The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.246: I Miss You Even When You’re with Me [ENG/2018.10.14]

(It’s a tranquil afternoon.) Where are you, Dad? He’s hiding, isn’t he? I’m sure. What happened to the Ko duo today? (Four hours before the incident) – Boys just have to / – Yes? – play with dinosaurs. / – Of course. Hey, Seungjae. – Yes? / – Let’s eat. – Why? / – What do you mean? Let’s eat. You have to. I want to play with my dinosaurs. Play with me after eating. I don’t want to eat. I’ll just play with my dinosaurs. (Giggling mischievously) (This is so much fun.) Hey, Seungjae. Are you not going to eat? I don’t think I’m hungry. If you keep playing without eating, you’re not going to grow into a big boy. – That’s fine. / – You’re okay with that? Will you be fine being the shortest six-year-old, then? (He doesn’t care about being tall anymore.) Is that fine? Don’t cry at home because you’re short, okay? I can just play with my dinosaurs. He won’t do anything else when he’s playing with dinosaurs. How many dinosaurs do you think you have at home? (He smiles automatically when they’re mentioned.) – You can’t keep count? / – No. Shall we try counting them? Bring all your dinosaurs here. I’ll take them. Gosh, Dad. – I’m the green monster. / – Bring more. (One box after another gets dropped off.) This is so heavy. Isn’t that too much? That’s too much. (A huge pile) Finally, his dinosaur collection is complete. (He had this many?) I knew he had a lot, but I’ve never seen them spread out like that. And seriously, it was as if he mobilized an army for war. A lot of people know he likes dinosaurs. He received most of them as gifts. We’re like a household of dinosaurs. (Is this a household of dinosaurs?) Yeonwoo is over the dinosaur stage. – Now tops are in. / – Gosh, don’t even mention it. He’s one step ahead. He wants to enter competitions. Each top has a name that’s at least six-character long. – He memorizes them all. / – Right. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11… – What is this one called? / – Krono. Krono? – It lives in the ocean. / – I see. – It has fins. / – Fins? You’re right. How about this? A Spinosaurus. It has a plate on the back. Like this? The thing that’s sticking out? Then what is this one? (Is this also a Spinosaurus?) – A Stegosaurus. / – What makes this special? – It has plates. / – Does it? – They’re different. / – Okay. (Gesticulating) They’re different. T-Rex, Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus. T-Rex, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus… Sort all the T-Rex out, Seungjae. Just gather the T-Rex. – T-Rex. / – Where else? (He takes them out one by one.) There’s a lot after gathering them. Do you need that many or not? I need them. Each T-Rex is different. They’re all the same. How are they different? Let’s just keep one favorite from each type and share the rest with younger friends. I won’t ever send them. I’ll never send them away. I can’t because they’re my friends. But you have so many of the same friends. Still. I can’t even send one. The Return of Superman, episode 246. ♪ I Miss You Even When You’re with Me ♪ (Seungjae is taking a deep nap.) Hello. Hello. It’s me, Seungjae’s father. – Hi, there. / – Have you been well? (She taught him childhood education strategies) (last year in April.) (Oh Eunyoung, national child-education mentor) She’s like a savior. – He’s bigger now, right? / – Seungjae has grown a lot. But he’s obsessed over his dinosaurs. He tries to eat with the dinosaurs. He always takes a huge pile when we go outside. Actually, that can be very disruptive when it comes to experiencing new things. There has to be some kind of limit imposed. – At least one day of the week / – Yes. should be spent with you and his mother – Okay. / – without the dinosaurs. It’s ideal to make new experiences. Then should I just clear them out today? Yes, tell him to clear them out. I have to clear them out. That’s how Project Play Without Dinosaurs began. The first step is to clear out the 300 dinosaurs. There are so many. All done. (Creeping up) Right. It’s important to clear out the room. Seungjae can’t wake up yet. Just take them outside of the house. He clears them while Seungjae is napping. (He hides them under a black canvas.) Seungjae’s going to flip once he finds out. (Seungjae wakes up from his nap.) He’s awake. He’s getting a strange feeling. Did you sleep well? (What?) (The dinosaurs have magically disappeared.) Where are my precious toys? Doesn’t the house seem so much cleaner now? Right? (Where have my dinosaurs gone?) (The dinosaurs have disappeared.) He looks for them first before getting upset. Maybe he thinks it’s some sort of prank. (Did they fall down here?) They’re not here either. I’m sure you hid them. Oh, no. Things are about to blow up. Where are they, Dad? (What’s going on?) He made eye contact. (You know, don’t you, Uncle?) Pterodactyl. (Rummaging) This or that? This one. (What is he going to do with his underwear?) I’ll trade you this underwear for the dinosaurs. I don’t need this. This is new. I’ve only worn this once. “Hand over the dinosaurs for this underwear.” Hey, Seungjae. That’s like a threat. (Sullen) Dad, please call Grandpa King Sejong for me. Why do you want me to call him? I gave him a dinosaur, remember? (He gave him a dinosaur in case he gets lonely.) You can’t ask him to return it after giving it to him. I’m lonely now. But you’re playing with me. Why would you be lonely? (He feels very lonely.) It’s hardly a big deal. Are you sad about losing the dinosaurs? It’s like he lost his purpose for living. I don’t want to. (He keeps shedding tears.) Do I have eye boogers? (But he tries to smile.) I’ll read you a very fun storybook. “Banana Poop”. – Do you like it? / – I want to read it alone. I’ll read it for you. (He reads it like it’s a language book.) (He’s getting sucked in.) Seungjae, is your poop healthy like banana, is it watery or is it too small? – I didn’t poop today. / – You didn’t? Isn’t it fun without dinosaurs too? No. He can’t expect to settle it with just one story. (I can’t stand this any longer.) (Please sacrifice yourself, piggy.) (A tune comes out automatically.) – What is that? / – I’ll be back. Okay. – He’s letting him go. / – Go ahead. I’ll be back, Dad. Okay. Be safe. (Where is he headed?) I’m going to buy dinosaurs. I’m going to the store. What are you going to buy? I’m going to buy toys. – Have fun. / – Bye. The older boys have already been through that phase. They’re probably thinking, “Sure. You’re at that age.” I bet. (He arrives at the store feeling dainty.) – Welcome, Seungjae. / – I’m here to buy dinosaurs. What are you here for, Seungjae? (Eyes wide open) It’s a paradise for him. We know what that feels like. Everything you want is in front of you. This is something I like. Is this one expensive? It’s reserved right now, so I can’t sell it. I wanted this one. How about this one? That one is reserved too. – Is this one reserved too? / – Yes, it is. Does this shop allow people to reserve stuff? I wanted to buy this one. (Jiyong followed) (Seungjae out of the house.) (Scrambling) I think he’s trying to buy dinosaurs. I should take a shortcut. (He arrives at the store first.) – Hello. / – Hello. I’m trying to educate Seungjae right now. Even if he tries to buy a dinosaur, can you please not sell him anything? No wonder they’re all reserved. Can’t you just sell me one? There’s nothing I can sell you right now. I brought my piggy bank. It’s not enough to buy this. You don’t have enough. You have to save up. What will you do? – I’ll be back. / – Okay. Bye. (Bye, Seungjae.) (Seungjae returns empty-handed.) (Why wouldn’t she sell it to me?) He’s almost feeling sick right now. (He might just get bed-ridden.) Would you like some water? I’m going to my car real quick. Answer my phone if it rings, okay? – Okay. / – I’ll leave it here. Mom might call. Okay? (What?) (He eats crackers in a daze.) (What is he scheming?) (He heads to the basement study.) (What’s with that dinosaur?) (The phone suddenly rings.) Seungjae. (What?) Hi, Seungjae. It’s me, T-Rex. Hi. Did you miss us? Yes. He’s asking. How about the others? (He asks about his other friends.) We’re on our way to your house. Are you here yet? I’m almost there. (Looking attentively) (Staring hard) (What’s the matter, Seungjae?) (Turning) – He’s checking the door. / – To greet them? Is he going to welcome them in? (Why is he doing that?) It’s the basement. (Getting goosebumps) (Perplexed) We’re in the car right now. It’s the basement. I’ll go after eating this. Where are you going, Seungjae? He’s so smart. It’s you, Dad. (He got caught.) It’s not. – It’s you, Dad. / – Hey, Seungjae. You caught me today. What are you doing here? Why is he so sloppy? He might’ve recognized me by my voice. Or maybe it was the wallpaper. It’s not so easy to fool him now. You can play with the dinosaurs when it’s time to play. When it’s time to eat, you should eat. Don’t brush your teeth with the dinosaurs. You can wash up alone, right? – Yes. / – Promise me. When children get obsessed with something, – that becomes necessary. / – Right. I’ve found it! Will they really be here? Will they? (They’re returned to his loving arms.) It’s like he’s reunited with his family. – Are they all back? / – Yes. See you tomorrow morning. I love you guys. I love you so much. A family greets the morning in Hawaii. It’s the lovely Siha’s family. (Squirming) She’s awake. (Running) How cute. (I’m awake, Dad.) (Staring) Oh, my. Okay. What’s wrong? She’s hungry. (Following) Don’t cry. Don’t cry. (Kissing) – She understands. / – That’s interesting. Right? She stops crying when you kiss her. (They make eye contact.) How cute. She likes it. (Kissing one more time) She stopped crying after Siha kissed her. Kiss me too. (Turning) Hey. Come here, Siha. (Hasisi returns with formula.) (Here’s your meal, Bonbi.) (Sucking) Enjoy. Good job. Thank you. (Thanks, Siha.) Do you remember the yoga you learned yesterday, Siha? (Springing into action) Right. Spread out. Like that? There you go. What else is there? (Exclaiming) (His flexibility might give Son Yeonjae) (a run for her money.) – Babies are very flexible. / – I know. (This is a cinch.) You’re so good. (Meanwhile, Bonbi finishes her meal.) Siha, do you want to hear a baby burp? Yes. Listen well. Come here. Come close. Listen to her burp. (Burping) She did well. (Shocked) Why did you do that to your brother? I think he’s packing for an outing. When you have more than one child, you don’t just take them around. There’s a huge amount of stuff to lug around. Help us out, Siha. (Today, he’s an assistant.) Let’s wash her hair first. Oh, my. (Bath Step 1: Wash hair) There you go. – Is the water okay? / – Yes. Just like that. Wet her hair. Now, Siha. Give me some shampoo. On my hand, please. – That’s enough. / – Good. That’s good. Thank you. Okay. Wash it up for me. That’s good. (Thanks, Siha.) Come here. (Bath Step 2: Full body bath) (They check on the water temperature.) Feet first. There you go. Slowly. (The feet go in carefully first.) There you go. A little bit at a time. – We did that too. / – She’s looking at him. – We’re going to have to do that again too. / – Right. Not there. She already did her face. Just her body. There you go. All set. (Screaming) I’ll do it. Sorry. (My brother sure tries very hard.) He looks after his sister well. – How nice. / – I’m proud of him. Apply on her back too. – Good. / – There you go. – There you go. / – Thank you. I almost forgot that they’re in Hawaii. It looks like they’re in Korea. Childcare never stops. – All done. / – She’s wearing a matching shirt, Siha. (They’re matched up with a couple look.) All done. (Bath is complete.) I finished fast thanks to your help, Siha. – Good job. / – She must be feeling refreshed. – Thank you. / – Applause. (Screaming) (What happened to Hasisi?) Hasisi has been feeling neck pain due to work stress, – and it got worse on this trip. / – Oh, no. We should get it treated quickly. There’s an oriental clinic nearby. – Really? / – Yes. Get some acupuncture and rest. – I’m okay. / – I’ll… It’s okay. I’ll feed them and head over. – Will you be taking them? / – Yes. Get some rest. (Sorry, and thank you.) The sky is very blue on their second day in Hawaii. The weather is great. This place is awesome, Siha. Right? Look at the palm trees. (This is Hawaii, the land of palm trees.) (Oh, no.) Bonbi. Bonbi is looking outside too. Good. – Dad. / – Yes? Turn on music for us, please. Music? “Under the Sea”. ♪ Under the sea ♪ (Turn on the music!) Where, along the Hawaiian coastline, are they off to? We’re here. Where are we? – This way. / – Here? (Siha wore a dolphin swimsuit.) It’s a turtle. – Oh, my. / – Oh, my. It’s really a turtle. It’s a turtle. There are a lot of turtles. There are a lot of turtles. Look there, Siha. It’s a dolphin. Where? Where is it? Dolphin? It’s true. So they get really up close here. Siha really likes marine animals. He likes whales the most among them. Dolphins and whales. I heard of a dolphin experience program, so I signed up for it. – It’s a dolphin, Siha. / – Really? Yes. – Really? / – That’s a dolphin. Do you like it? (Fascinated) There it is. (They spot Siha.) Dolphins. There are a lot. Yes, there are a lot. It’s possible to touch them up close. – Aloha. / – Aloha. – Aloha. / – My name is Holly. Holly. – Nice to meet you. / – Nice to meet you. – Dolphin. Dolphin. / – Lono is the dolphin’s name. – All right. We get to meet Lono. / – Dolphin. – Dolphin. Dolphin. / – Lono is the dolphin’s name. – The dolphin’s name is Lono. / – Really? – Here it is. / – Right here is good. All right. (Lono is here to greet them.) It’s Lono. – It’s Lono. / – She’s a dolphin. Are you ready to meet Lono? Are you ready to meet a dolphin? – Yes. / – Okay, yes. (Bonbi is getting drowsy.) Excuse me. Can you care for my baby? No problem. (She understands him with no problem.) – Thank you. / – No problem. Have fun. (Thank you.) All right. Let’s go in. Here we go. – Look, a dolphin. / – He’s nervous. (Lono comes up close.) Hello, Lono. It’s a dolphin. Good morning. Come up. Open it wide. (He’ll meet the dolphin up close.) – This is the mouth. / – You can touch it. Look at the teeth. Do you want to touch them? – No. / – No? He can be scared at first. (To Siha, these sharp teeth are scary.) – He’s sweet. It’s okay. / – Can I touch them, then? – No. Don’t. / – Okay. Don’t touch them. Don’t touch them. Okay. Okay. (In that case, will he try kissing it?) Do you want to kiss the dolphin? I don’t want to. (I’m still scared.) (I’m not a scary dolphin.) It’s saying hello. (Lono’s cute acts are comforting Siha.) – Lono is saying hello. / – Hello. (He loosens up a bit.) (It translates to, “Nice to meet you.”) That’s how you do it. (It’s nice to meet you too.) (Flipping over) No, no. It wants you to tickle it. Just like this. Look at me. (What will happen this time?) (Flapping) – You should try it. / – Try it, Siha. (He tries to communicate with it for the second time.) Just like this. (He finally succeeds.) Tickle it. This is how he’ll start. Little by little. – My gosh. / – What was that? (Lono splashes water to play with him.) Are you okay? He’s playful. (In that case, let me try again.) – This will be an unforgettable memory. / – Exactly. He became friends with a dolphin. We’re going to put up our right hand like this. Are you ready, Lono? One, two, three. Go! – Will you look at him? / – Go. (Go!) He’s really fast. It’s huge. He’s swimming really fast. (Lono shows off a fancy swimming skill for Siha.) That’s really cool. (The dolphin and Siha come together.) (Impressed) It keeps… My gosh, it jumped up! Look at that. (Lono approaches Siha as he jumps.) (Siha is mesmerized.) (He claps vigorously right away.) Go, Lono! – Isn’t this amazing? / – Yes. Good boy. Good job. Tell him he did well. Are you hugging him? (He hugs Lono tightly.) – He wants to kiss Lono. / – He couldn’t before. He did it. (He gives Lono a kiss.) Touch him. Give him a kiss. – My goodness. / – There you go. He’s the cutest thing. – He got close to Lono. / – I like the dolphin. – Isn’t he nice? / – Can you do a turn? Bye. – Bye. / – Thank you. Thank you. He’s saying goodbye too. (He gazes at Lono.) – He won’t ever forget it. / – Thank you. Goodness. Lono is leaving. Let’s go. Naeun. Guess what I’m going to show you. I’ll show you something fun. – Show me. / – Should I? I’ll show you something fun. Okay. I bet you’ll be so excited. I made the reservation under Park Jooho. You can get on it right away. – Can we get on that? / – Yes. Let’s get on. All right. Let’s get on. Let’s climb up. Guess what this is. – Ringing. / – Ringing? It’s like a bicycle. – Go. / – Give me a high-five. Give him a high-five to start. Let’s go. (She gives him an energetic high-five.) Let’s go! (This is so nice.) It feels cool. – Does it feel cool? / – Yes. It’s so cool. (Gunhoo, isn’t this fun?) I bet it’s her first time riding a rickshaw. This is cool. Hello, excuse me. (Passers-by make way at his greeting.) Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi, I’m Naeun. You’re Naeun? What’s my name, then? Park Chicabooda. Park Chicabada? She’s happy. She’s getting playful. You know my name. I don’t know. Do you know my name or not? You’re Lala. – I’m Lala? / – Yes. My name isn’t Lala. You’re Lala. I’m not Lala. Your name is Lala. I don’t understand you. (Giggling) You’re weird. My daughter seems a little weird today. This area is called Bukchon. – Bukchon… / – Naeun, this is Bukchon. – Boongchon? / – Yes. No, Bukchon. Where is Bukchon? We’re in Bukchon. – We’re in Bukchon? / – Yes. This is the Bukchon Hanok Village. – Hanok Village? / – Yes, Hanok Village. – Look. / – This building was the Office of the Royal Family. This is the Office of the Royal Family. – It’s hard. / – It must be. – What? / – It’s hard. That’s where they kept the garment. – Garment? / – That was the use. It’s the National Museum of Contemporary Art. It has three ground floors and three basement floors. This building carries a lot of meanings. He drives the rickshaw with his hands and feet, and he also has to explain about the village. The rickshaw driver has got to be exhausted. Uncle, aren’t you tired? – I’m fine. / – Are you all right? Are you okay? (Sweating) Shall I wipe it off? (She wipes the sweat off him.) – Why don’t you do it? / – That felt cool. Uncle, do you want water? Here’s water. – Thank you. / – It’s water. – My gosh. / – Goodness. Naeun is good at taking care of others. Dad, you should drive. – I should? / – Yes. He’s tired. – I’m tired too. / – No. I shouldn’t be tired? – His thighs might be stronger. / – Should I drive? You should drive. – I should drive? / – Yes. Then what about Gunhoo? The uncle can hold Gunhoo. – He’ll hold Gunhoo? / – Yes. Go, Dad. – Should I keep going? / – Yes. – Did they switch? / – Gosh, is this even allowed? I’m tired. – He’s tired. / – You’re okay, Dad. Why? You can do it, Dad. – Can I do this? / – Yes. – Can I do everything? / – Yes. But this isn’t an easy job. Dad, you’re strong. Do you know that I’m strong? – Yes. / – How do you know that? – You do this. / – I do that? Watch out. (Smiling like a fool) This is quite an exercise. (Something is off.) Dad, why are you so slow? (It was fast when the uncle was driving.) She’s right. It’s slow. (Is it even moving?) – It became an old show. / – This is hard work. It’s dangerous. It’s dangerous if I go fast. – It’s not dangerous. / – It’s not? Please move away. Is Gunhoo falling asleep again? He’s cute. Wait, hold on. Naeun. Naeun, I can cycle more, but I don’t know the way. Let me stop here. Look at him. He seems much happier. Well, he had a break. – Are you happy, Naeun? / – Yes. – Are you having fun? / – Yes. (A pretty view comes with a cool breeze.) (It’s a fun tour in Bukchon with her dad.) Please stop. – Okay. / – Why? (What’s going on?) – Dad, I have to pee. / – She has to pee. – You need to pee? / – She must go, then. Hold on. She must go to the restroom now. – Can you look after him? / – Gunhoo is sleeping. – He’s so cute. / – Dad, hurry. – He’s not shy at all. / – Dad. – Naeun, let’s hurry. / – Dad. – Where’s the restroom? / – He should run. Where is the restroom? Where is the restroom, Naeun? Restroom? I can’t find one. – Dad. / – Gosh, this is tiring. – Where is it? / – Hurry. Over there? There’s a cafe here. Let’s go ask. Gosh, I’m tired. I’m sorry, but could she use the restroom? (It’s on the left.) – It’s on the left? / – Yes. Thank you. Dad, hurry. There. That’s the entrance. Hold it a bit more. – What a relief. / – Just a bit more. – Okay. / – I’m so glad. There are a lot of times when kids fluster you. (Meanwhile, Gunhoo is…) He’s so easy-going. What a relief. (They come out with a smile.) Did you pee, Naeun? Look at me. I’m sweating. Oh, my gosh. – That gives you a boost. / – One, two. All right. I guess dads find daughters most precious. Naeun, are you happy that we’re out together? – Very. / – “Very”? I’m very happy. You’re very happy? I love you, Dad. I love you too, Naeun. (They’re enjoying their time together.) (You didn’t forget about me, did you?) Gunhoo! Gunhoo! Gunhoo, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. – Didn’t he cry? / – No. I’m so glad. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (Falling asleep) Naeun, Gunhoo is sleeping. (Sleeping in his dad’s arms is the best.) It’s prettier when seen at a slow pace. They finish the rickshaw tour of Bukchon. We’re here. (They arrive in no time.) Thank you. Thank you. Naeun, Gunhoo is sleeping. Do you want me to hold you? Is that possible? How much weight is he carrying? He’s carrying 32kg altogether. Gunhoo is sleeping soundly. Naeun, are you sleepy? We came here to see this. Don’t sleep. This is driving me crazy. It’s an uphill road. Naeun, we are here. Don’t sleep. You didn’t fall asleep for real, right? He is incredibly strong. When children fall asleep, – they become heavier. / – He is an athlete. – Are you asleep or not? / – I am asleep. I am asleep. – I am asleep. / – She is mischievous. It was really hot, right? Naeun’s family arrives – at a traditional cafe. / – Hello. Whose house is this? I don’t know. Let’s take a look. Okay. It’s really nice. Let’s sit here. (Hiccuping) You are hiccuping. (You startled me.) – Did I startle you? / – That should stop the hiccups. (Did the hiccups stop?) He is good. (Gunhoo wakes up.) Did you sleep well? (Food is coming.) – Sikhye. / – It’s sikhye. I will put it here. (Sikhye and omija tea are served.) – Omija tea. / – Omija tea. What are these? We have sikhye and omija tea. (Jooho tries the omija tea.) It’s really tasty. It’s really tasty. Naeun, try it. Omija is known to have five flavors. Will it suit Naeun’s taste? (Will it suit Naeun’s taste?) (Shuddering) It must be sour. Does it taste strange? – Gunhoo wants it. / – This? – We forgot about Gunhoo. / – Would you like some? – How will he like it? / – I drink it well. Do you drink it well? (It opens his eyes.) – His eyes opened wide. / – It must be sour. – Gunhoo, it wakes you up, right? / – Try this. (Naeun tries the omija tea again.) – It must be tasty. / – Is it tasty? – No? / – It’s sour at first. – The taste grows on you. / – You’re drinking it well. It gets better after you get over the sour flavor. Then other flavors hit you. It’s tasty, right? It’s tasty, right? Is it tasty or not? – It’s tasty. / – Have another sip. (She drinks it well.) (It’s a disaster.) I thought it might happen. I thought it might happen. (Naeun gets up to get some tissues.) Tissues. (Please give me something to wipe with.) Here. How does she think about – wiping it herself? / – I know. – Did she learn that? / – It’s okay, Dad. Yes, it’s okay. Only his socks are wet. – Take it off. / – I got it. She is a good daughter. (Dad, I am sorry.) Naeun, who are those people in hanbok? – The foreigners / – I do know other drinks. – must have entered. / – I have heard of it. This is Naeun’s specialty. They must be Germans. I know. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. A fly. There is a fly. – Do you like flies? / – No. No? Did you come here with your dad? Yes. What’s your name? Eden. (It’s nice to meet you.) Is your mom German? No, no. Do you know what they are saying? – My mom is / – This is fascinating. from here. She is from here. She isn’t with us at the moment. What are you doing? I am cooking. What are you cooking? I am cooking something. I can cook – like this. / – Jooho is getting left out again. He became depressed. Jooho didn’t do anything wrong. What did you talk about with the uncles? I told them I am making a cake. You told them you are cooking. Yes. I can do this. Naeun, the language genius, left Gunhoo and Jooho behind. She even moved to their table. They are divided. She can carry on a conversation. (He is a bit sad.) Which outfit is cooler? (Blue hanbok versus white hanbok) I like that one. (She chooses white hanbok.) May I try it on? It will be too big for you. (She is good at German.) (It’s time to say goodbye.) – Have fun in Korea. / – Thank you. Naeun, let’s go. – Bye. / – Bye. (Uncles, I had fun.) (Wriggling) William. Hey, why are you so cute? (He waddles with a backpack.) You want everything while William is asleep. He can walk and carry a backpack now. My goodness. William’s backpack, clothes and snack. When he sees food, he puts it in his mouth. Is it good? – It’s good, right? / – He is excited. – He loves it. / – Are you ready to go to school? He always smiles when he has food. What will you learn in school today? (Eating) (He is in the best mood.) Are you doing the Yummy Dance? You could eat this all day long, right? (Of course.) You eat so heartily. You eat like this. (I eat in a cute way.) (Peek-a-boo!) You’re so happy right now. Baby. (Ben’s smile makes Sam happy.) (Give me a kiss.) No? Okay. I will give you a kiss when you are asleep. (What is this?) It’s a snack. Why don’t you say it? Can you say “snack”? “Snack”. (I can’t say that yet.) Really? (Yes.) How about this? “Dad”. (Sam wants him to say “Dad” already.) “Dad”. “Dad”. (I can’t say that yet.) “Dad”. Ben. Say, “Dad”. “Dad”. “Dad”. I don’t know why, but dads feel very grateful if the child says “Dad” before “Mom”. – They teach the child. / – That’s right. I will be really sad when you go to school. (When did he get this big?) It’s gone, right? It’s gone. He ate everything. – He became sad. / – Their reasons differ. (That’s too bad.) He is so cute. (I will lick the bowl.) – He is licking the bowl. / – He is incredible. Are you going to lick the bowl? (Eating) I hear the sound of his teeth. What is that sound? (Bentley chews on the bowl.) (Sam takes the bowl to give him more.) Hold on. Say, “Dad”. Say, “Dad”. (Will he give me more snacks, then?) Dad! What? What did you say? He said it. He said “Dad” to get more food. (I said “Dad” for the first time.) – Dad. / – Hello. (The eldest son, William is awake.) (Bentley walks towards his brother.) – Did you sleep well? / – Yes. (Dragging) (Turning over) (He laughs when he is embarrassed.) – Dad, give me chocolate. / – What? I want chocolate. Why do you want chocolate in the morning? You can’t eat chocolate in the morning. (William, I had a meal and a snack.) (Sam gets a healthy drink in the morning.) I want chocolate. You need to eat breakfast. (He drinks kudzu root juice.) It’s tasty. I want chocolate. I want chocolate. What are you doing? Don’t play with that. It’s William’s. What did you do? Come here. How scary! I want chocolate. Baby. Baby, look. Listen to me. He shouldn’t have that. It’s really bitter. (The color is similar to chocolate.) It looks similar to chocolate slush. (Dad didn’t even share.) He will probably give it to you later. He needs his blanket now. (What is this?) (The juice makes him cough like ginger tea did.) He put four fingers in his mouth. – He wanted to wipe out the taste. / – It’s so bitter. Hold on. I need to answer my phone. (Sam goes into the room to answer his phone.) Watch the baby. He’s literally watching. “Watch the baby.” (He thinks for a second.) (He suddenly moves the chair.) (Creaking) (Will Dad hear it?) (Careful) Gosh, look at him. (He pushes slowly to prevent the noise.) There are chairs near the shelf. (William, what are you doing?) (He climbs the chair he dragged) (to find a paradise of snacks.) (William, I will keep a lookout.) He put the snacks there. They are like a team. (Following) (Bentley follows him to get a snack.) (He cheers at the sight of the snack.) He needs a bowl. There he goes. I can’t believe them. (He doesn’t miss a single piece.) (Did I put everything in there?) (Struggling) Bentley also wants to take something out. (Bentley tries to do what his brother did.) You can’t do it. (William, I can’t do it.) (I will go to you.) (My goodness.) He is excited. (It’s a snack party.) This might be better. (Eat off the floor.) (He jumps over the snack to go to the kitchen.) (Eating) There must be other snacks. Chocolate. It’s chocolate. I like chocolate. I will eat chocolate. – It’s hard to unwrap it. / – His fingers are slow. (I need to hurry up and unwrap it.) William. – He got caught. / – I’m unwrapping it. – He got caught. / – Who says you can eat chocolate? Stop. Stop. I am going. Where are you going? Hold on. Give me the chocolate. You need to have a meal first. You eat a meal. I will eat chocolate. For goodness’ sake. It’s not tasty to eat chocolate before a meal. Please! William. (They have a war of nerves.) William has a tendency to eat chocolate away from his dad’s eyes. He even has a record of having eaten chocolate ice cream. Any dad would be worried. William, I will give you chocolate. What’s that? Do you want chocolate? William. Open wide. (Sam gives him chocolate.) Come here. Open wide. What’s wrong? – What is it? / – What happened? What did he give William? (Is it really tasty?) – What is it? / – I want to spit it out. What is it? This chocolate tastes strange. – Does it taste strange? / – Yes. Why? (He added vinegar.) Parents use a salve to prevent thumb-sucking. It’s a similar tactic. – At least he used food. / – Does it taste strange? Do you want another one? (No.) No. I will get a stomachache. – A stomachache? / – Yes. – If you don’t have… / – A stomachache. You think you will get a stomachache. Do you know why? You’re supposed to eat chocolate after a meal. (I see.) Let’s have a meal. – Shall we have a meal? / – Yes. – Can you eat a lot? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. I will do it for you. Let’s have a meal. I will have a meal. That’s right. If you don’t hurry, – the baby will eat everything. / – Oh, no. He is drinking with his eyes. Baby needs a small bite. – Baby? / – Yes. – Shall I give him a bite? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. You are so nice. (Bentley gets a bite.) Here comes a car. Open the gate. Thank you. (It’s a rice helicopter.) (It lands in William’s mouth.) It arrived safely. It’s time for an airplane. (Flying) Even though we haven’t learned it, we imitate an airplane to feed a child. It’s the same everywhere. It grabs a child’s attention. (Will a rice train work?) That’s a train. It’ll change to a motorcycle. This time, it’s a motorcycle. William. Can he have a bite? Baby. (I forgot that it’s better to share food.) He is happy as long as he has food. – He is a good boy. / – I will give this to you. You eat chocolate after a meal. How big of a meal can you eat? This much. That much? (Chocolate after a meal) You almost dropped it. He loves chocolate so much. Sam can’t help but give it to him. It’s okay to give chocolate after a meal. Ta-da! (Sam gets more clothes.) You need to wear cool clothes. Here. (They gather around.) Bentley. These shoes. I can’t put my shoes on. – You can’t put them on. / – No. You must wear socks first. You can get athlete’s foot if you don’t wear socks. – Do you have it? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. He has it already? That’s good. He thinks it’s good to have it. Is that William? William is like a Kingsman agent. (Dropping) (His legs are too short.) (Chocolate makes a man.) Forget about the cute Bentley. Bentley also looks sharp. They are the handsome boys of the Hammington family, William and Bentley. (Where is Dad?) (Sam transformed as well.) Why did they dress up? Are they going somewhere? I don’t usually wear a suit. I only have one suit, which I got for the wedding. I wear it on a special day. I have been invited to an award ceremony, so I want to look cool in front of the children. Let’s go inside. He went somewhere before going to the ceremony. (William is confident.) Where are you going? Come here. (He walks forward and shows off his suit.) – Hello, did you make a reservation? / – Hello. – Yes, I did. Okay. / – Please go inside. – Go. / – They visited a place before going to the ceremony. The Hammington family will transform at a beauty shop. Where are we? We are at a beauty shop. This is where you get your hair and makeup done. Today, we will become different people. Today is an important day for me. (It’s an important day.) Why are you so excited? You aren’t used to wearing shoes. (He kicks his feet.) You aren’t used to… In one. two. It must be awkward to suddenly wear shoes. Let’s go. (He stands up at Sam’s command.) There you go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… (March forward, Bentley.) – How can he walk so well? / – 12, 13, 14… Have you seen a boy walk so well? He can really walk. Bentley, you should wear shoes now. Who is that? (He is absorbed in his reflection.) Who is that handsome man? Where is your brother? (Meanwhile, William is…) Unlike Bentley, who got used to the shoes, William chose to go barefoot. Hello. Have you been well? Have you been well? (Who is holding William’s hand?) – Hello. / – Hello. She is the godmother of Korean makeup and creator of the transparent look, Jung Saemmool. At work, she’s a makeup artist who makes celebrities look beautiful. At home, she is the mother of two lovely children. – That’s right. / – Really? How old is he? He is 10 months old. Bentley. Hold on. – He is really strong. / – Heave-ho. My child is 16 months old. Is it a boy or a girl? – A girl. I have two daughters. / – A girl? It must be different to raise a girl. A boy is all over the place. – Really? / – Yes. How old is your first child? She is six. My firstborn is six. My second child… (He sneezes out his pacifier.) – Goodness. / – Goodness. – Goodness. / – Your first child is six. And my second child is 16 months old. Isn’t it hard? Of course it’s hard. My husband looks after the six-year-old, and I look after the 16-month-old. We have to take care of them separately. – William. / – William. – Hello. / – Did you say hello? Hello. How cute! – Hi. / – Hi. I’ll do your hair and makeup, – and get you ready for the award ceremony. / – Okay. (Bentley smiles.) I can’t wait. What will the children do while I get ready? They can get their hair done. Let’s get Bentley’s hair parted. (I would rather eat a sweet potato.) It must be a new world for the children. I will sit here. Here. (He takes a seat all by himself.) William and my doll. William and my doll. – Sam, sit here. / – Okay. – Thank you. / – All right. – Your dad is going up. / – My goodness. – Did you see that? / – He can go down too. (What is this?) – It’s cool. / – Is it cool? – Is it cool? / – Am I cool? Who is cool, me or your dad? I am cool, Ms. Jung is cool, and Dad is cool. All three of them are cool. My goodness. – It was a smart answer. / – All of us are cool. Bump it. He has a snack. There are many young women in salons. Goodness. – How cute! / – How cute! You smile so prettily. How pretty! (Sam starts getting his makeup done.) I have high expectations for the transparent look. Don’t worry. You got the person who created the look. It looks pretty, right? William, choose a style you want. This one? (Let’s see.) This man. This man. My goodness. There are only handsome men. – Dad. / – Is that your dad? This one? – Dad. / – Is that your dad? Gong Yoo? – No way. / – He is a good son. He is cool. Do you think he is cool? Shall we go with this hairstyle? You chose a cool hairstyle. – Can you sit still? / – Yes. Okay. Excuse me. – Please do my hair. / – Okay. (What is this?) What is this? He wants Gang Dongwon’s hair. I guess he’ll get a perm, then. (She sprays his hair with water.) (Smiling) (At his first hair salon) It was just a year ago when William went to his first hair salon. The spray captivated his attention back then. (Thanks to the spray, he got different styles.) How cute! (Which tool will he like this time?) Which tool will interest him this time? (He looks at the hair roll for a while.) (He puts it on his chin) (and moves it up and down.) (Focused) (Rolling) He figured out its use. (The first roller is in place.) What is this? It perms your hair. – Rolling. / – That’s right. Round, round. – Round. / – Goodness. He can babble pretty well now. (The master of the transparent look) This is the transparent look. – Okay. / – His face is brighter. My goodness. He became beautiful. William, look at me. Does your dad look cool? Does your dad look cool? Your face looks smooth. Really? He looks younger. How is your hair coming along? My hair… She put bananas in my hair. It’s pretty. – Did she put bananas in your hair? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. Does that mean you are a monkey? (I am a monkey.) (Banana?) (I hope you aren’t eating without me.) (William is almost done.) All right. Thank you. Thank you. He became princely. – I am cool. / – He is cool. He must like the look. You really look like a foreigner. What is he talking about? You look like Frodo from “The Lord of the Rings”. He is right. He looks like Frodo. Let’s get your hair washed. Sit here. He has no hair to wash. What are they going to wash? A scalp treatment would make sense, but there is nothing to be done to his hair. (I don’t like this.) He lies down. He couldn’t help it since his head is heavy. How warm! How warm! How does it feel? – How nice! / – I bet it’s nice. I bet it’s comfortable. When someone touches your hair like that, you are bound to fall asleep. – How nice! / – How cute! Give me a towel. – Please wait. / – Okay. Your hair is parted now. You’re handsome. There you go. How cute! How cute! How nice! (My hair is parted now.) How cute! Good job. You get 100 points. You get 1,200 points. Naeun’s family is at Samcheong-dong. (They hear music.) What is that? Gunhoo is excited. (What is that?) It’s music. (Young musicians are busking.) You like music, Naeun. (Dancing) Please play “Baby Shark”. – “Baby Shark”? / – “Baby Shark”. Let’s go. – They can play it. / – They are good. (This is it.) (Like sister like brother,) (he gets excited on his own.) (He is uncontrollable when it comes to dancing.) (Finally,) (he does the Horizon Dance.) (This is fun.) (He can dance well.) (The cheerful Gunhoo’s dance time ends.) Could you play the OST of “La La Land” next? – Sure. / – Would you do that? (When the music plays…) My goodness. She enjoys the music. My goodness. (Naeun dances like a musical actress.) (This is) (Naeun Land.) (The siblings become one) (in good camaraderie.) (The music suddenly changes.) (What is this song?) (To the blues song,) (Naeun shows her strength.) (Emma Gunhoo’s dance) Emma Gunhoo! That’s incredible. (Ryan Naeun’s finale) Clap! Gunhoo, clap. Naeun, clap. (The siblings’ musical, “Pa Pa Land”) They must be hungry. What do you want to eat? – Meat. / – Meat? (Gunhoo wants meat as well.) – I want a lot. / – You want a lot. – Yes. / – Okay. Naeun, get your rice bowl. Is there a rice bowl in her backpack? Did you bring your rice bowl? (It’s a magical backpack.) – You have everything in that backpack. / – It’s magic. Maybe there’s someone in the bag – handing her the articles. / – I have this one. It’s too big for the rice bowl. – What? / – It’s too big for the rice bowl. No. Get a small one. This one? (Nodding) Is this one okay? – Is this one okay? / – Yes, it is. – Is this one okay? / – Yes, it is. – Is this one okay? / – Yes. – Is this one okay? / – Yes. – Is this one okay? / – Yes. – Is this one okay? / – Yes. Is this one not okay? – No, it’s not okay. / – He is patient. You get annoyed after the third question. “I told you it’s okay!” Here. (I’m hungry.) Gunhoo is a hearty eater. He wants food. He is hungry. (Gunhoo can hardly wait.) – Be careful. It’s hot. / – It’s hot. It’s very hot. – It’s served. / – It looks delicious. Do you want a big one or a small one? – A big one. / – A big one? It’s so big. It’s so big. – Eat up. / – It’s so big. – Will she eat it like that? / – She’ll gnaw on it. Eat up. – How does it taste? / – It’s tasty. How tasty is it? (It’s tasty.) – Is it very tasty? / – Yes. (She takes a bite of the tasty meat.) My goodness. It must taste incredible. It’s sweet and salty. Of course it’d be tasty. She knows how to eat properly. You have to bite into the rib. That’s right. You have to hold the rib. (She’s becoming one with the meat.) (This deboning fairy is a savage.) This must be a good place. – It came off. / – If the meat comes off the bone easily, that means they cooked it properly. (What do I do about the sauce on my hands?) (Licking) Gunhoo, show everyone how well you can eat. Here. (It’s his first time having a galbi.) It’s time for him to experience a new world. His eyes are saying that he’s going crazy. (I have never tasted such a thing!) (How is it? Is it good?) He’s talking. He’s talking now. Isn’t it heavy? Look at his mouth. He wants it. (I won’t let you take it away.) You’re good. You’re eating so well. Here. No. He doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want pre-cut meat. You’re just ripping off the meat. You’re like a bandit. (This manly person is eating two at once!) He has one in each hand. – He’s satisfied. / – It must be really good. Look at Gunhoo. Look at him. He’s eating so well. (The galbi is helpless in front of Gunhoo.) Isn’t that the bone? Is he sucking on the bone? (Gunhoo is such a good eater!) Gunhoo’s excited. Look at him squint in excitement. – Babies do that when they’re happy. / – Right. (I’m the best at eating galbi.) I was wondering how the kids ate so well. They take after their dad. He’s eating well. He’s like a professional at deboning. Since he’s in soccer, I’m sure he ate a lot of nutritional foods before. I’m full just from seeing the two of you eat. – This is naengmyeon. / – Yes, naengmyeon. – Naengmyeon. / – Naengmyeon. Dad, are you eating this? (I can’t hear you.) Dad, you ate so much. I only ate two. Should I eat more? Don’t lie. Naeun, try some naengmyeon. (He jokes around with naengmyeon.) It’s just noodles. He made the situation so sweet with just noodles. (He’s smiling like a fool for his daughter.) (Are they at it again?) Naeun, I have a dream. Open up. (Opening) Yes. They must do this. (A strand of noodle can make them sweet.) (Kissing) – It’s delicious. / – How cute. I’m so jealous. – “Hey, what about me?” / – “Hello?” “Hey, I’m your son too.” “Aren’t you going to look after me too?” Do you want to try it too? (Are they going to have a noodle kiss too?) – But he has a daughter. / – “Come on,” “do it with Gunhoo too.” (Slurping) (Where did it go?) Did it disappear? (While Naeun is enjoying her food…) Is it funny? It’s pouring outside this afternoon. Why is it raining so much? Isn’t it the day of the award ceremony? There’s traffic. I even got my hair done. I can’t get wet. William, do you like your hair? Roll, roll. “Roll, roll”? Did you roll your hair? (Bentley is passed out.) Give me a mirror. – Do you want a mirror? / – Yes. Take a look. What do you think? I like it. Who do you look like? – William. / – Like William? Yes. Is that so? William, are you ready for this? Yes! – Okay. / – He woke up. – Okay. / – He ended up answering. – What is this? / – He’s sleepy. Did he go back to sleep? What should I do if I get nervous? (Calm down.) – Calm down. / – Okay. They head to the award ceremony with fluttering hearts. The key part of the ceremony is the red carpet. Due to the sudden rain, they moved – the carpet indoors. / – We’ll start now. The stars that shone this year are appearing one by one. It’s Park Seojun. – Why are you so happy? / – I was just calling him. Why did your tone get so high? Should I call him gloomily, then? (Our superman enters shyly.) Finally, Sam is entering. He looks really handsome dressed like that. (I’m William and Bentley’s dad.) (Where are William and Bentley?) While Sam is participating in the event, the two boys are staying with Sam’s manager. What’s that in William’s hands? All of the nominees will be at the ceremony. William and I wanted to help people relax. I thought of the game where you grow bigger after eating a mushroom while making it. Do you know what happens when you touch this? (When you touch the mushroom…) Power up. William. Look, you’re so powerful. (He charges powerfully.) William, don’t break the house. It’s a lease. It’s not our house. He glued and colored with his tiny hands. You have to cheer for everyone. – Good luck! / – Yes. I hope William’s cheers will reach everyone attending the ceremony. (William and Bentley will cheer for you!) What do I do? What do I do? (Hyunmoo and Sooyoung admire the kids.) Hello. (Smiling) What is this? (Swooning) What do I do? High-five? (He gets energy from William.) Good luck. (He can’t help but smile.) Buzz. Pose? What pose? – He says you look like Buzz. / – Me? (He looks just like Buzz.) He has good eyes. Does he look like Buzz? (They have the same jawline.) I’m sorry for no reason. – See you later. Bye. / – Nice meeting you. (See you later, Buzz.) Who’s entering next? It’s the Taiwanese actor, Liu Yihao. (Hopping) (He comes over to say hello.) (William looks unenthusiastic.) (Even when Hwang Chansung comes…) He looks uncomfortable. (What’s the matter, William?) (Then…) (Kyung Sujin enters.) (He smiles as soon as a pretty person shows up.) Hello. That kid’s amazing. Auntie. (He’s acting adorable.) (You’re so different when an auntie comes.) Hello. Touch. (Chae Jeongan is getting energized too.) (Thank you.) Smile. Bye. (Bentley is spacing out.) I want to know what you ate. (Did he just talk about eating?) (Who is the person who woke Bentley up?) It’s Japanese actor, Matsushige Yutaka. (It looks like I’ve found my rival.) I’m looking forward to their meeting. (He was going to just pass) (until he saw a baby glaring at him.) He noticed. Is he up for the challenge? (Hello, baby.) (Nice to meet you.) (This baby is the Korean baby version of you.) He’s finding out that they’re similar. (Are you a good eater too?) They’re checking how well each other can eat. (Let’s eat together sometime soon!) (I’ll meet you at a restaurant, then!) – Let’s go and see. / – Okay. (They’re heading to the waiting room.) Touch, touch. (Screaming) (Screaming) He’s so popular. – William. / – Touch. Touch? Okay. Touch. Power up. (Power up!) – Bentley. / – Bentley. Can you walk? (He’s standing strong.) What is that? Do you want some? Do you get more power if you touch this? – Ask her to help you. / – One, two, three. – Gosh. / – He’s good. He looks cute just drinking water. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s a familiar face. It’s Oh Jiho. (It’s been a while, Uncle.) You’re right. You’re all here. It’s been a while. Hello. We recently had our second child, a son. Congratulations. How old is he? – It’s been two weeks. / – Two weeks? Congratulations. (Their son was born on August 18th.) – Bye. / – Bye. Me too, William. – William. / – Thank you. Sharing candy means he likes them. You never feed me any jelly. – Where is it? / – Where is it? (I’ll give you a heart too.) He’s taking it out from everywhere. (He’s holding her closely.) – Give her a kiss. / – Thank you. Gosh. (Kissing) (He’s giving out kisses.) – Baby is bald. / – Good luck – with the performance. / – Baby is bald. Is the baby bald? He’s suddenly saying that the baby is bald. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! (Good luck!) This uncle is very good at tennis. Do you like tennis? – Yes. / – Really? He sang for Mom and Dad when we got married. He might sing at yours if you ask him later. (Sung Sikyung sang at Sam’s wedding.) Gosh. (This is Sam as a newlywed.) Listening to Sikyung’s voice is helping him relax. Shall we give him one? What is it? – You have one left. / – Thank you. – He fed Red Velvet earlier. / – What? (He grabbed one, but it’s for someone else.) – Who is that one for? / – Is it for my manager? Why are you giving him a bigger one? – Right. Mine is so small. / – I got a heart. What is this? – Eat it. / – Should I eat it? He’s telling you to just eat it. (It looks as though the jelly tastes bad.) (How can you eat it like it tastes bad?) Hey, when did you start walking? – It’s been a few days. / – Really? – Nine months… / – Gosh. He started walking at nine months. He’s really adorable. Everyone’s babies are growing up so well. I don’t even have a dog to raise. Why are you talking like that? – You don’t have a dog? / – I came up with it. I don’t have anyone. (William is rubbing his jelly on the floor.) (Rubbing) Do you play with it on the floor before eating? You can build stronger immunity. Have it. – Immunity… / – He’s giving it away. William is the only one who cares about the immunity of his uncles. Eat the jelly. (Sam gives him an order.) Please give me an allowance. – Do you know what it is? / – Yes. – What is it? / – Give me an allowance. Okay. I’ll give this to you. No, no. Give me an allowance. What is that? Is that the Western way to show money? (Sikyung gives William some allowance.) What should you say? Thank you. – Gosh. / – “Thank you, Uncle.” Thank you, Uncle. What do you want to buy? Book. Dad’s book. He’s going to buy books for his dad? It’ll help his dad learn more. William, he has to go work. Thank you. – Heart. / – Thank you. – Heart. / – I thought you were giving it to me. – Heart. / – Are you going to dissect it? His Korean is so good. He wants to buy his dad books and also dissect the heart. High-five. (William is a linguistic genius.) Okay. See you later. High-five. Thank you. Ben, I have to go up on stage today. I’m a little nervous. I said I’m okay. (He helps Sam relax.) Be gentle, okay? I’m okay. (Are you still nervous?) If you do that, you’ll hurt my face. How can I go up on stage like that? I’m just nervous. (You seem to be okay now.) Okay! Stop. Sam. – Ryohei. / – The next guest to visit the waiting room is a beloved actor in Korea and Japan who was in “The Admiral: Roaring Currents”. It’s Otani Ryohei. (Talented actor, Otani Ryohei) – Have you been well? / – Your kids… Yes. They got so big. You remember me, right? You must be really busy. Luckily, yes. (Ryohei is busy with work.) – That’s great. / – Please go on standby. Okay. – Standby, standby. / – I’m so sorry, but I have to go up on stage. Can you look after my kids? – What? / – I’ll be quick. – He suddenly became a sitter. / – I can’t do it alone. You can put him down. – Just hold Bentley. / – Him? William, get down. Can you walk? He can do more than just walk. I’ll come right back after handing the award. – Okay. / – I’ll be right back. – Take care. / – Thank you. (These three look very awkward.) – Dad is getting an award. / – Is he getting one? Yes. Is that why I’m babysitting? As soon as we saw each other, he left you guys to me and ran. If you call your dad, he’ll show up on the television screen. Call him. – Dad. / – Louder. – Dad! / – Louder. Dad! Look. (The MCs are on the screen.) – Buzz. / – Buzz! This is Buzz. – Is it pretty? / – Uncle Buzz is on. He really looks like Buzz. Your dad will come out now. This is hilarious. (Bentley dropped his shoe.) This is an interesting scene. He has no idea how to look after kids, and he has to look after two. How cute. (It’s just one shoe.) It’s taking him forever to put the shoe back on. (You’re really bad at this.) – Just put it on. / – I’ll help you. (Hurry up and put it on me.) I think his feet grew. He’s uncomfortable right now. If you don’t know how to handle kids, that’d make you sweat. Your dad is pretty amazing. It’s your dad. Your dad is up. Does he look cool? Does he look cool? Bentley says no. I think your dad lost weight. Our dad. That’s right. It’s Dad. Sam. Sam. Good job. More. Let’s cheer for him. – Sam! / – Sam. (Sam is super nervous despite the cheer.) Daniel, can you please announce the winner? (They are awarding the next section.) Are you ready this time? He’s the only one who needs to get ready. I’m talking to the envelope, the envelope. He’s talking to the envelope? He looks really nervous. Israel’s “The New Black.” – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Gosh. (Sam came back after his stage time.) I’m sorry. It took longer than I thought. Hurry and take him. I was just kicking. – Really? / – It was a surprise kick. I like it when I kick. Did you have fun with Uncle Ryohei? – Yes. / – Give him a high-five. – He did it with me. / – Really? Ta-da. They listened to me well. They were good. Dad. Sit. – Dad, sit. / – Should I sit? Dad, you were on this. – Was I on television? / – Yes. Really? It was only for a little while, but I’m so tired. Why are you out of breath? – What? / – You’re out of breath. The shoe… Yes. – High-five. / – He helped a lot. – Thank you. / – “Arigato”. – “Arigato”. / – “Arigato”. “Arigato”. (He’s even learning Japanese now.) Thank you. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Good work. See you later. I came here to challenge myself. (A challenge?) So these are the people. Siha, can you see this? Yes. These people ate a really good pancake. When they finished it, their pictures were taken. They were put up to show how great they are. Hey, that’s Banzz. You might not believe me, but I eat a lot. I eat very well. Since I’m a celebrity by profession, I have to take care of myself. But I really love to eat. (In the plane to Hawaii…) Yes, there was a time that was like a blessing. It’s when they served food on the plane. Thank you for the food. (He’s eating fast.) He really is a good eater. (Rushing) (He’s already finished.) (He slurps every drop.) – Are you done? / – Yes. Can I eat it? – This? / – Yes. Thank you. (He ate all of her leftover side dishes.) I looked it up, and they have a huge pancake in Hawaii. What’s even more amazing is that it’s free if you finish it within a time limit. I went there to challenge myself. – Aloha. / – Aloha. M.A.C. Daddy Pancake. The mission is called “Dad’s Challenge”. It’s a mission to eat a huge pancake. The three layers of pancakes are 8cm thick. Its diameter is 35cm. It’s big and thick, so it’s also known as a cushion pancake. It’s decorated with a huge dollop of whipped cream and fruits in big portions. Will he be able to finish it? (Happy, startled) Okay. Ready for M.A.C. Daddy? We have a challenger over here. What? Are you hungry? Are you hungry? – What? / – Why? It’s too big, Siha. It’s only free if I eat it all. It’s 25 dollars. If he doesn’t finish it, he has to pay for it. It looks impossible, right? It’s really big. (It’s as big as Taegyu.) – It’s as big as him. / – You have 1 hour and 30 minutes. (The game has started.) – Okay. / – Okay? Good luck. (I’ve given up.) – Ready. / – Okay. Let’s begin. (Start!) Go. (He takes a spoonful bravely.) (When am I going to finish this?) Siha, do you think I can finish this? Yes. – Really? / – Yes. – You should try it. / – Thank you for the food. (I’ll eat some fruits and cheer you on.) I was going to eat the fruits first, but if I do that, the pancake would taste too dry. (Amazed) (Speed it up, Dad!) Dad, good luck. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. It’s really as big as Taegyu. (That is why he ate,) (and ate and ate.) (The magical pancake won’t get any smaller.) (He feels empty.) (Sighing) As soon as the pancake appeared, I realized it. I knew I’d fail. It was echoing in my ears. I thought I’d succeed, so I ordered Siha’s separately. Gosh. I ordered this because I thought it’d be free. Wonji will get mad at me for wasting money. (At that hour…) (Wonji is getting a treatment.) This is knotted. Your back too. Yes. (I need to finish this.) (He’s back to focusing on eating.) (Why did I get myself into this?) It still looks the same. Excuse me. (Is he giving up already?) Sorry. (He’s taking something out from his pocket.) (It’s…) – What is it? / – What is that? They have gochujang. – Is that from the plane? / – I better take it. – Is it gochujang? / – Yes. (It’s going in his pocket.) It must be greasy. (His secret weapon is gochujang.) (Is it okay for me to put this on top?) – Okay. / – He’s getting permission. They will understand that much. (He has a bite.) He’s having gochujang with pancakes? It tastes weird. Of course it would taste weird. Maybe it was too greasy. (In panic) This is… He could only eat one-tenth of the pancake. Seriously. This is why we have four-character idioms. One shouldn’t act prudently. (Behaving recklessly due to rash thinking) I couldn’t finish it. Take-out. – Do you give up? / – I give up. You give up. How do I ask them to make it look like new? – Vintage new version. / – What is he talking about? New… (He communicates through body language.) I think he wants them – to cut off where he ate. / – Yes. Good job. (I’m sorry, Wonji.) (Cheer up, Dad.) (He left Bonbi with her mom.) This is the Polynesian Cultural Center. “Polynesian” means “many islands”. (There are several islands in the Pacific Ocean.) This is the Polynesian Cultural Center, where the culture of the South Pacific is kept. There’s a lot to see and a lot to experience with kids. It’s very popular among tourists. Hawaii is synonymous with the hula, which you can learn here. It’s like a folk village. Let’s try copying this pose. Shall we try it? Here. – How do you do it? / – Like this. (Go like this!) (What’s with the pelvic thrust?) Like this. (Bend your knees like this!) At least he’s making the same face. Good job. (They head inside.) They have palm trees. It’s like a replica of a village. They are native Hawaiians. (They’re climbing trees without hesitation.) (They are the natives.) Is that done without any equipment? (Amazed) (They reached the top of the palm tree.) (He grabbed a coconut and threw it down.) (Clapping) Let’s clap. (It doesn’t take him long to get back down.) (He has a wild charm.) (Admiring) – Should I try it? / – Yes. – Should I try it? / – Yes. Forget the dad who failed at the pancake challenge. This time, he’ll succeed no matter what. Taegyu makes a pledge in front of his son. I’m nervous about this. Yes. He’s off to a good start. That’s it. (He’s climbing with his mouth.) You have to move your feet. (One shouldn’t act prudently.) Taegyu. (Gasping) Are you done? I’m not done. I was only warming up. Let’s go and see what’s over there. (They head to another village.) This outdoor stage is full of tourists. (Why is Taegyu on stage?) Why is Siha alone in the audience while Taegyu is over on the stage? Men, sit up straight and raise your hands. – Up high. / – Does he know what it is? What’s with him today? Why is he so set on challenging himself? Everyone, applaud for this real gentleman. (Taegyu is being called up.) Anybody can do it. (A total of three people were called up.) They picked people from each continent. (What is Dad doing?) (The native demonstrates.) – What is that? / – Do they have to copy him? (Are you telling me to copy that?) (Here comes the first contestant.) (He’s really good.) If you participate in a thing like this, it’s like a public diplomacy. You must do it with your pride on the line. (Here is a contestant from Canada.) (Giggling) Are you done? (He has a clean finish.) Come on. One more time for Canada. They must be nervous due to the cameras. Korea. He’s not just representing Korea. He’s representing Asia. Okay? He called Taegyu the Korean warrior. – Dad. / – He’s in trouble. Are you ready? – Yes. / – Yes. What’s “Are you ready” in Korean? Are you ready in Korea? (He’s making many people laugh.) (Why are they laughing?) – Korea. / – My goodness. (Go, Taegyu!) Gosh. (Let’s go!) (Dancing) That’s good. He’s very cheerful. (He’s having fun.) (People are cheering for him.) – Give it up for him. / – He did well. He already won when he said, “Are you ready in Korea”. Good job. Thank you so much. Ladies and gentlemen, the drummer – did a great job. / – Hello. Make some noise. (That’s my dad!) (Taegyu makes a glorious return.) – How was I? / – Great. – Was I great? / – Yes. Ta-da. It’s a gift from me. (He puts the crown on Siha.) Good job, Taegyu. (Dad, you’re the best.)

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