The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.303 Part. 2 [ENG/IND/2019.11.17]

Meanwhile, in Daegu, there’s a soccer match between Ulsan FC and Daegu FC. The family that visited this passion-filled stadium – is Gunhoo and Naeun’s family. / – That’s right. They came to cheer for Jooho. (Let me support my dad with my dance.) (Oh, gosh.) Oh, no. (Let me pull up my pants.) (I need to cheer for my dad.) That’s how Gunhoo cheers him. His pants always fall whenever he goes to a stadium. Somehow, Jooho plays better then too. (I was busy pulling up my pants back then too.) (I didn’t expect this to be a problem again.) (Gosh, stupid pants.) (Why do we wear pants?) (But I can’t embarrass myself anymore.) Goodness, Gunhoo. What happened, Gunhoo? (Let me go and find my dad quickly.) (Jooho is over here.) (He’s warming up.) Jooho is warming up. Naeun is looking for her dad with binoculars. Dad, you can do it! (Can you see Dad better with these?) (Why can’t I see anything?) He’s holding it the other way around. Can you see your dad? Won’t that make him look even smaller? (He tries again.) You can’t see anything. (He can’t see anything.) (Does anyone know why only mine doesn’t work?) (My eyes are better than the binoculars.) (I love it!) (I can see much clearly like this.) (Jooho appears right then.) Jooho waved at Naeun. (Oh, there he is.) (I prefer watching him with my eyes.) (Happy) (Good luck, Dad!) They have brought cheering tools. (Naeun’s tools to cheer for Jooho 1: Plastic horn) (What is that?) (I want to blow it too.) (You’re quite good at it.) (Blowing) (I’m not making this sound with my mouth.) (I don’t think this is right.) (I do this when things don’t go my way.) (He throws it away.) (Naeun’s tool to cheer for Jooho 2: Harmonica) (What is that now?) (He tries to blow the harmonica.) (Vocalizing) He can’t blow strong enough yet. (Why is nothing going right today?) (Naeun’s tool to cheer for Jooho 3: Balloon) He could use that. (Do I throw it like this?) He threw it. (There we go!) (I finally found the perfect tool for me.) (He can’t hold back the excitement.) – He’s finally found his tool. / – Goodness. He loves the balloon so much. (This is perfect for me!) (Go, Daddy.) (The match begins while Gunhoo and Naeun are watching.) Her voice is so loud. I think Jooho might just hear it. She has a loud voice. (Cheering) Gunhoo has a loud voice too. He’s supporting his dad with his babbles. (Is it because Gunhoo and Naeun are cheering for him?) (Ulsan FC scored a goal.) (Satisfied) (We’re doing great.) Ulsan Hyundai! (She cheers for the team at the top of her lungs.) Ulsan Hyundai! Dad is over there. The best defender of Ulsan FC. Go, Jooho! Park Jooho. Go, Dad. (Blow this for me, Naeun.) (Shake your body.) They got more excited after seeing Jooho. Of course. (Right then, Jooho falls over.) – Seeing their dad fall… / – And bump into others… It worries them. (Worried) He looks so cool when he plays soccer. He’s great. Go, Dad. (You’re doing great, Dad.) Ulsan. (The match ends.) Thanks to Naeun and Gunhoo’s energetic cheering, Jooho’s team won the match that day. (Everyone who likes Jooho,) (shout out!) (I heard they won the match.) Bentley got a call and heard that Jooho’s team won. Bentley and Jam Jam are up next for the shoot. – What are they dressed as? / – Dad. Did you call me? What is he dressed as? – That’s gray hair. / – Is he an old man? He’s wearing glasses too. He looks so adorable. He looks like an animated character. Or an emoji. Dad. – He sounded like an old man. / – There you go. Let’s put this hat on. A hat. (Let me put a hat on you.) You look so cool. No, wait. (It’s uncomfortable.) – Kids don’t like hats. / – They don’t. Wait. Then we… I’m sure Sam will find a way. The photoshoot for Jam Jam and Bentley dressed up as oldies began. Gosh, Grandma Jam Jam is so pretty. How does Grandpa Bentley, – whom Sam dressed up, look? / – This is – how you’ll look like in the future. / – It suits him. Grandpa Bentley has a beard. The makeup suits him well. – It suits him perfectly. / – Grandpa Ben. (By the way, Grandma Jam Jam…) (Why does it keep flashing?) (I know. What is going on?) (It’s hurting my eyes.) (Stop the flash.) (They won’t listen to us if you talk like that.) (Let’s teach them a lesson.) Ben, we’ll take your photos now. (You punk!) – Why is he suddenly… / – He’s become angry. Now… – Look at his face. / – “You little punks!” (Ben Scrooge is feeling uneasy.) But he’s so cute. I’m sorry he’s angry, but he looks so cute. – I’m sorry. / – “Why are you laughing at me?” (Step back, Grandpa Ben.) (Let’s show them what we got.) (Roaring) (What do you say now? Were we scary enough?) (Go away!) I’m sorry. I apologize. – I’m sorry. / – I’m sorry. – I’m sorry. / – Let’s take it again. (Well done, Grandpa Ben.) Goodness. Grandpa Ben’s knees have gotten worse. Grandpa Ben and Grandma Jam Jam. They’re still very cute. Let’s go. – Did Jam Jam get changed? / – We’re at school now. Let’s go to school. Let’s go to school. Students in the past used to wear those rubber shoes. Look at her socks. But she seems unhappy about something. – What? / – No school. She doesn’t want to go to school. Right, she’s not old enough yet. Jam Jam. It’s about time the photographer feels tired too. (Is it time to use my secret weapon?) Heeyul. Something is here. (Photographer Yeon takes out his secret weapon.) – What is it? / – What is that? – I missed it. / – What could it be? What was it? It’s jelly. Oh, it’s the jelly. – The jelly. / – I want one, please. – Please. / – “Please.” “Please.” (Jam Jam gets her favorite jelly.) Thank you. – Look. / – I’ll open it for you. Because the photographer is a dad himself… – He knows. / – He knows how to handle them. (Jam Jam feels better and gained some energy.) – Were you surprised? / – Jelly! He didn’t miss his chance. Of course not. Bentley saw the jelly. (He gets a jelly too.) (Open this for me, Dad.) You should say, “Thank you”. Jam Jam. – Bye-bye. / – Bye-bye. – Bye-bye. / – Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Gosh. Sam, hurry up. – Jelly is there. / – Hurry up. (He’s excited.) Can you do a good job if I give this to you? What? – Can you do a good job? / – Yes. Okay. Open up. (He finally gets to eat the jelly.) Eat it now. (Bentley is completely recharged with the jelly.) (The jelly made everyone more enthusiastic.) He’s so excited that he barges into the scene. (Oh, it’s not my turn.) – Let’s go to school. / – Gosh, she’s so pretty. The school uniform of the 70s suits her perfectly well. All done? All done. Good job. What is this? Bentley’s dressed in an old school uniform. He looks so cute. From the books wrapped in cloth to the rubber shoes, they recreated the school uniform from the 50s. – Look here, Ben. / – Why does it suit him so well? Hey. (It’s a lunch box!) (There is no rice.) How nice! – What? / – “What is this?” “Hey!” – “The box is empty.” / – “You should’ve put food in.” I am sorry. That reaction was typical Bentley, indeed. (I won’t participate in this shoot!) He is refusing to participate in the shoot. They should have added food. What is he supposed to do with an empty lunch box? Sam added a jelly. (They reach an agreement dramatically.) – My goodness. / – Okay. The calendar photos represent a person’s life. The children look so happy. (It becomes busy backstage.) – Good job. Good job. / – Everyone is busy – preparing for the next shoot. / – You did amazingly. What could be the next concept? I am curious. (What is the next concept of the shoot?) This time, the concept is about the children’s dreams. Oh, my. Why the bare foot? (Who is this?) I think I know what this is. “Is it tasty by any chance?” “Is it tasty?” (William isn’t here.) – William wants to be a comedian. / – That’s right. I knew from the back. – He is so cute. / – That’s good. – That’s good. / – The costume suits him well. – Hello, hi. / – William. (William, what are you doing?) (I want to copy William.) – Hello? / – Are you on the phone? I think William will be a successful comedian. (He tries to put on baby’s shoes!) He looks so cute! (The master of slapstick) – Rawon. What’s Rawon’s dream? / – What’s her dream? – There you go. / – She wants to be a top instructor. – There you go. / – Really? It suits her. – Smile. / – There you go. Good job. Look over here. (Rawon is the best.) She can act. Meanwhile, Jam Jam is outside to shoot about her dream. (It’s Jam Jam’s turn.) She looks so cute. She’s in a lovely outfit and holding a big lollipop. What is Jam Jam’s dream? It’s – to become an idol singer. / – I knew it. Look at her. She is good. This is insane. Jam Jam becomes prettier by the day. (Do you know what I want to be in the future?) Bentley’s dream is to become a food researcher. It suits him perfectly. I can tell that he is serious about his research. (Nothing in the world is as important as food.) It suits him perfectly. A food researcher. (Don’t you agree?) It’s his calling. (Ben is thinking.) They look so pretty. How cute! (The children’s photos will adorn the calendar.) (Look forward to it.) Only the group photoshoot remains now. What are they wearing? A mouse costume? 2020 is the Year of the Golden Rat. – Really? / – Can you stay sitting? You can stay seated, right? Stay still. – There you go. / – Everyone sat down. – They are professionals. / – Look over here. – Ben! Ben! / – Ben. (Me? What?) I knew Ben wouldn’t stay still. – What are you doing? / – Here. Oh, no. It’s hard for three-year-olds to stay still. Will they be able to take a group photo today? Please have them line up by age. What? Excuse me? Haven’t you seen enough? (You have seen what happened so far.) (They are free spirits.) Dad. Is Junghoon crying? I truly failed. (Laughing) I feel miserable. I really wanted to succeed. I don’t know what to do. We need to make it work. It’s okay. We just need them together. (I will help you.) Take photos of his face. It’s a good strategy. There you go. (This time, he puts a white cloth over him.) He put a white cloth over him. It hides him perfectly. There you go. Good job. (Cheese.) (I can’t wait to see the photos.) After many struggles, the group photo came to be. Naeun and Gunhoo got their photos taken too. Naeun and Gunhoo’s photoshoot will be revealed soon. Thank you for your hard work today. Good work. – Good work, everyone. / – They went through a lot. – Especially the dads. / – This is no easy work. You struggled the most. It’s not easy to take photos of children. I’m happy to participate in a nice event. I hope you raised a lot of money to donate. Shall we have a round of applause? – Thank you for your hard work. / – Well done, guys. Applaud. (Uncle, thank you!) After Junghoon left, – a kite visited. / – What is that? – It’s a butterfly. / – Where did it come from? It’s a big butterfly. The children are fascinated. (Hopping) (It’s too high up in the sky.) I want to catch it. It’s up in the sky. The butterfly is flying away. – Let’s catch the butterfly. / – Let’s catch it. They’re chasing the kite. The owner must be nearby. (They chase after the butterfly.) – What? / – What? What is that place? (Curious) (A gate straight out of a fairy tale appears.) What’s inside? Let’s go! – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! – Let’s go inside. / – Please open the door. What is this place? (Ben comes belatedly.) (What is this?) (Beyond the big gate is…) What is this? It’s like a scene straight out of a fairy tale. (What is this place?) I recently visited a Lilliputian park with the kids. The kids loved it, so I thought it would be nice to do the opposite. Visiting the giants’ world will help their imagination. Above all, it will be an unforgettable experience for the kids. This is Gulliver’s world. Everything is a lot bigger. Even small snacks have become enormous. What will they experience at this imaginative place? Whose are these? – They must be fascinated. / – I know. Why is everything so big here? Seriously. Whose house is this? – It’s my house! / – That came out of nowhere. (Welcome to Rawon’s house!) Jam Jam, do you want to play at my house? There are so many things you can do. Look. – Rawon is excited. / – She’s excited. They adjusted to the place right away. (I like this!) (He finds a gigantic soccer ball.) (Ben becomes a dung beetle.) Let’s eat a macaron. – Where is it? / – Is there a macaron? – It’s here. / – It’s so big. Wait for me. (She is drawn to the food.) (She dips her finger in without hesitation.) – Chocolate? Is that real chocolate? / – What? No way. Is that real chocolate? It’s chocolate. (Is this a dream or a reality?) It’s real chocolate. Come here. I guess those dishes are edible. It’s so heavy. What is that? It’s a corn dog. This corn dog is too big. Where did they find a corn dog like that? – Is that real ketchup on the top? / – Maybe. They must have used two jars. (I will know once I taste it.) (Eating) It’s real. How did they make those dishes? – It’s real. / – I see that the food is real. It’s real! It’s real! My goodness. Thank you! I will enjoy the food! They won’t run out of food no matter how much they eat. – Let’s eat together. / – How did they – make those dishes? / – Bring a fork. Come here. (They move as one!) Let’s hurry. (Will we be able to eat with this fork?) William, do you want to try this? (I will use my mouth.) Is that real as well? Kids, tear some off and eat it. (William listens to her.) (Eating) (Rawon doesn’t have time to walk.) – Rawon is the leader. / – Kids, let’s eat rice cake. Kids. Bentley. She looks after Bentley. What is that? Is he lying on a triangle gimbap? (Food tastes better when I eat alone.) Kids, it’s carp bread. Try it. There is no red bean paste. (Leader Rawon is the best!) Gosh, it tastes amazing. Bentley must be overjoyed. There is food everywhere. – What are those? / – Are those chocolate balls? (He carefully tastes one.) Are those real too? – They aren’t real. / – I see. (Is there something tasty?) Bentley belatedly came to the food area. This is great! (He moves cautiously.) This is a festival for Bentley. All the food is edible. (He barely reaches for the food with his short arms.) Oh, my gosh. He tore a piece. He ate it. (My goodness.) (William, where are you going?) Since Bentley is investigating everything slowly, he’s slightly later – compared to the older ones. / – Baby, eat this. (I have never had a corn dog this big.) (Flustered, he covers his hands in ketchup.) Eat this. – Hold it. Hold it. / – It’s different from what he usually eats. He needs time. Hey, we hid here. (William runs over.) (Hurry up, William.) Gosh, William. My goodness. He is showing slapstick. William is a true comedian. It’s as if the universe is helping him become funny. (After some struggles, he sits with the girls.) Come here. – Come here. / – Bentley should join them. – The place is full. / – Let’s take off our shoes. This is fun. – You can go in there. / – Hold on. (Let’s play together.) – You can go in there. / – Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Let’s go out, kids. Okay. They listen to Rawon. (Help me out.) – Are you scared? / – I am scared. – I am scared. / – Are you scared? Come here. Are you scared? (Jam Jam is scared,) Rawon’s helping Jam Jam, who’s afraid of falling. Come on down. It’s soft. (Thanks to Rawon, Jam Jam escapes safely.) There you go. Let’s go. Bentley. You are getting out diligently. (Why won’t you help me out?) (I can get out by myself.) Bentley hasn’t gotten out yet. (I will step on the stairs.) My goodness. My goodness. Oh, no. (I think I can reach it.) (This is bad.) – Hold on. / – He needs that to get out. (Jam Jam and Rawon come close.) Jam Jam didn’t see him. – Will Rawon… / – Rawon will help him out. (Leader, I am here.) (Rawon didn’t see him!) – She didn’t see him. / – She didn’t see him. What is he going to do? (The Adventures of Bentley) (Is anyone there?) – What is he going to do? / – How will he get out? (Can you see me?) (He gets ready to transmit signals.) – Goodness. / – He took off the camera. (This is bad.) (Let me put it where it was.) (Pressing) (He gets ready to jump off.) (The Adventures of Bentley ends.) Bye-bye. (Rawon and Jam Jam are playing with a phone.) Do you want to check the fine dust? How is the weather? It’s bad, right? (Beep, beep.) Dad, hello. Hello. I am here. I ate tasty food. Hello. Dad, hello. Dad. (He isn’t answering.) I am driving a car. I am driving a car. (Ben is still stuck.) – He needs to get out. / – Jam Jam, let’s ride this. (Rawon is the best driver.) They know how to play. We are here. Jam Jam, get off the car. I am in Australia. Let’s go up here! – What’s up there? / – Let’s go up here! There is jelly. Jelly? (I don’t have time to waste here.) (Struggling) I guess hearing about jelly gave him energy. My goodness. What is up with Bentley? (He pushed the stairs.) (He ended up escaping.) He came down. He came down at the talk of jelly. – Is he running over for jelly? / – Yes. Let’s go up here in secret. (Secretive but agile) (The passion for jelly) (The gigantic jelly looks perfect!) What is that? How will they eat that? (Ben finally gets what he likes!) (Jelly, you are mine.) (He gets a handful of jelly!) Did he rip off its ear? (No-look eating) He is trying to eat without letting others know. – That’s why he isn’t looking. / – Let’s go up there. It looks like fun. (Let’s play together.) Jam Jam must find it fun to – play with an older girl. / – Shall we jump from here? (Rawon enjoys jumping!) – It’s fun. One more time! / – The children – are utilizing every space. / – All right. – They are playing well. / – This is fun! It’s so much fun. It’s so much fun. (Gulliver’s world is so much fun!) (At that moment…) – What is that sound? / – What is that sound? (I think something is wrong.) The children are startled. There is a serious expression on their faces. (Nervous) (Everyone becomes nervous!) – Jam Jam is scared. / – Hurry. (Hurry.) (I am scared too.) Come here. Rawon is protecting her. William is protecting Bentley. They are too cute. What is that? (Something strange appears beyond the fences.) (Thunderous footsteps) Goodness. What? Who is this tall person? (Are we trembling?) Who created this mess? I was saving up those dishes. (They feel a prick of conscience.) – Isn’t that Ha Seungjin? / – Are you the culprit? – He is the giant of the day. / – Hello. (I have never seen someone so tall.) I am sorry. (His shoe came off during the panic.) (I am sorry too.) – Who are you? / – The role suits him really well. We are… I attend a daycare center. They always stay at home. What’s your name? (Look at my scary hand.) – Bentley is fearless. / – What is that? – What is that? / – Jelly. Jelly? (Let me think as I eat.) (The thing is…) (Please calm down for a second.) This is my house. – We are sorry. We will leave. / – It’s okay. – Let’s play together. / – Is Jam Jam running away? No! (Jam Jam runs away quickly.) (She lifts the staircase!) She wants to hide. She wants to hide. – She is hiding from the giant. / – Rawon, hurry over. How did my house become a mess? (Mr. Giant, the thing is…) (It’s my house!) (She acted like it was her house.) She’s worried about what she did. (She told everyone to eat.) – Who did it? / – She didn’t expect this. Of course not. (Don’t cry, Leader Rawon.) I did it! Rawon, don’t cry. (William comforts Rawon.) (She can’t stop crying.) – Rawon, I’ll save you. / – William’s protecting Rawon. (William, wait for me.) Follow me. (Falling down) (William, it won’t be easy.) “Follow me.” (Everyone follows William.) – Where are you going? / – William is so cute. What is that? – Stay right there. / – What is he going to do? Okay. Don’t worry. (They work together for Rawon!) Will they tie him up? What? (William, the knight, attacks the giant.) How cute! – The giant is quite weak. / – What are you doing? (What are you guys doing?) Rawon, wait right there. I will make it so that he isn’t scary. (They tie the giant with the rope.) – Spare me. / – You! (Aren’t you guys scared?) Look at that. William pushed him. This time, Jam Jam came to Rawon. She’s looking after Rawon now. Kids. I wanted to play with you. What? Did he want to play with them? (Did he want to play with us?) Who are you? I am from the land of the giants. I am Jini. – Jini from Ha Seungjin. Jini. / – Ha Seungjin. In my country, I’m only four years old. – Four years old? / – Are you four years old? Yes, I am four years old. How old are you, William? I am four years old. She is four years old too. Are your friends four years old too? – Yes. / – She is three years old. You can’t be four years old. You are really big. I am big, but my heart is small. Your heart must be bigger than mine, William. (Then why is he so big?) I have been tied for so long that I am uncomfortable and hungry. Would you bring me some food? The children were scared at first. – They bring him food now. / – Right. Since the giant looks pitiful, they bring him food. (A handful of carp bread) I am too hungry. (To the hungry Ha Seungjin,) Thank you. (Jam Jam delivers the food!) Coffee. It’s coffee. – Oh, those are coffee beans. / – I will make coffee. (I will deliver coffee!) – It’s really tasty. / – It’s coffee. (I added a shot as a service.) It’s coffee. My goodness. (He drinks the coffee in one go!) (Is it tasty?) Are you sure you aren’t scary? – I am not scary. / – He really isn’t. I am your friend, William. Are you shy? (Friendly) – I’m coming out of the coffee. / – You’re in a mug. (You are funny.) William, you are brave. Aren’t you scared? No. Where did your friends go? Rawon is still intimidated. (Holding hands) (Jam Jam gives her courage.) – Jam Jam is looking after Rawon. / – He isn’t scary. He is a friend. I am sorry I got angry earlier. Please untie the rope. I want to be friends with you. (Now that I think of it, I feel bad.) (William unties the rope.) I feel better now. Please untie all of it. Uncle, I am sorry. Thank you for apologizing. (The rope finally comes off!) Thank you. I didn’t know this place was yours. I see. It’s okay. I understand. The house was empty. (He is a nice uncle!) (We are sorry we created a mess.) Let’s jump. Let’s jump to the sky. One. – Hold on. / – Ready? Jump! (Ha Seungjin’s rocket) – To children, that height would be like / – Me too. – a four-story building. / – One, two. Jump! (That was electrifying.) (That looks fun.) (Bentley goes on a ride as well!) (He hasn’t been on a ride like this.) (Dizzy) I want to touch the sky. Do you want to touch the sky? – I want to touch the sky. / – The sky? Look at the sky and say hello, okay? All right. – It looks scary. / – Rawon isn’t gloomy anymore. (Launch) Jump! (The jump makes him go past the atmosphere!) Was it scary? – Rawon feels better now. / – Yes. (Rawon is smiling again.) I will show you, Rawon. You are good. You have the genes. Seungjin is so nice. The children play well with him. Go! Jump! (She jumps naturally!) Jump, jump! (There are people watching them.) (Who are they?) It’s Naeun. Naeun. There was a photo of Gunhoo and Naeun. Jooho does his best to take photos of them playing. Let me get some photos. Please. The story of the photoshoot will continue shortly. (If you change the channel, Gunhoo will scold you.) (Let’s meet again soon.) You are a good man. Thank you for thinking that I am a good man. Shall we clean up the place before we leave? Let’s clean up the place. Let’s clean up together. (The children clean up the giant’s house.) Let’s see who can clean up the best. (Heave-ho.) Let’s clean up together. The giant becomes friends with the children like a real four-year-old and cleans up together. They’re all cleaning up diligently. You are so good at cleaning up! – Seriously. / – They are good. High-five. (They high-five with both hands!) (Rawon isn’t scared of Seungjin anymore.) We need to go to our dads now. – Bye. / – Bye. – Bye. / – Bye. Bye. – Dad. / – Dad. What did you do? – I played. / – Did you play? The glasses were big. The plates were big. Everything was big. I protected Rawon. – That’s right. / – Really? Rawon, were you scared? She is in a daze. It was a dreamlike “Gulliver’s Travels”. – Let’s go. / – The day after the soccer match, – Gunhoo and Naeun visit / – Hello. – a studio in Ulsan. / – Hello. Hello. I am here to have a self photoshoot – with the children. / – A self photoshoot. That’s why he prepared a beret. Due to a soccer match, I couldn’t join the others for the sixth anniversary event. So that I don’t do Junghoon a disservice, I will diligently take photos of my children today. Today, call me Photographer Park. (Thus, I came prepared.) – That’s Jooho’s charms. / – That’s right. He always takes a step further. His items don’t match, though. We can do this. One. Gunhoo and Naeun would look cute – in any photo. / – One. (Please take pretty photos.) Let’s go. That’s a good pose. Okay. That’s good. This is good enough… What? (Flustered) How do I do this? The photo suddenly disappeared. How will he shoot when he isn’t used to the camera? This isn’t half bad, right? (It’s out of focus.) – How is that not half bad? / – It’s out of focus. The focus… (Jooho is endlessly optimistic.) Today, I will take their photos. All right. Let’s do this! Come here. Come here. Let’s go! (He is unreasonably confident.) (Will my dad be able to do a good job?) Okay. This is good. I got the hang of it. Let’s go. What would their first concept be? Naeun, – next year is the Year of the Rat. / – They’re taking – a group photo first. / – For the first photoshoot, we will be mice. – Mouse? / – Yes. Okay. (Cute Naeun Mouse is born.) How cute! – I can’t believe this! / – There you go. Naeun, you are the best. Gunhoo, you are the best. (Refusing) Gunhoo doesn’t want to wear it. – Immediate crisis. / – He doesn’t feel like it. – That’s right. / – Here. (It won’t be easy.) It’s a crisis from the start. He won’t wear the costume. (It’s not easy to take photos of babies.) (It seems like my dad wants to give it a try.) (It will be very difficult.) (Jeering) (Do it if you can.) (Just you wait.) Gunhoo, do you want to eat this? (He lures Gunhoo with his favorite snack.) Naeun, you can eat as well. Will he wear the costume when he has a snack? – Oh, he will. / – Restore your blood sugar level. Jooho won him over so easily. Jooho is so funny. “Restore your blood sugar level.” (It tastes good.) Goodness. (He diligently restores his blood sugar level.) Let’s go. (They changed into the costumes thanks to Jooho’s wit.) The baby mouse who likes snacks and the sister mouse who leads the baby mouse showed up in the studio. Jooho is wearing gray pants too. – All right. / – They are a mouse family. Stand over there. (Naeun gets her photos taken first.) (She makes a V.) Gosh, look at Naeun. She is a natural. Where did she learn to pose? Since the model is talented, I can take photos freely. Look at her pose. These aren’t half bad. This one is bad. This is all he could do with those brilliant poses? (Gunhoo enjoys some alone time.) One, two, three. Smile. One, two, three. Ready. – One, two, three. / – Ready. – He thinks Jooho is clapping the slate. / – Right. One, two, three. Ready. (He barges in.) Okay. (He tries to take photos this time.) (Go ahead and take photos.) One, two, three. (His fingers are edgy.) Did Gunhoo take a photo? Wow, Gunhoo! He took a really nice one. – Gunhoo is better. / – You are better. Let Gunhoo take the photos. (He tries to put a hat on Gunhoo.) (Running away) (Something doesn’t seem right.) Kids hate wearing hats. I’m not doing anything. I have nothing in my hands. You are so quick-witted. (He refuses vehemently.) He doesn’t want to put on a hat. (What are you doing?) (He becomes docile.) Naeun put a snack in his mouth. Naeun is good. (Snacks from Naeun are tasty.) (Naeun, I see that you have a plan.) (She tries to put Gunhoo’s hood on.) You rascal. – How cute! / – There you go. – “Gunhoo, you rascal.” / – You rascal. You rascal. Come here. (You can’t help but do as she tells you to.) (Did her training work?) (He puts the hood on himself.) He looks so cute. Naeun is so good. You look perfect right now. Don’t move. – That’s it. / – Stay still. – Take it. Hurry up. / – Why doesn’t this work? – No! / – No, Jooho! Hurry up. The two would look great in the photo right now. He’s taking it off. No. – He took it off. / – I don’t know anymore. Take it, please. Please. (You’ve missed Gunhoo Mouse.) Dad, it’s weird. Is it weird? Gunhoo is a mess. – After all she went through? / – It’s out of focus. It’s out of focus, isn’t it? Let’s ask for help from the uncle. I can’t do it by myself. – Please help me. / – Okay. – This is a very important shoot. / – Okay. I’ll assist on the side so that the kids can focus on the photoshoot. – Okay. / – I’ll try. Sit. That’s it. With help, they will get the result much quicker. (He looks happier now that the burden has been lifted.) (How will Gunhoo and Naeun look as mice?) Gunhoo, hurray. That’s it. (Gunhoo and Naeun look like cute mice.) – See? The photos look so cute already. / – How cute. They look adorable. Come here, Gunhoo. This time, Gunhoo will have his photos taken while dressed as an old man. (He demonstrates what it’s like to have lived long.) I can’t wait to see this. (What is that, Dad?) He already hates the concept. He doesn’t like the set. (It’s not even easy to stand up.) Stand up. (Be gentle with my joints.) Play the music that makes them clap. Clap. (He’s energetic as soon as the music is played.) That’s it. Play the music Gunhoo likes. He gets up automatically. (Let’s all clap.) (Why aren’t you clapping?) (He looks just like…) (This is the old man from Ulsan’s first photoshoot.) (He tussled with Jooho who takes his photos.) (There is no baby who does exactly as told.) (I can’t stand how he’s pestering me to take photos.) It looks fun in this clip. (This is the old man’s fun and energetic dance.) (While he’s having fun…) He’s putting the wig on secretly, but he hates it. (I said I’m not wearing it.) Let’s try a few more times, but if he refuses, please edit the graphic. (This is the last try.) – It won’t work. / – Oh, no. – He slipped. / – Oh, no. – It’s okay. / – He stepped on the wig and slipped. (They got the best shot inadvertently.) My gosh, that’s a great photo. My gosh. It’s okay. Keep dancing. (An old man does not cry.) Gunhoo is seriously tireless. (In the end, Jooho gives up.) He’s free-spirited. (What photos did they take of this free man?) (It’s the actual wig.) He did wear it in the end. (It’s the actual wig.) His glasses are crooked now. He’s a mess. (He’s so out of it.) This is the last shoot. (He suddenly looks so happy.) I want to take a photo of this. (Naeun is dressed up as a ballerina.) What? (Shy) His eyes are shooting hearts at her. Do you remember the ballet you learned? Do you remember it? Let’s try it, then. I’ll look from here. (My daughter is the prettiest in the world.) (Trust me.) Oh, my goodness. (She warms up by stretching.) She’s like oxygen. (Flexible) (Naeun looks as pretty as a flower.) She’s doing the flower cup pose. (Naeun looks as pretty as a flower.) You’re so good. (Jooho’s compliments make Naeun dance.) You can’t help falling in love with her. (She’s great at striking poses.) (Naeun can do it by herself.) Naeun, you’re so good. (This is a piece of cake.) (She made this photoshoot possible by herself.) It’s like a work of art. (Naeun is an adorable ballerina.) She’s so pretty. Teach me too. – En bas. / – En bas. – En avant. / – En avant. – En haut. / – En haut. Allonge. Allonge. (You must put the tip of your hands together.) – Like this? / – Naeun learned ballet properly. (Naeun’s ballet class with Jooho) She’s beautiful. She’s so lovely. (What’s Naeun’s next move?) She does the flower cup again. (Laughing) You do it too. – He should do it. / – Of course, he should. Like this, Dad. Look at my legs. Can’t you do it? – I’ll do it. / – “Can’t you do it?” – Dad, look ahead. / – Okay. Like this. (Awkward) – She’s so pretty. / – Dad, smile. (Soccer is the easiest thing to do.) She’s so pretty. (I’m happy because I’m Naeun’s dad.) – Good job. / – She’s the best. Give me a high-five. – You’re the best. / – Is she going to kiss him? (No kiss, but good job.) (Embarrassed) You should bow like this for ballet. Okay. Ballet isn’t easy at all. I have no talent in other sports. (The youngest ornithologist is here.) This time, Gunhoo will shoot as an ornithologist, his dream job. He loves bird for all three years of his life. He’s the real bird expert. (I am Ornithologist Park Gunhoo.) – Gunhoo. / – Gunhoo. – Gunhoo. / – Gunhoo. Look over here. – Gunhoo. / – Look over here. – Look over here. / – Look over here. (Who is this familiar bird?) It used to be at Gunhoo’s house. (Tell me who you are.) What do I do? Hello? (It startled Gunhoo at first.) He was startled at first, but since it copies what people say, it became Gunhoo’s best friend. (It’s been so long.) (But are you the one from before?) (Startled) (You still flip your wings as dynamically as before.) (But I can’t be sure yet.) (I need to test if it’s my friend.) He’s trying to test if it’s his friend. (Let me check you.) (He shows a flashy wrist skill.) (He’s focused on his observation.) (Its feathers are soft.) He’s looking through the magnifier. Is it him? (You passed the first step.) Goodness. (Let me do my second check.) He might really become an ornithologist. He’s using two magnifiers now. (Park Gunhoo, three years old, a serious ornithologist) (I’m sure this is my friend.) Gunhoo. He looks like a real ornithologist. I don’t think he needs my help. He can sit still and they will get a good photo. We look forward to seeing the future ornithologist. (He looks professional.) Gunhoo’s last concept is to put on a modern school uniform. (I am a student.) Gunhoo, this is my last card. Here. (Is Gunhoo’s favorite song Jooho’s last card?) – This is my last card. / – A book? (What matters more to Student Gunhoo is…) He’s more immersed in the book than the song. (A book is all he needs.) (He’s enjoying reading in peace after a while.) This is fascinating. (Paper is white, the letters are black.) He’s so focused. (You should read the book upside down.) He’s holding it upside down. It’s strange. Kids always hold books upside down. (Autumn is the perfect season to read.) – He’s so cute. / – He’s immersed. (Autumn is the perfect season to read.) – Is he done? / – He’s done reading. (Now, the song is played.) That’s it. (Now that I’m done reading this book, I’ll go home.) Photo. (Oh, right. Be careful not to catch a cold.) Including the photos of Gunhoo in a school uniform, all of Gunhoo and Naeun’s photos will be included in the calendar. What will happen to the calendar? Once this episode airs, – you can buy the calendars. / – Right away? When the fundraising is done, we’ll deliver it to the children who wish to receive rehab treatment. This is very meaningful. (“You Calling My Name” by GOT7)

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