That’s so scary. Yeonwoo, I need to wipe the table. Go and bring me wet wipes. Okay. I will bring them. Where are they? Gosh. (Looking around) It’s Mom! Mom? It’s Mom! He spotted her. Mom! I found Mom! Mom! – I thought he was joking. / – I found Mom! You look dazed, as if your soul has left your body. It definitely did. Mom! It’s Mom! Mom! (Dad is in trouble.) Come here. Come here. “Come here.” Mom, you called from right outside the house, right? How did you know? Have you been well? Why do you look so troubled? Hayoung, have you been well? She smiled at Hayoung. (Sighing) Any mom would sigh seeing the house in that state. Yeonwoo, what happened to the house? Did you have a tactile play? (I am asking out of curiosity.) – Yeonwoo is smiling too. / – Did you? We had a meal. Those wavy noodles… I ate them. With Yeonwoo’s chopsticks? It’s a poor excuse! – Yeonwoo, I have a question / – She threw her phone. about the wavy noodles inside that pink bowl. Did you eat them? She is so scary. He can’t lie, but the truth would get him scolded. (You know it’s our secret, right?) You ate them, right? You can tell me honestly. It’s okay. You don’t need to be nervous. She is leading him. (Nodding) You ate them, right? It’s ramyeon, right? Dad… Dad just gave it to me. – He can’t lie. / – Of course he shouldn’t. It was your first ramyeon. Stop it. Why did you come home so early? You’re home earlier than I expected. (Glaring) (He uses Hayoung as a shield.) My goodness. What am I going to do? (Where should I start?) Come here, Yeonwoo. – Is it funny? / – You put her down and ran away. Do you think it’s funny too? Hayoung, what did you eat? Hayoung, what are you eating? Is that bread? Oh, my gosh. Was that in her mouth? (Innocent) Why did you give her bread? She should have swallowed it. (Passing) – I dodged it. / – You must have done it a lot. – I dodged it. / – You must’ve done it a lot. – It looks that way, right? / – What is your problem? Why did you feed them bread and ramyeon? They had never had them. – She gritted her teeth. / – She is looking for it! Hayoung is looking for bread. Once they start, they won’t eat baby food. What’s with that can of beer? I didn’t feed them beer. (His last pride) I didn’t feed them beer. It’s true. I didn’t feed them beer. Would you like ramyeon? Why would I want ramyeon in the morning? You said you fed them an early breakfast. It’s way past noon. I can’t believe you just fed them. She didn’t even breathe. And why did you lie to me? You should have answered honestly. This is ridiculous. I asked you if you had a tactile play. She didn’t even breathe. You said the house is clean. I told you to tie her hair! Right now, people can’t tell if she’s a girl or a boy. – She is… / – You are in good condition. What is it? She is wearing pink. (Her eyes say everything.) – To children… / – Hayoung, have you been well? You should use that tone when you talk to me. Honey, you should use that tone when you talk to me. – Have you been well? / – Yes. You like it. Despite struggling with childcare all day long, you ended up getting a scolding. (Sighing) Honey. Did you do this on purpose for the show? Isn’t it pretty clean? (Getting up) (He begins to clean up before things get out of hand.) (Cleaning) – You should clean up / – That’s right. – and hide the evidence. / – I am a neat person, but it was impossible to stay organized with two children around. When dads are asked to look after the children, they don’t do anything else. (The Do family’s house becomes clean in no time.) With Yunjung home, the house is cleaned in no time. Grab Hayoung’s attention. I want to tie her hair. Dad, why can’t you win against Mom? Hayoung. Is it because Mom is older than Dad? – Hey! / – Correct. (Yeonwoo…) My son speaks his mind. – All done. / – Give me a reason. She became prettier. Now she looks like a girl. Yes. I am sorry. Let’s fight. Let’s fight. Bring your sword. Let’s fight. Let’s fight. (Sure. Let’s fight!) – Let’s fight. Let’s fight. / – She got a weapon. (He loses without daring to fight.) Let’s fight. (Crying) Let’s fight. Let’s fight. (The thought of having this on TV makes him sad.) I never fight. – It sounds like you’re crying. / – I get scolded – and beat up. / – He got back up. – Yeonwoo. / – Come here. – Yeonwoo. / – Come here. No. No. No! You will hit me. – Will you come or… / – Dad, I’ll give you a weapon! – Take this! / – That’s it. – It’s useless on Mom. / – That’s right. It’s useless on Mom. Hurry up and come here. – You are going to hit me! / – Just come here so we can talk. I don’t have much time. What is it? It’s hot. Honey. Don’t do that. – You are so threatening. / – Honey. – At least Hayoung is in good condition. / – Yes. I am in good condition thanks to you, Mom. (Don’t be mad.) – My goodness. / – It’s my dream to have you stay with me without going to work. That’s my dream. (His words make a working mom’s heart ache.) I feel bad. – It’s my dream to have Mom keep working. / – What? – What? / – What? What? It’s nothing. I should continue to work hard. It’s his dream to have me continuously working. No, it isn’t. (The Do family is in perfect harmony today.) Mom, wait for a second. – Why? What now? / – Yeonwoo always prepares something for his mom without my knowledge. Yeonwoo is so sweet. It’s nothing big. – It’s small but… / – Mom, it’s a present. (Mom, I prepared a present.) Open it. – It saved me from a big crisis. / – What is this? – Start from the first page. / – Goodness! My goodness! I had no idea. I had no idea. I thought he was just playing with his toys. – “Yeonwoo’s Journal”. / – Goodness. What is that? “Yeonwoo…” He wrote “Yeonwoos’ Journal” instead of “Yeonwoo’s Journal”. There was a small mistake. You are bad at reading anything with a mistake. Here. What did you write? “Hayoung’s first bread”. “Hayoung’s first bread”? (Caught off guard) Were you recording evidence? I also wrote a message for Hayoung. “Grow…” – “Grow big.” / – “Grow big.” He wrote “dig” instead of “big”. – “Grow big.” / – “Grow big. Hayoung’s” “first bread”. He decorated it by himself in the morning. “Bank tree”. – “Bank tree”? / – “Bank tree”. It says “Bank tree”. A ginkgo tree. You noticed that “Ginkgo” and “Bank” sound similar. (“Bank tree” is “ginkgo tree”.) – You are a genius. / – And… And it says, “A palmate maple leaf as pretty as Mom”. – “A palmate maple leaf” / – “A palmate maple leaf…” “as pretty as Mom”. “A palmate maple leaf as pretty as Mom”. “A palmate maple leaf” – “as pretty as Mom”. / – Now, it’s time for Dad’s present. – Let’s see it together. / – This is a photo of Dad setting up a tent. It says, “Dad, cheer up.” Where does it say that? – Here. / – Here. “Dad, cheer”? – No. / – How should I read it? – “It’s not like that.” / – “Dad.” “Cheer…” “Cheer up.” – He missed “Up”. / – You missed “Up”. “Dad and Hayoung”. – “Hayoung with her eyes closed”. / – He included – his entire family. / – Yeonwoo, it’s so pretty. I took those photos. (Yunjung is very touched.) Gosh, these photos came out so well. “First camping trip with Dad”. “First camping trip with Dad”. (First camping trip with Dad) Thanks to Yeonwoo’s records, you will have more memories. – It’s valuable. / – That’s right. (The last page) “I hope” – “Mom will come with us” / – “Mom will come with us” – “next time.” / – “next time.” I am about to shed tears. (Mom, I love you.) My goodness. (I miss you. Come home quickly. From Yeonwoo.) “Mom, I love you. I miss you. Come home quickly.” (The working mom cries.) Yeonwoo, I am so touched. This is the first time you wrote me a letter. – Seriously. / – Right? – It’s so touching and sad. / – It’s a long letter. I left my child at home too. I will frame this. Let’s write the date on it. Let’s write the date on it and frame it. Did you think of me during the camping trip? It’s the first time he wrote a letter of his feelings. It was so touching. I thought about how I should react. Had I cried, he would have wondered if his present made me sad. So I held back my tears. Great waves of emotions were surging inside me. Did you think of me during the camping trip? Did you? Gosh, you stink. You stink. You are so cute. You are so cute. You are so cute. You are so cute. She is trying not to cry. Part Two will resume shortly. (Part 2 will resume shortly.)

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