The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.306 Part. 2 [ENG/IND/2019.12.08]

The sound of humming never stops at William and Bentley’s house. (Gosh!) Bentley, you can’t do that. This is wasteful. What a waste. Did he cut his bangs? (Is that Jim Carrey’s haircut?) – It looks like Carrey’s hair. / – Look at his tummy. Stop that. – I’ll show you a magic trick. / – A magic trick? Pay attention to me. Magic trick. Blow on it. (Blowing) Abracadabra. (Ta-da!) Bentley. What is that? (What? What’s there?) It can’t be. No way. – Ta-da. / – Ta-da. “Where did that go?” – Where did it go? / – My gosh. (Gosh, you don’t know where it went, right?) I’m a magician. (That’s impressive.) He really fell for it. (That’s impressive.) He found it. (What? Freeze!) It didn’t go very far. (What is this?) – Come on. He should’ve thrown it farther. / – Right. (Chuckling) – No. / – “No.” (Throwing it away) – Bentley is doing a magic trick. / – He threw it away. “I know the secret of your magic trick!” Did you see me throw it away? (That’s not a magic trick.) Gosh, it’s nice that they are playing together. Right. It gets easier when kids play with each other. – Right. / – Raising kids paid off. It gets easier when they play together. (Shall I take a nap?) – What’s that? / – What is it? – What is this? / – What is it? “120”? What does this number mean? – What’s this again? / – “120”? What is this? What’s going on? Let’s eat something. – Is it the number for Dasan Call Center? / – Here… The number is written all over the place. (The number, 120, is found even inside the fridge.) What does this number mean? – Hey. / – There too? – Isn’t that a bit scary? / – This is scary. – My gosh. / – What’s going on? – Some doors have / – “One, two, zero”. – numbers on them. / – Right. – What does this mean? / – Is it a passcode? I’ve never seen this. (What does the number, 120, mean?) One, two, four… (William was studying numbers this morning.) Five. (What are you doing, William?) A, C, B, B. – I’ll teach you. / – “C”. – One, two… / – Bentley is studying English. – He was studying. / – William was studying numbers. – 9, 10. / – It’s hard for Bentley yet. He’d rather eat than study. (I should look for food instead.) I’m done. Be careful. Bentley, did you see me? – Do you not know the numbers? / – He’s not interested. (I prefer to eat than to study.) I can’t believe he got up there. Do you hate studying? Are you not going to study? One, two, three, four, five, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. (I know that much.) Look. “Apple”. (Apple.) He is good. (Let’s see.) “Fox”. He’s gotten better. – “Rabbit”. / – Rabbit. Three, nine… “Dad.” – Dad? / – It’s a hippo. He called his dad a hippo. (Studying is the easiest.) (William continues to study.) (Let me praise myself for studying hard.) – That’s me. / – Pardon? One, two… Zero. One-two-zero? William! – “One-two-zero” and “William”. / – That’s me. (This is a eureka moment!) That’s me. That’s my name. He thinks “one-two-zero” sounds like his name. – This is a eureka moment. / – What? That’s me too. – One-two-zero. / – What does he mean? That’s right. The bus number is 120. Baby, that’s my name. It’s William’s bus. You can’t go. It’s mine. (My brother is ridiculous. I will get off.) (He runs at full speed.) (William takes the bus No. 120.) (William, hold on.) (Stop!) (Ride it with me.) Be careful. You are too heavy. Dear passenger, you are too heavy. You should lose some weight – here. / – William plays with his brother. No, no, no. Did you lose weight? I see you haven’t. You need to lose a lot of weight. (Bentley ends up working out.) My goodness. – Do you want a ride? / – He wouldn’t be able to sit – because his belly is in the way. / – Yes. You need to pay. (I don’t have money.) (Now that’s a problem.) Then you should take a different bus – to Australia, okay? / – Bentley fell off. William pushed him off the bus. (Let’s ride it together.) You should take an airplane. They play well together. They are the perfect example of siblings – who are a year apart. / – You’re home now. You can get off now. No. More. (William refuses to move.) (Is that how it’s going to be?) (Then I will drive!) (What is going on?) (This bus is mine now.) Bye. (This passenger can speak Chinese.) (I can’t believe Bentley.) (William gives up on bus No. 120.) I will try writing it down. – One, two… / – That’s how it started. That’s how the place got covered in 120s. (Don’t distract me! I need to focus.) Zero. All done! – One-two-zero. / – One-two-zero. (I must be a genius!) William must be fascinated to find a number that sounds similar to his name. I will write it here. (Here?) (William’s signing event begins.) All done. Should I write it here? – Or here? / – He must think it’s an autograph. – Yes. / – Let’s write it here! Dad received a trophy. – Congratulations. / – Oh, my gosh. It’s the Top Excellence Award from KBS. That’s me. (Where else should I write it?) Let’s write it here. It’s my favorite toilet. Here too. I will write it everywhere. (He wrote “120” all around the house.) – Sam must be scared. / – Of course. – He is flustered. / – What does this number mean? (Glancing over) Gosh, William. He realized what happened – by looking at the number poster. / – Yes. He hasn’t figured out the meaning yet. This is just wrong. This is my trophy. Goodness, this is just wrong. – Why do you like “120” so much? / – My goodness. 1,200 dollars? William. William, come on out. What is it, Dad? Hey, do you know what this is? – It’s a trophy. / – Yes, it’s my trophy. What is this? What is this “120”? (Let me tell you what “120” is.) It’s my autograph. Your autograph? Yes. Look carefully. “One-two-zero.” It’s my name. Is “one-two-zero” your name? Look. My name is on there. – Where? / – Look. “One-two-zero.” – Hey. / – “William.” (Amazed) William! William, are you a genius? – He really is a genius. / – Seriously. – You should study hard. / – William. Which university do you want to go to? Eungam-dong University. – Eungam-dong University! / – Eungam-dong University? – Yes. / – He loves Eungam-dong. I am glad that you are studying hard, but you shouldn’t write on the cushion and my trophy. When can I sign my name? You can do it once at an important moment. – He can do it once. / – Sign on your belonging. – My belonging? / – Sam gave him permission. Yes. Choose one belonging. Do I have to choose one? Choose one. What you sign on will become yours. – What do you want to sign? / – He can only do it once, – so he is torn. / – Which item should I choose? – Which item will it be? / – Give it some thoughts. (A moment later…) Sign on your belonging. Will he sign on a toy? (Glancing over) (There is a dark mark on Bentley’s neck.) (William signed “120”!) (This!) Mine. Bentley is the most important in William’s life. They came out to buy something important. We have many things to buy today. Will we buy toys? We won’t buy toys. (Could that be it?) What do they need to buy? – Yes, they’re pillows. / – There are a lot of pillows. (Soft) – What is he doing? / – Bentley hid. Which ones are the pillows? Bentley is between the pillows. I like this pillow. – It’s a baby pillow. / – He loves his brother. – I know. / – It’s so heavy. – Let’s look at the comforters. / – They need winter comforter. – What are we getting? / – We are at a bedding store. The weather has turned cold. It’s good to prepare for winter. The kingdom of comforters. (They start shopping for a comforter.) I like this one. – It’s pink. / – Don’t climb on the bed. Since it’s winter, we need to buy something warm. (What will be warm?) Baby. Baby. Baby. – Is that a baby? / – A baby? A baby? – Ben. / – Is that Ben? – Ben? / – Baby. (Look carefully!) – They look alike. / – You are right. – Bread. Bread. / – He is interested in food. – It’s shaped like food. / – Don’t eat it. (What else is in this store?) (Dad, look at this!) (Bentley, look at my tongue.) – Those are dog-shaped pillows. / – Tongue. Tongue. Is it sticking out its tongue? – Tongue. / – Tongue. (I am teasing you.) Tongue. Tongue. Tongue. (The pillow gets teased by Bentley.) – Tongue. / – He is cute. There are so many pillows. – There is a variety of pillows. / – A pillow? He knows he lays his head on it. How cute! How cute! (It looked like a pillow commercial.) Let’s buy it. – Do you want to buy it? / – Yes. – He wants it. / – “Let’s buy it.” He chooses without hesitation. What do you think? William isn’t impressed. He saw something. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. (Sam’s belly becomes a pillow.) This is softer. (Bounciness achieved after 43 years) Dad, this is it. – Dad, buy this. / – It’s the warmest. – That’s right. / – Let’s buy it. Don’t be ridiculous. Let’s look at the comforters. They need a comforter. (That’s right. We are here to buy a comforter.) – What should we buy? / – He is thinking carefully. (We need to choose carefully.) (This is nice.) – Dad, touch this. It’s really warm. / – It’s nice. Let’s buy it. Dad! Flowers. Flowers. – Flowers. / – Do you like flowers? – Yes. / – Really? I had no idea. – Peek-a-boo. / – My goodness. Peek-a-boo. (He shows a bright smile.) There’s no choice. You have to buy what he wants. Seriously. No way you can resist him. (I am so happy.) – Flowers? / – Flowers. (I don’t know.) – He is absorbed with the flower prints. / – Yes. Flowers. Flowers. (Heave-ho!) Dad, buy this! – What? Should I buy that? / – Yes. Do you know what it is? – Who is this for? / – He wants to buy it. – Me! / – Do you like flowers that much? Goodness. (William is looking for items that suit his tastes.) (What is that?) – Something… / – Oh, my gosh. What is it? – Oh, my gosh. / – What? It’s “Toy Story”. (The cartoon characters suit his tastes.) – Don’t climb on the bed. / – William loves the movie. He may climb on the bed since it’s a sample. – That’s nice. / – Sam should buy it. There is no need to look further. It’s perfect for children. – I know. / – Don’t jump too much. (Jumping) Don’t jump. (Freezing) – Go ahead. / – Woody. Who is this? – This is… / – Buzz Lightyear. William has memories of Buzz Lightyear. (Okay, my friend!) This comforter is very soft. It’s very pretty. – He wants to take it home. / – It’s nice, right? – He needs to say nice things. / – It’s very nice. – I was like that as a child. / – Do you like this? – Shall we buy this? / – When I wanted something, I went, “Mom, I think this is nice.” – Eyes. Eyes. / – What? – What did he see? / – Shall we go and see it? (What did Bentley find?) Ben. (Roar, roar.) It’s alone, right? (It’s a tiger.) A tiger. (I will spare you if you give me rice cake!) – Dad. Dad. / – What do you want me to do? – Dad. / – Does he want Sam to hit it? (Hitting) (It tickles.) (This won’t do!) (I will teach it a lesson!) (He attacks with his energy!) (Bang!) (He gathers his energy.) (Screaming) (Take my wind attack!) It didn’t budge. (I can’t believe it didn’t budge!) (There is someone I need at times like this.) (When a ghost appeared in Australia,) – There was a dire situation. / – Mom. (this person beat it.) Back then, – he had his brother. / – That’s right. – You are right. / – “Wait right here.” “I will bring my brother.” (But where is William?) (Ben runs off.) William is missing. Where is he? (He was with me.) (Did he hide here?) – Where is William? / – Where is he? William, Bentley is looking for you. (Disappearing) (He is looking for William.) (Screaming) (William isn’t here.) Is he there? No? Where is he? (William is nowhere to be found.) (William, where are you?) (William!) He needs William right now. The tiger needs to be defeated. (Crying) – Hey, hey. No. / – What is he going to do? (Answer me if you hear my voice.) William is missing. (Trudging) (The comforter is moving.) Hey. He is obsessed with the comforter. – Is he under the comforter / – Gosh, I am busy. by any chance? (Is William here?) He found William. (Hurry up and come on out.) Who is that? Peek-a-boo! (It’s William!) – Ta-da. / – Who is that? He found William. (William gives Bentley a hug.) They were only apart a few minutes. He’s so happy. (I will give you a hug.) (Kissing) He even kissed him. (Let’s stay together forever, William.) – They are good brothers. / – Are you happy? William, did you fall asleep here? I fell asleep for a short while. Really? You must really like this comforter. Shall we buy this? – Do you want to buy it? / – Yes. Let’s buy it! Let’s buy this comforter, – okay? / – Yes. (They succeed to buy a comforter for winter.) Where did Jooho go the day after the match? – I made a reservation. / – Yes. Kim Taehwan and Kim Insung came earlier today. – Really? / – Yes. My friends came earlier today. – Please go inside. / – Okay. I visit the place after a match or when I’m exhausted. It’s cold, but the effect shows in a short amount of time. I played in the match yesterday, right? I come here after a match for therapy. Those are for massaging your hands. (Like this?) (Squeezing) (How nice!) He is so cute. I need to receive this therapy for three minutes. – Three minutes? / – Naeun, can you protect Gunhoo – for three minutes? / – Yes. I will cover my eyes for a minute, – so look after Gunhoo. / – Okay. Here I go. What is Gunhoo doing? – Gunhoo? / – Yes. (Let’s see.) He is playing by himself. Is that an acupressure mat? Gosh, that is painful. (Stepping) Is he okay? (Stepping) He used to find it painful. (She checks what Gunhoo is doing.) Gunhoo is on the acupressure mat. – Is he on an acupressure mat? / – Yes. – He can rest easy / – He is playing nicely. when Naeun is looking after Gunhoo. That’s right. (Don’t worry because I play well by myself.) All done. All done. – Look after Gunhoo. / – Okay. While Jooho changes, the kids stay in the waiting room. Isn’t that for the eyes? I guess Gunhoo will use it to massage his legs. – His ankles are precious. / – That’s right. (He stands up) (and pulls it up as far as he can.) How far will it go? (The result will make you exclaim.) That’s… Is it warm? His cheeks are shaking. It promotes blood circulation. (It promotes toddlers’ circulation.) (He wraps up with a scalp massage.) (A toddler’s self-therapy is easy, right?) I changed. How do I look? Ta-da! I changed. How do I look? (Rainbow colored knee socks with sheep slippers.) How do I look? (Jooho became a carefree sheep.) It’s normal to dress this way. – What kind of therapy is this? / – This is normal. Do I look cute? “Do I look cute?” (What?) Gunhoo must like these gloves. Do you want to try them on? Here. (Jooho puts on other gloves.) (Goodness.) (They are bigger.) He is fascinated that his hands are bigger now. Naeun, can you look after Gunhoo – for three minutes? / – Yes. Three minutes. Good luck. You can do it. (A strangely cute outfit) It’s cold, but the effect shows in a short time. What therapy only takes three minutes? (It’s a unique machine.) It’s called cryotherapy. The temperature is lowered to minus 103 degrees Celsius for three minutes. Athletes and celebrities enjoy this therapy. Jooho is receiving it a day after the match. I’ve never had a problem with this therapy. Below zero degree Celsius? My goodness. Is that safe for humans? How many minutes do I have left? You have 1 minute and 10 seconds left. There’s no way anyone can stand minus 130 degrees. Kids, I will be out soon. 17 seconds, 16 seconds… Wasn’t it 10 seconds earlier? – You had over 20 seconds left. / – 20 seconds. – I wouldn’t be able to do it. / – So that’s how it works. (After many struggles, the three minutes end.) – His drool froze. / – You are done. My body feels light afterward. – I feel like it ended sooner. / – He was grimacing, – and now he feels light? / – Is it thanks to the kids? I guess it feels refreshing. Naeun and Gunhoo, I am done. Where are the kids? (The kids disappeared.) – Where are they? / – Did they hide? I am nervous. Kids. I heard them just now. Are they in here? No? There is no way they hid in here. I don’t see them. They must be hiding. Hold on. Did they go somewhere? (Babbling) – It’s Gunhoo’s voice. / – Gunhoo. It’s definitely his voice. Are the kids… – Hello. / – Hello. This is where you were? – Why are they there? / – I looked for you everywhere. (He wipes the floor.) What happened? What happened in three minutes? (Shall we turn back time?) They were playing. (Let’s see.) Where is he going? Is he going outside? My goodness. Gunhoo. People in the neighboring office must’ve been confused. He went to show off his gloves. (He is a friendly child.) Where is your dad? (What? Daddy?) Thankfully, Naeun came to get him. – Hello. / – Hello. Gunhoo has no worries – when he’s with Naeun. / – Right. (Gosh. I can’t believe you.) – Dad is getting therapy next door. / – She is polite. – Look at her hands. / – May we play here – for a short while? / – Sure. Go ahead. Thank you. (Thank you, Naeun.) (As a thank you to the aunts,) (I will show my specialty.) (I will go down the slide.) Ready, go! (Ready, go!) He’s not sliding down. (It’s not working as well as I thought I would.) Let’s see. (Please sit down.) – Is he acting? / – He is absorbed. (Miniature Gun) (If EBS has Pengsoo,) (KBS has Gunhoo.) (Hello, I am Gunhoo!) (My name is Miniature Gun, and I am 80cm tall.) (I bet you haven’t seen a toddler like me.) I feel like I’m watching a play in Daehangno. (Let’s see.) (Miniature Gun) (Pengsoo, are you watching this?) (You may be a famous penguin, but I’m a famous child.) (Give me a second.) (If you get this message, give me a call.) Gunhoo’s energy comes from his ankles. (But my cute belly looks similar.) (I hope we meet.) (Did I say everything?) (Miniature Gun TV will end now.) (I talked too much.) Gosh, he’s cute. (I’ve used up my energy.) – Rest. / – He is resting. – It’s good to rest. / – This was when Jooho entered. – You are here. / – That was when he entered. I looked for you everywhere. (Dad, there is a more important matter.) (What are you wearing?) (My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.) (Oh, that’s right.) – I’m sorry about this. / – He came back to his senses. (It’s okay.) Naeun, let’s go. – Thank you for watching over my kids. / – Bye. Come on. Hurry. (Let’s stop filming for my dad’s sake.) It’s a rainy afternoon the next day. Gunhoo, Naeun and Jooho are at the airport. – Are they going somewhere? / – Let’s go. – Naeun, how does it feel / – It’s the airport look. to go on the first trip abroad with me? Gosh, what are those sunglasses? – They really dressed up. / – I know. They look nice. Sit down. (This boy is a big star.) (Since I am at the airport…) – Will he reveal his face? Will he? / – His face… (Hello.) – His face… / – He revealed it. – No, he isn’t ready. / – He isn’t ready. (Peeking) – “Should I do it?” / – He’s teasing. – He revealed his face. / – He pushes and pulls. (It would be better to take them off, right?) Naeun, do you know where we are going today? We are going to Hualien, Taiwan. We will ride a train and look at incredible sights. Let’s have a fun trip. – Okay? / – Okay. I got some precious days off, so I decided to go on my first trip abroad with them. We will go to Hualien. It’s a city with a beautiful landscape. We will enjoy the trip to the fullest. I told you to pack everything you want. – Yes. Spider-Man. / – Naeun is… – Spider-Man. / – My goodness. – She got a toy for Gunhoo. / – It’s for Gunhoo. (My sister is the best.) – You packed it. / – Having a big sister is the best. Spider-Man. What else did you pack? Spider. – What is that? / – Spider. (Startled) It doesn’t bite. I don’t like spiders. (She attempts a prank on Jooho.) I don’t like it. – He really scares easily. / – It’s scary. It moved. It moved. – What else? / – What else? – Stickers. / – She likes stickers. Snack. – Snack. / – Her small backpack is packed. – She brought everything. / – Gunhoo packed this. – What is that? / – Gunhoo packed this. – Did Gunhoo pack it? / – What’s the tape measure for? I don’t think we need it for the trip. We need everything. – Really? / – Yes. – Do we need everything? / – Let’s see. – She is thorough. / – Then I will trust you and take everything. Put them back in your backpack. (Shall we go now?) (This hero will protect us.) Let’s go. Let’s say the slogan. (Oh, family.) – Family! / – We will see them again soon. Raise your hand if you are hungry. (He raises both hands.) – Bentley is always hungry. / – I guess you’re hungry. William raised his hands and feet. He even raised his tongue. Okay, okay. I see your effort. You can eat too. Are you hungry? (His eyes sparkle.) Seeing there is an iron griddle… – Meat? / – Yes. It must be a barbecue place. He is excited. Dad, what will we eat today? – Rolled beef. / – Rolled beef? – Rolled beef. / – Oh, my. Will we eat two? Hurray! Two? We will eat many of them. Beef and horse meat. He thought there will be beef and horse meat. (Let’s eat everything!) – Rolled beef is / – “Beef and horse meat.” – veggies rolled in beef. / – “Let’s eat everything!” Roll? – Roll. / – Roll. (Roll.) It will be delicious. (It sounds delicious.) (When will we get the food?) (Sniffing) Smell. Does he smell it? He smells food. – Do you smell meat? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. You have a dog’s nose. A dog’s nose. What do you mean? You say that to someone with a good sense of smell. Dogs can smell very well. Your mom has a dog’s nose. Was Mom a dog? Sometimes, she is. Every mom has – a dog’s nose. / – That’s why you shouldn’t drink. Don’t be like that. (Stop joking.) When will we get food? Again. Again. Again. – Outside. / – Right, go and check the food. Why is the food taking so long? Uncle. (Uncle, follow me.) – He wants Uncle to come with him. / – That’s right. – Bye. / – He has to find his way. Where is he going? I don’t know. Where is he going? (Bentley follows the smell.) He follows the smell. (This place is…) Where is he? What did he see? (It’s the kitchen.) He is making rolled beef. (He witnesses rolled beef.) Their rolled beef is being made. (Did you come to take a look?) Goodness, he is rolling up beef. (Staring) If you wait at the table, I will bring it to you soon. – It takes time to roll beef. / – Okay. (Please make them tasty.) (After checking the food…) (Look at that!) (What caught Bentley’s eyes?) Bye. Bye. He is waving at people outside. (I am Bentley.) Grandpa. (Bentley, hello.) There’s a grandpa. (I will sing a song for you.) (Have a nice meal.) (Be happy.) Grandpa. (Live a long life.) – Baby. / – Is there a baby? – Baby. / – There really is a baby. (Eat a lot.) – Goodness, he’s funny. / – I know. (Baby.) Where is Bentley? Is he on a table? Where is he? – This time, William looks for Bentley. / – Baby. (Is someone calling me?) He will hide. (Whatever.) What is that? – He saw something. / – Did he see Bentley? There are words. “If you post photos of the food on SNS,” – “they will give a soft drink.” / – “Baby ate a lot.” – William is making it up. / – “Baby’s belly is full.” “Baby’s belly is full.” I read very well, right? I will give this letter to Bentley. Bentley! William. William. Bentley, it’s a letter. My goodness. – He put it on Bentley’s back. / – You got a letter. Will they get a soft drink if they post a photo of Bentley on SNS? – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – How cute! What is that on your back? – It’s a letter. / – I see. Hello. (He is cute.) Would you like to try one? Try one. How cute! (It’s tasty.) Dad, I found Bentley. What is this? Why did you put it on his back? It’s a letter. Hey, do you know whom this letter is addressed to? This is a message for the customers. You have to put it back. Put it back where it came from. – But it’s a letter. / – He listens and puts it back. Yes, back where it came from. – He is nice. / – That’s the spot. (He put it upside down.) – He put it upside down. / – Don’t people see it? William is smart. Sit, Dad. Should I sit? I sat. (I sat.) (Why do I feel like something is missing?) – William. / – William will come. They look after each other. (William is back.) Sit. Sit. William, sit down. (Sitting) Sit down. (If everyone is in their seats,) (bring out the food!) (The meat they have been waiting for is here.) – Hey, the meat is here. It’s here. / – It came out. – Here it is. / – My goodness. Look at the color. – Is it here? / – Yes. – Is it here? / – Yes, it’s here. Is it here? – It’s here. It sure is. / – Doesn’t it look delicious? They rolled it. Doesn’t it look delicious? (William looks unenthusiastic.) Is it here? Is it here? William looks unenthusiastic. – Do you want me to hurry? / – Yes. I’ll hurry. (I love meat.) (Slow) He’s frustrated. He wants to eat it fast. Bentley. It’s hard for Bentley to wait. – Put it on. / – Should I put it on? Put it on. (It’s still missing something.) (More, more, more) – Hey, stop. / – Put it on. No, we have enough. – Hurry. / – He wants to eat fast. – He doesn’t want to wait. Hurry. / – One more. – One more? / – Yes. – Again, again. Yes. / – More? – The white one? / – Yes. Okay. (I won’t miss a single piece.) Are you that excited? (That looks like enough.) Grill. Grill. Grill. Okay, okay. I’m sorry. – I’ll hurry. / – Hurry, grill quickly. (Bentley’s avatar, Sam is busy.) (The maestro on the table, Bentley) Let’s eat. (He’s passionate when they grill.) (He’s frustrated when they have to wait.) It’s so hard to wait. (The hunger puts him in agony.) The meat is thin, so it will grill quickly fast. The veggies inside need to be cooked too. (The only solution is to hurry!) It must be taking a long time to grill. Do you want to eat it? (Chives and perilla leaves rolled in beef) There are chives and perilla leaves inside it. – It must be chewy. / – Yes. The inside will be crunchy. (It smells good.) (Hurry! Hurry!) (Dad, I can still see your slow hands!) It’s done. It’s done. (He’s delighted after the long wait.) (A lot!) (It’s his first time having rolled beef.) – Isn’t it hot? / – You can’t eat just the meat. It’s hot. He spat it back out. He wants to look at it before he eats. (Hey, everyone. I’ll have a taste of it.) (A cow is munching on grass inside my mouth!) It must be so delicious. Of course it’s good. (Chewing) (Give me more meat!) You have one right there. I have one. (He eats without break.) Gosh, I want to eat it. Bentley makes everything look delicious. (This is what I’m talking about.) Of course it’s good. (Chewing) (Doesn’t it look good?) (On the other hand, William isn’t eating anything.) (Unenthusiastic) – Why doesn’t he like it? / – I can’t eat it. Yes, you can. – He dislikes veggies. / – Kids tend to dislike them. I don’t like what’s inside. (He unrolls the meat.) He unrolled it. (You can have the vegetables.) Meat, meat, meat. I only like meat. (He took the vegetables out!) (He’s eating just the meat.) It’s good. I’ll eat the meat by itself. (The vegetables taste good too.) Are you going to keep this up? Are you going to be a picky eater? (Give me more meat, please.) (Hurry, hurry!) – Meanwhile… / – He finished. (Meat!) I got it. Open up. (Meat!) One person keeps on asking for more, while the other is being picky. – What am I to do? / – Dad, I want to eat cheese. I’m caught in the middle. Why is this so tough? – I want to eat cheese. / – Not by itself. I’m going to eat cheese by itself. (He needs to eat vegetables.) – He shouldn’t be picky. / – What will Sam do? What will he do? I’m curious to see what Sam will do. (He rolled meat and vegetables inside the cheese.) He covered it with the cheese. Visually, – you only see the cheese and meat. / – It’s cheese. – Here, open up. / – Will he fall for it? – Open up. / – Will he eat it? (If he doesn’t eat it, I’ll have it!) (His vegetable sensor is on.) – Try it. / – He didn’t see it. (He checked to see there are no vegetables inside.) – It went in his mouth. / – Okay. Chew, chew. It’ll be different once you chew it. It tastes good. (There are vegetables!) – Let’s see. / – He found out. Try it. Try it. I’m serious, try it. Chew. (Will he find the vegetables good?) – Dad. / – Yes? It’s a little good. – It’s good, right? / – It’s good, right? – Exactly. / – Yes. – Here you go. / – It’s good. That’s how you try it. (Now he knows how to eat it.) Good. Dad. Thank you. See? (I won’t be picky anymore.) Sam is good. Yes. He’s good. He’s a good dad. (He makes sure to reward William.) (It’s going right in.) (He’s in his best mood!) – I bet it’s delicious. / – I’ll do it with Bentley. – Uncooked cheese? / – Cheese? Is he going to eat it like that? (What are you going to do?) He eats everything aside from his dish. Yes. Try the grilled one. (Let’s share some brotherly love.) How cute. Be careful. (There!) (You know I love you, right?) Bentley won once again today. – Rice. / – Do you want rice? (We should have rice if we finished eating meat.) Please. Rice, please. Okay. That’s right. We have separate stomachs for meat and rice. – Are they going to make fried rice? / – Fried rice? Right, there’s grease left from the grilled meat. Gosh. (Soybean paste rice) Gosh, that’s amazing. (Amazing) Give me a lot. Eat it with your spoon. Where’s your spoon? There it is. Eat it with your spoon. Okay? (It’s a kiddie spoon,) (so it scoops up very little.) You can’t get enough on his spoon. What is he looking at? – What? This? / – He wants something. This isn’t a spoon. It’s a ladle. – It’s used to pick up food. / – That’s a ladle. If it’s Bentley, a ladle might work. – Sam’s startled. / – Do you want me to use this? Yes. What will you do with this? Eat. Gosh. I’ve never seen a person like you. (He’s eating well.) (I’ll teach you how to eat skillfully.) (Put a beef roll on.) – That. / – That? – Do you want one on your ladle? / – Yes. Okay. Here. (Broccoli) – Even broccoli? / – More? – Okay. Enough? / – He’s asking for broccoli? How is he going to eat that? It doesn’t fit in his mouth. Gosh. – Gosh. / – He’s practicing. (This is a true one bite.) – My goodness. / – Can he eat that? – Does it fit? / – This is crazy. (It’s overflowing.) – He’s eating it. / – He’s really eating it. Baby, you’re amazing. You always do things on a big scale. He’s really amazing. Are you taking a big bite? – He’s unrivaled. He’s amazing. / – Ben. I’ll take a ladle around instead of your spoon. (Sounds good.) Shall we see Gunhoo and Naeun’s journey to Taiwan? Gunhoo, look. Look. We’re on our way to the airport. Yes, that’s it. It’s a plane. Hold my hand. Hold Dad’s hand. – Be careful. / – Yes, go slowly. Let’s go. We’ll have a successful trip, right? Will it be successful? Yes. (Jooho is the most excited one of them all.) – Yes. / – He’s asking the question and answering it himself. – Jooho is the most excited one. / – Yes. Dads always say it’s for the kids, but we’re always the most excited. (He can turn on the camera by himself.) (Do I look good?) How cute. (Please take nice shots of us in Taiwan.) Here, Gunhoo. His sister is looking after him with snacks. – Thank her. / – I know, right? Thank Naeun. (Humming) Thank you. Thank Naeun. (He enjoys a bite first.) (Staring) Gosh. Look at those eyes. You can’t eat a lot of snacks today. – She looks like a mom. / – She does. I didn’t give you any because you’re not a baby, Dad. You don’t have to give him any. Am I not getting any because I’m not a baby? – That’s right. / – I’m a baby too. (Things suddenly got awkward.) Look. The plane is taking off. We’re leaving. – Thank you. / – Here they go. Come on, let’s go. Hey. You’re feeling better, right? (I need to recharge.) You feel better now, right? (She takes care of Gunhoo so he can sleep comfortably.) – Look at how she takes care of him. / – How sweet. “Ni hao” means hello. Hello. “Ni hao”. It’s farewell and you want to say, “see you again”, you say, “zai jian”. “Zai jian”. – “I love you” is “Wo ai ni”. / – They’re practicing – so they could greet people there. / – “Wo ai ni”. (Naeun is a language genius.) Naeun can speak four languages. She speaks Korean, Spanish, English and German. If she learns Chinese, she’ll speak five languages. I can’t wait to see how well she does. Let’s go. We have arrived. Taiwan. We’re finally here. They landed. (How does it feel to visit Taiwan?) That was fast, wasn’t it? It was fast. It didn’t take long. Where do we go to take a taxi? – Over there! / – Are you sure it’s over there? – You’re right. / – Did Naeun find it? – She’s so smart. / – Wait, wait. (Gunhoo is still sleepy.) (I should still say hello.) We’re here. (We’re finally here.) (Shall we start traveling now?) Over there? We’ll take a taxi to downtown Taiwan. Step only on the white lines. – Okay. / – She’s good. – Just the white ones. / – Step only on the white ones. Kids always do that. Sorry? Where are you going? We want to go to Shi-men Ting. Okay. They help with the taxis if you tell them your destination. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. We want to go to Shi-men Ting. Shi-men Ting? Okay. Shi-men Ting. Yes! Only Jooho is excited. (What is that anyway?) Guys. (Awkward) Where are you from? I’m from Korea. It’s my first time traveling… Traveling with two children. – One, two, three, four. / – Are you a star? – Are you a movie star? / – What? Yes, I’m a movie star. – What? / – I look like a movie star, right? – Actor. I’m an actor. / – An actor? – Yes. / – She mistook him. (What are you talking about?) Hello. I’m actor Park Jooho. – I’ll work on my acting / – What did he mean an actor? and challenge myself as an extra in 10 years. – Gosh. / – Dad will try to become an actor. Do you think I’ll become one or not? – I think so. / – Really? – I’ll try when I retire. / – “Do it if you want.” – She answered it soullessly. / – I’m hungry. Are you hungry? Shall we have a couple of snacks? (It’s snack time for hungry Naeun.) (Naeun gets one.) Gunhoo too. (Gunhoo gets one too!) He said they’d have a couple. (I’ll eat this fast and have another.) (Munching) Chinese? (Please give me another one.) (Make it double.) (He’s eating a lot.) Naeun, traveling is all about eating lots of good food. Traveling is all about eating a lot of good food. – What? What? / – What is it? (What’s wrong?) What’s the matter? (His eyes are watery.) – What’s the matter? / – He bit his tongue. – Open up. / – What is it? – He had to sneeze. / – He had to sneeze. – He scared me. / – I thought – you were choking. / – Me too. – Open up. / – He was eating quickly. (Don’t worry.) You startled me. (Since I feel bad, I’ll give you a bite too.) I want more. – I’ll give you one more. / – They can see outside now. (Amazed) Do you see outside? This is only the beginning. The beginning of our trip. They’re excited. (This is exciting.) (Naeun, let’s eat a lot of good food.) (Everyone, scream!) (He got too excited.) (He accidentally kicked Naeun.) Don’t do that. You shouldn’t do that. (Sorry, it was a mistake.) Okay, okay. Sit. Sit. Okay. “I’m sorry.” He’s apologizing. – They’re so cute. / – Why are they so cute? Is he crying? – I love you. / – “I love you”? I love you too. I love you. They even have such beautiful voices too. (Here, take my love!) (I won’t ever do that again.) (The taxi is taking the sweet siblings.) Naeun, the place we’re going to is like Myeong-dong of Korea. – Let’s get off, Naeun. / – Bye! “Zai jian”! – Zai jian! / – Zai jian! She immediately practiced what she just learned. – I’ll do it. / – I have to do it. Hello. We’re in Taiwan. Is he a vlogger? Naeun, say hello. Hello. We’re The Return of Superman. – Park Jooho, Park Naeun, / – She’s so smart. Park Gunhoo. Today, we’re going to show you Taiwan. Shall we get started? – Let’s go. / – She’s so much better. – This is a hot place. / – “Hot place”. (Good, good.) – Hello. / – She recognized them, right? Park Naeun. – Naeun. / – They even know her name. I was talking about this place. (Hello, Naeun.) As soon as their family arrived in Taiwan, even the local press paid attention to them. (They even took over Taiwan.) Gunhoo, Naeun and Jooho’s first trip abroad in Taiwan. (They adapted to local fashion.) (They got used to local foods too.) (Ripping) They will put up food shows while eating local foods. There will be toasts that win the kids’ thumbs up. (They will eat a lot.) (They’ll try some new rides.) (They thought their trip was full of luck…) Just when everything seemed to be going perfectly… They face a language barrier that they can’t overcome. I’m really scared. His acrophobia will be tested on this rugged trip. – Wait, wait. Don’t shake it! / – He’s the most scared. (It’s impossible to have a relaxed trip.) Are we going to miss our train? Plus, they’re in danger of missing their train. (Jooho is feeling pressured.) Dad, hurry, hurry. (We’re going to miss it!) (How will their days in Taiwan go?) Will they be okay on this trip? (Okay, everyone!) (I have something to say to you!) (You tell them, Naeun.) (Hello, I’m Naeun.) At 9:15 p.m. (I got it! What time does it start?) (Listen carefully!) (Sunday night) (At 9:15 p.m.!) (We’ll air then!) (The Return of Superman on Sunday.) Shall we meet then? (“Obsession” by EXO)

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