The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.289 : Memories of Summer [ENG/IND/2019.08.11]

– Hello. / – Hello. We are here as special commentators. I’m Jung Kyungmi, the mother of six-year-old Jun. And I’m Jun’s dad, Yoon Hyungbin. (Jun’s family was on The Return of Superman) (in January 2015.) (Jun was a little baby.) There are so many people who still remember and recognize Jun from The Return of Superman. – Right. / – They are surprised when they see that Jun is already six years old. He’s growing well thanks to your support. The children here are so cute. I’ll watch them with love like their own mother. We’ll learn a lot from you. The Return of Superman, episode 289. “Memories of Summer”. Our first family today is Rawon and Raim’s family. Are they still asleep? (Kyungmin’s family is still asleep.) (Sound asleep) Oh, my. Raim is the first to wake up. Rawon seems to have woken up as well. (What is this?) It’s me, Raim. We’re wearing the same clothes. Yes, you’re wearing the same clothes. They are wearing the same clothes. Right, they’re wearing matching pajamas. (She’s yawning.) – Rawon. / – Yes? – Are you up now? / – Yes. Then turn on the light, please. Why? You said you’re up. You turn it on. That’s right. Play rock-paper-scissors. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. That’s how he raises them. He’s good. – He doesn’t just go and turn it on for her. / – Right. (It’s so bright.) Hello. Look, she’s flipping her body. She can flip on her own. (Congratulations!) Goodness, she can do things on her own now. (My sister is all grown up.) She’s sucking on the side. Stop pinching my arm. She just wants to play with her sister. (Let me see if you still won’t play with me.) (She punches Rawon’s face while trying to caress it.) – Oh, no. She punched her nose. / – Goodness. I said don’t do that. She’s startled. (Laughing) I told you to stop it. She won’t listen to her. Let’s go out. (Let’s go out and play.) Get up. (Kyungmin’s family is up now.) Good morning. High-five. (I fooled you.) – Hey. / – He’s not her match. The dad is always fooled. (Let’s go.) Let’s go out to the living room. – Now their day begins. / – Come. They are adorable. You can crawl now. She was always on her walker. – Yes. / – Now she can crawl. Is this a drill? She’s going to you, Rawon. You can do it. Go to her quickly. (Wait a second.) Is she coming to me like that? She’s no joke. Goodness. Hong Raim. – Dad, here. On the sofa. / – Let’s see. Dad is putting her on the sofa. (Panting) Here it is. You can suck the pacifier. Gosh, she’s adorable. (I’m out of my breath.) – Goodness. / – Goodness. She’s an imp. Rawon doesn’t seem like a four-year-old. – She’s like a mother. / – Yes. You’re a drooling imp. What are you doing? (She clicks her tongue.) Dad, she’s heavy. She must be heavy for you. Let’s come down again. Come down. Go crawl. Where shall we go? (Let me show you something fun.) (Raim likes “Three Bears”.) (Daddy bear, Mommy bear) (Baby bear) (Daddy bear is fat) (Baby bear is cute) (You’re doing well) I think you forgot the mommy bear. I did it. No, you didn’t. I sang the “Mommy bear” part. – Did you? / – Yes. What is this? – My gosh. / – ♪ Have fun ♪ ♪ Dancing ♪ It sounds like this. What? Is that what it sounds like? (Have fun dancing) (And freeze) (Don’t move, don’t laugh, don’t move) Isn’t it “Don’t cry and don’t move”? I want to have some yogurt. – Do you want to eat some yogurt? / – Yes. She needs to eat something now. This looks like Raim’s. (Don’t touch my food.) Is this for babies? Try this. (Licking) This isn’t for babies. – Is it tasty? / – Yes. It’s tasty? Give it to Raim first. Okay. Raim, it’s tasty. Try this. Kyungmin must feel reassured with her around. – Right. / – She’s happy her food is here. She takes good care of her sister. It’s almost as if Rawon is raising Raim. I know. (Have a bite of this.) (Give it to me.) – She’s in a hurry. / – She wants it quickly. (Raim wants to eat by herself, Rawon wants to feed her) Look at how quickly Raim stops Rawon’s hands. Hold my hand. (Rawon wins.) – Raim… / – Goodness. It got on her mouth. (Flying) (What did you do?) Goodness. She failed to control her strength. – This is for you. / – Hey, you got it on her nose. My goodness. My baby eats so well. (Let me eat a bit more.) (Give it to me.) I took care of myself like her when I was little. She’s eating on her own! I was like her when I was a baby. Rawon, I think Raim pooped. Let’s clean the poop and wash her. (I’ll help.) We need to get the temperature right. Can you measure the temperature? (She measures the temperature with her elbow.) – She copies what she saw. / – Is it okay? Great. There we go. (It’s the perfect temperature.) I’ll wash you. Please come to our house too. (Please wash me properly.) Raim, let’s wash your body. Gosh, she’s so skilled. It’s cold. Let’s wash. – You’re so clean. / – The way she talks is so sweet. (Raim is in a good mood.) Goodness. Since we don’t have a daughter, this is new to us. (The water splashed all over me.) Are you done? (She’s having fun splashing water.) It’s cold. It’s cold. – Rawon did all the washing. / – She did. Now you feel refreshed. You feel refreshed and clean. What is this? Your face is covered with water. (Rawon sings a song to celebrate Raim’s bath.) (Hong Raim the Imp) Raim is so lucky to have her sister. (Whimpering) (Why is she crying?) She’s trying to grasp the situation. Okay, sit on the bouncer for a minute. (Kyungmin places Raim in her bouncer.) I’m going to give you food. I’ll make your food myself. (Give it to me quickly.) I can do it alone. No, Dad. You should go. – Go. / – I’ll stay here. – Go to Raim. / – I’ll watch her from here. She’s crying. You should go and soothe her, okay? Soothe her? – She’s better than her dad. / – She is. Do you know how many times you need to add it? – Six times. / – Is it really six times? She must be a genius. (The childcare expert makes the perfect formula.) (Are you not done yet?) Raim, here’s your food. – Look at that. / – She’s doing it to prevent bubbles. She rolled the bottle between her palms. – That’s what experts do. / – Here you go. My Raim. You eat so well. (It’s tastier because her sister feeds her.) (Rawon feeds her skillfully.) (Proud) You should thank your sister. Dad, Raim is drinking on her own. You’re the best. (Thank you, Rawon. Make it again for me next time.) Do you know where we are? It’s a sunny summer day. – Rawon and Raim are on a walk. / – This is a mountain. On this mountain, you can see squirrels and some water. – Isn’t it nice to go on a walk? / – Rawon. What’s that sound? Doesn’t it sound like Junki? I think so. There he is. Junki. Hi, Rawon. It’s her grandmother and her cousin, Junki. (Rawon, Junki) Rawon’s cousin, Junki is the same age as her. They’ve always played together since they were little. They are best friends forever. (Rawon and Junki have spent a lot of time together.) Kyungmin. Bring some mineral water from there. – Get what? / – Mineral water. They say the mineral water here is very good. I haven’t seen someone get mineral water in so long. Who drinks mineral water from the mountains these days? Rawon, go with your dad and get some mineral water. – I want to go too. / – Do you want to go too? You should go, then. They need to get the water and take care of the baby. Do you know what mineral water is? – It’s mineral. / – Is it mineral? – Yes. / – Mineral. It kind of is. Mineral water does have mineral. No. Let’s walk up. (It’s a walk in the forest with Kyungmin’s family.) (Past the forest…) It’s scary here. Be careful. Was it scary? (After laboriously walking up the stairs…) (Surprised) (What’s there, Uncle?) Junki, Rawon. Look at this. – What is it? / – Do you see that? – It’s a stag beetle. / – My gosh. – It has a jaw too. / – This is a class in nature. Wow! This is my first time seeing one. It has a jaw. Jaw. Hello, stag beetle. Another staircase? This is tiring. I’m so tired. I want to sit down. If the children are tired, Kyungmin must be tired too. Of course. They haven’t even got the water yet. Is gravity stronger on a mountain? His face seems to be melting. Aren’t you guys tired? We are. So am I. It’s cool. (Fortunately, they have arrived at a rest area.) I’m tired. (He’s so tired that his pants are coming off.) (I should pull it up.) Let’s pull up your pants. You’re only pulling his undies. Pull up his pants too. – People used to dress up like that. / – Oh, my. (You guys are going through so much.) We’re hungry. Give us food. Okay. Let me take something out of my bag. Do you want to drink this? What is this? It’s pear and balloon flower juice. Pear and balloon flower? (Rawon is taking good care of him.) She’s just like an old lady. Sit here and drink it. Junki, sit here and drink it. But why does Rawon have this? Because you like it. – My goodness. / – My goodness. – You’re unbelievable. / – She’s so sweet. It seems Rawon has taken good care of Junki – since they were young. / – Hold my hand. She’s taking care of him today as well. How reliable. (Her cousin is a handful.) I’ll do it for you. Open just a little, okay? – Just a little? / – Yes. Make a little hole. (A little hole?) It’s done. Is it good? – Is it tasty? / – Yes. After a short break to recharge their energy, they start walking again to get mineral water. (They walk again to where the mineral water is.) Let’s go slowly. We’re almost done. We’re here. They have finally arrived. (They taste the mineral water.) – This is water. It’s so cool. / – Wait. Gosh, it hurts my eyes. (Let’s see how cool it is.) Let’s see how cool it is. Try this, Rawon. How nice is that after walking up the mountain? It must be tasty. – Isn’t it so cool? / – It is. – Now, we will… / – Good boy. – Rawon. / – Now he collects the water in the bottle. (It’s for Grandmother.) (Kyungmin puts water in the bottle,) (and Rawon closes it.) (He collects a bottle of water.) (He collects another bottle of water.) There are a lot of bottles. I’ll show you how to take this at once. Is he going to tell them to carry them on their back? (How will we take this?) This… (He puts a plastic bag over it and closes the cap.) (He uses the plastic bag to link the bottles.) Look. (Eureka!) That’s a good idea. – Kyungmin knows a good trick. / – It’s interesting. How did he think of that? Let’s go this way. Hello, Mimi. Hi, Jam Jam. It’s good to see you. – Gosh, she’s adorable. / – Is she greeting everyone? She’s so lovely. That way. Will you say hello to the other one? You’re so lovely. How lovely. Look at her. You’re pretty limber. Do you want to do something fun? Well done. – Here. / – What are they going to do? (Let’s start the game now.) (Are they playing a clapping game?) (A crying wild goose) (Jam Jam is better.) ♪ When the teacher was here ♪ – ♪ Write us a letter ♪ / – She’s so cute. She’s so cute. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. Jam Jam won. You’re so good. (Now it’s “Three Bears”.) (She expresses a bear with her whole body.) – ♪ Baby bear ♪ / – ♪ Baby bear ♪ (Daddy bear is fat) – ♪ Mommy bear is skinny ♪ / – ♪ Mommy bear is skinny ♪ (She’s expressing “skinny”.) Oh, my gosh. (Jam Jam Bear is so cute.) (She’s super cute.) My goodness. ♪ They grow well ♪ – She’s very expressive. / – You’re so good. You’re better than your dad. Daddy is fat. (What? Say what?) (He’s shocked.) Your dad is very sensitive about that. She can’t lie. – My goodness. / – Jam Jam, I’m so shocked. Am I fat? Yes. Didn’t I lose a lot of weight? – No. / – I didn’t? – Didn’t I lose weight? / – No. Didn’t I lose a lot since we started this show? – No. / – Am I still fat? (Jam Jam is a copycat.) Daddy is fat. – Daddy is fat. / – Yes. This is so shocking. I’ve lost my appetite. (That doesn’t make sense.) Jjajang. – Jjajang. / – Jjajang? – I want jjajang. / – Do you want to eat jjajang? – Yes. / – Are you hungry? – She’s hungry. / – You’re hungry. Let’s eat jjajang. – There’s no way you can say no to that. / – I know. (Pushing) She even knows where it is. “Please make this for me.” No father in this world can say no to that. – How many? Will you have three? / – Yes. I’ll make you something special today. – Okay. / – It was in a movie. (Cook the meat first for a special jjajang ramyeon.) (Cook the noodles in another pot.) Wasn’t this in “Parasite”? It’s sirloin jjajang ramyeon. – It’s popular these days. / – Right. Jjajang. Do you want to eat it there? I’ll do it for you. Can you do it? (She’s on her tiptoes.) Jam Jam, you’ve grown so much. Jun should watch this and learn. Jam Jam. Let’s eat something delicious. (She opens the snack storage.) I wonder if this is right. That looks like a snack. No, you should have your breakfast first. Jam Jam. Let’s eat this delicious thing. Of course. – She’s still a baby. / – Right. Is she going to eat it secretly? Tiptoe, tiptoe. Tiptoe. (She goes to a cameraman.) Is she giving it to the cameraman? (Staring) Do you want me to open it? She wants him to open it for her. (She only takes the snack.) She was asking him to open it. (She makes sure to thank him.) (It tastes the best to eat in secret.) Don’t chew. Melt it in your mouth. (Crunch) (An unexpected ASMR time) She gets rid of the crumbs. She’s getting rid of the trace. (Dashing) (There’s a mountain in front of the snack storage.) (I should hide.) She’s on a very important mission right now. She’s so cute. My goodness. He’s still there. What will she do? Move out of the way. She’s changed her plan. Just go there confidently. Quickly. You can do it. – Before he turns around. / – What are you doing? (Jams Bond is caught red-handed.) Oh, my goodness. What are you doing, Jam Jam? – Look how wide-eyed she got. / – What are you doing? (She pretends nothing has happened.) Were you eating snacks? Open your mouth. You did eat a snack. – Yes. / – Were you too hungry? Jam Jam, I’m almost done now. (The beef is the icing on the cake.) This one’s broken. (What a great excuse to eat.) Look at this. It’s ruined. I’ll just have it. (He eats it because it’s ruined.) Why did he say he lost weight? – How many pieces is he eating? / – Stop eating. It’s not jjajang. It’s mine. No, it’s yours. Don’t cry. Here you go. Wait, we don’t see beef in Jam Jam’s. (She’s still happy.) It’s so tasty. (I praise your jjajang ramyeon.) (It’s really tasty.) Let me have a taste. What does he mean? You already ate beef before. (You’re still a good boy. You’re eating well.) Let’s try it with the beef. Look. Jam Jam, you don’t eat meat. Oh, no. I ate all the beef. (You ate it all.) (I should eat a lot too.) (She’s a gourmand just like her dad.) Is it that good? (It’s the best.) She’s so expressive. Where are they going after that hearty breakfast? – Dad. / – This is the elementary school I used to go to. It’s changed so much. Before I debuted as a singer, my nickname was Yellow Pants in Songpa-gu. I’m going to the neighborhood where I grew up with my daughter today, complete with yellow pants. Visiting your old neighborhood and school with your kid – must be quite meaningful. / – Wow, look at this. Hello. They are my juniors. Hello. They are all older than you. – It’s Jam Jam’s dad. / – Jam Jam. You got scolded when you applied lotion on her face. – You watched that episode? / – Yes. – Dad. / – Really? Say hello to the girls. – Gosh, they are loving her. / – Goodness. They are surrounding her. – Did school just finish? / – Yes. – Are you going home now? / – Yes. Isn’t it hot? – Yes. / – They’re like machines. I graduated from this school. – What? / – I’m serious. – Really? / – I used to attend this school about 30 years ago. Back then, we didn’t have all these buildings here. What’s your name? – Whose name? Mine? / – Yes. Your nickname is Fatty. My nickname is Fatty? (This was the start of his nickname, Fatty.) (Fatty) (How do you know my nickname is Fatty?) (My dad is Fatty?) – You remember that? / – Yes. – You must know who I am. / – Yes. – She’s so cute. / – You kids are adorable. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t her hair pretty? – She’s curious about her hair. / – Isn’t it pretty? – Mimi. / – Isn’t that Mimi’s hair? – Yes. / – Do you want to put that on too? Yes, that’s for Mimi’s hair. Mimi’s hair? – Where can I buy it? / – ♪ Mimi, forget everything ♪ (She remembers a song at that moment.) – The stationery store. / – The stationery store. – Do they sell it there? / – Yes. As expected, the trendiest place for kids is – the stationery shop. / – Of course, you must stop by. Tell me. Where is that stationery store? – Over there. / – I’ll guide you. Is it over there? Let’s go. – All right. Guide me there. / – Let’s go! – Follow us. / – Heejun! – Follow us. / – Hey, it’s not there. Hello, nice to meet you. – Can we shake hands just once? / – Do you need help? – She must be his fan. / – Nice to meet you. My husband was in Boy Scouts with you. We were in Boy Scouts together? What a small world. He looked adorable when he was a kid. – My kids attend this school too. / – Really? I can’t believe I ran into her in this neighborhood. – This is so fascinating. / – I can’t believe this. (She’s moved to tears.) My goodness, why are you crying? It’s nice to meet you. Sure. – Let’s go. / – Goodness. Let’s go. Is it that way? I’ll follow you. (An expedition to the stationery store) By the way, this street looks so familiar. I think this is where I used to live. – That’s not it. / – Wait! (He spots something.) The house I used to live in is still here. – Which one? / – It looks exactly the same. All the other houses in this area have been renovated. Only the house I lived in looks the same. (His old house remains just the same.) This house looks just the same. I can’t believe this. Jam Jam, I used to live in this house when I was young. When I was living in this house long ago, your grandmother punished me one day. I stood naked right there with my hands up. I was so embarrassed. I plucked a leaf to cover myself while standing here. Nothing has changed. Let’s go. (They set out again for the stationery store.) – It’s over there. / – I see. It’s over there. Can she get her hair done here? – Yes. / – Shall we go inside? (Dad, let’s hurry inside.) – Here it is. / – Do you want to go there? – It’s a trendy place. / – But this one is too long. Which color do you want? (Which color?) – Yellow? Pink? / – This one. – Do you want the pink one? / – Pink. (Jam Jam is getting a makeover.) (With a makeover by the former idol star…) Jam Jam transformed into a doll. Goodness, she looks beautiful. She looks fancy. How beautiful. (He’s rewriting the legend of the yellow pants.) This is the legend of the rumored yellow pants. With Jam Jam in yellow pants too, the legend has come full circle. I’ll treat you all to tteokbokki. – He’s buying them tteokbokki! / – Eat up, kids. – Thank you for the food. / – Enjoy your food. Enjoy your food, Jam Jam. By the way, I see a lot of idol star photos here. – Do you know all the idol groups on the wall? / – Yes. – Who are they? / – BTS! – Are they popular? / – Yes! They are the most popular group nowadays. Who’s the second group there? – Red Velvet. / – Red Velvet. – Red Velvet is second? / – Yes. No wonder there are only photos of BTS and Red Velvet. – What’s your job? / – Names? What’s my job? – He’s on an eating show. / – Goodness. – Eating show? / – Eating show? How should I explain myself to you? There was an idol group called H.O.T., who made a meteoric debut on September 7, 1996. – Unbelievable. / – To reiterate, BTS debuted about 20 years after me. The very first idol group in Korea was H.O.T. (What’s H.O.T.?) I was the leader of the group. No way. You’re lying. When will we get our slushy? Slushy? When will they get their slushy? (She’s determined to eat the sundae.) – Pardon? / – RM. – Who’s RM? / – He’s in BTS. That is her very first sundae. – What’s Jam Jam’s name? Yes. / – Her name? I guess she likes it. Don’t you think her eyes are getting bigger? (Gosh, I’m thirsty.) (Gosh, I’m breathless.) What’s your name? – Yang Juwon. / – Juwon? She likes it. – “This is the best.” / – When I say the school name, can you say, “Dreams come true”? – Okay. / – All of a sudden? Jam Jam, join us, okay? Scream with them, okay? Okay. Go ahead and eat it. All right. Moonjung Elementary School. – Dreams come true! / – Dreams come true! Jam Jam, scream with us. Let’s go! Another sweet story from his past will unfold shortly. Next, Heejun went to the high school he graduated from. (Hello, sir.) – What brings you here? / – Sir. – She’s my daughter. / – His teacher still works there. – You must be Heeyul. / – Hello. – “Hello.” / – Nice to meet you. – Shall we go in the office? / – It must feel surreal. Is this how the office was back in the days too? Yes, it’s the same. When I was in school, it was scary to be in here. I didn’t come in here unless it was to get scolded. His teacher may have seemed older to him back then. Now they’re both getting older and living their lives. – That’s right. / – Yes. I’m always proud of you. – In fact, I still keep your yearbook. / – Really? I must have taken the photo when I was 19. – Jam Jam, find your dad. / – Can she find her dad? – It’s been over 20 years. / – Where am I? If she can find him… – Dad. / – Goodness. – She found him. / – She found him right away. That’s me. – She found me right away. / – I know. That’s when I was so slim. Heejun dreamt of becoming a singer since he was young. He even made a bold promise to visit his teacher once he became famous. (He also promised his teacher that he’d study hard.) As promised, he visited his teacher after his debut and showed his gratitude toward his teacher despite his busy schedule. Any teacher would be proud. That’s so valuable. His teacher must be happy. – When you were in school, / – Yes. you used to perform in front of the whole school. This is when I performed at the festival right after I debuted. Gosh, I remember that. (It brings back his memories.) Gosh, it’s the video of his performance at school. – Right. / – His teacher still has it. “The First Music Festival”. – It’s not you, Dad. / – Doesn’t it look like me? Really? Why doesn’t it look like me? Did the hat and sunglasses confuse you? (Dad was half his size now.) When I saw you perform that day, – I felt so proud. / – Really? (Hello, we are a rookie group, H.O.T.) (He looks like an idol singer.) He must have worked very hard to realize his dream. (He created this performance with passion and effort.) Now, 23 years later, Heejun wants to feel the same sensation on the same stage. Dad is Iron Man. Dad. Dad is Iron Man. (Iron Man begins to perform.) It’s Heejun’s self-made music and dance. (His joints begin to move.) (I have never seen this side of Dad.) It’s a special performance for Jam Jam. (I am absorbed.) Jam Jam must be happy. (Jam Jam, the fan, stands up.) (She moves her shoulders like her dad.) She is like Heejun’s mirror. – Is she copying the dance? / – She’s copying him. (When Heejun dances, Jam Jam dances as well.) I think she just did a popping dance move. (When Heejun takes a step, Jam Jam takes a step too.) It really looks like she is dancing. (They take a step toward each other.) Don’t they look similar? How is she pulling off that dance? (The dad and child dance on a stage from 19 years ago.) (The finale) I bet this was the happiest stage Heejun did. You’re the best. Let’s meet William and Bentley this time. Jelly. – What? Jelly? / – Yes. You shouldn’t eat jelly now. (He acts cute.) No. No. – My goodness. / – He is disappointed. Come here. If you talk well, I’ll give you something nice. Who am I? – Dad. / – That’s right. – Children grow up so fast. / – I know. Why is your forehead… Gosh, let me take a look. – You look like Jung Dongnam. / – No. – No? / – It’s the same spot. What do you want to eat? (How many times do I have to tell you?) Jelly. – Do you want something tasty? / – “Yes.” – All right. / – Jelly. Stay there. Stay there. I will get you something tasty. – Will he listen to his dad? / – Stay there. (He listens to his dad.) – Gosh, he understands everything. / – He’s grown up. (When Sam brings the jelly,) (his eyes become transfixed.) All right. Let’s learn some manners. Yes, he should grow up into a well-mannered man. (Manners maketh man, Bentley.) Do you want this? Yes. – He’s willing to do anything. / – If you say please, I will give you one jelly. “Please.” That’s what you say, okay? (Sucking) Do you want another one? – Yes. / – Sit down. – How do you say please? / – How do you do it? (Is this how you do it?) – Is that how you do it? / – It’s not the head. – Put your hands together. / – How do you say please? Show me how you say please. – He is in a hurry. / – “Please.” – Put your hands… / – What? – That should count as a success. / – He did it. Okay, I will give you something tasty. (He succeeds in getting another jelly.) “Please.” Bentley, what are you eating? (He’s diligently sucking on something.) (Hold on.) What is that? What are you eating right now? (He has an eyeball in his hand.) Is that blood in his mouth? (Is Bentley eating an eyeball?) What is going on? Whose eye is that? Yes, whose eye is that? Dad, open your eyes. Dad. Dad. Maybe he can’t open his eyes right now. Children cry about these things. What have you done? Come here. You punk! – “You punk!” / – Put his eye back. – He ate it. / – Dad. – Is that your eye? / – What? Do you want a jelly? (Earlier, Ben said “please” and received a jelly.) (What kind of jelly did Sam give him?) – Jelly. / – It’s an eyeball jelly. – No? / – Eye. No. Eye? Eye? (Is this a jelly?) Maybe we should play that trick. (Sam took a bite first.) It’s jelly. (You surprised me, Dad.) – Do you want to try it? / – Yes. (Eating) (It’s so sweet.) (Dad, your eyes…) (Your eyes are fine.) What is going on? (Then what is that?) It’s jelly. It’s jelly. Jelly. “I am sorry.” – I think William is still nervous. / – That was fun. That was fun, right? You surprised me. I thought Bentley was eating your eye. – I know. / – Gosh. (I am glad you are okay.) (They start off the day energetically.) – You fooled me. / – Taste it. How does it taste, William? I turned into a zombie. – Did you turn into a zombie? / – Baby, I’m a zombie. My goodness. Baby, have an eyeball. (He is inhaling the zombie virus.) (Roaring) (Bentley transforms into a dancing zombie.) (He attacks his dad.) Hey. Be careful, Jung Dongnam. You aren’t in your right mind. (I am excited.) (He has a lot of energy from eating the jelly.) You will break your ankle at this rate. (It’s William’s favorite item.) That watch is William’s current favorite item. Really? – What time is it? / – He’s focused on it. (Give it to me. I want to wear it.) – Goodness. / – You should know that. (Bentley uses his strength.) – Hey. / – He took it back. (Blowing) (He cherishes it.) “It’s mine.” It’s my watch. That’s right. It’s William’s. Watch. – It’s William’s. / – Brothers quarrel a lot. Do you want to try it on? It’s William’s. Touch it. Children love slap bracelets. No, it’s mine. (Give it to me!) (The war of the watch breaks out.) You punk! Baby, it’s mine. – For goodness’ sake. / – He’s hiding. – Give me that. / – He thinks he is hiding. The fight is getting bigger. – He will cry now. / – No! Hold on! No. My goodness. In the end… They had fun eating jelly earlier. (Why is this happening again?) (William and Bentley quarrel.) If you continue to fight, I will take this away. – That’s right. / – Neither of you can use it. I am so frustrated. Sit down. (William and Bentley gather around.) Are you going to be like this? – Yes. / – What? Don’t say, “Yes.” What’s more important than a watch? It’s brotherhood. Brotherhood. That’s right. Sit down. Brotherhood. – “Brother.” / – “Brother.” – “Hood.” / – “Hood.” It’s more important than a watch. Have you seen Mom and Dad fight? – Yes. / – What? – Have you seen it? / – Yes. We don’t fight. – You fight a bit. / – No, we don’t. Mom scolded you. (Oh, I remember that time.) That was because I drank a bit. (A bit?) – It wasn’t a fight. / – Okay. Okay? Don’t fight someone on your team. Now give each other a hug. – Ben, give him a hug. / – William understood. (No!) Ben won’t do it. I hate you, Bentley. – Hug. Come on. / – This won’t end easily. This won’t do. Does he have a solution? Ben, sit down. – What? / – Sit down. – What? / – Sit down. (The lesson on brotherhood resumes.) – I’m surprised he sat down. / – All right. Look. What is this? (What is it?) What is that? Dog. – That’s right. / – Dog. Dad, is this Slinky Dog? Bingo. It must be from the animated movie. (It’s a Slinky Dog costume.) He will tie the brothers together. Is this Slinky Dog? Of course. William, you are the tail. They can’t deny it this time. They are a team. That’s right. They are one. The two of you are one now. – “We are one.” / – From now on, I will do this whenever you two fight. You will become one, okay? Move together. That’s right. (William follows.) (He goes where Bentley wants to go.) (Proud) (The head enters the room,) (but the tail leaves the room.) Baby, let’s go. That’s right. (He gets pulled back.) Let’s go to the fridge. Stand up. Stand up. My goodness. (I will go into the living room.) (Tight) (I can’t do this. Let’s part ways.) Let’s eat a snack. (Let’s eat before we part ways.) They are peaceful in front of food. What should we eat? Baby, go forward. – He told Bentley to go forward. / – Let’s eat. – Let’s ask Dad to open it. / – Will they fight again? I am nervous. Dad, open it. Shall we have Bentley eat first? – Yes. / – Open wide. (The head eats first.) He had a taste. William. Hold it. (No!) (What?) That’s a peaceful way. We are brothers. We share food. See? Baby doesn’t cry when you share, right? See? Isn’t this a heartwarming sight? This is the brotherhood Sam wanted to see. Bentley, you are cute. – He kissed him. / – Let him eat. Let’s live like this from now on. (This is brotherhood.) I am done. You can eat the rest. Eat up. William is done. – Suddenly… / – I need to use the bathroom. – My goodness. / – Hold on. What is he going to do? – Baby, come here. / – My goodness. (He gets humiliated suddenly.) Bentley is eating. This is the worst moment. (Head, take me to the bathroom.) (Fidgety) – Hurry up. / – It’s coming out. – Baby, it’s not that way. / – Baby. I need to poop. Let’s go to the bathroom. My goodness. (What?) Baby, hurry up. – That’s right. This could end badly. / – Baby, hurry. Hang in there. Baby, wait a second. I will poop quickly. – He is a good boy. / – Hold on. – Wait there. / – One is eating ice cream. It’s coming out. The other is pooping. What kind of situation is this? Wait. Baby, I am sorry. (It’s okay.) He eats as he waits. (This is my duty.) Baby, it might smell a bit. (It smells a bit.) (Both of them drop something.) Bentley doesn’t look back to give his brother privacy. (It’s a strange situation, but Bentley enjoys the food) (and William enjoys the respite.) – It’s a rare sight. / – Yes. Baby, are you done? Thank you. (Don’t mention it.) How cute! Dad, wipe my butt. – “Wipe my butt.” / – Oh, my. Well done. – Sam must be proud. / – Ben, did you wait quietly? – Yes. / – Really? Good job. The two of you are such good brothers. (They graduate from the Slinky Dog costume.) You can take this off now. Good job. (Now that I am free…) – He is free. / – He is free. Freedom! He immediately went for the watch. What will happen now? Hold on. William came out. What will happen? – Now… He didn’t see it. / – My goodness. He didn’t see it. He is a genius. (He succeeds in escaping) (by tucking it behind his head.) It was the perfect crime. He is excited. (Even when he falls,) (the watch stays on his nape.) How did he think of that? – The watch is on his nape. / – Yes. – Dad, do you like Seoul or not? / – I like it. It’s been a while since Gunhoo and Naeun came to Seoul. This is a hot place. – A hot place? / – Yes. What does that mean? – That it’s popular. / – He’s sweeping his hair back. – My goodness. / – It’s like a scene from a movie. This is the place. When you come to Seoul, you have to take a photo here. A photo is a must when you come to a hot place. – I want to sit here. / – Sit there. – How should we pose? / – Let’s do this. Shall we do that? Okay. I will do that as well. Gunhoo, let’s sit down. Here we go. – Seoul. / – Seoul. Seoul. Seoul. – How cute! / – I’m excited about their trip to Seoul. It’s my day off, so I came to Seoul with my children. I have never been to the Han River with my children, so I visited the place during the trip. (A movie-like Han River outing) – Naeun, what do you want to do? / – Something fun. Something fun? – Something fun? / – What did he find? He saw the pigeons. (Pigeons, it’s good to see you again.) (The last time he visited the Han River,) (he was a bit sentimental.) When he came here with Uncle Kwanghee, Gunhoo was a bit sentimental. He is full of energy today. Pigeons. Pigeons. This is the first thing I prepared for today. Why does Gunhoo like them so much? – He likes birds. / – Pigeons! (I hereby declare that) (I am your king starting today.) (“Pigeon King”) It’s a pigeon. (Understood?) (Okay?) – “My king.” / – He is the ruler of the pigeons. (Life isn’t a straight line.) (It’s a circle, okay?) It sounds like an actual conversation. (Such is the law of nature.) (Take good care of me.) He bowed at the end. (Okay?) He isn’t done. (Here comes Pigeon King Park Gunhoo.) (The symbol of peace, follow me.) (Naeun, let’s play together.) Let me join you. (Naeun runs toward him.) – It’s fun for children to run. / – That’s right. (Let’s go!) He is exhausted. (I need a moment before I go.) – Hold on. / – Oh, my. – What is he doing? / – It seems like he is doing something important. (It’s the most peaceful time.) (Gunhoo’s body will become lighter.) He wasn’t done. He stood up and sat down again. (With a promise of peace, they move to the next spot.) (This is…) I saw this with Uncle Kwanghee. – It’s a sculpture of “The Host”. / – Yes. What does it say here? “The Host”. (Can Naeun read?) Did she just read that? “Here, ‘The Host’,” “protect”. “We watch ‘The Host’.” – What? Can she read already? / – “And…” I don’t know. I don’t know its name. She just knows the title of the movie. Let’s see who runs away the fastest. Stand here. Let’s run in that direction. – In one, two, three. / – Three. They are recreating a scene from the movie. I remember this scene. It’s the scene with Song Kangho. Please add computer graphics so that it looks like a movie scene. – He wants to see that. / – Please. Let’s do it one more time. This is fun. – Okay, get ready. / – Does Jooho want to be an actor? – In one, two. Let’s go. / – One, two… Run! Run! – Run! / – Run! Run! All right. They will add computer graphics. (“The Host”) – It’s a monster! Run! / – Run! (They meet a monster) (during their picnic at the Han River.) – Run! / – Run! Gunhoo. (Naeun loses Gunhoo’s hand.) – My goodness. / – Oh, no. No, no. Gunhoo, come here. No! (Naeun!) Gunhoo, come here. (He succeeds in escaping thanks to Naeun.) – He’s safe. / – They are channeling – the characters in the movie. / – Yes. (All done.) (I survived thanks to you, Naeun.) (I will sing to show my gratitude.) (Walking away) (Naeun is busy.) Naeun, please listen to him. Gunhoo, come here. I will use this to make you a house. Okie-dokie. Hold on. Jooho always seems to have something prepared. I will make you a house. One, two, three. It was a house, right? (How will Gunhoo and Naeun react?) Did you see that? Three. It was a house, right? You saw that, right? I made you a house. Please add computer graphics. – Again? / – Computer graphics? He must like the idea of computer graphics. – I want to try it. / – Do it for Gunhoo. One, two, three. One, two, three. She did a much better job. (A good example of making bubbles) How pretty! (This is what I wanted, Naeun!) Naeun, let’s go. (The bubble fairy is excited.) (Floating) She is good. It’s hard to make bubbles. (Impressed) (This is incredible!) How pretty! (Grinning) – Naeun. / – Run, run. Naeun. (I will pop it!) (I did it!) Children love bubbles. (When Naeun makes bubbles,) (Gunhoo runs over and pops it.) All right. (Cheering) – He’s in a good mood. / – Naeun, how do you do it? I wave it like this. Do you wave it sideways? – No, do this. / – Okay, I will give it a try. Gunhoo is giving it a try. Will he do a good job? (He shows an impressive technique.) Gunhoo succeeded as well. – He did it. Goodness. / – You are good at this too. You guys are incredible. I have to do it gently. Dad, there is a house. – Dad, there is a house. / – Is that a tent? I didn’t bring a tent. – Should I go and ask? / – Yes. I will go and ask the uncles. Hello. Did you bring this tent? If you go that way, you will find a rental place. – Is there a rental place? / – Yes. – I knew it. / – It’s that way. – That way? / – Yes. Thank you. Naeun. Naeun, we can borrow a tent. We can borrow a house. Naeun, play with Gunhoo. – I will come back quickly. / – Okay. Gunhoo, look at this. – What is that? / – It’s a new toy. Look at this. (She takes out a new toy car.) (Naeun starts the car!) (Wow, what is that?) (Gunhoo is highly interested.) Isn’t it fascinating? It’s fascinating, right? (Stop right there!) (Laughing) (Laughing) Don’t catch it. – I like it. / – Let it go. Let’s go. (The RC car suddenly stops.) What’s wrong? Did it break down? Did it break down because she held it up suddenly? (Did it break down?) (What should we do?) Let’s see. Hey! (He yells at the RC car.) – Hey! / – He is scolding it. “Hey, wake up.” What is he going to do? (You will have no choice but to move.) Ready, go! It’s running again. (“Ready, Go”) (Prince Aciel of the Ready, Go Nation) (When he says “Ready, go,”) Ready, go! (he can do anything.) (Calm down.) (In any case, Gunhoo revived the RC car.) Ready, go! (Jooho arrived at the rental place.) What’s that? (The Seoulite is already fascinated before entering.) Hello. Can I borrow everything here? Yes, you can. One set consists of a tent, a blanket, a mat, a table, a cart and a chair. – Is there a chair as well? / – Yes. You can borrow everything these days. It’s my first time here. I will get this. – This mat goes inside the tent. / – Okay. As for the tent… – Can I borrow a fan as well? / – Yes. You can even borrow a fan here? – What is this? / – It’s a Bluetooth speaker. – I will borrow that as well. / – Okay. It’s so nice that I can borrow everything. It really is nice. – So we can go to the Han River empty-handed. / – Yes. – We had to carry everything in the past. / – Naeun. (Kids, I am back!) (What are those?) Dad, I’m hot. – Turn this on. / – There is a fan. (She sits down) (and gracefully enjoys the wind.) It’s cool. (Gosh, it’s cool.) Did you borrow these? Yes, I borrowed them all. (Playing with the fan) Watch this. This is something you can only watch once. Stay right there. Stay right there. Watch. Watch carefully. (Let’s begin!) Hold on, Jooho. (Rolling) That looks pitiful. My goodness. (The tent is sad-looking when it’s upside down.) (Let’s think about how we should react.) (Their reaction is soulless.) (This isn’t what I expected.) I prepared it. Ta-da. (Though a bit sad, Jooho’s tent is complete.) Take off your shoes. Take off your shoes and come in. The weather is nice. – It’s nice. / – Go on in. (He pats Gunhoo’s butt.) – It’s so hot. / – Sit down. (Enjoying the nice weather in a tent is the best.) It’s the best for taking a nap. We will rest for a bit. Okay. Rest for a bit. Dad, you are the best. Aren’t I the best? – Do you like such compliments? / – I would melt. (Instead of resting, Naeun comes out to help.) – Put it there. / – She is so nice. Let’s use this table when we eat. (This is a proper picnic by the Han River.) His ankles are like radishes. They are so chubby. (Let’s clap the slate board.) He is copying the cameramen. – He is clapping the slate board. / – Yes. Ready? (He is having fun.) (Uncles, please use the best cuts.) All right. Will he do it in the tent as well? (He sits down at a nice spot.) (Clap!) (From what I saw earlier,) (Uncle laid down when he clapped.) – He saw that. / – No way. Will he copy that as well? (It feels great.) (Sliding down) Will he do it lying down? (Let me try this.) I can’t believe this. He is so cute. He made it easier for the uncles – to edit the video. / – It’s nice to have a house. Isn’t it nice to have a house? – Yes, but I’m hungry. / – Are you hungry? There is something everyone eats at the Han River. – Shall we go and eat that? / – Yes. – What is that? / – They should eat it. (Okay. Let’s cut here!) – What are we eating? / – We’re going to eat ramyeon. It’s something you have to eat when you come here. It’s a must. There is so much tasty food! Naeun, let’s get this and ramyeon. Apple juice for Gunhoo. I want this pink drink. – Thank you. / – Enjoy. – We bought everything. / – Naeun, wait. We cook the ramyeon here. The convenience stores at the Han River keep evolving. (Watching him makes Naeun nervous.) (I’m sure he’ll do a good job of cooking the ramyeon.) (Let’s trust him, Naeun.) – That’s the ramyeon machine. / – That’s right. (Agent Naeun, protector of Jooho) How does this work? (Agent Jooho is always confident.) “Add water”. (He is careful as if detonating a bomb.) Dad. Dad. I got this. Don’t worry. The barcode… Dad, be careful. The sign says it’s dangerous. Does the sign say that? – Okay. I’ll be careful. / – That woman is crying. Don’t touch anything if you are unsure. – Okay. / – Otherwise, you’ll get hurt. Do I press “Start cooking”? No, no, no. She stops him. – All right. It worked. / – Oh, my. He succeeded in getting water. It’s not hard to make ramyeon at the Han River. (It took him five minutes just to get water.) – It’s not even difficult. / – I’ll add the seasoning. – It’s done once you add the seasoning. / – Dad, it smells delicious. Doesn’t it smell delicious? I’ll make delicious ramyeon. This isn’t hard. Ramyeon tastes amazing when eaten outside. (Next to the ramyeon is…) Hold on. Shouldn’t he discard the water for that one? – It will become soup. / – It will be jjajang soup. It’s done. (He shows off his sloppy charms.) It’s done. Jooho’s sloppy charms shine at the Han River as well. Why does this jjajang ramyeon have so much water? I should have cooked it longer, but I didn’t. – It’s not jjajang ramyeon. / – It is. Naeun, let’s eat. (How does ramyeon taste at the Han River?) She is nice. She enjoys it. You are eating well. Is it good? I did a good job, right? I made it according to your taste. Everything tastes good when you are at the Han River. Let’s eat. (Naeun begins to eat in earnest.) She is eating with gusto. (They should come to the Han River more often.) I should go to the Han River. Dad, it’s really tasty. You should try it too. Right? It’s tasty, right? (Gunhoo is taking a nap.) (Jooho slurps noodles.) (That’s Gunhoo, not a doll.) It must be tasty. This is why people praise ramyeon at the Han River. I am full. Naeun, you are enjoying the Han River to the fullest. What else can we do for fun? I prepared something secret. – Shall we go? / – Yes. Let’s go. (They travel along a pretty road.) They go along a pretty road to their last destination. It’s like a scene straight out of a movie. (Naeun sings.) ♪ Five ♪ (Babbling) (Gunhoo harmonizes.) (What’s the last place?) It’s coming out. It’s where they can play with water. – It looks cool. / – A lot of kids go there. Kids just love running through them. – They would giggle. / – That’s right. I love it. – One, two, three. / – I love it. Can we go down? (Can we have fun now?) Yes, that’s how it starts. (The water lover is on his way!) (Dipping) – It must be cold. / – Dad, let’s play together. We came here today to play in the water. I got it! (Gunhoo is overly excited.) It’s raining. It’s raining. (Everyone is in the water.) It must be so much fun, especially in the heat. – Here it is. / – It’s cold. Is it cold? It’s over here. – Touch it. / – He was startled. – Gunhoo, touch it. / – Here it is! I found it! Isn’t it great? (If Dad kicks…) He’s copying his dad. Even just looking at water in the summer cools us down. Yes! In one, two, three! (He’s in his best mood.) – Gosh. / – In one, two, three. (It’s so nice to splash.) He’s so happy to see his very first fountain. Naeun, isn’t it fun? (Naeun found a new fountain.) This is fun! (Dad, let’s go over there!) (This fountain has a very strong spray!) (The water bomb is exploding!) (I’m so scared.) (Gunhoo!) That’s… Is this a scene from a movie? (Naeun ran through the water in a split second.) Run, run. (Be careful, Gunhoo!) That’s it. (Naeun is sweet on her little brother.) Naeun, can you pass this without getting wet? Go now! Hurry! – Will she make it? / – Hurry. (Be careful!) Go through it. I didn’t get wet. (She’s choosing where she’ll enter.) Yes, this is from “The Classic”. – How cute. / – It’s that famous scene. They run through the rain. Is Naeun Son Yejin, then? (She’s reenacting the scene Son Yejin was in.) How beautiful. (Good job, Naeun!) Let’s go, let’s go! (She’s going once more with Zo Insung.) We didn’t get wet. It’s so nice to watch. (They’re making sweet memories at the Han River.) (I’ll sing “She’s Gone” since I’m in a good mood.) (Girl) – What are you doing? / – My goodness. He’s singing like a dolphin. Let’s try passing it without getting sprayed. Yes, we can go now. We can go. – Let’s go, let’s go. / – Good luck. (Going through a fountain tunnel) (Good luck!) Good luck. (Just trust your dad!) We can get through. Gunhoo and Naeun’s movie-like trip to the Han River cooled off our summer. (It’s the end of Gunhoo and Naeun’s movie-like outing!) (Bumping) (Bentley is dressed in a swimsuit.) Bentley got himself a new ride. How cool and cute. (Hurry up, William.) William is quite the fashionista too. – Gosh. / – Look at that. I’m Spider-Man. (Spraying) (I’m Hulk.) Avengers. Dad, where are we going with our swimsuits on? We’re going to a water park. – A water park. / – Really? Water parks are really fun. (Yes! I’m so excited!) (Let’s hurry!) Dad, are we wearing these there? Yes, if you want to go in the water. How adorable. Hurry up and go. (These are not sleepy eyes.) People usually change at the venue. – Are we not taking the car? / – Not today. Can we walk there? Yes. A new water park just opened in Eungam-dong. – The place must be nearby. / – Yes. What? They seem surprised. Dad, what is that? What? (What did I just see?) – I don’t know if they’re excited. / – What is that? Dad, is this yours? Dad’s? Welcome to Willter Park. They opened a pool in front of their house. (When did you prepare this?) It’s finally summer. The weather is so hot these days, William is practically living in the water. Unfortunately, we can’t go to the water park every day. For William and Bentley’s sake, I opened Willter Park in front of our house. All right. It’s a great day to set up a water park. (He pumped air into a giant rubber swimming pool.) Did he prepare everything while the kids were sleeping? (The kids will love this, right?) – He did it for his kids. What a great dad. / – Yes. Willter Park was made just for William and Bentley. There’s a pool where they can run all they want and a beautiful flamingo pool. (Hello.) There’s also a resting area as well as a lot of food. Let’s go to Willter Park, Eungam-dong’s smallest water park. – Did you say “smallest”? / – The smallest. – Right. / – Swimming pool. (I can’t believe my dad made this!) Dad, this is so nice. Bump it. They like it. (Bentley checks the water temperature.) (Splashing) (You rascal.) (Splashing) (How dare you!) (I’m going to have so much fun!) Baby, let’s hurry up and go in the water. Okay! The water park is open. Shall we go in? Okay. (William is going in!) (I’m coming too!) Are you having trouble going in? (Struggling) – Try it. / – He’s too short. Try it. (I can do it!) (Why is this so high?) Bentley. Bentley. – Bentley. Bentley. / – You can do it. William’s cheers helped him. (Dad, did you see me climb?) (This is so nice!) It looks like you’re having a photoshoot. (Let’s start shooting a summer photo shoot.) Gosh, he’s so cute. No one looking at the pictures would think – that this is in front of their house. / – I agree. (Did you all go to the beach? Eungam-dong is better.) – It’s all thanks to Sam. / – This looks like Boracay. (Come play at Willter Park.) Okay. Come here. (Sam prepared something else.) Wait. It looks too big. (It’s huge!) How is it, guys? Should I sit with you? – Hey, Sam! Sam. / – No, no, no! – He wants to play too. / – It worked. You’re okay, right? You should get off, Sam. The kids are nervous too. You’re not okay? Why not? – Dad, get off. / – Why? I can ride it too. – It’s going to pop. / – What? – He says it’ll pop. / – Will it pop? Gosh. – Get off. / – Gosh. William looked after Bentley and held his brother. This is a strange water park. Why? (William, let’s ride this!) I think he wants to ride that tube, but it’s slippery and hard to pick up. Yes. However, Bentley never gives up. (I will never give up!) – There are handles on it. / – Pick it up. Great. – He’s smart. / – Will you do it by yourself? (Dad, just keep on watching.) There you go. Gosh. – You did it by yourself. / – He did well on his own. William looks a little upset, though. This is not a water park. I prepared a lot. There are no waves. (Water parks are all about the waves!) Yes. The pools at water parks have waves. Are you talking about the wave pool? Shall I make it for you? – How? / – Okay, come here. Is it possible to replicate? (What is this?) They don’t like it. He’s ruining their childhood innocence. (They’re startled.) (Stop it, Dad!) (These human-made waves are like a calamity.) Sam doesn’t care at all. That’s like a typhoon. (Bentley hides.) He left. Is this really a water park? The neighborhood kids came in their swimming suits. They’re getting a lot of customers. It’s peak season. I saw a lot of splashes earlier. – Do you want waves? / – Yes. – Will he make waves? / – Are you ready? (No. No.) He’s strongly against it. “Please don’t do it, Dad.” (Lifting) Our younger friends can go in this one. In the end, he went out. (The younger kids are escaping.) – Do you want to go too? / – Okay, little ones. Wait outside for just a bit. – Waves? Okay. / – Waves, waves. Waves. Here we go. (The customers are excited.) It’s the waves. (Human-made waves are coming at full speed.) Waves. It’s too weak. I think his shorts might fall. (Are you calling this weak?) – My goodness. / – Gosh. I knew this would happen when he acted greedily. (Babysitting is) (when the kids laugh) (and are happy.) – Sam looks cool today. / – He does. – Bring it. / – Do you want me to bring it? – Do you want to do it in here? / – Yes. The wave pool will move over. – We better go. / – It moved. The wave pool is very popular. Here come the waves. It’s starting. (Third human-made waves) – William’s starting to like it now. / – Yes. (Stop it!) (Splashing) (He was slapped with water.) What is it? – Bull’s eye. / – What is it? No, don’t cry. You told me you want waves. – What are they going to do? / – Didn’t you want waves? What is it? What is it? – No, no. / – Don’t cry. It’s okay. – Don’t cry. / – These girls are comforting him. Hey. When did he cry? You didn’t stop when I asked. (I like you too, Dad!) Who wants to play a fun game? – What is it? / – He’s the leader. Attack Dad. What? No, no. (Take this water attack!) That looks like fun. (Don’t attack my dad!) “Why are you doing that to my dad?” Baby, you try too. (You shouldn’t do that, William!) (Dad!) What a good son. (Peek-a-boo, Bentley!) (Are you okay, Dad?) Baby, were you worried about me? – He cares about his dad so much. / – I know. (Baby is a good son.) Dad, can you make the thing where water falls? What is he talking about? What did he mean? (Water parks are all about the water buckets.) He remembers everything. How will Sam make the water fall? It will have to be poured from the rooftop. – Are you ready? / – Yes. I can’t hear you. Are you ready? – Yes! / – Yes! (I’m sure I can do this one!) Here they go. They have a bell. Look at the details. He’s well prepared. That’s a good idea. Something just fell on them. (Gosh, the water bucket is too strong.) (What does this water bucket look like?) (It’s a tin bucket that Sam’s pouring manually.) It’s a tin bucket. (Eungam-dong’s Willter Park has everything imaginable.) (This one wasn’t so bad.) He’s enjoying it now. – Do you like ice cream? / – Yes. What flavor do you like? I like honeydew the most. You’re the same as me. – Do you like honeydew too? / – Yes, I like it. Here’s the ice cream fridge. Which one are you going to eat? Which one will he eat? You can choose one. I’ll buy them all for you. Is he buying for everyone? – I want that one. / – Gosh, William. Are you the one who treats everyone in Eungam-dong? – I’ll buy. / – Really? Follow me. (They go on to pay.) She picked two. – That’s a lot. / – Can I get two? – Why? / – I want to share it with Mom. – He wants to share it with his mom. / – Okay. You’re such a good son. – Oh, my. / – He’s praising him? William, are you buying? On some days, ice cream is sold at 50-percent off. It’s 2 dollars and 40 cents. He was very confident until a minute ago. Do I not have any money? Does this mean… – What will they do? / – Dad didn’t give me any. What now? Did they go without any money? Who wants to pay? – You said you’d pay. / – Didn’t you say you’d pay? I’m going to pay. Who wants to pay? – No one. / – I guess we can’t buy these. We don’t have money. Uncle. Have you tried this before? – He’s trapped. / – Uncle. Let’s eat it together. This is tasty. Uncle, buy this for me. – Buy this for me too. / – Poor man. Just this once. It’s melting. – Just buy it for them. / – Here. You should thank him. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. Baby, do you want to play in warm water by yourself? Yes. You do? Shall I bring you warm water? (Did he prepare a warm pool too?) Go inside. (Melting) Gosh, is it warm water? (This is very comfortable.) My goodness. It’s his personal pool. (It’s perfectly my size.) You sure look comfortable. How is it? (It’s warm!) Is it warm? (It’s warm.) Hey, did you just say that it’s warm? (You heard me, Dad.) You’re all grown up. You’ll be talking in no time. – That’s already possible. / – Play in here. Come here and have some of this. I’ll give you some drinks. Did he prepare drinks? Will the water park open again? I want to go there. (Enjoy it.) We have someone dedicated to greeting people. It must’ve been so much work preparing this. Not at all. I can do this anytime if it’s for my kids. I’ll set it up often, so please visit again. – Okay. / – Please do this again. Sure. Enjoy. Bye, bye. Did you bang your head? Are you okay? (Hey, head. Are you okay?) Have some of this. (While Sam is getting close with the neighbors,) (Bentley spotted something.) What is it? Is there something? He can escape on his own. – “I want a drink too.” / – What is that? (He grabbed something from the table and ran away.) (Dropping) He’s not going to eat what he dropped on the ground, is he? (I’ll put you back in.) (You should go back in too.) Gosh. – It keeps falling. / – Tilt your cup up. I said, tilt the cup. Bentley, tilt your cup. (Dropping) (He’s stuck on repeat.) (While Bentley is busy picking up…) William and his crew have returned from the store. Where did you get the money to buy all that? I bought them, but Uncle paid for it. Good job, William. Good boy. Didn’t you buy me one? – No. / – What about Bentley’s? (I’m already eating.) Are you still bathing? He’s getting everyone’s love. – He’s so cute. / – He’s so cute. – Dad, did you pee? / – What? – What did you say? / – What is it? Why did he ask if Sam peed? (Willter Park’s water has turned yellowish.) Did you pee? (I didn’t pee.) No one peed in it. (Bentley was playing with some effervescent vitamins.) Did he put vitamin tablets into the pool? (I will throw these vitamins in.) (I will throw them all in without Dad finding out!) I think it’ll be good for your skin. I want to go into the pool. He threw everything including the cup in. (Bentley is guilty of turning the pool yellow.) Oh, come on. You can’t put these in here. You’re supposed to drink these with water. It’s a drink. What is this? When it gets hot again… – I’ll see you in four weeks. / – Okay. Promise? Willter Park is closed for the day. Please close. Thanks to their water park, we had a refreshing day. (See you again soon.) (“Tag Tag Tag” by VERIVERY)

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