The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.167 [ENG / 2017.02.05]

Dear viewers, I hope good things will come in the year of 2017. In one, two, three. Good luck. Seungjae, you will like me this year, right? – Do you like me? / – I don’t like you. (His answer is stern.) – Do you like me or not? / – I don’t like you. (He doesn’t change his mind.) Hey! – Do you like me or not? / – I don’t like… – Come here. / – I like you. I like you. (What does he need in this situation?) 2017, I can do this. I can do this. Good luck. Dear viewers, have a happy year in 2017. I hope everything goes well for you. We will cheer for you. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. The year of 2017 has come. We will say hello with the sound of a rooster. (Bumsoo loudly imitates a rooster.) Soeul will imitate a rooster. (She confidently imitates a rooster.) Daeul will imitate a rooster. (Daeul is embarrassed.) Happy New Year. Smile. (Show them your cute smile.) Happy New Year. (Sam and William bow to the viewers.) (Dad, are we playing?) You should bow. (Bowing) I hope your family will be healthy and happy in the year of 2017 as well. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. Dear viewers, Happy New Year. Happy New Year. I am rolling. (Seojun continues to be mischievous in the new year.) (We will bow in Seojun’s stead.) (Good luck will roll into your lives.) – Dear viewers, Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. That’s right, Sian. Happy New Year. (December 26, 2016, Seogyo-dong) Where are we going? Do you know where we are going? – I know. Books. / – Where are we going? Books? What kind of books? The books with our faces. That’s right. We had our pictures taken. Yes. Last December, Hwijae and the twins transformed – into models. / – It’s nice. (It’s nice.) That’s right. (We are three gentlemen.) In one, two. (This is a new side of the trio.) (Cute) (Cool) (Leave Seojun to be funny.) (Seoeon showed his lovely side.) Dad. (What is the reason for this photo shoot?) This photo shoot has a special meaning. (It’s for a magazine that helps the homeless people.) Shall we look at the trio’s best cuts? (The trio enjoyed the photo shoot.) “Big Issue”, which is sold by homeless people… (This magazine is made by talent donation.) (The profit is used to assist homeless people.) Happy New Year. It’s a magazine that helps homeless people. I heard the sales are low due to the cold weather. I was thankful to receive the offer. That’s how my children and I participated. I want them to know that they can help the others. – Who will sell a lot of magazines? / – Me. – How many will you sell? / – 100 magazines. 100 magazines? What about you, Seoeon? – I am going to sell 60 magazines. / – 60? – 60 magazines. / – Let’s sell a lot of magazines and help those in need. (Let’s do a good deed.) The Return of Superman episode 167, “As Much Love That’s Spread in the World”. – It’s here. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Thank you for coming despite the cold weather. – It’s nice to meet you. / – It’s nice to meet you. – Hello. / – Say hello. – There you go. / – Hello. How cute! Please take good care of us. – Thank you for coming. / – Don’t mention it. Let’s get ready and sell the magazines diligently. – Let’s do a cheer. / – Come on. Come on, Seojun. In one, two, three. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (They bring their hands together.) – Will you be able to do well? / – High five. High five. Let’s get ready. The twins help with setting up. Good job. Put it down here. All right. Wait, it’s the triplets’ dad. – Who? / – Look at this photo. Do you recognize him? It’s Daehan, Minguk and Manse’s dad. Is he your friend? We saw him many times. (He doesn’t look familiar.) Come here, Seojun. Hang it up here. (They hurriedly get ready.) – We begin the sales. / – We begin the sales. We begin the sales. – Hello, it’s “Big Issue”. / – Hello, it’s “Big Issue”. It’s “Big Issue”. It’s “Big Issue”. – Please buy it. / – Please buy it. We have a customer. – Hello. / – Hello. Seoeon, give him a magazine. – Thank you. / – How much is it? It’s five dollars. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Give him five dollars. (They are off to a good start.) Good job. We are in the magazine. – Where are you? / – Over here. It’s the three of us. Let’s take a picture together. Look at me. In one, two, three. They are off to a good start. – We have another customer. / – Hello. Who wants to give a magazine? (Standing up) Hello. (Seoeon moves hurriedly.) All right. It’s windy. (The magazines swing in the wind.) The weather is bad. Dad, it’s raining. Dad, it’s raining. It’s raining, right? It’s too bad that it’s raining. Why aren’t there people? There aren’t people because of the rain. – Aren’t you cold? / – No. Are you okay? I am going to sell magazines with him. Do you see a cafe over there? Get some juice and bread over there. On which floor is the cafe? – It’s on the second floor. / – The second floor? – Yes. / – It’s the same as our apartment. Yes. Get going. (They leave to have some snacks.) Please give us a toast and two bread. Please give me a hot dog. We don’t have hot dogs. Please choose between ham and cheese and bulgogi. – Ham. / – Ham, please. One ham and cheese. – I want strawberry juice and ham bread. / – Ham? Why didn’t you order some juice? I want mango juice. Seoeon and Seojun, you need to pay. I forgot. (I forgot.) It’s 10 dollars and 60 cents. Here. Do you have 60 cents? Please come here when your pager vibrates. Okay. (He’s familiar with pagers.) (He looks outside the window.) Seoeon, I can see Dad. Where? (Wow) (Hwijae is selling the magazines.) There he is. Dad is over there. Do you see that woman? Where? She is wearing a black coat. He is giving her a magazine. Dad is doing a good job. What should we do? We should work too. – Dad. / – Dad. (Dad) (Waving) (They miss each other when they are apart.) (You know that I love you, right?) (I love you too.) Even without words, they communicate well. Did they hear each other’s thoughts? (The twins gave him energy.) Good luck. Seoeon, when this vibrates, we will go to the counter. Watch me. This pager will vibrate. The loser can bring the food. – Rock, paper… / – No. The pager needs to vibrate first. Sir, when will it be ready? Please wait. It won’t be long. Okay. It’s vibrating. Let’s play rock-paper-scissors. You lose if you don’t play. Rock-paper-scissors. (Rock-paper-scissors) (Seoeon won and Seojun lost.) (I lost.) (You will go, right?) I… You lost. (You lost.) We should go together. (He forgot to bring the pager.) You need to bring the pager. – Seoeon will bring it. / – Really? Bring the pager with you. (The older brother brings the pager.) Thank you. It looks tasty. – Here you go. / – Thank you. Enjoy your food. This is strawberry juice. (Walking) It looks tasty. It looks tasty. I am going to eat bread first. I am going to drink juice first. Seojun, shall we put in the straws – and clink the cups? / – Okay. Cheers. (They are at the age to clink their cups.) It’s tasty. (Thumbs up) (Seojun bites into the toast.) (The wrapper is in the way.) Seoeon, you can eat it like this. (Seoeon, you can eat it like this.) Okay. You need to hold it like me. (Eating) Eat slowly. – Were you hungry? / – Yes. Why aren’t you asking me? – Were you hungry? / – Yes. – I was very hungry. / – Me too. (When they sate their hunger…) – Shall we have a quiz contest? / – Yes. It’s the twins’ quiz, “Who Am I?” (Who Am I?) It has a pointy head and a sharp sword. How many letters are there? Six letters. It starts with letter M. It starts with letter M. Mantis. (Mantis) Bingo. It’s my turn. It lives in the sea. Is it octopus? No, it’s not. Scorpion. Incorrect. (Discouraged) Give me a hint. It lives in the sea. It has a very long horn and a very short tail. Its back is very fat. Narwhal. Correct. It lives in the sea. It has a very long horn and a very short tail. Its back is very fat. It’s my turn. It has 13 letters. It starts with letter B. (It starts with letter B.) It starts with letter B. Brachiosaurus. (Brachiosaurus) Correct. (He counts the letters with his hand.) It has five letters. (He lumps the letters together.) (It has five letters.) Didn’t you know that? No. Watch me. B-R-A-C-H-I-O-S-A-U-R-U-S. There are 13 letters. I see. (He accepts it right away.) Where is Uncle Yoonsang? Are you good with a quiz? I can get anything right. Give me an easy problem. It lives on land and in the sea. You aren’t very good at this. (Is he finding it difficult?) Scorpion. (Seoeon whispers the answer.) (He understood.) Scorpion. Scorpion. Wrong. Wrong. (He ignores his mistake.) It’s so hard. – Do you want more hints? / – Yes, please. It has a letter W. How many letters are there? There are four letters. – Seal. Whale. / – Incorrect. Incorrect. It has long teeth. (Let’s guess it together.) It lives on land and in the sea. There are four letters. It has long teeth. (Confused) (Giggling) Walrus. (Walrus) Correct. You said there are four letters. (He starts counting the letters.) (There are six letters.) There are six letters. Come on. There are five letters. I am mischievous. I am mischievous. (Think of it as my cute charm.) (I lost.) – An airplane. / – An airplane. (The beagle sisters are at the airport.) (They dressed up to the airport like a celebrity.) (They make a cute V-sign.) This is airport fashion. What about me? You look handsome. Jaea is training there diligently. We will cheer for her, okay? – Who will do it well? / – Me. (All of us will do it well.) Recently, Jaea hurt her elbow and stopped playing sports for a month and a half. Since you get injured more easily in the cold, I thought she should train at someplace warm. Even though Lunar New Year’s Day is approaching, she is training alone in Thailand. I thought it would be nice to cheer for her. – Who is Seola? / – Raise your hand, Seola. You are Seola. Here you go. Who is Sian? Raise your hand, Sian. There you go. – Sian. / – Here you go. Who is Sua? All right. Are those pictures of you? Why do you look so serious? (It’s their dark past.) I pretended to be sad. You should smile for a picture. (Like this?) Smile for a picture. That’s how you get a picture taken, okay? Let’s go. How do you like the idea of getting on an airplane? I like it. – You like it? / – Yes. Bye. (They leave for Thailand.) (Sian fastens his seat belt.) It worked. Wait for us, Jaea. Bye. (We will be there soon.) (Kiss) ♪ An airplane is flying ♪ ♪ Fly higher and higher ♪ ♪ Our airplane ♪ Sian, you like riding an airplane, right? Yes. What do we need to do to get a meal? Please give us an in-flight meal. (In-flight meals are served.) It’s either chicken and rice or beef with noodles. Which one would you like? – Beef. / – Beef? (Please give it to me.) (He elegantly eats his in-flight meal.) It’s cold. (It tastes good.) (She spreads butter on bread.) I am going to eat it. (I am going to eat it in a pretty way.) Is it tasty, my baby? (Enjoy your food, Seola.) All right. We are in the bathroom. Peek-a-boo. We are in the bathroom. Peek-a-boo. Sian, find us if you can. (The beagle sisters brush their teeth.) (How is it inside her mouth?) It’s clean. We must clean the sink after we use it. We must clean it like this. (They clean after themselves.) I finished cleaning it. Eating a meal and brushing the teeth, they arrived in Bangkok in no time. (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (They arrived safely.) We are in Thailand. Hold on tight. Let’s go. Say hello. (Bowing) – Hello. / – Hello. Hold on tight. Let’s go. (They move to take the bus to a hotel.) Donggook was surprised upon coming out of the airport. (What is going on?) It was because of the fans who came to see them. Sua, Seola. (It’s nice to meet you.) How many fans are there? They are as popular as Korean Wave stars. Let’s bow. In one, two, three. Hello. (Bowing) (Take this.) (Sian gets bananas as a present.) (Thank you.) (Seola receives candy necklaces.) (Sua receives a duck doll.) Put it around his neck. Seola, put it around Sua’s neck. (They put candy necklaces around their necks.) Seola. (They thank the fans.) (Welcome to Thailand.) (See you again.) They enjoy the view as they head to the hotel. (Bangkok is beautiful at night.) We are here to cheer for Jaea. Where are we at? Bangkok. – Bangkok. / – Bangkok. – Lion. / – What? – Lion. / – Is it warm? Lion. – Lion? / – Yes. You are talking about a tiger on the signboard. Dad. Sian. Elephant. Elephant? I saw an elephant. Elephant? I want to see a horse. Horse? There are monkeys in Thailand. That’s spectacular. What do monkeys look like? (Monkeys do this.) Sian, look at your sisters. How do monkeys act? (Sian is a cute monkey.) You are a cute monkey. People won’t understand when you speak Korean. Let’s learn how to say hello. Put your hands together. (They learn how to greet in Thai.) (Hello.) – Try it, Seola. / – Hello. – I taught you earlier. / – Hello. “Sawadee krap” is for men. Women say “Sawadee kah.” How do you say, “Thank you”? (Thank you.) (Thank you for teaching us.) (They arrived at the hotel.) (It’s time to use the greeting they learned.) Come here. You learned how to say hello. – Sua. / – Hello. (Greeting) (Welcome drinks are provided.) (Curious) It’s tasty. (They share delicious drinks.) Say, “Thank you.” It tastes like honey tea. – Honey tea? / – Sit down. (This is delicious.) Sit down. (They are captivated by the sweet welcome drink.) What do you think? (Donggook checks in.) Let’s go up. Follow me, Sian. Dad, is this our room? Yes, it is. Let’s go inside. (Looking around) Hello. (They happily greet the cameraman.) Hello. – Dad. / – Yes? Let’s put this in the refrigerator. We will eat tteokguk with Jaea tomorrow. – I plan to make it. / – Tteokguk? It’s cold. It’s beef bone broth. – I want to try it. / – Are you hot? Take off your clothes. (They change into light clothes.) – Sian is really hot. / – Let me change, too. I can see your underwear. (How embarrassing!) – It’s embarrassing. / – It’s embarrassing. – It’s embarrassing. / – No, it’s not. (It’s embarrassing.) It’s not embarrassing. It’s not embarrassing? Are you embarrassed? (He checks himself.) – I am not embarrassed. / – Me neither. I am not embarrassed. – Come here. / – Let’s brush our teeth. (They brush their teeth together.) (They rinse their mouths.) Spit it out. Okay. – Are we going to bed? / – Yes. It’s their first morning in Thailand. (They greet each other in Thai.) What did you dream about? – I dreamed about you. / – Really? What was I doing? You put Sian and Seola to sleep in my dream. It wasn’t a dream. Sian is sleepy. It’s his first trip abroad. – Are you sleepy? / – Should I wake him up? No. I think he is jet lagged. Then we shouldn’t wake Sian up. I am going to drink coffee. (She is feeling playful.) Come here. (Sua tries to get close to the kitchen.) (You surprised me.) (Seola moves in as well.) – We’re mischievous. / – Play with us. Okay. (Donggook uses his leg muscles.) You are in the middle of the sea. There are a lot of sharks in the water. Gosh, a shark is approaching. (She tries to escape) (and fails.) (Escaping from an uninhabited island is a fun game.) (Laughing) (He is enjoying it.) Save us. – Save us. / – Save us. (Save Seola and Sua.) That’s what you do when you are trapped in the sea. Then I will pass by and go, “Hello, Seola and Sua.” – Hello. / – Hello. (He’d greet them joyfully…) You look pretty today. Then I won’t save you. Why not? You weren’t very cute. We should enter the water. No, there are alligators. Save us. Wait. I will save you after I finish my coffee. Okay. (The sisters wait in an uninhabited island.) This is a good trick. (It’s Donggook’s way of enjoying morning coffee.) (Sian wakes up.) Are you going to sleep some more? – No. / – No? (Morning greetings) Hello. We are in Thailand. – Bangkok. / – Bangkok. Bangkok. Bangkok. Bangkok. Bangkok. Did you eat chocolate in your dream? – I saw an elephant. / – Okay. I saw an elephant. You saw an elephant. What else did you do? The elephant did this. It moved its trunk. Make an elephant trunk. (Elephant trunk) How will you greet an elephant in Thailand? Hello. “Hello”? You are a polite elephant. (Farting) Sian farted. Did you fart? – Does it feel good? / – Yes. We should get ready. Your sisters are waiting. You’re last today. Let’s go cheer for Jaea, okay? – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Good luck, Jaea. / – Good luck. Cheer with Dad. Let’s go. Say hello to him. – Hello. / – Say hello. Hello. (Hello.) (You can feel the culture of Thailand on the streets.) There are a lot to see and eat. Thailand is full of amazing things. Jaea’s surprise cheering squad is here to cheer her on as she trains. (Here come Seola, Sua, and Sian.) One. (One, two, one, two) – My legs hurt. / – Come on. (The kids are walking up the stairs.) Dad. – Yes? / – Are we going on the subway? Yes, we are. Look over here. We have to buy tickets. This is it. (How do I do this?) (He’s studying the ticket machine.) Come here, Sian. We should measure you. Come here. We have to check and see if you’re over 90cm. 90? Hold on. Stand up straight. You’re 100.5cm. We have to pay for you. Come here. Seola. (Seola is 100.2cm.) – You’re 100.2cm. / – You’re like me. Sian. Hold on. Let’s see. You’re a little over 90cm. We have to pay for everyone. You’re all adults now. (He needs coins to pay for tickets.) I’m going to get some change, okay? Dad, how much do we have to pay? I’m not sure. Let’s ask. I want to go to On Nut. Go to On Nut. (It’s about a dollar to On Nut.) – One adult and three kids. / – There is no fee. (The agent says the kids are free.) – Free? / – Yes. – Thank you. / – It’s a dollar. You guys are free. Here, Seola. You can put it in. One, two, three. (The kids all get to try putting coins in.) Put it in. (Focused) It’s working. – It came out. / – It did? You guys are free. Come with me. Hello. I have three kids. Come on. Follow that man. I’ll go in this way. (They’re entering through the free gate.) (He feels proud to have achieved something.) We did it. (Seola starts to greet the people passing by.) Excuse me. I want to go to – On Nut. Where is it? / – On Nut? – Here? Up there? Let’s go. / – Upstairs. Yes. Hold my hand tight. (They have to get on the escalator.) – Come here. / – I’m scared. – It’s okay. / – Hold my hand tight. – Hold my hand. / – I’m scared. (Oh, no!) (Seola gets on without a problem.) (Sua lets go of her dad’s hand.) Wait for me there. – I’m scared. / – Wait there. Wait there. (Bangkok locals are helping Sua.) (Relieved) (Sua is confused.) Look toward the front. (Be careful.) (Is that your dad?) You have to thank them, okay? (Donggook is thanking them.) (Dad, I’m here.) (Thank you.) Come here. The train is here. (The train arrives.) We have to go five stops on this train. Okay? Okay. Come on. Get on. Get on. Cross over. (Seola jumps on.) (She’s being hesitant again.) Get on. Thank you. He’s so nice. (Donggook is touched.) There are empty seats here. Here. Sit down. (Others are volunteering the seats for them.) Thank you. (Thank you.) We’re on the Skytrain. Where are you sitting, Dad? I’m too hot right now. – Dad, you sit too. / – Look. – Sit. / – I’m going to sit here. Sian, move over. (He’s pushing Sian.) (I regret telling you to sit down.) Sian, come closer to me. – That hurts. / – Then come closer to me. Good boy. I’ll sit here. (Sighing) Look. Look at this. You’re all in it. Tell them we’re on the Skytrain. Let’s tell Mom and Jaea. Jaea, we’ll be there soon. Wait for us. We have to keep… Look. What was that sound? That’s the first station. – We passed one, right? / – Yes. Yes. We have to pass five more. (They’re heading to On Nut Station.) – Dad, I’m cold. / – It’s… Are you cold? – Come here. / – Are we almost there? (Because it’s cold, because I’m hot,) (I’ll hold you in my shirt.) You don’t like that? – I’m sweating now, too. / – Are you? We’re getting off at the next stop. – We’re almost there. / – It’s stopping. We’re getting off. Get ready. (They are at On Nut Station.) Where are we? Bangkok. – Do you like Bangkok? / – Yes. It’s nice and warm, right? There are a lot of mosquitoes, though. Sian can catch them. – Sian can go like this. / – How many are there? There are a lot, aren’t there? Dad, Sian will go like this. Good job. The three of us will catch mosquitoes then. Let’s get off now. Get off. Let’s go. Let’s get off. Jump. One, two, three, jump. We’re here. This way. (Sian is trying to go down alone.) Be careful. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. You can do it. Be careful. I can do it! – I can do it! / – Good. – I can do it! / – Yes, you can. (Sian is full of cheerful spirit.) (He’s encouraging himself on every step.) – I can do it. / – Sian, that’s enough. – Just hurry up and come down. / – I can do it. Enough talking. Hurry and come down. I can do it. – I know you can do it. / – I can do it. – All right, hurry up now. / – I can do it. Dad, wait for me. We’re all waiting for you. – Let’s go. / – Yes, let’s go. (Donggook is getting tired.) (Crying) (Sian is upset.) (I’m disappointed in you, Dad.) – Sian, let’s go. / – It’s a friend. – What’s wrong, Sian? / – Come on, Sian. (Come on, Sian. Let’s go.) Let’s go. (What will happen?) (Rising) You’re going to finish it? Good job. (Sian changes his mind.) I can do it. Yes. He can do it by himself. (Come down on your own). – Let’s go. / – Good. Come here. You finished it. Good job, Sian. (I did it.) The clear air wakes you up in Pyeongchang. Which family are we meeting here today? (Wriggling) (Jiyong is forced to get up thanks to Seungjae.) (He has bed hair.) (Gosh, my knees.) (Why is he heading over to the terrace?) (It’s an old-fashioned fridge.) (The warm morning sun) (wakes up Seungjae.) Do you want water? (Try some of this water.) (He’s stretching to start his day.) (It’s our camerawoman.) (Sneaking) Happy New Year. Happy New Year, Seungjae. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Here. He’s giving you money. (I’m so lucky.) You have to thank him. What will you eat with that? (Can you give me some more?) There are store signs that look like movie posters, and delicious food that makes your mouth water. (It’s full of street foods.) This place is full of old sentiments. It’s a market in Pyeongchang. Why did Jiyong bring Seungjae here? Seungjae, where are we? – A market. / – Yes, it’s a market. You have never been to one, right? Seungjae’s mom works on weekdays and takes care of Seungjae on weekends. She didn’t have a chance to rest. This time, she’s volunteering her medical services. There isn’t much we can do, so we decided to prepare some snacks. We’re going to buy some rice cakes for the people working with Mom. Shall we go? – Okay. / – Okay. Are you buying rice cakes? (Who is talking to them?) – Hello. / – Hello. Say hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Gosh, your hands. Aren’t you cold? No, I’m not. – No? / – You’re not? What a cute boy. Who’s cute? – Me. / – Are you cute? You’re so cute. Go in, it’s cold. – Bye. / – Bye. See you later. (Giggling) Let’s go in. Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Which rice cake tastes good? – Songpyeon tastes the best. / – Songpyeon? – I’d like nine kilogram of songpyeon. / – Okay. (Staring) Sir, can I go in there? No, you can’t go in there. Where are we, Seungjae? Kids’ cafe. – What? / – Kids’ cafe. This isn’t the kids’ cafe. Where are we? We’re at a rice cake house. Rice cake is in there. You’re so smart. Please give me some rice cake. (Another type of rice cake is just about done.) Watch. (It looks delicious.) (Seungjae has never seen it before.) – The rice cake is coming out. / – Yes, it is. The tail is wagging. You’ve never seen rice cake come out, right? It’s wavering. Is that how much it’s going to come out? Yes. It’s a lot, right? It keeps on coming out one by one. (He’s amazed.) (He watches the endless rice cake.) (I want to eat it.) Please give me some rice cake. Give us some rice cake. – Please give me some. / – Here you go. Is it hot? (It’s too hot for Seungjae.) Is it hot? – Yes. / – It’s hot. You can cool it by blowing on it. You can eat it now. (He’s being cautious.) (A smile spreads on his face.) – Is it good? / – Yes. – Is it delicious? / – Yes. You should have some too mister. (We should eat it together.) You want me to eat some? Should I give some to your dad? – No. / – What? – What? / – No. Why not? Can’t I have some? Mister, try some. Okay, thank you. (Happy, sad) (I was just joking.) – Dad, try it. / – Can I? (Jiyong is happy.) (This rice cake makes Jiyong cry.) It’s delicious. – We’ll go look around while you prepare. / – Okay. (Where are they off to?) (They’re back at that granny’s store.) Hello. Come here, Grandson. – Do you want a pancake? / – Yes. Here you go. (It’s a buckwheat pancake.) Enjoy it. Share with your dad. Okay. Your dad is skinny but you’re so chubby and cute. (She’s so straightforward.) (I used to be a pop star once…) Your wife must be pretty. He’s so cute. (Giggling) (How did you know, Grandma?) (He’s trying buckwheat pancake for the first time.) (Does he like it?) – It’s good. Yes. / – Is it? Grandma, it’s delicious. Do you like it? Have a lot. – Tell me if you need more. / – Okay. (Eating) (Seungjae is eating like a baby bird.) – It’s good, right? Open up. / – Yes. (You’re already too skinny.) (This won’t do.) Take this as well. Hey, young man. (Somehow he stands up right away.) You’re a young man if you’re here. – Young man, eat this. / – Okay, thank you. – Have some, young man. / – Okay. – Did you get something tasty? / – Yes. (Jiyong finally gets to eat.) – It’s amazing. / – Do you want to try? It’s amazing. Yes, it’s amazing. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. See you next time. Goodbye. You’re so adorable. (She treats Seungjae like her own grandchild.) – Thank you for the food. / – You’re welcome. Is this a hair cutting store? Yes, it’s a hair salon. – Hello. / – Hello. – The baby wants to look. / – Come in. What is the lady doing? – Perm. / – Perm? Perm. You look pretty, Grandma. He’s speaks so sweetly. – How old are you? / – I’m five. – I’m five. / – No, you’re not. Three. Grandma, get a pretty perm. Goodbye. (He’s running.) Puppy, where are you going? (Seungjae has spotted a puppy.) (Let’s talk.) Puppy! (It’s a market chase.) (Stop chasing me.) (Shocked) Is the puppy mad? Does he want to go home? Yes, he wants to go home. Okay. Go home, drink milk and take a nap. Where are you going? I’m going to go see my friends. Hello, friends. (Seungjae feels at home.) (Confused) What are you guys doing? (Shocked) – Hello. / – How old are you? – Three. / – Three? You talk so well. Hey. Answer him. – Hey, play with me. / – Answer him. – Hey. / – Answer him. (He’s too excited to see the heater.) – It’s hot. Be careful. / – It’s hot. – Watch your back. It’s hot. / – It’s hot. – It’s hot? / – Yes. (He’s going into her arms.) Where is the garbage can? – Garbage can? / – Just throw it out. The garbage can is right there. (He looks like he lives here.) (Seungjae, aren’t you my son?) – Hey. / – Yes? Play with me. Go play with him. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go play. Come on. Look. It’s a fish. There is one, two, three of them. (While the eldest is busy with Seungjae…) (Rushing) Why are you running away? Why? Why did you leave? (They return soon due to Seungjae’s nagging.) Seungjae, the rice cakes are ready. Let’s go. Do you want to come get rice cakes with us? Hold my hand. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (They’re all going together.) This is the rice cake store. – It’s the rice cake place. / – Tell them you’re here. Come with us. (My friends are precious.) Go in. We’re here for our rice cakes. (They’re picking up the rice cakes.) Let’s go now. Tell your friends bye. – Say, “See you later.” / – No. I want to go with them. Let’s go. Hold hands. Seungjae, let’s go. (Thank you for playing with me.) See you later. – Bye. / – Bye. Soeul and Daeul are waking up in Gangwon Province. (Sleeping) (Bumsoo is waking up first.) (Tickling) (Rising) (What was that?) (I want to sleep some more.) (Bumsoo is doing it again.) (Stop it.) (Who was that?) (Bumsoo is acting like he just woke up.) Who tickled me? Who? Who tickled me? Did someone tickle you? When I was sleeping, someone tickled me. (He’s acting oblivious.) Who did that? – You did it, right? / – Me? I was sleeping like this. When I was sleeping, you went like this. You went like this. – I swore? / – Yes. What did I say? – Did you say I went like this? / – Yes. Don’t tickle me. Did I tickle you? (They’re so full of love.) – Dad, where is the pig? / – What? The pig? I’m not a pig. Pig. What? I’m a pig. You just said you’re not. (Oh, no!) I’m not an ordinary pig. I’m a special pig. I’m a pig. (Soeul is waking up.) Look at that. (Bumsoo is making breakfast.) Bumsoo prepared a special breakfast. (I’ll show off my talent.) Dried pollack is the main ingredient. (Dried pollack) – Dad, be careful. / – Okay. Dad, this is… I did this with you, right? Exactly. We hung up pollack to dry them. Did you hang up more or did Soeul? – Me. / – Did you hang up more? We eat rice at home all the time, so I decided to make tteokguk. I prepared rice cakes to eat with my kids. We received some dried pollack as a present so I decided to make dried pollack tteokguk. – Dad. / – Yes? What are you making? Tteokguk. Tteokguk. ♪ If you go up this mountain ♪ ♪ Tteokguk, tteokguk ♪ Do you know this song? ♪ If you go to Incheon ♪ – ♪ Tteokguk, tteokguk ♪ / – That’s right. ♪ If you go up that mountain ♪ ♪ Tteokguk, tteokguk ♪ (Singing) There’s a song like that. ♪ Gosh ♪ Good job. Whenever it’s a New Year, our ancestors made tteokguk to eat. What about spring onions? – What? / – Spring onions. What’s this? We don’t have spring onions. (Disappointed) The two of you can go next door and ask to borrow some spring onions. – Okay. / – Okay? Go. – Grandma! / – Grandma. – Are you here? / – Lend us some spring onions. – Spring onions? / – Yes. I’m out of them too. What are you making? – We’re making tteokguk. / – Is that so? There aren’t any stores around here. I have a friend. I’ll give him a call. If you go ask him, he’ll give it to you. Go and get it, okay? – Dad. / – Yes? She doesn’t have any but her friend has some. Really? I’ll give you these. Wear them. Daeul, come here! This is great. You should put these on. Soeul, come here. You wear snowshoes when it snows a lot. It’s something extra you wear so that you don’t fall. – I made these. / – Wow. (He gave Bumsoo’s family a present.) – Thank you. / – Good boy. (Soeul is wearing the snowshoes.) Soeul! – Are you having fun? / – Yes. You don’t fall in. It keeps you up. (Soeul is so good.) Soeul, you have to run the errand. Right. – Can you do it? / – Yes. Okay. Bye, Soeul. See you later. (Soeul is going off alone.) Soeul is on her way to run an errand so that her family can enjoy delicious tteokguk. Thanks to the snowshoes, she doesn’t have a problem. Look over there. (She finds a spot with new snow.) (She’s making a snow fairy.) (Laughing) (She’s falling in love with snow.) It’s a bear’s paw. It’s water. (She can’t just pass the clear stream.) (Take this.) Again. (The country path has a lot to see.) We don’t have much to give you. Here’s some dried fish. It’s aromatic and delicious. Dried fish is the best in the winter. Try some. That’s what I should say. The black roof. (She arrives at the house.) Anyone home? – Hello. / – Come in, it’s cold. By the way, my dad is making tteokguk but we ran out of spring onions. – I came to ask for some. / – Spring onions? We don’t have much to give you. This is dried fish. Great. How much do you need? A lot? A little bit. – I’ll give you enough to eat. / – Okay. I’ll put it in here for you to carry. It’s heavy. – Thank you. / – Didn’t you wear gloves? I’m okay. You should wear them. It’s cold. – Thank you. / – No problem. – Take care. / – Bye. What is that? Meanwhile, Bumsoo is cooking and Daeul is sleeping. (Daeul is in dream land.) Dad! (I’m back, Dad.) Ta-da. – Did you get some? / – Yes. Good job. (She’s good at running errands.) – Did you get a lot? / – Yes. I’ll untie them fast. Is Daeul sleeping? Come in and warm up. These are really precious. – These are very precious. / – Spring onions. Precious. (Spring onions) Precious spring onions. (Bumsoo’s tteokguk) You went over mountains and rivers. He’s adding spring onions Soeul got. The dried pollack tteokguk is ready. Thanks to you, I was able to make tteokguk with spring onions. Thank you. No problem. I didn’t give up. Exactly. Aren’t I amazing? It’s delicious. (Thumbs up) It’s good, right? Daeul, don’t you want to eat? “Dad, I’ll eat later.” This is a tennis court in Bangkok where aspiring tennis players practice. Who are we surprising today? It’s Donggook’s second oldest, Jaea. (She’s practicing hard.) When we go in, Jaea will be there. We’ll go surprise her. We’ll sneak up to her. (Let’s sneak in.) We have to disguise ourselves. Wear these. (They’re putting on sunglasses.) (Let’s make sure she doesn’t recognize us.) Wear them. (I’m Sua, the monkey.) Wear them. (I’m Seola, the cute one.) (Following these two agents is…) (It’s him!) Let’s sneak in. (It’s Robot Sian.) You can’t talk. No, you have to be quiet. From here, we have to be quiet. Come here. Get down low. Get down low. Great. Get down. Jaea and Jaesi can’t see us. Hide. (What is he doing?) Get down. (I have to hide?) No, I mean you have to get down low. (Like this?) Sian, hurry up. Stay low. (They enter the courts.) Where is Jaea? (I forgot.) Hello. (The girls are busy looking for their sisters.) (Let’s see.) (Where is she?) She’s not here. She’s not? Where is she? I’m going to go find her. Wait here. I’ll go. You can’t be seen. I’ll be right back. (Just trust me this time.) Really? Go then. You can’t get caught, okay? (She’s putting the sunglasses back on.) (Let’s find Jaea.) It’s a huge tennis court. Will Seola find Jaea without getting caught? She’s not here. (She’s over there.) (I must tell Dad right away.) She’s there. (Cameraman, please move.) – Dad, she’s there. / – Where? She’s over there. (Be quiet!) Dad, Jaea is here. She’s here. Did you all find her? It’s the Lunar New Year, but Jaesi and Jaea didn’t get to eat tteokguk. While I make some, keep hiding. Get low. Get down. (They’re going underneath the table.) Wait. Wait here. (We won’t get caught.) Hello. Hello. Can I cook here? (They’re giving him permission.) (Donggook has tteokguk ingredients with him.) Gosh, they came over safely. It’s all melted now. (He’s moving to where it’s more comfortable to eat.) What are you doing? It’s the Lunar New Year in Korea. I’m making tteokguk today. Let’s make it. Let’s try making it. (He’s boiling the broth first.) Dad, I can’t wait to have tteokguk. Okay. It’s Jaesi. (Jaesi is here.) Come in. Come here. Let me hug you. How have you been? I’m sorry I’m making you a spy – but is Jaea training now? / – Yes. I’m making tteokguk now. – When will she be finished? / – At noon. Tell her to finish about five minutes later. I have to cook. – Don’t tell Jaea. / – Jaea hasn’t seen us yet. Let’s surprise her. I want to surprise her too. (Donggook has to finish before noon.) In addition to making kimchi, Donggook is making tteokguk in Bangkok. (Serious) He brought beef bone broth from Korea. He seasons it by eye and mixes in eggs. Dad’s simple tteokguk is ready. Will it taste like Mom’s? All right. Let’s go surprise Jaea. Wait. Let me put on my sunglasses. (I’ve been waiting for this moment.) (Sian is ready too.) Will they succeed in surprising Jaea? Keep quiet. Dad, come here. (Jaea is practicing.) Come here. This way. (They follow their dad.) Come here. – She’s almost done. / – She is? Go, Jaea. Way to go, Jaea. – Go, Jaea. / – Go, Jaea. (Jaea found them.) – Go, Jaea. / – Go, Jaea. (She smiles at the unexpected visitors.) Way to go. Way to go, Jaea. Go, Jaea. Go, Jaea. – Go, Jaea. / – Go, Jaea. (To meet his sister,) (Sian runs as fast as he can.) Sian. (Hugging) I missed you. Jaea. – Go, Jaea. / – Sua. (Thank you for coming.) – Go, Jaea. / – Sua. – Jaea. / – You’re here. (The five siblings are reunited.) – Here. / – Go, Jaea. (Dad is watching) (proudly.) – Give Jaea a hug. / – Come here. Jaea, you can do this. – Thank you. / – There you go. The family is reunited. You look great. Jaea, did you drink some water? Dad, when did you come? – I’m not going to tell you. / – Tell me. I came yesterday. You did? (Jaea starts crying after seeing her family.) – How’s your arm? / – It’s okay. Let me see. Is it okay? (Donggook examines his daughter’s arm.) Try pulling your arm inwards. Try pulling it. Is it okay? Is it okay? That’s enough. As I’m an athlete myself, I understand how painful the rehabilitation process is. I thought Jaea must be going through a hard time. I hope our surprise cheered her up and she’ll finish her training without injury. How do you think Jaea is doing? I think she’s good but she stopped for a while. The rhythm is not really consistent yet. Once she finds the rhythm, it’ll be fine. Now, she’s jumping a lot. When you jump, you hit the ball down to the net. She needs to use her legs. She’s good. (Anyway, she’s good.) Thank you. He spoke too fast. I didn’t understand anything. Jaea. You do look like a tennis player now. No, I don’t. Do you know what I’m making? – Tteokguk? / – Yes. It’s New Year’s Day in Korea now. That’s why I made tteokguk. I made tteokguk in Bangkok for you. (You’re the best.) (Donggook is tasting it.) It tastes all right. Try it. (Jaea tries it first.) – It tastes good. / – It does. Try it. (What does Sian think?) – Does it taste good? / – It tastes good. It does? (Donggook is happy.) You guys will get one year older after eating this. It’s rice cake. – Jaea. / – Yes? Bring your coach too. – My coach? / – Yes. My dad made Korean food. We’re going to eat there. Okay. My dad said you can taste it. Okay. Sure. This is my coach. – Say hello. / – Say hello. – Hello. / – Hello. (Hi, guys.) – Hello. / – Sian. – Hello. / – Say hello. (Nice to meet you.) Do you want to sit here? It’s Korean New Year’s soup. Okay. Thank you. – I made it. / – Did you make it? – Did you make it? / – Yes. When you eat it, you’ll get one year older. I see. (He understood.) Try it, guys. – It tastes good. / – It does? I want some too. (Does it really taste good?) Just by seeing you guys eat, – I become full. / – It’s so refreshing. Is it refreshing? (Let me try.) Sian, do you like it? Chew it many times. I’ll chew it many times. He’s so cute. (He drinks the soup too.) (After blowing on it,) (he puts it in his mouth.) (Sian is in love with tteokguk.) Dad, I want some more. It tastes good. (It’s the best.) You’re eating so much. You must like it. Give me some more. (Jaea finished one bowl.) Dad, give me some more. – Again? / – Yes. More? Eat slowly. There’s more. (Slurping) I’m not going to eat the rice cake. Dad, I want some more. Dad, give me some more. Oh, my. Sua, do you want some more? Sua, you eat so much. – Are you like me? / – Yes. What’s her name? Sua. Say, “Hello, my name is Sua.” Hello, my name is Sua. (She eats so much.) Dad. This tastes better than the restaurant ones. – Are you sure? / – This tastes better. For you guys, I froze beef bone broth in Korea and brought it all the way here. – Do you understand? / – Yes. You guys are one year older now. Behave yourselves. How old are you guys now? I’m 11. Because you had 3 bowls, you’re 14 now. I’ll eat some more. – Seola and Sua… / – Give me some more. She’ll be the oldest. She’ll be older than me. – I want some more, too. / – She is 40 already. How long will you be here? After a week, I’ll go to Dubai. – For training? / – Yes. – For next season? / – Yes. Your team won the ACL, right? Yes, we did. (Proud) Thank you. – Did you watch it? / – Yes. In Thailand, what do you do on New Year’s Day? – We have the Songkran festival. / – Songkran? Yes, it’s a water festival. (They play with water guns.) Hey. (Sian is targeting Donggook.) Sian, you’re scary. (They’re focusing on Donggook.) (Happy New Year, Dad.) (They’re busy) (shooting and avoiding getting shot.) – Sian. / – I ran out of water. I’m wet. (Gosh, I got shot.) (Donggook is in danger.) Dad. (Don’t attack Dad.) (Seola is protecting her dad.) Attack Dad! (As Dad is being helplessly attacked,) (Seola becomes emotional.) – You brats. / – Look at her. Stop it. Nice. (I trained in taekwondo.) You brats. – I scared them away. / – You did. We scared away all bad luck. – Go away. / – Go away. (Only good things will happen in the new year.) (It’s a quiet mountain town in Gangwon Province.) This town is usually very quiet. Why is it so busy today? They have guests for the New Year. (It’s Seungjae’s mom.) I planned, with the university students’ help, to volunteer as a food distributor. The problem is that I’ve never tried to surprise her before. Even when you were dating? It makes me cringe. You did propose to her, right? Yes, I did. I just said, “Let’s live happily.” I just said that. (Yangim has no idea.) (Mini cameras are hidden everywhere.) To successfully surprise Yangim, Jiyong made a thorough preparation. (The cameras are hidden.) Jiyong is pretending to be a food distributor. (Yangim is here to have lunch.) Will he succeed in surprising her for the first time? – Is Mom here? / – You should keep quiet. Should we go see if Mom is here? (Mom has no idea.) Mom. Come here. (They hide themselves upstairs.) Mom is in there. Yes. Let’s go upstairs. Hello. (They arrive at the cafeteria.) I’m Professor Hur Yangim’s husband. – Hello. / – Hello. We’re here to surprise her. – Please help us. / – Okay. I brought some rice cakes and tangerines. Thank you. Can I help you with anything? We actually need some help with the cooking. Can you help us with that? Dad, what are you doing? Are you cooking? Yes, I am. (It’ll probably take long.) (He runs off.) (Peeking) (Where did he go without his dad knowing?) Snacks. It’s because we have food here. (He went to a table full of snacks.) Say thank you. (He takes a bite.) Look at him. (Mom’s colleague) What’s your name? Seungjae. I’m Ko Seungjae. (He treats the doctor as if he’s met him before.) Is there more? – After eating this, I’ll eat that. / – You will? He’s different from his mother. His dad is quiet too. How can you be so social? Your mom doesn’t let you eat those, right? (I got you.) I’ll tell your mom. I’ll tell your mom. (How will Seungjae react?) – Don’t. / – Shouldn’t he? You don’t have to tell her. Eat them while your mom is not here. (They entered a secret alliance.) (It’s lunchtime.) Hello. (Everything is ready.) Seungjae, I’m going to surprise your mom. Stay here. Keep quiet. (Seungjae will hide in the kitchen.) All right. – Thank you. / – Enjoy. (But…) Eat a lot. (It’s obviously Jiyong.) It’s finally lunchtime. Yangim heads to the cafeteria. (She takes a lunch break.) (She’s only 10m away from Jiyong.) (He keeps his head down.) (He spotted Yangim.) Enjoy. (She hasn’t noticed him yet.) (The line is getting shorter.) (Jiyong fixes his eyes on the food.) (They’re only a meter away.) (She still hasn’t recognized him.) (He’s trying to change his voice.) (Yangim finally looks up.) (Will she recognize him?) (Hitting) (Did she hit him?) What is this? (He got caught right away.) (Jiyong can’t stop laughing.) What are you doing? You’re not supposed to recognize me. It’s no fun. What are you doing here? Enjoy your lunch. – Where’s Seungjae? / – He’s there. Seungjae. (It’s Mom.) Look at this. Why are you here? Although it didn’t go as planned, isn’t it a half success? (Disappointed) What? Why are you here? Why did you come here? I just wanted to surprise you. Did you think I wouldn’t recognize you? I thought you wouldn’t recognize me. If I didn’t, what were you going to do? I was going to surprise you. How? Isn’t it a surprise that I’m here? (I’m the best present.) (He’s incredibly confident.) Thank you. I missed Seungjae. (I missed you too.) I missed you too. (Jiyong is shy.) (He’s smiling ear to ear.) Why are you laughing? Dad. Mom. Are you happy to see Mom? I love you, Mom. Thank you. I missed you. There’s some more they prepared. What are they doing now? (Giggling) Look at this. Here you go. Thank you. Thank you. (They’re handing out heat packs.) Thank you. How old are you? – I’m three. / – Are you three? Dad, am I three? You’re four now. You’re four this year. Let’s go. Please move. Did you sleep? Yes, I did. I’ll give one for him. Here you go. (They’re both working hard.) There was one more person. Here you go. (They’re making others happy.) Here you go. Thank you. (Seungjae doesn’t forget the doctors.) Take care. (Good job, my son.) Here I come. (By doing volunteer work, kids learn to be altruistic.) I need to treat patients. Go back with Dad. Good luck, Mom. – Okay. Have fun with Dad. / – We’ll get going. Good luck. – Bye. / – Good luck. (Good luck, Mom.) This place has hot springs. – Welcome. / – Hello. Soeul is seven and Daeul is four. How much is it? It’s 12 dollars for adults and 8 dollars for kids. Can’t I just be six? To save money? We need to follow the rule. That means only Daeul is counted as a kid. – Yes. / – Here you go. Thank you. (Men’s bath is that way and women’s bath is this way.) Men’s bath is that way and women’s is this way. Please go that way. – Is it divided? / – Yes. Is there no family bath? (Puzzled) (Bumsoo thought there would be family baths.) Can she do it alone? – I’m older now. I can do it alone. / – Are you sure? That’s a relief. Okay. It’s an open-air bath. – Let’s shout to each other. / – Okay. – Okay? / – Okay. – See you in a while. / – Bye, Soeul. (This was filmed after the business hours.) Blue mountains (They’re warming themselves up in the bath.) It’s so warm. What if there are sharks? Sharks? Then you should save me. It’s too warm for sharks. What will you do if there are? Will you save me or run away? (I’m scared of sharks.) Isn’t Soeul here yet? Soeul. (Women’s bath, men’s bath) Soeul. (What is she doing? Why isn’t she answering me?) Soeul. It’s really warm here. Soeul, did you hear me? (There’s no answer.) Lee Soeul! I guess she’s still taking a shower. I guess so, right? Correct. Soeul is still busy taking a shower. (Soeul’s beauty care at a public bath) Women need more time for showering. Shall I wash my hair now? (Soeul is more beautiful than a flower.) Soeul. (Bumsoo and Daeul await Soeul for so long.) Lee Soeul. Can’t you hear me? (Can’t you hear me?) We’re so loud. Can’t you hear us? (Gosh, I’m so busy right now.) Take a shower quickly and come outside. (Finally, Soeul comes outside.) Someone called me. Where’s Daeul? I’m down here! (I’m down here!) I’m down here with Dad. – Is that so? / – Yes. – Daeul. / – Yes. (The family is reunited through voice.) What took you so long? Whenever I went to a public bath when I was young, my mom always came late. My dad got undoubtedly mad from waiting. Why didn’t they go at a different time? Soeul’s a girl so of course she’d want to primp a bit. That’s why she was a bit late. That made me smile. – Lee Daeul. / – Why? – Dad. / – Yes? Are you above me? I’m beside you. Really? You’re beside me? Yes, by the wall. In a warm place. Listen, I’ll knock on the wall. All right. (Knocking) I’ll give it a try as well. You are here. You really are. I want to be where you are at. Me, too. I miss you. I miss her, too. Daeul, who do you miss? Soeul. – Soeul. / – Yes? Why did you take so long? That’s… It’s difficult to explain. Why? I washed my face, put on a facial mask and also washed my hair. How did you come so early? We did all of them. We did them at once, nonstop. (Nonstop) (Bumsoo wiped Daeul’s face three times.) (He briefly washed Daeul’s feet.) There’s a reason why men only take five minutes to shower. (They finished showering in five minutes.) Soeul! Why? (Daeul points at the sky.) It’s the moon. Look at the moon. What color is the moon? It’s white. It’s white. It’s bright. While looking at the moon, make a wish for how you want this year to be. I’ll make a wish first. (Bumsoo’s wish for 2017) In 2017, I’d like Soeul and Daeul to be braver, more courageous and healthier. All right? – Soeul, make a wish. / – I wish that you wouldn’t sound so mean. I don’t sound mean. I just speak fast, so I say a lot of different things. Since I speak fast, you think I sound mean? It’s because I speak fast. (I’ll speak slowly from now on.) Please don’t speak in a mean way now. Soeul, make a wish now. Dear Moon, hello. Since I’m seven years old, I want to be prettier and cooler. (I can’t hear anything.) Soeul, speak louder. No, I’ve already done it. (It’s a secret between the moon and I.) – Soeul. / – Yes? – Was the trip fun? / – Yes. What about you, Daeul? It was fun. I’m so happy. I’m so happy too. (I’m so happy too.) All right! (Their happiness is charged 100 percent.) (The winter rain presses people.) I think it’s raining. Oh, dear. What if people don’t come to buy the books? Seojun, will we be able to sell all our books? Yes. (Seojun is deeply worried.) Seoeon, I have a good idea. If we play around, people will come for a laugh. (That’s true!) Look. If I do this, people will find it funny and come. It’s a great idea, isn’t it? (He nods.) Let’s try that. (They established a marketing strategy.) Let’s go. (His steps are light.) Seojun, let’s buy gloves. (Why gloves all of a sudden?) – Hello. / – Do you have gloves? Where are gloves? What kind of gloves do you need? Adult gloves. A man will wear them. A man will wear them? Do we have some money left? We have so much money left. Shall we get something for the gentleman, as he’s cold? Warm gloves. The ones here are for adults. These and these. Are they warm once you wear them? Yes, they’re very warm. I chose this. This is cool, isn’t it? Yes, it is. What are you selling over there? “Big Issue”. Come and buy them. All right. – The latest “Big Issue” is out. / – Gosh, it’s cold. It’s five dollars. Where are Seoeon and Seojun? They went upstairs to have some bread. – Is that so? / – Yes. Did Seojun go? Aren’t your kids here? They went to have some bread. (Everyone asks about the twins.) I like Seojun a lot. Thank you. – The latest “Big Issue” is out. / – Dad. (Dad!) Did you eat well? – Seoeon. / – Here’s a gift. A gift? (Ta-da.) Who is it for? – The gentleman. / – The gentleman? – It’s for him? / – Yes. Let’s see. (You have a gift for me?) (A surprise gift from the twins) – Thank you. / – They’re gloves. – Let’s shake hands. / – Shake hands. Thank you. – Try them on. / – I will. They look warm. Thank you. They’re so warm. – I’ll give it another try. / – Me too. – You want to try again? / – You want to try again? Me too. There are people who didn’t get them. Let’s do that. (Seojun makes a funny face to attract customers.) Thanks to both of you, we’ll sell a lot. Come and buy the books. Buy these. Come and buy these. The latest “Big Issue”. “Big Issue”. That’s not how you pronounce it. The latest “Big Issue”. It’s five dollars! Come and buy the books! – The magazine of hope, “Big Issue”. / – “Big Issue”. (People start to take interest.) Come and buy the books now! – We got customers. / – Come and buy them! – Hello. / – Hello, Seoeon and Seojun. – My goodness. / – My goodness. Seojun, you look great in this picture. – Buy a lot. / – You want me to buy a lot? How many should I get? 100 books! No. All right, then. I’ll buy as many books as I can. – Give me a high five. / – Me too. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (With Seojun’s cute act, they sold six magazines.) – Come now. / – There’s a girl coming. Welcome! (He is quick when selling the magazines.) Thank you. Here you go. (He even gives her a hug.) – Thank you. / – Thank you. Seojun, we’ll go to the restroom for a second. We’ll be back soon so take a rest for a while. We’ll be back. (It’s their break time.) As the weather isn’t nice, they couldn’t sell a lot. What will Seojun do? (I need to sell 100 of them.) This is a good book. (This is a good book.) Seojun, speak up. Buy many books! Louder. Buy many books! (The twins shout as loud as they can nonstop.) Come and buy them! This is a good book! (They start to attract all the attention.) You don’t have to feel embarrassed. Just come. (A little boy approaches from behind.) Why isn’t anyone coming? He’s your friend. – He’s your friend. / – It’s my five dollars. – Where did you get it from? / – He’ll buy that. If you want to buy it, you need to give it to me. – Do I put it here? / – He put it inside. (I put five dollars, so I’ll take a book.) Thank you. Thank you. Let’s shake hands. (Seoeon offers one more magazine.) You just need to give him one only. – Just one book. All right. / – It’s a good book. (It’s a good book. Don’t you need more?) Bye. Bye. Happy New Year. Come and buy the books. (The twins continue to sell the magazines.) – Can I buy this? / – Yes. How much is it? It’s five dollars. Do you have change? (Seojun is good at calculating.) Here you go. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – How many do you want? / – Give me one more. Thank you. How much are they? Give me two five-dollar bills. I don’t have that. I have a 10-dollar bill instead. Thank you. (That’ll be fine.) (Many people participate in the good cause.) How many do you want? (Seoeon delivers the books promptly.) Thank you. (Seojun is in charge of giving change.) – Hello. / – Hello. (The twins make a great team.) I’ll give you ten dollars. Give me five dollars back. Are you a foreigner? – I’m Taiwanese. / – Take it. (Seojun counts if it’s five dollars.) – Here’s five dollars. / – Thank you. (Seoeon pinches her nose.) Gosh, he’s cute. Thank you. Happy New Year. (As the copies decrease, the twins feel happier.) How many books did we sell? (They sold most of the books on the table.) We only have one bundle left. Then, we’ll be done. – Here we go. / – Hello. Are you here to buy books? Yes, I came to buy books. (They have one last book.) Here you go. Thank you. (She’s moved.) Thank you. There’s nothing on this side now. We sold everything. Twins. – We sold 100 books. / – You sold 100 books? – Yes. / – Dad. You really did sell a lot. Nothing’s here now. – Who sold them? / – Me. Really? (Great job, both of you.) – You really sold all of them? / – Yes. The latest issue is out. (The sale continues despite the bad weather.) – It’s five dollars. / – It’s five dollars. – I came for a magazine. / – I see. Thank you. You helped out on a good cause. Buy a lot. How much is it? It’s five dollars. I see, it’s five dollars. (Touched) “Big Issue”. I sold more books. You really sold a lot of books. – Dad, I really sold a lot. / – 50 dollars… Look. We’ll now give the money to him for a good cause. – Here. / – That’s it. – Thank you. / – Give me a high five. – Great job. / – Seoeon, give it with two hands. – Give him with both hands. / – Thank you. Well done. Give me a high five. – Happy New Year. / – Great job. Thank you for your work. Thank you. (We wish the world to be a better place in 2017.) Next week, episode 168 of The Return of Superman, “Childcare Requires Physical Strength.”

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