The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.294 Part. 2 [ENG/IND/2019.09.15]

– Naeun. Gunhoo. Look at that. / – What? Gosh, there’s a hand. It’s the landmark of Pohang’s Cape Homi. This hand is called Hand of Harmony. (Gosh, what is that?) I’m so excited! (The peace-loving king of pigeons is back.) (I see. That’s the Hand of Harmony.) (I hope we can all get along!) (We’re one!) The meaning behind the Hand is that everyone should lead a good life in harmony. Gunhoo, come here. Hold my hand. (Gunhoo holds his dad’s hand tightly.) Can you see that over there? (They head over to the Hand of Harmony hand in hand.) The Hand of Harmony. Take a look. Naeun, take a look. (Gosh, that’s big!) Isn’t it big? Let’s head over to the ocean too. (Past the left hand rising from the ground…) There’s another hand. Look. There’s another hand. Look at the waves. – How beautiful. It’s picturesque. / – Look at that. Let’s make a wish so we can get along without fighting. Let’s not fight, Gunhoo. The ocean is so vast. What would you like to order? We want blue crabs and fish. Which mulhoe is famous? The snow crab or the abalone? In Pohang, mulhoe with wild seafood – is the most famous. / – Is that so? Then – I’d like one of that. / – One? What about you, Gunhoo? What do you want? – Gunhoo… / – What should I get? – He can get the same thing as me. / – The same thing? – Okay? It’s all done. / – It’s all done. – I’ll put in the order for you. / – Okay. – Okay. Thank you. / – No, that’s chogochujang. – It’s chogochujang. / – It’s not ketchup. Do you want to taste it? (It must be spicy.) No, don’t. It’s spicy. You’ll behave once you taste it. (It doesn’t taste like ketchup.) He thought it was ketchup, – but it tastes weird. / – Isn’t it good? (What is this spicy kick on my tongue?) – Isn’t it good? / – It’s not tasty for me. (He doesn’t show any reactions.) I guess it’s not spicy for him. – Is he okay? My gosh! / – He’s eating it again. Oh, my gosh! – He already likes chojang. / – Does this taste okay? (Sir, give me a bowl of rice, please!) I knew it. Gunhoo loves Korean cuisine. Right. Gunhoo is a total Korean. – Exactly. / – He’s totally Korean. I think he likes every Korean cuisine there is. He just needs chojang and dried lavers. He loves spicy food. Let me go wash my hands. She’s pouring water for Gunhoo. – In case it was spicy. / – Gunhoo, isn’t it spicy? Drink some water. It must be nice to have an older sister like her. Good boy. Goodness. You drank the water. Isn’t that nice and cool? – Of course it’s cool. / – Gosh. – Here’s your food. / – Okay. (Impressed) – They get plump snow crabs / – Blue crabs! and ocean-flavored fried rice with crabs, and a bowl of refreshing mulhoe. Gosh, this is a perfect meal. He’s starting. That’s the tastiest part. – You’re right. / – Gunhoo, open up. (Gunhoo, open your mouth.) That’s it. Put it in your mouth. – No, try it. / – Try it. (He spits it right out.) – Why not? / – Why not? It’s good. (I don’t think that’s for me.) Is it too chewy for him? I guess Gunhoo doesn’t like it. – Is it because he hasn’t had it before? / – Thank you. Let me feed Gunhoo. Let me sit here. – Do you want to? / – Yes. – I’ll give you fish. / – Gunhoo needs a spoon. (She goes after the fried rice first.) Let me feed you, Gunhoo. (He opens his mouth wide when Naeun feeds him.) Let’s enjoy our meal. – I’ll have this. / – Chew well. Let me cut it and give this to you. (Eating one more spoonful) He’s eating a lot now. (This is so good!) (Thanks to Naeun, he’s having a feast!) They said this meal is famous in Pohang. (You are the love of my life, Park Naeun!) You wiped it, right? How adorable. – Yes. / – Yes, try it. Try it. There you go! (Putting it in his mouth) Yes, try it. (He’s never had steamed snow crabs.) (Chewing) (How does it taste?) Should I give it to you? (This flavor is unbelievable.) – Yes. / – Yes. – He knows now. / – Isn’t it good? I won’t eat that. (He has one more bite without hesitation.) (He can’t stop eating.) (This snow crab is really delicious.) What about this? (He finished the steamed snow crabs in a flash.) (Dad, there’s no more crabmeat!) (I want to eat more.) (Please allow me to have snow crabs.) (Snow crabs, come on out!) (He’s preparing the crabmeat.) – That’s it. His appetite is back. / – Eat it. Gunhoo is eating a lot. – Naeun played a big role. / – That’s right. (Crabmeat, you should all come to me!) (Licking the stray crabmeat on his hand) – Gosh, look at that. / – Goodness. – Can I feed this to him? / – What’s that? – Isn’t that mulhoe? / – No, he can’t eat that. – Not that dish. / – Five. Do you want to try it, Naeun? – No, I don’t. / – Do you want to try it? – That’s sour. / – I won’t eat it. – It’s spicy and sour. / – It’s a bit spicy for him. – Try it. You should eat the rice. / – I won’t eat it. Will he eat that? – Gunhoo is eating it. / – He… (The spicy flavor goes deep into his mouth.) – No way! Is it good? / – He must like mulhoe. (Well…) (What kind of food is this?) (Come on. What is this?) – Right. / – See? It’s spicy. He might be able to eat chojang, but not that. You don’t have to eat that. But eat this. – It’s spicy for him. / – The dish is spicy in general. (Go away, spicy flavor!) I bet hot air is coming out of his nostrils. (Itchy) – We should eat this quickly. / – Let’s eat that first. I’ll give you more of this. (He neutralizes the spiciness with rice.) There you go! You need rice for spicy food. (He wisely solves the problem.) He’s smart. I guess someone taught him that. (He calms the spicy flavor with another flavor.) (The food prodigy with a refined taste) (When it’s spicy, eat rice.) (Jooho is gobbling up mulhoe.) – Gosh, that looks good. / – Open up. Eat this too. – She dug the crabmeat for him. / – This is a delicacy. (Dad, you handle spicy food well.) Dad, here. (Thanks to her, he’s having a feast.) This is good. Dad, you have to eat a lot if you want to grow taller. – Can I get any taller than I am now? / – Yes. Are you sure? – Really? / – Eat up. It’s okay. Okay, okay. (Kid Jooho still has time to grow taller.) (He’s not done with the meal yet.) He’s eating with gusto. I finished. Dad, open up. (He’s measuring the length of his legs.) Gunhoo, are you showing off your long legs? Why does he keep lifting his legs lately? I guess he wants to grow up quickly – and eat spicy food like Dad. / – Are you showing off? Gunhoo, you keep raising your legs every day. (Gunhoo, stay healthy as you grow up.) He’s so full that he can’t even breathe well. (I’m stuffed. Let’s go out now.) (One late summer day…) Don’t leave, summer! (Why would you leave, summer?) I love summer so much. (We can’t let summer leave yet.) I love summer so much. It’s fall now. Did the summer end? – Yes, it’s early fall now. / – Yes. Summer has ended. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. (Summer, let’s meet again next year.) Bye-bye. But it’s so hot. – Bye-bye. / – Despite the heat, summer is over. Hot weather doesn’t make summer. Summer is a season. Oh, a season. (Bentley enjoys fall.) Bentley enjoys fall. It’s the season of the high sky and chubby Bentley. The sky will get higher and Bentley will become chubbier. (I will lie down and dream of fall.) The artificial grass must be hot. It’s okay because the cool wind is blowing. That’s right. He lies down under the sunlight of fall. Baby, this isn’t your living room. (Wake up.) He woke up. “This isn’t your living room.” Where did he learn that? (I will run in fall.) How cute! Let’s go this way. No. What? What? – “What?” / – What? (What is that?) – Water. / – Water? – Water. / – Is there water? Water. That’s right. Dad, there is water. (What is this place before William and Bentley?) Summer, don’t leave. To enjoy the last of summer, William and Bentley visited a leisure town on the water. Gosh, that’s such a refreshing sight. It’s the perfect place for the water-loving brothers. I know. It must be fun. I wish I could go there. I want to jump into the water. (Jump into the water?) (What is that?) – Hello. / – You are here. (Someone came.) – Is it William’s friend? / – Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – It’s Noah. It has been a while. / – He grew up a lot. (It’s good to see you, my friend.) Hello. – Hello. / – Bentley, hello. Hello. Hello. – My goodness. / – Hello. (Noah, hello!) – Hello. / – Bentley grew up a lot. Noah is William’s good friend and also four years old. They shared many memories together. – What memories will they make today? / – Noah, let’s go swim. Let’s jump into the water. (I would love that.) Let’s go. (They are ready to play in the water.) I am so excited! You can play in the water here. What are you doing? He is playing with the water. It has been a while. – What? / – What? – Who is he talking to? / – It has been a while. It’s Noah’s dad. – Have you been well? / – Hello. That’s right. – You came a long way. / – We are fine. Thank you so much for inviting us. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Look at his body. Look at his body. Uncle is cool. – Right? / – Even William thinks he is cool. – Which part of him is cool? / – His chest. You think Uncle’s chest is cool. Look at his body. He’s muscular. Should I take off my top as well? Should I? Don’t take off your top. (Please don’t take off your top.) Okay. Thank you. – You are so considerate. / – Thank you, William. Aren’t you showing off too much? You took off your top. I had to take it off for work since it’s too hot. – Let’s put on a life jacket first. / – Okay. A life jacket is a must when you play in the water. That’s right. I will use one strap on the hip. My goodness, Sam. Sam. – I think you got the wrong size. / – No, no. – It’s okay. / – I will get you a bigger one. – You can’t wear that. / – It fits. – No, it doesn’t. / – It wraps around my body. – Goodness. / – His belly is hanging out. (He can’t breathe.) He should wear a bigger life jacket. We aren’t okay with that. (Gosh, it’s embarrassing.) You should wear this instead. That’s right. He needs to breathe. (Hello.) Let’s go. There are so many people. Hello. Hello. Hello. He is greeting everyone. He is the fairy of hello. (These boys and girls are) (already in the water.) I want to jump into the water. – Do you want to go in? / – Yes. Come here. (I need to warm up first.) (Here comes the seal of Eungam-dong.) William likes water so much. You are good at swimming, right? A year ago, Noah was afraid of water. Will he be able to go into the water? Go to Mom. He jumped in without hesitation. (Me too.) Ben went in as well. Is this the sea? What? This is a river. A river. I like it. It must be fun. (I like it too.) He grew up a lot. Noah, catch me if you can. It makes me sad that summer has come to an end. I know. (They are having a sweet time.) My goodness. (Laughing) (You dare laugh?) (I will slap you with water!) What was that? It’s payback. Should I stop? Are you upset at me? “No.” (I just like you.) Dad, – the water became warm. / – How did it get warm? – You peed, didn’t you? / – Did you pee? Someone must have peed. – Really? / – Did you pee? (One boy is particularly quiet.) – You peed, didn’t you? / – I think he did. – Noah, did you pee? / – Noah is… I peed too. It’s okay. He says it’s okay. They are friends. (Pee?) (It’s warm.) (I see.) Dad, what is that? – That? What is that? / – Yes. It’s a giant water slide. It looks scary. Would you like to go down the slide? – The height is about 12m. / – What? 12m? – Won’t you fly? / – Yes, straight into the air. Dad, go down the slide. Okay. If you want, I will go down the slide. (Let’s hurry up and go.) William, will your dad be able to do a good job? Yes. – Really? / – Yes. You and Bentley should watch from here. Okay. Dad, good luck. – I will be back. / – Okay. Good luck. Okay. Take this. Wear this headgear for safety. Is the slide dangerous? It’s always a good idea to wear safety gear. For goodness’ sake. I am not a fan of heights. Did Sam’s voice just get high-pitched? – It’s scary. / – Isn’t the view here nice? (Did you say the view is nice?) (The grandeur of the giant water slide) How scary! – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Noah, it’s your dad. Dad! (He slides down without hesitation!) – Seriously? / – There he is! (It’s a refreshing slide!) Dad did a good job. Did Dad do a good job? Is he cool? – Was it good? / – Good! Why isn’t Dad coming down? Dad! (Dad, tell me you are okay.) (His eyes are moist.) It’s his chance to show his cool side to the kids. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. You can do it. Of course. Ben, your dad is coming. (Let’s go!) William, here I go! (Dad, let’s go!) – All right! / – My goodness. (Laughing) Why did he get flipped over? Why did Sam get flipped over? (My son, are you watching this?) Goodness. He did the Spider-Man’s pose. – Spider-Man! / – Let’s go. Shall we swim toward Sam? Dad, you are cool. – Am I cool? / – Yes. (The kiss of success) It was so cool. William, what would you like to eat? Bread and sausage. – Do you want a sausage? / – Yes. They sell sausage here. Do we need about four? The sausage is long, so we can share. We only need one. Do we only need one? Really? – I will go buy it. / – Really? Okay. – William will run an errand. / – I’ll give you money. – Go with Noah. / – He is good at running errands. – Yes, he is. / – Noah. Sausage will be tasty, right? It will be tasty. – Do you sell sausage? / – Hello. Excuse me? Sausage. We sell sausages. Is it long? It’s very long. How many would you like? One. – One? / – That’s right. Come closer. – Two. Give us a lot. / – Two? – I guess he was worried. / – Thank you. How many can I buy? With this money, you can buy over 10 sausages. Oh, it’s a 50-dollar bill. – Go and buy a sausage. / – Go with Noah. Gosh, Sam. That’s a 50-dollar bill. – Okay? / – Yes. Ten sausages? Yes, you can buy over 10 sausages. Ten? They won’t buy ten, will they? Give us ten sausages. Would it be okay for you to buy ten sausages? – Yes. / – Yes. (It’s a sausage party!) Did they use up the money? Here is one sausage. – I can’t believe they bought ten. / – Thank you. Why don’t you hold it with both hands? Go ahead and eat. – I am buying. / – “I am buying.” – He is buying. / – Enjoy. Uncle, this is for you. – You worked hard. / – Did he get – the sausages for the uncles? / – Thank you. (This uncle and that uncle) It’s good to share food. Uncle, eat this. Thank you. Enjoy the food. Thank you. – It sure is long. / – Let’s go. Hello. The owner of the 50 dollars, Sam is playing in the water with Ben. He has no idea what is happening. (Jump!) – He drank the water. / – Did you drink the water? Did you drink the water? (Laughing) – I guess he likes water. / – He loves water. My sons love water so much. Is it fun? (Laughing) (He shows water aerobics!) Children love to play in the water. (Bentley in the water) (Let’s show the next technique.) The next technique? – What? / – Ben. Ben. – Will he dive? / – No way. – No way. / – Will he jump? – Come here. / – I think he will jump. Can you do it? Go forward. It’s exactly what William did. (Did he land on his stomach?) He raises them to be strong boys. This is how you learn. Dad, eat sausage. Eat sausage. – What? / – Sausage. – Is it tasty? / – Yes. Why are there so many? – It’s yours. / – Is it mine? It’s yours. – He is fast when it comes to food. / – Come here, Ben. Why did you buy so many? I bought them for Aunt and Ben. – The uncles… / – They must be holding one each. Did you buy them sausage? Even the uncles have sausage. I bought sausages for all of them. They bought sausages with their own money, right? I used the money you gave me. – Did you use the money I gave you? / – Yes. I didn’t give you much money. How much did you give him? I only gave him five dollars. – He gave him 50 dollars. / – You gave him 50 dollars. I thought I gave him five dollars. – He is surprised. / – William. Did you just buy 50 dollars’ worth of sausages? Yes. – 50 dollars’ worth of sausages. / – 50 dollars’ worth. Uncles bought me things. William. William. Enjoy the sausages. Thank you. Enjoy the food. – All right. / – Treat the others once in a while. You didn’t get me one. – Why didn’t you get me one? / – Is there none for Sam? Why is there no sausage for you when he bought so many? Seriously. My goodness. Since you didn’t get me one, give me a bite. Give me a bite. – Eat the bottom. / – The bottom? (William gives him the other end.) Be careful with that stick. (Don’t even dream of finishing the whole thing.) (Now Bentley will eat in peace.) (He warms the sausage with his breath.) He smells it first. (He puts it in his mouth.) (Happy) It’s tasty. (It’s awakening something inside me.) You look like Thor. (The deity of sausages) He eats with gusto. (Eating the sausage hammer) (gives me superpower!) (Ben-Thor) – He enjoys his food. / – Is it good? (Shouting) (He recharges his power.) Can he eat the entire sausage by himself? (He even gnaws on the stick.) No, no. He eats with gusto. (That’s just good manners.) (Meanwhile, William is…) What is William doing? (Sneaking) He is being mischievous. No way. (Take this.) – Hey. / – My goodness. What is this? – Half of it is falling on him. / – What is this? Let’s play in the water. Okay. Do you want to play in the water again? While Noah is away to see his dad, they look around the place. Dad, what is that? – Dad, what is that? / – What is that? What did he see? Water skiing. – That child is good at it. / – I know. (Water skiing!) I want to ride it too. – Do you think you can do it? / – Yes. – Aren’t you scared? / – Will he be able to do it? – I can do it. / – Okay, high-five. Let’s try it. Bentley, stay with the uncle. Go to the uncle. Cheer for us, okay? Bye. He always – challenges himself. / – We have something – for beginners. Would you like to see it? / – Yes. I didn’t know such a thing existed. It’s for small children. Put your feet in. Hold the handle. Stand up and sit. It’s a success if he can stand up. It’s William’s first time to water ski. Dad, let’s go fast. Okay. Let’s go. (The preparations are complete!) You can do a good job, right? Let’s go. He is nervous. (I will root for you.) (Falling) There he goes. (Let’s go!) (Extremely serious) (The rope tightens.) (The boat speeds up!) (My goodness.) (This is pretty fun.) – You are doing great. / – He is doing great. (The shoot was done safely under expert supervision.) – You are doing great. / – Yes. – I am amazed he can do this. / – You are too cute! (Right then,) (the current gets stronger.) (Bumpy) William, stand up. (Will he be able to do it?) I am going to get off. – What? / – I want to get off. I can’t hear you! I really want to get off. (Sam is excited.) I want to get off! This is really scary. I can’t hear you. This is scary! I don’t want to do this. Will William’s attempt end in failure? Naeun, do you know where we are? – Yes. / – It’s Venice of Korea. There is a ferry! We are here to ride that ferry. Gunhoo is asleep. Hello. One adult and two children. How old is the baby? Gunhoo is three years old. Please wait a moment – and board when we call for No. 174. / – Okay. Put it in here. – Naeun, there is a mailbox. / – Where? – The slow mailbox. / – Such a thing exists these days. When you send a letter normally, it arrives quickly. If you put a letter in here, it arrives in six months. It will be fun. – Shall we write a letter? / – Yes. There is paper. Come here. Gunhoo is looking for a comfortable position. I want to write a letter. Do you want to write a letter? Who will you write a letter to? My friends. – Your friends? / – Yes. – All right. / – Go ahead. I play nicely with my friends. – I really do. / – She is writing correctly. I love you so much, my friend. – He woke up. / – Gunhoo woke up. (Where am I? Who am I?) – He woke up. / – Your sister is writing a letter. – This is mine. / – Naeun, get one for Gunhoo. (I will bring one for Gunhoo.) (Gunhoo, write a letter!) – I can write it. Give it to me. / – Here. This letter will arrive… I… I like Dad the most. I am on good terms with Dad. Naeun, I finished writing the letter. (It’s done!) Naeun, how does it feel to write a letter? It feels good. People should sit down and relax. They should write a letter and talk among themselves. Yes. (He is too absorbed.) – He seems emotional today. / – The wind feels nice. It feels really nice. – His eyes are closed. / – Draw a picture in your mind, Naeun. – Passengers will board now. / – What? – The ferry! / – What? Passengers need to board now. Let’s hurry up. Let’s hurry up. – Let’s go. / – Didn’t he talk about relaxing? I know. This isn’t relaxing at all. Jooho is all over the place. – Show me your ticket. / – The ticket. Where did I put the ticket? – Please give me a second. / – Take your time. The back pocket. Dad, it’s here. – Where? / – It’s in the back pocket. Back pocket? – Oh, it’s here. / – What would he do without Naeun? This family would be in trouble without Naeun. (My goodness.) We had to board the ferry hurriedly because I was too relaxed. Where is this ferry going? I am curious. Don’t worry. I have a ticket. (Let’s relax some other time.) (Let’s hurry up and go!) The ferry is moving. Sit down. The ferry is moving forward. (We thank everyone) (for boarding Gunhoo and Naeun’s ferry.) (We will make sure you have a safe trip.) (He babbles a lot in excitement.) I guess the moving ferry put him in a good mood. He is babbling a lot. (Oh, look!) – It’s a bird. / – There is a bird. – It’s a bird. / – The Pigeon King. They love birds so much. (Birds, here is my kiss.) Is he kissing? (Don’t block my love.) No, no. No, no. (Giggling) No. (I should tie his hair.) Children don’t like getting their hair tied. (Crying) I guess it hurts. It must hurt. (He suddenly feels bad.) – He suddenly stopped. / – Seriously. What is this? Are they making up with a hug? He feels bad about screaming. (I am sorry, Dad. I was blinded by the pain.) (I am sorry I got angry.) (Will you accept my apology?) He is so cute. I want to go outside and see the scenery. Do you want to go outside? Let’s go outside. Jang Chen, let’s go outside. Jang Chen? “Aren’t you going outside?” Venice of Korea. Let’s go outside. Hold my hand. – Look over there! / – Where? Over there! – Do you see anything? / – Over there! Where is it? Where is it? – Over there! / – Where? – Where? / – The gulls came close. (The gulls come one at a time.) – There you go. / – They will feed the gulls. Watch me. (Naeun, I will enjoy the snack.) It caught the snack. (Me too.) (The gulls have their fill.) (They are eating with gusto.) (The sun sets.) – That’s… / – Stretch out your arms. Like this. Like this. – “Titanic”. / – “Titanic”. – Everyone does that on a ferry. / – See the moon? Do you see the sun? Do you see the red thing? It’s over there. It’s really pretty, right? – It’s over there. / – Naeun is the protagonist. She is prettier than Kate Winslet. (They shout as much as they want.) – I didn’t know about that place. / – Me neither. – This is fun. / – It’s nicely organized. I’m sure lovers will fall deeper in love on this ferry. – It’s nicely organized. / – The lights are beautiful. I know. (My goodness.) Do you like the sea or not? I really like the sea. – Me too. / – Do you like the sea or not? – I like it. / – Make some noise if it was fun. – Let’s have fun tomorrow as well. / – Okay. Play while I wash up, okay? My knees hurt. – Do her knees hurt? / – She walked a lot today. What is Gunhoo doing? (He shows off his leg muscles courtesy of kids cafe.) Look at his legs. Isn’t Gunhoo three years old? (The muscles become more pronounced as he gets higher.) Like father like son. His thighs are similar to Jooho’s thighs. (Gunhoo, grow up healthy.) Okay. (Jooho comes out.) What? Dad. This won’t do. This won’t do. (Screaming) (Naeun, wait for me.) (They ran away in surprise.) (We can’t let him corner us like this.) Suddenly… – Hey. / – What are you doing? “Did you think I would be scared of you?” (Flustered) Pick this up. “Pick this up.” Even a worm squirms when you step on it. (Come and take me on!) (Gunhoo buys time.) All right. Naeun is securing a safe place. They make the perfect team. Only the two of them – can climb under the chair. / – Yes. (We need to run away!) The entrance is Gunhoo’s size. (Jooho doesn’t know what to do.) (I am here.) Isn’t he going to look for them? Come on. They even made a hiding place. He should look for them. (Why aren’t you looking for us?) (Flustered) He is getting scolded. “Why aren’t you looking for us?” (Be more enthusiastic, okay?) “Okay?” (You should run like this.) (Isn’t that right?) “Isn’t that right?” I will hide. Look for me. (Jooho the cat is excited.) That’s Jooho, right? Jooho changed a lot. (He hides in a corner.) (Let’s see how well he hid.) Cat. (You won’t think to look near.) (Laughing) (There is an unspoken rule in hide-and-seek with kids.) Shall we go and see where the cat is? (Don’t find right away.) (I figured out where Dad is.) Let’s see. Let’s see. – Did he pretend not to see him? / – He did. – Where is the cat? / – Jooho doesn’t know he’s caught. Where is the cat? – A bit of pretending makes the game more fun. / – Yes. (Where did he hide?) Cat. – Cat. / – Let’s see. My goodness. (What?) (Because of the clueless cat,) (it’s the children’s turn to hide.) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, – nine, ten. / – He wants to be found now. Gunhoo found him. (The endless hide-and-seek begins once more.) My goodness. I think he is luring Jooho. (I will hide too.) Where is he? He is pretending not to see Gunhoo. Where is he? (Running) Where is he? (Gunhoo is tireless.) – He goes to the hiding place. / – That’s right. What? Oh, my goodness. (Screaming) I found you. – I hid well, right? / – Yes, you hid really well. How about Gunhoo? I saw him right away. You saw him right away. The cat should go away. Why? It’s a fake cat. – Do you not like the fake cat? / – No. (See you soon, Dad.) (Hello, I am Gunhoo, prince of the mirror.) I guess looking at his face makes him smile. He fell in love with his face. (It’s so pleasing to look in the mirror.) (If I am cute, make some noise!) (He smiles when he looks in the mirror.) (He becomes serious when he looks at the camera.) Gunhoo’s emotions are changing rapidly. (Gunhoo is absorbed in his own world.) (I am so cool.) (Gunhoo, you are so cute.) (I have something to say to you.) (You are the best.) (Now let’s switch up the mood.) (You didn’t see how precious I am.) (I will make you pay.) (How could you do that to me?) (Stop! It’s over.) (There is something you do when a situation ends.) There you go. Cut the slate. (Did you think I was done?) (He is still absorbed in his emotions.) (I won’t let you be!) (Someone please save the camera.) (He should go to an acting academy.) What are you doing? (I am savoring my face.) (Gunhoo Over Flowers) – I guess Gunhoo knows he is cute. / – I guess. (No matter what people say, you are the best!) (He has been looking in the mirror for 10 minutes.) – He is absorbed. / – He is. He is completely absorbed in his beauty. (My eyes are closed now.) Are they playing tag now? One game leads to another without any context. (Where did my sister go?) (He follows Naeun around.) My goodness. – He kept his eyes closed. / – It’s okay. Why did he open his mouth? I think he opened it since his eyes are closed. (Even if I fall seven times,) – One thing should be open. / – That’s right. (I will get up the eighth time and look for my sister.) (I found you.) My goodness. He caught her. Naeun and Gunhoo, come here. – Why did he bring water? / – Come here. You will have a foot bath. – Do you know what it is? / – A foot bath. Roll up your pants. You had a long day. – Yes. / – That’s right. Put your feet inside. It’s refreshing, right? – Gosh, it’s cold! / – It’s cold, right? I have a cold water foot bath when I’m tired. – It relieves exhaustion. / – Put your feet inside. – Really? / – Dip a little bit. – I should try it. / – It feels so cool! Isn’t it cool, Gunhoo? – Does it feel cool? / – It feels cool! Right? – Here we go! / – Here we go. Let’s do the opposite foot. Naeun, look at Gunhoo. Do you see his muscles from running around so much? Right? Can you see? – Muscles? / – Yes, look here. Gunhoo has very healthy legs. He needs to massage and wash them well. He is the best dad. (Wow! It feels so nice!) We need to massage it so we can run – and have fun again tomorrow. / – He is the best dad. – Right. / – Like my after-game massage. Straighten your leg. – It feels so much better. / – It looks much thinner. – Straighten your leg. / – He has very skinny legs now. – Good. / – That was good. We should sleep now. – Oh, family! / – Oh, family! Gunhoo! (Gunhoo!) – They are so lovely. / – I know. Join us, Gunhoo. (Oh!) (Screams) (Once is not enough.) (Oh, family!) – Time to sleep. / – Goodnight, Dad. Goodnight, Gunhoo. Goodnight, Gunhoo. It is William’s first water skiing experience! – Stand up, William! / – He just needs to stand up. (The challenge is to stand up on the water ski.) (However…) The waves are too strong. I am too scared to stand up. I want to get off. I want to get off. – His dad can’t hear him. / – What? I want to get off. He said he wants to get off! I said I want to get off! I can’t hear you. (Dad, I want to give up.) I really want to get off. – What is it? / – I am too scared. – Are you scared? / – I want to get off. He said he is scared! (He gets emotional.) I want to get off. – Do you want to get off? / – Yes. – Don’t push yourself. / – Let’s head back, then. (Are you okay?) He is intimidated. Did you see what they did? – Hello, children! / – Hello. How old are you? – Five years old. And you? / – Yes, wait one more year. I am four years old. When did you start riding it? – After my first birthday. / – Your first birthday? – After the first birthday? Really? / – First birthday? That means you can do it too, William! William was able to swim at only seven months old. – He was amazing. / – Right. So cute! (I was the water baby that makes the water shine.) I can do it too. – Did he say he can do it? / – Good luck! – Shall we try again? / – Yes. All right. (I will support you with my favorite word.) Hello, William! Watch me, Dad. – Right! / – I will. – You can do it. / – You can do this, William! (You can do this, son!) I can do this! – Of course! / – Let’s do this! William is so brave. Of course William would not give up easily. Try to stand up! (Now, here is the challenge.) William, try to stand up. Let’s do this. William, stand up! (Will he defend his title as the water baby?) (Should I stand up or not?) (What is William’s choice?) – He stood up! / – William! That is amazing. (I am the water baby.) (He is standing on the water.) Good! He can even stand with only one hand! – Good! / – He is the best. – Bentley! / – That must feel great. – He is so excited. / – He is. (He celebrates his success.) I guess he feels confident now. Great job, William! (And this is his final message.) Don’t go away, summer! – Summer, I love you! / – He managed to say this. – Don’t go away, summer! / – “I love summer!” This looks really yummy. Right? Help yourself. Eat as much as you want. Dad, I am going to eat a lot. Wow! (This looks good!) What about galbi, Dad? They are here! One needs to eat meat after having fun in the water. – Definitely. / – It’s galbi! Galbi! Galbi! (It’s meat!) – He wants the meat. / – What did you say? Look how happy he is in front of the food. – Pig. / – It is pig. Hurry up, Dad. Understood. (Cooking) – It looks good. / – Can you hear the sound? You need to smell it first. Doesn’t it smell great, Dad? Yes, it smells amazing. Can we eat it now? (It smells amazing!) Amazing, right? Please wait a little longer. (I’m salivating.) When will it be cooked, Dad? In a minute. Let me cut this meat first. Of course. He needs to warm up his mouth and hands. (Can I have some quickly?) You are so impatient. Bentley, be patient. – Yes, it is almost done. / – I think he becomes impatient in front of the food. Is that rice cake? – Yes, it is. / – He is barbequing it too. (Yummy) (Rice cake!) Rice cake? Hang on. He wants a rice cake first. (Rice cake will be a temporary solution.) (Let me have a taste.) (Dad, this is…) Hot. – Hot? / – How can he be – Maybe because it is burnt. / – so calm? (You can cool it down.) You can cool it down. (Thank you.) – Barbequed rice cakes are nice. / – I know. Is it good, son? It feels really chewy, Dad. Right? (He eats to the last bite.) What is it? Sorry. The meat is ready. (Quick!) It is going to be hot! – It is hot! It is really hot! / – He… – It is hot. / – Yes, it is. (Even if I eat it again…) It is still hot. (This is too hot.) (Too hot.) Is it hot? It is hot, but it is still good. Hot and good are two different things. (Blowing) (Eat first, blow later.) – That’s it. / – Dad. That is how you eat it. (What if it’s still hot inside the mouth?) He is cooling it down inside his mouth. We can see that he has skills. (What if it is still hot?) (I have one more solution.) (Looks around) (Don’t worry even if it’s too hot.) What is he getting? Wow. Eat as much as you want. – How did he come up with that? / – William. You need to eat veggies. (I want it to cool down faster.) He must be a genius. – I think my son is a genius. / – I agree. Me? You are a genius too. I know. You know? No, no! (I am a genius at eating.) Watching him eat makes me hungry too. If we make a collection of Bentley just eating, I think I can watch it at least for an hour. – He is so cute when he eats. / – Is it good? Is it good? Do you like galbi? Do you love galbi? Yes! Are you eating galbi too? We are eating galbi. (And I shall eat a rice cake!) (Yummy) (Eating just the rice cakes) (can get too greasy.) (Now,) (what should I do?) (Focused) What is he doing? (What is he doing?) Did he just skewer the rice cakes? – Meat and rice cake skewer! / – Right! – Now he can even cook. / – I know. Won’t this make him the youngest food creator? (Are you watching this, Lee Yeongja?) Is that sausage and rice cake skewer? He is correct! They are similar! This is not a sausage. It is galbi and rice cake. He is correct. It is galbi and rice cake. (I came up with this idea.) (Everybody shall worship me!) (I am the real genius.) – Do you like it? / – I wish they sell that. They look really good. (Time to taste my food.) – Right. You can add a little sauce to it. / – I know. He was born to eat. If you grow up to be like this… (We can compete, Lee Yeongja.) I think we should get the two of them together. This is the best part of galbi. What is that? This is the galbi ribs. Galbi ribs? Galbi ribs? It is so good. – The best meat is near the bones. / – Exactly. Is that the best part? It is the best. When you eat galbi, you have to eat this. – You need to eat it before anyone else. / – Give it. – “Give me.” / – Me. – Do you want it? / – Give it to him. He reacted when Sam said it’s a must. (One bite of the galbi.) You eat so well. Then he gets a bite of the rice cake. I should try it like that. It looks so good. (And that will be a galbi and a rice cake together.) Is it good? Yes. – Is it good? / – Yes. He loves it. You need to try! (Today’s dinner will be galbi.) (You need to eat it.) This is yours. How can you eat all of mine? These are mine. These are mine. – Dad? / – These are mine. (Can I have one more bite?) Just one more bite. Look at him opening up his mouth! And he got a big piece! You need to bite off the meat. (What is William doing?) Here you go, Dad. Wow. – What is it? / – Ten pieces of garlic? What’s in this? (What is it, Dad?) What is this? – Bone. / – It’s bone. You said you like ribs. – That is true! / – That is what he said. – But this is just bone. / – Bone? – That is what you said. / – Right. It is Sam’s fault. Your gesture was nice nonetheless. He is so quick when it comes to food. I am very thankful. Next time, add lots of meat. (Like this!) – Okay? / – Now he knows how to eat the meat off the bones. The baby is Hulk! (I will eat them all.) I am full now. Did you eat as much as you want? (Laughing) (Are we leaving already?) You ate too much. – Does he not want to leave? / – I know. Did you eat as much as you want? Not yet? You are not satisfied yet? (It is too delicious.) Why is he doing that? He is touched because it was too good. He is about to cry. If you eat something really good, – it can make you cry. / – They are good. – Look, he is crying. / – It was good. (I am laughing because it was too good.) No way. We should come again with Mom and Grandma. Eating good food must remind him of his mom. All right. (I like that idea too.) (Please take me with you.) (Behind Bonus Cut) (“Umpah Umpah” by Red Velvet)

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