The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.171 [ENG / 2017.03.05]

Catch me. (Seoeon runs off first.) (I’m going to start from the tree, too.) (Crack) (Surprised) (Why is it so weak?) (He’s trying hard to put it back up.) (Slouching) (He runs away to the bedroom for now.) It’s another noisy day at the twins’ house. How will Seojun deal with this situation? (What should I do?) (Why did it break? I barely touched it.) (Seojun is worried.) (Okay, first…) (The suspect is back at the scene.) Hwijae has no idea what happened. (Thank goodness he hasn’t noticed yet.) (Right!) (I have to make sure.) Dad, I didn’t break the tree. What? I’m going to play with the balloon. (He’s playing in the living room?) We have to go to the bedroom. The bedroom. Bedroom. (There is something you shouldn’t see here.) Don’t come here. – What? / – Don’t come this way. – You don’t want me to come? / – No. Don’t come. You don’t want me in the living room? Because… (Because of that.) We have to play in the bedroom. – Is that so? / – Yes. I want to play here. (He has no idea.) (Oh, no.) The living room is dangerous. There are pointy things beside the rocks. (This is the pointy thing.) (Hwijae has no clue.) – Dad, let’s go to the bedroom. / – Come here. Let’s go inside. You two can go. No. Let’s go into the room. Hurry. Go around this way. – Which way? / – This way. Why? (Nervous) Just because… (Well…) Just because. – Why? / – Just because. (Scratching) – There is something embarrassing. / – What? Something embarrassing. Okay, let’s go to the bedroom. – Dad. / – Yes? Let’s go inside. – Dad. / – Yes? (A witness appears) Let’s go inside. (Hwijae spots the tree.) Hey! (I’m dead.) Who did this? (Hwijae finds out about the tree.) (Frozen) (He’s in a dilemma.) Was it you? (Seoeon’s face is mysterious.) What’s with that face? Who did this? (Hwijae investigates.) Was it you? (If it’s not me, it must be Seojun.) – Then who did this? / – You. (Dad) What? (Seoeon covers for his brother.) You rascal. Who did this? I did it by accident. (It was me.) (What is this, Seoeon?) You did it by accident? Okay. (He puts the branch back to hide it from Mom.) – I did it. / – Leave it like this. Don’t say anything to Mom, okay? It broke during the move. (Is the incident over thanks to Seoeon?) (Trudging) (Seojun feels uncomfortable.) (He’s in deep thoughts.) – Who did this? / – I did it by accident. You did it by accident? (Seojun feels sorry.) Dad, I’m going to be honest. – What? / – I’m going to be honest. Be honest about what? I’m the one who broke it by accident. – What? / – The tree. The tree? (He’s acting cute.) The broken branch? That was you? Yes. Okay. Since you’re honest, I’ll forgive you. Don’t do it again. (Okay, I won’t do it again.) The Return of Superman episode 171, “I Have Grown Up With You.” I want to go to the playground. Okay, go play there. I have to run an errand here. Go play there while I run my errand. – Okay? Go! / – Yes. Let’s play! (It’s their neighborhood playground.) (Suddenly…) Seoeon! Look over here. It’s a cat. What are you doing, cat? Are you hungry? (What a noisy kid.) Here. (He gives the cat a snack.) Do you want to try it? What’s wrong with you? Did you put that yogurt here? Yes. I tried feeding the cat, but he doesn’t want it. (I’ll just console my upset heart with this.) (Are you drinking it all?) Where are you from? Are you alone? Where do you live? Where is your mom? Maybe this cat is a mom. (Kicking) (The cat kicked him.) (Sorry.) Seoeon, do you want to play over there? I want to ride it. – Let’s go. / – I want to ride it. I want to ride it first. Let’s play rock-paper-scissors. – The winner goes first. / – Okay. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. – I win. I’ll go first. / – Okay. (He’s sliding down on his belly.) Is it fun sliding down like that? (Let’s see.) Let me try. (Sliding) (Amazed) That’s fun. Let’s go. I’m going to go on this caterpillar. (It’s a caterpillar balance beam.) (He’s practicing balancing.) Almost there. (Seoeon is giving it a try.) (Stumbling) (Falling) It looks like Seoeon found something. It’s money. Whose is it? Whose is this? (I think someone lost this.) Whose is it? Seojun, who do you think this belongs to? What is it? (Hey, it’s money.) Where did you find it? I found it on the ground. Over here? Is it yours? (Could it be yours?) (Should I say it’s mine?) No. Whose is it? Is it yours, Uncle? Did anyone lose it? I don’t think so. (There is someone else in the area.) Hey cat, is this yours? Is this yours? Take a good look. With this, you can buy cookies or go to the stationary store. This is money. Is it yours? (Sighing) What should we do with this? (Great detective Seojun and the owner of the dollar) It’s a bit dirty over here. Same on the back. Right? I think it’s Dad’s. (If it’s dirty, it must be Dad’s.) Do you think it’s Dad’s? I don’t know. Could it be Seunghun’s mom’s? (I think it’s Seunghun’s mom’s money.) Maybe she dropped it on her way to the store. That’s possible. Could it be Sanghyuk’s or Jihun’s? (Maybe it belongs to one of our friends.) Maybe it’s Ahrin’s. (Could it be Ahrin’s?) – Ahrin? / – Yes. (Is there any way we can help the owner find it?) Did anyone leave this money behind? (Empty) Did anyone lose this? Did anyone drop it? We should yell out together. – Did anyone drop it? / – Did anyone drop it? Anyone? These kind twins are trying to help. (What are you going to do now?) Shall we buy chocolate with it? (He makes a suggestion.) Shall we buy chocolate with it? (What? Buy chocolate?) No, I want to eat chocolate bread. I want to eat everything. (I want to buy everything.) All of it. You need 10 of these, then. You don’t have 10. That’s mine. (They are showing their true desires.) I found it. I found that dollar. It’s not our money. (You’re right. I was mistaken.) (Whose money is it?) (Seojun thinks hard.) Seoeon! I have a good idea. – What? / – Shall we take it to the bank? Bank. Bank? Let’s take it to the bank. You’re supposed to bring money to the bank. Are you really going to a bank? Yes. We’re going to the bank. Bye. They head to the bank as per Seojun’s idea. How will they resolve this? Is this the bank? Go in that way. Okay. (They are at the bank thanks to a stranger’s help.) (He double checks.) – Is this the bank? / – Yes, that’s right. What brings you here? We came because we have a question. You have a question? You need to pull out a number for the wait list. – Shall we get you a number? / – Yes. (They’re getting a number.) This way. Push it. Deposit. That one. Welcome. Now you have to sit down and wait. They’ll call your number. (Wait No. 31, 4 people waiting) (The number changed to 30.) Hey, let me see. It’s the same, right? It’s not the same. (It looks similar to me.) (It’s finally their turn.) (Staring) Seoeon, is this three and one? One, three, and two zeroes. We have two zeroes. What do we do? Then it’s not us. We can’t go yet. (Wait No. 31, 4 people waiting) (It’s similar. Should I ask?) Is this right? Is this the right number? Let me see. I’ll check it for you. It’s your turn. What can I help you with? – This. / – This? What about this? We were playing at the playground and we found this. – You found it? / – Yes. – So this money isn’t yours? / – No. You can’t leave this money here. What can we do, then? If you found money on the ground and it’s not yours, you can take it to the police and they will help. You should take it to them. By myself? Go with Seoeon. Come visit again. – Okay. I’ll come with Dad. / – Bye. (There they are.) – Dad. / – What are you doing? (He came to get the twins.) – Dad. / – What were you doing? What did you do? We found this while playing at the playground. We have to take it to the police. Yes, we should. – Shall we go to the police station? / – Yes. – Shall we eat after that? / – Yes. Is there pork cutlet there? – Do you want that? / – Yes. Okay, we’ll go eat pork cutlet, then. If you ever find money, you can give them to the police. – Okay! / – Good. It’s here. Policemen will be in here. Wait for me. Hello. – Go ahead and tell them. / – What brings you here? – What is this? / – We found this at the playground. You found it at the playground? Please find its owner. I’ll make sure to find the owner. Since you two did such a good deed, – I’ll give you these as gifts. / – Okay. I’ll hang them on your necks. (It’s such a good feeling) Good. (to get rewarded for doing a good deed.) Let’s say goodbye. Salute. – Salute. / – Salute. (For the brighter future) Sweet potato. Banana. Sweet potato. Banana. Sian eats two. (I’m going to eat it all.) Look at him. His hair is so long. (His hair looks different since Thailand.) He has to tie it up. What kind of style is that? He looks like an apple. Apple… (I’m so handsome.) (I look good.) Let’s do this for Sian. (Lee’s Barbershop is now open.) Barbershop. Yes, do it for him. Sian, what are you going to do? Sian. Look at this. No. Do you want this? Watermelon. – Watermelon. / – Put on watermelon. Go look at yourself. (Sua is trying a different headband on him.) (He looks cute.) Go look at yourself. (Shall I take a look?) (He looks like H.O.T.) (But when Sian runs,) (he looks like Kang Hodong.) Don’t run. The air gets bad if you run. (Is the air bad because of me?) (It’s time to clear the air.) Sian, go turn on the other one. It’s an air purifier. (I’ll help purify the air.) Good job. It can talk. Watch. If you ask for it to help, it’ll talk. Help me. Okay. (He’s acting like a robot.) It’s you. Did I do it? But the air is getting cleaner. There is something I bought from Dubai. Sit down. (Crashing) (Excited) Ta-da. – My goodness. You bought chocolates. / – Sian. He bought chocolates for them last time. (Donggook always gets them chocolates.) Did you miss chocolates or me? Chocolates. – My goodness, it’s chocolates. / – Chocolates. No, they’re not chocolates. (Rummaging) They’re not chocolates. (They’re not chocolates?) What is this? (Shocked) – Sian. / – What is this? What happens if you eat chocolates? – You get cavities. / – Yes… Seriously, what is this? This is an outfit Sian can wear. – This is yours. It’s pink. / – It’s pink. (Seola gets a pink hijab.) The people over there… Look at me. They wear it like this so that only your face shows. (That looks interesting.) You have to go around like this. You can’t show too much. – Like this? / – Yes. Isn’t it cute? Go look at yourself. You go around like this. It’s so cute. What is this? Dad, what’s wrong with this? I look ugly. It’s not ugly, it’s supposed to look like this. This is how you wear it. It’s ugly. I don’t want to wear it. Look. This is the main point. (Donggook looks like E.T.) Look, don’t I look pretty? Wear it like this to become Dubai’s princess. This is what princes in Dubai wear. I bought a size too small last time. You’ll become the Dubai’s prince with this. (Sian tried on a hijab for the first time last year.) – Hat? / – Yes, it’s a hat. (Sian is the prince of Dubai.) Sian, look pretty. (He’s acting cute.) Let’s see, Sian. (Sian grew a lot in a year.) It looks so good. You look like a prince. Sian, keep growing healthy. Dubai’s prince and princesses. Let’s take a picture. I’ll take it for you. (Charismatic) You look so pretty. (She’s glaring.) Seola, your eyes… Can you see me? Can you see? Gosh. What is this? (Are they Dubai warriors?) (Here we come!) (We are the warriors of Dubai.) Seola, I thought you’re a Muay Thai fighter. How do you do it? Yes. Again. You have great eyes. Great. (Her fierce eyes will dominate the martial arts world.) What about a kick? (It’s a scary high kick.) Your eyes are amazing. You can fight someone right now. You beat me just with your eyes. I’m scared. Seola has powerful eyes. (The descendant of Muay Thai, Sian) Sian. Come, fight me. Your eyes. You need to look fierce. Your eyes have to be more aggressive. (His eyes are so pure and innocent.) You look too nice right now. (Sian, that’s not how you do it.) You look too nice. Watch your sister. (This is what you call strong eyes.) (Her eyes are flipped.) Watch her. Look at her eyes. (Sian tries to learn.) Sian, make fists. Good. (This is the glare of a macho baby.) Look scary. You look too nice. (I’m reminded of that day’s humiliation.) (That time on a beach in Thailand…) Let’s go to the water without Sian. – Let’s go. / – Come on. (You left me alone in the sand!) (How can I forget that day’s humiliation?) Will he pay back Donggook today? Go like this. (He approaches recklessly.) Wow. Look at that. (He’s kicking fast.) (Donggook is taken by surprise.) Yes, I win! You’re up again. (Master Seola is watching me.) That’s a good kick. (I will never give up.) (He’s focusing on Donggook’s legs.) You won’t give up? (Kicking) (It’s a deadly blow.) Okay. (Sian is a new martial arts master.) Sian wins. (Donggook is beat.) (Smiling) (Sian celebrates with his master.) Good job, Sian. (Good job!) (They’re the best pupil and master.) Look, we’re in Seoul. Seoul. Someone might snatch your nose off when you don’t look. Someone can steal it away from you here. (Always be careful of losing your nose.) Hold on to your noses. Okay, let’s go. Look. A lot of famous people walk around here. Since you’re famous, you should walk here. That lady is waving at you. Now you’ve entered Gangnam. It’s all good. Come here. (One minute after they got to Gangnam) (Swaggering) Are your hands cold? (Sian has his hands in his pocket.) Look here. (Breaking news, Sian learns bad attitude in Gangnam) It’s right here. Hurry up. (She’s still worried about her nose.) – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – Can I let go of my nose? – Yes, you can let it go. / – This way, please. Before getting married, I used to get my hair done in Seoul. That’s right. He used to be a handsome striker. After marriage and becoming a dad, I stopped caring for my looks. I brought my kids out today to transform into a cool and stylish dad. – Sian, which style do you want? / – Look, Sian. – Whose hair is that? / – Look. – Do you want that one? / – There is this one. Which hair do you like? – Do you want this one? / – No. Not this one? Then how about… What about this one? – Look at him. / – What about this? What do you think? – Do you want to try it? / – No. – No? / – Not him? Point out if you see something you like. (He’s ready to point.) (After flipping through,) (they stopped on the Goblin.) (He looks handsome.) – This one. / – Do you want his hair? (Sian knows who is hot these days.) – Okay. / – This one. It’s Uncle Dongwook. (Sua spots Dongwook.) – Yes, you’re right. / – Hey, it’s Uncle Dongwook. Do you want his hair? It’s Uncle Dongwook. (Where is he?) You must really like him. Do you want the other hair or this one? (Gong Yoo versus Uncle Dongwook) This one. You want to do this one? (He picks Dongwook.) (I’m speechless.) All right, let’s pick this one. Your hair will take longer than your son’s. We should start with you, then we’ll start the kids after we time it. (Awkward) Your dad has to get his hair done first. You can watch him here, okay? (Someone’s approaching them.) – Okay. / – Hello. Hello. (Surprised) (Who is this handsome uncle?) (In the popular KBS drama, “Love in the Moonlight”,) (he played the character named Yoonsung.) It’s the man who captured women’s hearts in a drama, Jinyoung of B1A4. Hello. Look at the handsome uncle. (He is a handsome uncle from Seoul.) – Hello. / – You can only see a man like him in Seoul. Seriously. (Seoul is a nice city.) Say hello to him. Attention. Bow. Say hello. Hello. You went to an award ceremony last year. He is the one who gave you an award. (It was last year’s Entertainment Awards.) Congratulations. Children of “The Return of Superman”. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. (The children won Popularity Award.) (Jinyoung handed them the trophy.) Let’s go. Say thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – I am Sian. / – What’s your name? Sian. All right. – Seola. / – Seola. – I am Sua. / – Sua. I am a big fan. Uncle is handsome, right? – I look ugly next to him. / – That’s not true. – Hello. / – Uncle is very handsome. You are very cute. Shouldn’t you get your hair done? Yes, I’m here to get a haircut. I was told that my haircut would take longer. In that case, may I play with the children? (Jinyoung asks them out on a date.) I would love that. – I have free time. / – Thank goodness. Uncle will play with you while I get my hair done. – Let’s get something delicious. / – Did you hear that? – Sian. / – Doesn’t that sound good? You like handsome uncles. Seola. – They opened up to me. / – Thank you for your help. – Be careful. / – You are very kind. (An uncle they met in Seoul is very kind.) There you go. Don’t tire him out too much. – Take care. / – We will be back. All right. – Do you want bread? / – Yes. – Shall we go and eat bread together? / – Yes. What kind of bread do you like? – I like steamed bun. / – I want steamed bun, too. Steamed bun? – Me, too. / – Shall we go and eat steamed bun? – Yes. / – Let’s do that. (Sian is determined to eat.) – Hang in there. / – You are tired, right? – Yes. / – You are tired, right? The leaves are gone after the snow. Flowers will bloom soon. It will be pretty. (It will be pretty when flowers bloom.) This is a crosswalk. Do you see the red light? You mustn’t cross when the light is red. When it turns green, you can cross the road. However, you must raise your hand as you cross. – Raise my hand? / – Yes. Shall we try raising our hands? In one, two, three. When you cross the road, you let the drivers know that you are there. You must be careful, okay? The green light came on. Shall we go? Raise your hand. Be careful. Raise your hand. There you go. You are doing a great job. There you go. You cross the road when the light is green. You are doing a great job. Seola, put your hand up like this. – Good job. / – We reached the end. What will they experience with the kind uncle? (It’s a peaceful morning at Seungjae’s place.) Seungjae. (Sighing) (The atmosphere is tense.) You need to be punished. You need to be punished. – I am sorry. / – Raise your hands. (His cute act has no effect.) Keep your hands up until I tell you otherwise. I won’t do it anymore. Keep your hands up. Words won’t make a difference. The atmosphere is tense. What exactly happened here? Seungjae, I will give you some cereal. (Seungjae practices his bows with the cameraman.) Happy New Year. (He doesn’t answer since it isn’t New Year’s Day.) (Why isn’t he giving me a coin today?) (Do I need to bow first?) Uncle, happy New Year. (It puts a smile on his dad’s face.) Uncle, you should eat. (Jiyong makes a simple breakfast.) (He is given a slice of bread with strawberry jam.) – Isn’t it spicy? / – No, it isn’t. It’s strawberry flavor. Is it strawberry flavor? Yes, it’s strawberry flavor. Try it. (He gives it a taste.) (Seungjae only eats the strawberry jam.) (You should eat the bread, too.) (He returns the bread to his dad.) (Seungjae continues to do something else.) Are the dinosaurs drinking water? The dinosaurs are eating. They are eating? Aren’t you going to eat? The dinosaurs are eating. What about you? I’m not going to eat. – You’re not going to eat? / – I’m full. (He stabs the table with a fork.) (Jiyong firmly gives a second warning.) Can’t I pick the table? No. What will happen if you do that? – The wood will hurt. / – The wood will hurt. (He plays with a bowl of milk this time.) (Sighing) (Spilled) (What should I do?) You need to be punished. (Surprised) Didn’t I tell you not to spill milk? (You did.) What is this? Give me your foot. (He wipes the milk off Seungjae first.) Raise your hands. Are you sorry? I am sorry. Raise your hands. (His cute act has no effect.) Keep your hands up until I finish cleaning up. (He gets time to reflect on his action.) I won’t do it anymore. No. Keep your hands up. Words won’t make a difference. (Disheartened) Why would you spill food? You are a baby, aren’t you? – I’m a big boy. / – A big boy wouldn’t do this. (His arms start to hurt.) A big boy wouldn’t do this with food. (He starts to wiggle.) (He rests his hands on his head.) (Stern) Raise your hands properly. (He is reaching his limit.) (Groaning) I’m not done yet. (He clenches his teeth and holds on.) (Seungjae became a triangle gimbap.) – Are you sorry? / – I am sorry. – Will you do it again? / – I won’t do it again. What will happen if you do it again? Will a police officer come? (He answers without a pause.) (Jiyong can’t help but smile at his words.) Don’t do that. Then you will raise your hands again. I want to eat milk and cereal. – Will you eat cereal? / – Yes. Dinosaurs, move for a second. The dinosaurs can stand here. Here is milk. (Slurping) It looks like Jiyong’s discipline worked. It’s important to teach children table manners. Seungjae. You ate a lot of chocolate and candy these days. – Didn’t you? / – Yes. That’s why we are going to a dental clinic. A dental clinic isn’t a scary place. I promise. – It isn’t a scary place? / – No. I’m going, too. – Won’t I get a shot? / – You won’t get a shot. (No matter how many children go together,) (the dental clinic is always scary.) (Children who watch cry.) (Children who get treated bawl.) (Ilkook was grabbed by his collars.) A dental clinic is scary for both children and dads. Seungjae has never gone to a dental clinic before. He recently developed a sweet tooth. He eats a lot of chocolate and candy. I felt that a check-up would be necessary. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. I made a reservation under a name Ko Seungjae. – Please write down his name. / – Okay. – Do I write down his birthday? / – Yes. (Seungjae happily explores the clinic.) There are dinosaurs. Which dinosaur do you like? I like this one, that one… (A dental clinic is a fun place.) – Do you like all dinosaurs? / – Yes. (There is even an older boy who plays with him.) (Whirring) (He follows the sound.) (He finds an older boy who is getting treated.) (He is confused by the sight.) (There he is.) He is brushing his teeth. – Let’s brush your teeth. / – He is brushing his teeth. (Jiyong explains in case Seungjae is startled.) Let’s turn your head a little. – Is he brushing his teeth? / – Yes, he is. You will do it soon, too. – He is brave. / – He is brave, right? Your turn will come when he is done. That’s the order. – Okay. / – Hello, Seungjae. – Hello. / – Hello. He developed a taste for candies. How do you brush your teeth? Do you brush your teeth like that? Go on. You are very good at it. Seungjae, who brushes your teeth? You or your dad? I brush my teeth. I see. Your dad should help after you are done. When bugs get into your teeth, teeth will rot and develop a hole. You wouldn’t like that, would you? I wouldn’t. No. Should you eat a lot of candy and chocolate? – Yes. / – Should you? Really? I will brush my teeth well after I eat them. Remember that children’s tongues can get coated. It’s important to clean the tongue as well. I will check his teeth first. Okay. Thank you. – Seungjae, let’s go in. / – Let’s go in. I will be back. – I will be back. / – Let’s go. A Tyrannosaurus rex is here. – He came to a dental clinic. / – Hold it. It laid down on the bed. The dinosaur laid down on the bed, didn’t it? (Seungjae raises his head and is startled.) (Is it your first time at a dental clinic?) The Tyrannosaurus rex laid down on the chair. (He notices the scary equipment.) Seungjae, do you want to lie down with it? – I don’t want to. / – Why not? I will show you other dinosaurs if you do well. A Brachiosaurus. – I will show you a Brachiosaurus. / – Lie down first. No. (The negotiation fails.) – Let’s lie down. / – No. Seungjae, come on. Lie down with me. Come on and lie down. Seungjae, you saw an older boy getting treated. – He endured it. / – It was over soon. – No. / – You said you will do well. You won’t get a shot today. Do you want to sit down instead? Let’s just sit down. – Sit down. / – Sit down. – Sit down. / – I don’t need to lie down? You don’t need to lie down. Sit. – Let’s sit. / – I don’t need to lie down? You don’t need to lie down. Sit. Hug the dinosaur and sit down. Will you use that? (He was scared of equipment that looks like a shot.) No, I won’t. There is no shot. – Isn’t it a shot? / – It’s not a shot. I will show you what it is. – No, no. / – I will use it on me. It’s cool. It’s cool. Let’s try it on your leg. It’s cool. Let’s try it on the Tyrannosaurus rex. It’s cool wind. It’s cool wind, isn’t it? Let’s try it on your dad. – It’s cool. / – It’s cool. Try it on Uncle, too. Okay. It’s cool. Okay? All right. It tickles. That’s all. Seungjae, let’s lie down. – I need to… / – No. Seungjae, let’s lie down and get it over with. – You can do this. / – No, I can’t. The Tyrannosaurus rex is brave. You must be a coward. – You aren’t a coward, are you? / – I am a coward. I am a coward. (He bursts out laughing) (Seungjae comes out as a coward.) You’re a coward? (Seungjae was full of big boy charms.) (He announces himself as a coward.) (Seungjae used to lead older boys.) It’s fish. (Seungjae is revealed as a coward.) You’re a coward? – No. / – You aren’t a coward. No. (He tries to escape.) – Come here. / – No. (His attempt fails.) (You are so mean.) (I want to cry, too.) Seungjae, she will only count your teeth. She will count your teeth quickly. No! No! (It’s impossible to reason with him.) – Is it scary? / – Yes. What’s so scary about opening your mouth? (A dinosaur is summoned on the ceiling.) – What is that? / – A triceratops. It’s a triceratops. (The dinosaurs make him calm again.) They are fighting. (It’s a theater for Jiyong and Seungjae.) Your neck will hurt if you watch it like that. Let’s lie down and watch it. My neck hurts. Gosh, my neck hurts. Gosh, my neck hurts. Is it not scary? It’s not scary. Follow the Tyrannosaurus rex. The Tyrannosaurus rex is opening its mouth. – Yes. / – Lie down. Good job. Are there more dinosaurs, Seungjae? What is that? (Jiyong diverts his attention.) What is that? An Allosaurus. It’s an Allosaurus. (He forgot about his fear.) Seungjae, what’s on the ceiling? – One, two, three, four, / – Let’s open wide. – five, six, seven, eight. / – There you go. (My goodness.) You brushed your teeth very well. – Shall we stop? / – Yes. – All right. / – You did a good job. – Give him a hug. / – You did a good job. (Proud) Good job. Good job. Good job. (He gets a present for enduring a check-up.) – Thank you. / – Good job. He has all the teeth in the lower jaw. His maxillary molar on the right side is coming out. Once it’s out, he will have all of his temporary teeth. A fluoride treatment will strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. It will be nice to get it regularly. Can he get it done now? He can get it done today. (Of course.) – Should I open it at home? / – Yes. (Seungjae is clueless and happy.) The second round remains. (It’s a sign of his struggle.) My shoe. (He came back to his senses.) Is there a shoe? (He collects a shoe.) He struggled a lot. – Look. / – Here you go. It’s a dinosaur. (He gets ready for the second war.) You need to drink a lot of water. Drink some more. (The atmosphere is serious in the room.) She secretly gets ready for a treatment. Will Seungjae take it well? (Come here, Seungjae.) Let’s see the dentist and clean your teeth. Okay? (It was nothing.) It will tickle. – Yes. / – Lie down. Good job. (I will do it once more.) – All right. / – Put your hands down. It’s okay. It will be over quickly. All right. It’s okay. (I can’t do this.) It’s okay. No. (He grabs his dad by the collar.) Let’s lie down again. No. (He even kneels.) Stop it. Let’s apply it quickly. No. No! (Why must I suffer?) (This is for your sake.) (He is reminded) (of his sweet memories.) (I didn’t know that) (the sweets would betray me this way.) (Goodbye.) (I enjoyed the days I spent with you.) (The fluoride treatment is over.) – Dad, it hurt. / – Wipe your mouth. Did it hurt? Did it hurt? Stop crying. He isn’t crying. (He stops crying at the mention of an older boy.) Are you a baby? – He isn’t crying. / – No, he isn’t. – She isn’t crying either. / – No, she isn’t. – Did you calm down? / – Yes. – He isn’t crying. / – No. (Embarrassed, he repeats his words.) She isn’t crying either. – The dinosaurs aren’t crying. / – That’s right. – The elephant isn’t crying. / – No. – The giraffe isn’t crying. / – No. Only you cried. From now on, go to hospitals with your mom. – Bye. / – Bye. – Don’t eat a lot of chocolate, okay? / – Okay. What about candy? – I shouldn’t eat a lot of them. / – No. – I will eat just a little bit. / – Do that. (His hand gesture shows his determination.) What about brushing your teeth? – I will brush my teeth. / – That’s right. – See you again. / – Okay. Bye. Okay. – Bye. / – See you again. – Bye. / – Bye. (What?) Meanwhile, a strange man showed up at a kindergarten. Who could be this man? (What is this place?) – Hello. / – Hello. Welcome. Can you recognize me? – Are you Soeul’s dad? / – Yes. (Why did he visit a kindergarten in a disguise?) I got an offer to teach the children for a day. Daeul is interested in sports, muscles, and becoming a cool little man. That’s why I will disguise myself as a muscular man and make him think that I am a fun teacher. That’s the idea. A wig. (Ugly) I look ugly. Why does this wig look so familiar? He looks like his character in “Oh Brothers”. (He is disguising himself carefully.) I studied in the US. I am Stephano Lee. (That’s how this shocking look was created.) – Hello. / – Hello. Welcome. I want to know if Soeul will recognize me. – Please bring Soeul over. / – Okay. Will Soeul recognize Bumsoo right away? Hello, Soeul. (Stephano Lee) I want to talk about sports with you. He is a new teacher. (Why would he talk about sports with me?) He is a teacher. Soeul. Soeul. Soeul, it’s Dad. It’s me. (There needs to be a change in plans.) My goodness. Will Daeul recognize me? (Shaking her head) Daeul wouldn’t know? What will you do if all the children cry? Why would all the children cry? You are scary. (He almost brought terror to the classroom.) That wouldn’t do. Look at what I brought. (He brags about his item.) (That’s funny.) It itches. You should wear a hat and take off your glasses. – Why don’t I take out the lens? / – Okay. Hello. (Stephano Lee looks more friendly.) I saw Daeul earlier. He was wearing a class president’s badge. I will compliment him for being the class president. Class president, make everyone line up. Help your friends line up nicely. Meanwhile, Daeul is working as a class president. Help them. You need to pull up your sleeves. – Would you like more meat? / – Yes. Chew well. (I will eat now.) (Chewing) (He spills half of his food.) (He plays a trick on his friend.) (Friendly) (You should be quiet when you eat.) (He hands out strawberries for dessert.) Eunchae, enjoy it. I miss my grandma. Teacher, Eunchae misses her grandma. I see. Tell her she will be here later. She will be here later. (He know how to comfort his friend.) (He checks if anyone didn’t eat.) (Little Man eats last.) Today, Daeul really seems like Little Man. (It’s time for afternoon activity.) (Enthusiastic) This man studied a lot in the US. We have a physical education teacher. Shall we call out to him? Let’s begin. – Teacher. / – Teacher. – Teacher. / – Teacher. (Ta-da) (He divides the wind with his entrance.) Bumsoo enters amidst the children’s cheers. Can he teach the class without getting caught by Daeul? Hello, everyone. (He seems both familiar and unfamiliar.) Today, you and I will have fun. Funny, funny, funny, funny. I am Teacher Funny. Hello. (Hello!) I couldn’t look at Daeul. I saw someone with light skin. It was Daeul. I only glanced at him. I thought he might stare. If you clap and react, I will give you… (Ta-da) this as a gift. Okay? – Yes. / – Yes. All right. Who am I? – Teacher Funny. / – Teacher Funny. Come to the front. (He summons a child who answered well.) (He gives her a medal.) Give her a big hand. Today, I will teach you a fun class about health. – Okay? / – Okay. Take a look. (A muscular boy) He looks healthy, right? Why don’t you raise and flex an arm? Show me your bicep. There you go. Show me the two biceps. Spread your arms powerfully like this. There you go. Who wants to stand up and do it? There you go. That’s good. Who wants to stand up and do it? There you go. (I am Little Man.) It says “Class President” on your badge. What is your name? – Daeul. / – Lee Daeul? Please come on out. You will get a medal. (A medal is given to Little Man.) Give him a big hand. (Happy) Strike a pose like this. There you go. Here you go. Congratulations. (Fidgeting) You can go back to your seat. I feel very hot. – May I take off my hat? / – Yes. I will take off my hat. (Taking off) It’s too hot. You must keep yourself neat at all times. Comb your hair and wash your face. You do those well at home, right? Who am I? Funny, funny, funny. – Do it cheerfully with a smile. / – Funny, funny. (A capitalistic smile) That’s right. Good job. Now we will do something very fun. (Is that an iron suitcase?) What is that? We will put an object inside it. The person who gets it right… (The trophy appears again.) Me. Anyone can get it right, okay? Me. In one, two, three. – Eggs. / – Raise your hand. (Eggs!) I will give a trophy as promised. You did a good job. (I really want one.) – In one, two, three. / – In one, two, three. Ta-da. – Raise your hand. / – Epe. (The children raise their hands.) – Epe. / – Raise your hand. (Why are you inside the cold metal suitcase?) Stand up. – It’s a doll. / – A doll. What’s inside? – Epe. / – Luffy. Luffy? Epe? Shall we see it? – Let’s count. One, two, three. / – One, two, three. (Epe, I am here to save you.) (Close) I am actually one of the children’s dad. (Surprised) Raise your hand if you think I may be your dad. Me. (Many children raise their hands.) Raise your hand if you think your mother is here. (He is a man of the past.) (Soldiers come out.) (It’s like “Stage of Friendship”.) All right. Let’s stop. (Daeul is certain Bumsoo is his dad.) He isn’t my dad. You don’t think I’m your dad. (Confused) Look forward to finding out who I am. Okay. (Teacher Funny takes off his disguise one by one.) It’s Dad. If you think I am your dad, yell “Dad” in a loud voice and come forward. (Yell in a loud voice while you think about your dad.) (Dad) Let’s begin. – Dad. / – Dad. (It’s Dad, right?) (Teacher Funny’s identity is revealed.) Let’s begin. Dad. (Hugging) (Father and son are reunited.) (It’s good to see you like this.) Hello, I am Daeul’s dad. It’s nice to meet you. It’s nice to meet you. There is a reason I came in a disguise. Are you ready? – Yes. / – Yes. (The classroom goes dark.) (Happy birthday to you) It’s Daeul’s birthday. I brought a big package of Choco Pie. Jellies will be decorations. I want to eat it. Wait for us, Daeul. (She adds a spoonful of yogurt.) (She adds as many candies as she loves her brother.) Do you think Daeul will like it? Sisters are the best. (Happy birthday to you) (Wow!) (Happy birthday, dear Daeul) (This is nice.) Blow out the candle. (When he blows out the candle,) (his dad appears like a goblin.) Hello, everyone. (He made everyone laugh.) (Bumsoo made his day.) (Thanks to him, every day is a good day.) Bumsoo, you worked hard today. Daeul, happy birthday. Thank you, Dad. Choose what you want to eat. – Seola, what do you want to eat? / – I want bread. This one. Here, here. Hurry. (Jinyoung picks up the pastries.) There you go. Let’s get one for your dad. Let’s get this one for Dad. This one? – Let’s get this one for Dad. / – All right. Be careful. Hurry. Come. (Screeching) It’s here. It’s here. Whose was this? Dad’s. It’s not your dad’s. This one is your dad’s. This one is… It’s Seola and Sua’s. This one is Dad’s. I will pack your dad’s bread. You take care of your dad. I will cut it for you. Take a small bite, okay? Should I cut it into smaller pieces? – Here. / – It looks like poop. It’s like poop. It’s like pork cutlet? – Poop. / – Poop? – It looks like it. / – It doesn’t look like that. Have a little bit at a time. – No, no. / – This one? – This one. / – Got it. (Sian is clear about what he wants.) – Cut this one for me, too. / – This one? This one, too. (Sian is very strict about the secretary training.) (He’s adorable.) All right. Everything must be cut for you to eat. Here you go. It’s all cut. (Let’s taste the pastry my new secretary cut for me.) I’ll cut them into pieces so you can eat. Have these. – It looks like poop. / – This one. – What will you eat? / – Why do you cut Sua’s first? You’ll eat this one? Here. Have a little bit at a time. (I want some, too.) It’s all cut into pieces. – Have a little bit at a time. / – Mine, too. (Please pay attention to me as well.) It smells like chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate. – Aren’t you young? / – I’m like your uncle. Call me Uncle. Should I just call you Jinyoung? No, call me Uncle for now. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Jinyoung cut the chocolate pastry for them.) – It’s so good. / – It is, isn’t it? Is it good? You eat really well. (Jinyoung didn’t expect them to eat so well.) Jinyoung is busy caring for Seola and Sua. Please cut this for me. (He can’t hear him.) Hello. (Please pay attention to me.) (The new secretary is summoned.) You want me to help you? (He spears the pastry with his fork.) Sian takes care of Jinyoung since he worked hard. It tastes even better because you gave it to me. (He’s glad.) Do you want to try a popping drink? Try it once. It’s interesting. (My new secretary is friendly.) (He’s startled.) – Was it too fizzy? / – It’s not tasty. – I almost spat it. / – You almost spat it? Will you try it once again? (He shakes his head.) (I like juice.) (Sua was looking at Jinyoung intently.) (Her juice splashed on her eye.) It went into your eye? Let me wipe it. (Jinyoung calmly wipes off the juice.) Open your eyes. Let’s see. What was it? (He blows into her eye.) (He can’t be any friendlier.) Let’s see. (His sweet look in the drama came true.) Let’s see. It looks okay. You’re strong. You didn’t even cry. You’re strong. You’re strong, Sua. Is that for me? Can I have a bite? Can I have a bite? (Sua stares at him while twisting her body.) It’s tasty. Thank you. Sua, are you bored? You’re bored, aren’t you? (Just seeing your face is fun enough.) (He couldn’t be any friendlier.) (You wanted me to call you Uncle.) Seola, try to hide. Where’s Seola? Ready, go. Seola. – Where’s Seola? / – Seola. – Where’s Seola? / – Where’s Seola? – Seola disappeared. Oh no. / – Seola. (He doesn’t find her although he knows where she is.) Seola is gone. What should we do? Let’s go catch Seola. Seola. – Seola. / – Seola. – Seola was over there. / – Seola. Seola, you were here. – I want to try, too. / – You’re so good at hiding. Where is Sian? Sian. He’s not here. Sian isn’t here. – Is that Sian? / – Sian. (Ta-da!) Sian, you were there? Give me a kiss, a kiss. Give me a kiss. (He plays hard to get.) Why are you kissing there? I asked you to kiss me. (I’m not that easy.) Dad is finished. (Seola is here.) Seola, you’re here. – That’s it. Well done. / – We got – some breads for you. / – You did? Ta-da! – You got pastries? / – Dad. – Thank you. / – This one? Okay. There was juice, too. Wasn’t it tough? It was fun. – Did you have fun? / – Yes, I did. Guys, look. Let’s say goodbye to Uncle Jinyoung now. Bye. – Sian. / – I’ll get going. – Bye. / – Goodbye. – Okay, bye. / – Wink at him. Give him a kiss. That’s it. I’ll get going. Give me a kiss. (Both Sua and Seola give him a kiss.) That’s it. In one, two, three. (Seola is a scene stealer.) Uncle Jinyoung, see you again next time. It’s time for your hairdo. It’s time for Seola, Sua and Sian to change. How will the three of them change? Sian will perm his hair today. (Sian will get his hair permed like Dongwook.) Good job, Sian. Is perm okay for kids? For kids, we use all-natural products, so it’s okay. (It’s Sian’s very first time getting a perm.) (He stays calm and quiet.) Awesome job, Sian. Pass me the wave lotion. (He’s calm.) How cute! You look adorable. (Am I cute?) (Donggook is also getting his front hair permed.) How could Sian be so gentle? He’s doing really well. He doesn’t move at all. I’m almost done. Sian, have you been to Seoul several times? (Nodding) Have you been here before? (I’m not going to act like a country boy.) (Sian wears all sorts of things.) – We’re the same. / – We’re the same? Dad and I look the same. That’s right. We look the same. We’ll become cool. (We’ll become cool?) Try. – I’m cool. / – I’m cool. (He shoots a bullet of love.) Seola and Sua are busy changing their hair as well. Seola has her hair slightly curled and tied a bit. (Seola’s hairstyle is lovely and lively.) Seola, you really look like Dochi. You look identical to Dochi right now. (Before and after the hairdo) (She became lovely Dochi from ordinary Dochi.) (Seola shares gummy bears.) Shall I help you out? (She dominates him with her fierce look.) – I will do it. / – Okay. (Sian is like a little lamb.) Thank you, Seola. – Thank you, Seola! / – He said, “Thank you”. You should say that nicely. (Seola disciplines Sian.) Sua’s originally curly hair is turned to straight hair today. (Her pure beauty was hidden behind her curly hair.) (With the warm blow-dry, her beauty is revealed.) She looks beautiful. Dad. (Who is this?) Sua, you look so pretty with your straight hair. (She’s a pure girl in one’s distant memory.) (Both Donggook and Sua stumble.) I’m sorry. It wasn’t your fault. Thank you. (He’s in love with her new look.) You became so pretty. Should I tie your hair like this? (He’s amazed.) Shall we keep it down for today? (Sua is a beauty with straight hair.) Sian, you mentioned Dongwook’s hair. Let’s do that. Make me look like a guy from Gangnam. “Gangnam Style”. The most popular hairstyle nowadays. Comma style, is it? A comma? – Yes, like this. / – Yes, do that for me. – That’s what I’m doing. / – You are? (She’s styling his hair in the shape of a comma.) – I don’t think you are. / – That’s the comma style. This is the key point of the style. If your hair was a bit longer… Do Seoulite seriously style their hair like this? – Do Seoulite really… / – I’m serious. Show me Lee Dongwook’s picture. Is my hair already done? It’s similar, isn’t it? It’s because your hair’s short. It should be down here. This is the comma style. Donggook looks just as handsome as Dongwook. Sian, do we look alike? Look. – Do we look alike? / – They’re the same, aren’t they? – Yes. / – You think so, right? You sound so insincere. You look younger. – It really suits you well. / – What? You look like an idol singer. Dad, you look handsome. – Oh, dear. / – See? She says you’re handsome. I feel like I’m being fooled. (Everyone except him likes the new hairstyle.) (Sian’s hair is washed.) (Sian looks like he’s used to it.) Sian, you could come alone next time. Will you? He could do it by himself. (Dad, don’t be so surprised.) (Proud) (How does Sian’s first perm look?) (Curly) Sian, your hair will soon look like mine. Do you understand? You’ll look like this. There you go. (Now Sian’s has the comma hairstyle, too.) (Stylish) It looks great on you. (Just like Dongwook,) (Sian pulls off the hairstyle very well.) The hairstyle looks as great on Sian as on Dongwook. I should send a picture to Uncle Dongwook and ask if he thinks you look like him. – Dad. / – Look at the camera. (Three guys with the same hairstyle) In one, two, three. (Three guys with the same hairstyle) Uncle Dongwook says we look great with this hair, and that Sian has grown up so much. (The three got together a few days later.) I hope the three of them will get together soon. (The three got together a few days later.) Walk from here one by one. (A fashion show to celebrate their new hairstyles) (She owns the runway with her stares.) Give a stare. There you go. Now, Sua. (Sua is feminine.) (Sua has strong stares too.) Give a stare. Give an intense stare. (Sian is the main model.) When are you going to walk forward? (He’s enjoying the show.) Give an intense stare. (I can give a stare as intense as my sisters’.) (I look scary, right?) (He’s the audience at the same time.) Great job. Sua, Seola and Sian did a great job. Left, right… Jiyong is walking with four kids. What is going on? (Where are the cute kids) (and Seungjae headed?) (30 minutes ago) Seungjae is playing with friends at the playground. Seungjae, is it fun to play with your friends? Seungjae seems already close with them. (I’m having so much fun.) – Hello. / – Hello. I’m Seungjae’s dad. Seungjae wants to play with his friends at home. May I take the kids for a couple of hours? We’re okay with it, but are you sure you can take care of them all? (He’ll just do his best.) I’ll make sure they’re safe. (Excited) (Seungjae invites his friends to his place.) (The loud kids enter the house.) Take your shoes off. Come on in. Please help me take off my shoes. (The kids start looking around the place.) You don’t have any doll stickers? (Disappointed) You have no doll stickers. I have dinosaurs. (He shows them his dinosaur toys.) It’s a Gallimimus. Is this a Gallimimus? No. It’s a Baryonyx. Is it? Is this a Ceratosaurus? No. It’s a Tyrannosaurus rex. Is this a Ankylosaurus? (She got it wrong three times in a row.) (Jiyong takes care of the guests.) Take off your jacket. (Jiyong takes care of the guests.) Take off your jacket and wash your hands. Okay. Jiyong starts taking care of the kids alone. You should wash your hands. (He helps the kids wash their hands.) Taking care of four kids is a lot of work. It’ll be a long day for Jiyong. Snow falls from the sky. (They’re making a mess.) (Wood pieces are all over the place.) Seungjae, are you happy your friends are here? (Seungjae is happy.) (I’m happy for Seungjae.) (Jiyong is already covered in sweat.) Do you want to go in? The girls start to play with stuffed toys. (They put the teddy bear on the truck.) (A dinosaur is under the teddy bear.) Stop. You can’t put a teddy bear and a dinosaur together. No! (Jieun and Dain are on the teddy bear’s side.) (Seungjae is on the dinosaur’s side.) This is too big. You can’t do this. Never. – Never do this. / – Never do what? (Neither is giving an inch.) Let’s do something else. (Team Teddy Bear will play with something else.) Oh no. His friends are upset. (In the end) (Hurt) (He even closes the door.) What’s their problem? (Sighing) Hey, come here. (He wants to know what’s going on.) Guys, come here. I’m waiting for you. Hurry. (The kids are not responding.) (What should I do?) (Jiyong tries to reconcile them.) – Do you know how to play hide-and-seek? / – Yes. – Have you played it before? / – Yes. We played that at my place earlier, too. – Have you ever played hide-and-seek? / – Yes. Do you want to play it now? – Yes. / – Yes. – Seungjae. / – Yes. Come here. I’ll have to play hide-and-seek, too. – Are you going to do it? / – Yes. I’ll count to 10, you should go and hide. I’ll hide there. You shouldn’t tell me. – I’ll count to 10. / – Okay. Let’s go hide. I’ll start counting, Seungjae. I’ll start counting, guys. I’ll close my eyes. (He covers his eyes as well.) One, two, three. (They’re all going in the same direction.) Four, five, six, seven… (Seungjae joins.) Eight, nine, ten. (When you play hide-and-seek with kids,) (even if a kids calls you from right behind you or) (hugs you, you should pretend not to notice anything.) (The kids also) (pretend to not see each other.) (How does Jiyong play hide-and-seek?) (Peek-a-boo) Guys. This is not how you play it. (He points out their mistakes.) Have you played hide-and-seek before? – You said you have. / – Yes. Is this how you played it? – No. / – Then how did you do it? (This hasn’t happened to them before.) – We hid. / – You hid? Jiyong. (Did I do something wrong?) You’re a bit different. (Jiyong brings something.) Dain, Jieun, do you know these? Do you know about dinosaurs? This is an Allosaurus. Does it eat meat or grass? – Grass. / – Grass? No. It eats meat. What is this? This is a Parasaurolophus. This one is a Deinonychus. This one is a Tyrannosaurus rex. It eats meat. Where’s Brachiosaurus? What about this? This is an Apatosaurus. It has short front legs and has no bumps. Let’s jump. (He plays with the kids in a physically active way.) Like this. Jieun, try with this. Scoop it and put it in there. Look at this. (I like you.) (It’s dinner time.) – What if we spill it? / – What if you spill it? What if we spill it? (Thinking) What should we do? Then… (Jiyong puts napkins on the kids.) (They look very elegant.) Jiyong might be a bit reserved, but he’s very thoughtful. (Welcome to Jiyong’s restaurant.) (One has sauce all over her face,) (and another licks her face.) (Seungjae’s face is in the bowl.) (Jiyong is feeding the small kid.) (Jiyong finally tries to take a bite.) – Water. / – Give me some water. – What? / – Water. – Water. / – Water? The kids don’t stop making requests. Give me some more. Do you want some more jjajangmyeon? I have four kids myself. When we have a meal, I barely get to have a bite. (When is he going to eat?) (The kids feel sorry for him.) (Jiyong is eating so hurriedly.) One last time? (The kids are almost done eating.) My mom… (The doorbell rings.) – Did Juwon have fun? / – Yes. Your grandma is here. (Seungjae seems to be in a hurry.) (Are they leaving?) (He runs to his other friends.) (He steals a sock.) My sock. (Crying) Seungjae. (What is this all about?) Your sock? (He ran into his room.) Seungjae, why did you take her sock off? Stop crying. Say, “Don’t do that.” Don’t do that. There you go. Seungjae, don’t do that. Don’t do that. Not you. – Thank you. / – You’re welcome. Seungjae took her sock off. – He did? / – She cried. – Did you cry? / – Yes. Are you okay? He must not have wanted his friends to leave. Say bye to your friend. Seungjae, come here. Say bye. (Seungjae leaves.) Seungjae doesn’t seem to want to see them leave. (Being home alone most of the time,) (Seungjae’s days are usually long.) (He runs to other kids when he’s outside.) (He always approaches other kids first.) (As he’s usually lonely,) (he appreciates time spent with other kids.) He usually plays alone. (Dad hasn’t seen him like that before.) He looked so happy playing with other kids around his age. He seemed to enjoy it a lot. I plan to send him to a daycare center come March. Rohee, look at that. That’s a bus. (They found a bus.) It’s a bus. Let’s get on the bus. Should we get on the bus? Let’s take a bus and go shopping. Which bus should we take? This is a map. We are going to Namdaemun. We can this this one. Let’s take a bus. All right. Let’s take a bus. This is the first time we’re getting on a bus together. Rohee loves dolls too, but she loves cars so much more. I thought it’d be fun to take a bus with her. It’s coming. That’s right. How did you know? This is ours. Did you know that? – Does this bus go to Namdaemun? / – Yes. Okay. Hello. Where should we sit? (Taeyoung looks around.) Let’s sit here. Rohee, we’re on a bus. Let’s go. Right. Let’s go. Let’s go. (She looks around.) Rohee, look out the window. What’s that? It’s a bridge. That’s a bridge. That’s right. It’s a bridge. It’s Han River. – It’s a siren. / – Yes, it’s the siren. (It’s an ambulance.) On your way to school, you’ll pass Dongdaemun. Rohee, look at that. That’s a coffee shop. Look at that. (Rohee is just enjoying the view.) Sindang-dong tteokbokki. Sindang-dong tteokbokki. (Impressed) You’re so good. What’s your name? Kim Donghyun. Donghyun? Rohee, say your name. – I’m Rohee. / – You’re Rohee. (Smiling) You’re handsome. (Donghyun is handsome.) You have beautiful eyes. (Rohee wants to look at Donghyun closely.) (He is handsome indeed.) We have only four stops to go. (Just then) Hey. Rohee. Is anyone getting off? Someone is getting off. It’s okay. Everything’s all right. There are so many people, right? We’re in Myeong-dong. – Myeong-dong. / – That’s right. Myeong-dong. Rohee, when you get a boyfriend, you’ll probably have a date here. (This stop is Namdaemun Market.) We’re getting off here. Let’s get ready. Rohee, it’s time to push the button. This is when we should push the button. It’s done. (They arrive at Namdaemun Market.) We should get off now. We’re at Namdaemun Market, Rohee. Which way should we go? Should we ask? Where are children’s clothes stores? That way? Thank you. Rohee and her dad are at Namdaemun Market. Shall we follow them on their shopping day? (There are a lot of accessories, too.) Let’s go. Mister. (You’re so cute.) Hello. Have a nice day. (Hello.) (The shopping starts.) Rohee. (She falls.) It’s okay. The ground is a bit bumpy. It’s dirty, right? Wow! Rohee. We can get two of those for nine dollars. Look at this. Taeyoung is excited to see cheap and nice clothes. I can relate to that. (Taeyoung picks out clothes excitedly.) What? Do you want to leave? (This time…) Rohee. (They found accessories shop.) Hello. Say hello. Rohee, which do you want to try? Which do you want? There are so many pretty things. Is she really your daughter? Sorry? Yes, she is. – She’s my daughter. / – I like Rohee so much. She’s so cute. Say hello. (Rohee is a celebrity.) (She adjusts Rohee’s hat.) We’re here to get some spring clothes. (Is this what the life of a celebrity is like?) I see. Rohee, I like this. Rohee. (He picks up a bridal veil.) It’s a bridal veil. Do you want to try it on? (Rohee is a baby bride.) Rohee. This feels strange. You’ll wear this someday. I feel like crying. (Emotional) Rohee, let me see. My goodness. (I’ll become a beautiful bride.) (They found a drone.) There are one, two, three, four and five of them. Rohee, try blowing it away. (Blowing) (It flies away.) You’re so strong. It flew away. One more time. Blow it away. (Fly far away.) (She blows as hard as she can.) Rohee, attack it. (Attack the drone.) It died. (It’s brought down.) It died. (What is this?) I’ve always wanted to show this to you. May I try controlling it? (He explains how to control it.) Look what I do. (Good luck, Dad.) (It takes off.) Rohee, say bye. Bye. Keep blowing. (Blowing) There you go. You’re doing a great job. It’s warm inside. Hello. Okay, let’s have you walk now. What can we get for you? Rohee, pick out clothes you like. (Let me look around.) What about this one? No? You’re quite picky. That one? I like this. This? Okay. I’ll take this. (They buy a checkered dress.) Thank you. This one. This? All right. (The jacket stole her heart.) All right. We’ll get this one. You have a peculiar taste. – Oh, my. / – Goodness. – Oh, my. / – Oh, my. Don’t say, “Oh, my.” Oh, my. (Where are we now?) Shall we pick out some clothes? (It’s Taeyoung’s turn.) (He’s never been more enthusiastic.) Oh, this one is cute. (There are many clothes he likes.) (Somebody stop my dad.) Oh, my. You could wear this as a dress. How much is this one? Is it 12 dollars? Rohee, ask her, “Can we get a dollar off?” (They ask for a discount.) Ma’am. – Ma’am. / – That’s right. Ma’am. (She’s persuaded.) Please take off just a dollar. Thank you. Rohee, we got a discount. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Come out. So what do you think? This checkered dress was chosen by Rohee. There you go. Okay. This denim dress is Taeyoung’s favorite. (Show off your style.) – There you go. / – Lastly, this floral jacket is Rohee’s favorite. (She’s waving a magic wand.) (Rohee is so charismatic.) There you go. (The finale) They won’t have to worry about spring clothes anymore. What is this place? (Is it a dog cafe?) After the shopping, they visit a cafe where they can meet various animals. (It’s not a cat cafe.) One can meet curious meerkats here. (It’s a meerkat cafe.) Will Rohee become friends with the meerkats? Where’s Uncle Sungyun? Are we at the right place? There he is. Moa is there, too. The kid who’s playing with meerkats is comedian Kim Miryeo’s daughter, Moa. Nice to meet you. – You’re here. / – Hi. You managed to find the place. – Nice to see you. / – Good to see you. It’s Uncle Sungyun. – Hi, Sungyun. / – Hi. Where are you? I’m looking around a place with Rohee. I’m actually out with Moa, too. – Really? / – If you have time, I thought we could meet up. That sounds great. – Okay. / – I’ll be right there. Say hello. Hello. Rohee can even say hello now. Moa, have you said hello to Uncle Taeyoung? – Moa, hi. / – Moa. – Hi, Moa. / – Say hello. Hi, how have you been? The perm I gave her is all cut out now. Yes, it is. Six months ago, Taeyoung gave Moa a perm. (Careful) (The perm turned out nicely.) Ma’am, do you like your new hairstyle? Moa has grown up so much. (Moa brings a meerkat.) This thing is for meerkats, not you. Don’t hurt them. (I want to see them up close.) It may attack you. (Startled) (It approaches Rohee.) It must like you. Give it a pat. There you go. Give it a pat. (Hiding) I can still see you. Does it want to pass? (It passes through Rohee’s leg.) (It’s funny.) It’s funny, right? Do you want to feed the meerkats? Just one? Put it on your palm and feed them. – Eat this. / – Eat this. Eat this. Did you touch it? Did you touch its head? – One more. / – One more? Eat this. Rohee, put it on your palm. (Moa is giving the meerkats water.) – It’s tasty. / – She’s giving them water. Did you give some water to this one? Yes. No, I didn’t. You didn’t? What about this one? – I gave some to that one. / – You did? Moa speaks very well. She’s all grown up now. How did you find this place? We live near here. I found it by chance. I hang out with Moa around here a lot. I was passing by. Moa is holding the cup. Were you thirsty? She’s drinking from the cup. (Let me try.) (She’s mimicking Moa.) (Can you do it?) (Rohee drinks from the cup.) (She makes a face.) (It’s too sour.) (Moa hands a straw to Rohee.) (Thank you.) (Moa is relaxed.) That’s a raccoon. It’s a raccoon. Come here. – Raccoon, come here. / – Come here. Say, “Raccoon, come here.” – Hi, Raccoon. / – It’s a raccoon. I want to hold its hand. – Feed Cloud. / – It’s called Cloud. – Go to Cloud. / – Feed it from your hand. – Try. / – Cloud. – Open your hand. / – Cloud. – Cloud. / – Moa, try one more time. Feed it from your hand. Don’t throw it. If you put the food on your palm, Cloud will come. There you go. It’s here. – Cloud. / – It took it. Did Cloud eat it? – Cloud. There you go. / – Cloud. One more. (Enjoy the food.) It’s cute. – Ma’am. / – She said, “Ma’am”. – Ma’am? / – Ma’am. – Ma’am. / – Give me your hand. Open your hand. There you go. (Eat a lot.) It’s Cloud’s lucky day. (Rohee sits on a chair.) (It looks fun.) Rohee, do you want to play trains? – Yes. / – Sit on the chair. (Moa and Rohee sit on the chairs.) All right. Sit down. – She’s putting on a seat belt. / – It’s a seat belt. – She cares about safety. / – She does. – That’s a great habit. / – All right, let’s go. (Dad’s train starts off.) (The train is running.) – It’s going faster. / – Faster. – Again. / – Gosh. (My back hurts.) Shall we start again? – Backward. / – Let’s go. Here we go. (Run faster.) (It’s speeding up.) (He can’t hide his age.) (Hang in there, Dad.) Next week, episode 172 of the Return of Superman, “Will You Be My Friend?” will air.

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