The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.16 (2014.03.09)

– Oh, dear. / – Oh, dear! Oh, dear… Who wants to eat grapes? Me! A good father isn’t one who does everything for their kids. It’s one that shares every moment with them. Fish! Haru, fish. Haru… Haru, Haru! Fish! It’s more meaningful because they’re together. And it’s more fun because they’re together for the 48 hours. The Supermen have nothing to be afraid of if they’re with their kids. Their stories begin now. The Return of Superman. Episode 16. “I’m Not Afraid If We’re Together.” The three boys aren’t afraid of anything if they’re together. Close your book for a second. I have something to tell you. What should we do for the 10 days of holidays you have left? Ski resort! – Ski resort? / – No, racing kids park! Where are we going? Tokyo? Japan! Sarang’s house! – Excited? / – Yes. It’s Uncle Sunghoon. Oh, really? Hi, Sarang. I’ll give her this. The awkwardness from their first meeting disappeared like the spring snow. Sarang, Junu and Junseo were like siblings. Should we go for raw fish in Japan? We’ll eat whatever you want to eat. Think about it. Sunghoon and Shiho both invited the Jang family. He said it’d be fun if we went over his house. So we’ve decided to visit. They’re becoming closer through these visits. Junu! Junu! What kind of memories will they make this time? “Get him!” Isn’t it great? It’s more fun because they’re together. They share special memories. In just a moment… We reveal the story of these two families that’s more exciting than the coming of spring. It doesn’t say when we’re leaving. Tomorrow! – In the morning? / – Yeah. We’ll be leaving at around 7. – That’s an early start. / – But… I’m full of worry. – Why? / – What if there’s an earthquake? What about earthquakes? Plus they have dogs at Sarang’s house? And we don’t speak Japanese! I don’t want to. The thing that I’m most afraid of is dogs. Just… Even if they don’t bite, I get scared when they follow around. Will I survive? But Sarang’s mom speaks Japanese. Yeah. Should we just learn how to greet in Japanese? Yeah. Good morning is “ohayo.” In the afternoon, it’s “konnichiwa.” In the evening, it’s “konbanwa.” They’d use “konnichiwa” a lot then. Happy New Year and… “Akemashite omedeto.” Junseo. “Akemashite omedeto.” Put them in this carrier. The things you want to take the most. Legoes! 3 things each. I want to take our house. Our house? I’m going to pack mom. Mom as well. No thanks. – Okay, okay. / – To our house… Hurry! Just throw in everything you see. Yeah, everything we see. Let’s go. Junu should… – I want to go with mom. / – Junu, you take this. What? Just go. Why are you being like that? He was comfortable with being at home… It must be strange to leave mom behind. I want to go with mom. You can’t go with me. Should I sneak on the plane? Yeah. Go and have fun with Sarang. Show her how cool you can be. You’ll forget all about me once you get there. You won’t want to come back. – I want to go with you. / – I’ll piggy back you. Come on. Oh, geez. Mom, you’re using energy for no reason. Have fun. See you. Why are you being like that? Junseo, are you going to stay home with mom? – Huh? / – Yeah. Junseo, you stay home with me. – Come on. / – Will you? What should we do? Have fun. Hurry, you’ll be late. – You’ll miss your flight. / – Yeah. – See you. / – Bye. Bye, Junu. Bye. Junseo. Do you want to take mom? I want to go with mom. Mom… Mom… Mister, please stop the car. Get out, Junseo. – Get out. / – I want to go with mom. Junseo says he can’t go. Junseo. It’s just tough for this moment. You’ll forget about me when you get there. You’ll have so much fun, okay? Even if you stay home, I won’t be here for 3 days. – It’s the same thing. / – Isn’t it 2 days? No, it was always 3 days. If you miss your flight, you really can’t go. Dad can’t go and Junu can’t either. – Anyway… / – You promised me pogs! Okay then. – Pogs? / – I don’t know. Hurry off. – Bye. / – See you. The kids are going to tease me. – That I cried. / – Because you cried? – Then don’t cry. / – Yeah. You can just stop crying then. Okay? What will you do at school now? But this is a trip. – He was so happy about going to Japan. / – I know. It’s the first time they’ve gotten on a plane and their first overseas trip without mom. But if they’re with dad, there’s nothing to be afraid of. – I’m kind of smiling. / – Are you? What will it be like in Tokyo without mom? Meanwhile, Sarang’s family is busy preparing for the guests to arrive. Sarang, do you want to eat yogurt? I want to eat yogurt. What should I add to your yogurt? Should I add grapes? Grapes? Don’t add grapes. No grapes? Don’t add grapes! Really? – Apple? / – Okay. Delicious. Sarang, is it delicious? How is it? Sarang? Sarang? Sarang? Sarang? Is it good? – Sarang, today… / – Yes? Soon, Junu and Junseo will be here. What will you do when they get here? Hello! – Will you say hello? / – Yes. What will you do when they’re good to you? – Hello. / – Not hello. You say thank you. Thank you. – Thanks. / – Thanks. Make sure you say that when they’re nice to you. Okay. – Excited? / – Yes. So you are excited. You’re perfect, Sarang. Yes. When you come back home from being outside, you can catch a cold. Make sure you brush your teeth before bed. Brush, brush. Brush your teeth before you sleep. When you’re hungry? What do you want to eat? Before you go to bed? Brush, brush. – Okay? / – Yes. – Do you promise? / – Yes. When Junu and Junseo get here? Hello! When they’re good to you? – Hello. / – Thank you. Thank you. Okay? Sarang, promise me. Okay. What will you say when Junu and Junseo get here? Hello! – She’s good, right? / – Hello… How do you say, “Welcome,” in Korean? “Eoseo oseyo.” Say, “eoseo oseyo,” Sarang. “Eoseo oseyo.” Hello! Welcome! Hello! Welcome! Thank you! It’s not like I ever taught her but she said, “Junu’s coming over!” She looked really excited. She only spent a night over there but she must’ve had so much fun. She’s really excited about today. I’m really looking forward to it as well. I hope Junu and Junseo have a great time in Japan as well. I hope they make great memories with Sarang. Sarang’s cleaning. Is it because Junu’s coming? Sarang, that side as well. I have a good feeling about this, Sunghoon. “Eodi gaseyo?” What’s she saying? “Eodi gaseyo?” What does that mean? “Eodi gaseyo?” She’s saying, “Where are you going?” Huh? Where are you going? I’m going to work. Where are you going? You’re amazing, Sarang. Where are you going? What? What’s up, Sarang? Yes? What are you saying? Where are you going? Where are you going? What’s going on? She can speak naturally in Korean now. Where are you going? Stop it. Stop it? – Where did you learn that? / – Stop it! Where did you learn that? – Stop it! / – Again? – Stop it. / – I don’t want to. I don’t want to. Stop please. Huh? Stop please. You learnt to say that too? Stop please. Don’t say that. Did Hyeonseong cook for you in Korea? Yes, he did. Oh… He must be a good cook. No, he’s terrible. – What? / – He’s real bad. – He’s bad, yet he cooked for you? / – Yeah. That’s amazing. Was it delicious? Well… – How does it taste? / – It’s good. – It was so-so. / – Don’t lie. He cooked for you when he’d never cooked before. He can’t cook anything. He’s never cooked before then. How unexpected. The three boys in the sky are each enjoying their own leisure. Will their dreams come true? Meanwhile, each day is like a dream at the twins’ house. Let’s go to dad after he finishes eating. Let’s go to dad and sleep. Didn’t you wake him too early? As if I woke him. He woke up on his own. You woke him, right? No, I didn’t wake him. It’s -8℃! Now? This is trouble. Good boy. If only we just had Seoeon. Stop saying things like that. We have two sons. I’m just saying it for laughs. But still, don’t say things like that. You don’t even let me say he’s gained weight. You can say that. But I think it’s better if you don’t say negative things. It’s just a joke. If only we just had Seoeon. I would’ve raised him well. – Honey! / – No, I mean… Not that I would’ve raised him well but it would’ve been easier. It’s more fun because we have twins. It is fun. – Honey. / – Yes? What will you do for 2 days? Get some rest. Where? I’ll spend one day at my parents’. And one day in New York. You always go to New York. – Mom’s so strange. / – My friend’s house. I’ll take a break after this week’s shoot. – Why? / – What do you mean? No! Why not? Why do you get a break? I just want a day off. To do what? Go to New York. Only I can go to New York. How unfair is that. What kind of nonsense is that? – Right? / – Honey. – I told you this last time. / – What? If you spend time without me with the boys, then you’re not around when mom is… That will cause psychological problems for them. Can you go? Don’t you feel anxious? Nope. Since you do so well. As if I do well. Can you stick this on my shoulder? Does your shoulder hurt a lot? Where? See the line here? You’re trying to stop me from leaving. No. – Honey. / – Yeah. I want to ask for a favor. Can’t you buy me iced coffee before you go? Of course I can. – Buy me some on the way. / – Okay. You’ll want to come back home. And you’ll miss the babies. I’ll leave it outside the door and text you. That’s fine but the thing is… It’s like you getting me coffee, but you miss the kids too much. – I can’t get them out of my mind. / – Yeah. And you can’t leave. That’d be real. That is real, right? And then you just stay with me. – As I cry? / – Yeah. Crying and saying you just can’t leave. That’d be real. And you fight with the director. – Huh? / – That’s too much of a soap opera. It was good up to there. He’s awake. Did you sleep well? Did you sleep well? Why have you grown so much? When did you grow so much? Who said you could grow so much? Huh? Who said you could grow so much? Who told you to grow so much? Who said?Who said you could grow so much?Don’t like that? Okay. Seojun. Why are you sad? You know mom’s leaving, right? – Tell mom not to leave. / – Come here. Tell mom to stay. – Ask her where she’s going? / – Let’s have water. Ask her where she’s going without you. Go to daddy. Mommy has to leave now. If he comes. He’ll go 100%. – Don’t be so sure. / – It’s 100%. You’re his favorite. If he doesn’t come when I call, you can’t leave. I’ll take him with me. You will? Seojun? Agreed. That’s good, right? Who are you asking? Who were you trying to get support from? I call him but he doesn’t come. Then you take him with you. Don’t push him to me. Don’t push him to me. Why push him? I was just helping. Trying to cheat with our son? Gosh, this woman… Don’t move your hands. If he comes to me when I call and you stay still… But if he turns his head to you and rejects me, then you take him with you. Okay? – Seojun. / – I’m so nervous. Hold your hands still. Hold your hands still. Don’t move that hand. He’s ready to go. No, he should be like this. See, he’s hugging you. You haven’t called him yet. 1, 2, 3. Seojun… Why don’t you get me? I’d better hurry and leave. Why don’t you know what I want? Huh? Goodbye. Goodbye. Bye. You’d better put something on Seojun’s lips. I’ll text you. Okay. – Honey. / – Yeah? Chin up. – Honey! / – Yes… – Do well. / – Yeah. Huh? What’s this? Why’d you throw up? What’s going on? Why’s he throwing up? Was I too rough with him? Now let’s meet the unpredictably charming friend of fish, Haru. When I do abracadabra, cheese will appear. – Abracadabra. / – Wait. Abracadabra! Should we eat it again? You want to eat it again? We can’t. No, just twice. Just once. Dance here and I’ll get some. Keep dancing until I get the cheese. Okay. It’s not dancing if you just move your arms. You should move your feet too. Are you going to eat one too? No. I’ll open it for you. I’m good at it. – You’re good at it? / – Yeah.Hide, hide, I can still see you!You’re so funny. What are you up to? She’s not here. – Haru’s disappeared. / – Yeah. Haru’s disappeared. Where’s Haru? Is this her? I don’t think so. – This is my tummy. / – Wait a minute. Did your tummy always have a nose? And have lips? – That’s my belly button. / – Is it? – Your belly button? / – Yes. – That seems like… / – It’s bone. – Bone? / – It’s my rib bone. Found you! Found you. Haru, we’ll be meeting Big Bang today. Your uncles from Big Bang. Let’s hurry. No opening the fridge. – I’ll give you food. / – No. I’m helping you. I want to meet the Big Bang uncles too. Which Big Bang uncle? Who? Who do you want to meet? – Me? / – Yeah. All of them. No, you have to choose one. Who do you want to meet? Uncle T.O.P! Meet him. Go meet T.O.P. I really want to go to the Big Bang concert. I had to wonder if he had to go with her now. I could be selling glowsticks in the corner. With the Big Bang concert… First of all they’re family. And I’m such a fan of Big Bang. Also… It so happens that they’re having a concert. Haru, check this out. You know Taeyang, right? You know Uncle Taeyang? What’s Uncle Taeyang’s song? That’s daddy’s song that Uncle Taeyang featured in. Of course, there are people who think that it’s Taeyang’s song. Uncle Taeyang sent a text. “I really want to see Haru too. See you later, Tablo.” He really wants to see you. Do you like Uncle Taeyang or Uncle GD? Uncle T.O.P or Uncle Daesung or Uncle Seungri? Uncle Jiyong. – Huh? / – Uncle Jiyong. Uncle Jiyong? – Do you know what your dream is? / – Yes. What’s my dream? Your dream is GD! GD! You favorite uncle used to be Taeyang. That’s when I was a baby. When you were a baby? So you like Uncle Jiyong now since you’re a girl? Yeah. Taeyang will be upset. Is Taeyang like Pororo for the kids? – Is he? / – Yeah. Is this it? Are the uncles here? The Big Bang uncles are having a concert here. So we’re here to cheer them on. Haru, let’s go. Let’s go. She’s so cute. – Hi. / – Hello. – Haru! / – Hello. – Hello! / – Okay. – You’re handsome. / – You’re handsome! – You two look so alike. / – She’s so pretty. The girls like you. Let’s greet them. Say hi. It’s because they like you. Act pretty. Just once. Goodbye. What’s with dad? Haru, let’s meet the boys. Hey, Jiyong’s in there. – Carry me in. / – Want me to carry you? A short while later… The uncles that stir Haru’s heart. Haru… Haru, he’s a fish. Uncle Taeyang. Kiss. Give him a kiss. And… The love of the 5-year-old Haru. How will her meeting with Uncle GD go? Wow. Pudding! Look, it’s pudding. Pudding… There you go. Dad, you try. – You know this kinetic sand… / – Yeah? I get sad when I think of this sand. Why? It’s amazing and yet saddening. It was made for people who can’t play outside. That’s true. No. – No. / – No. – Oh, gosh. / – Oh, gosh. – Oh, gosh! / – Oh, gosh… Oh, gosh… – Oh, gosh. / – Oh, gosh… Oh, gosh. Who wants to eat grapes? Me! Who wants this? Me! Who wants to eat grapes? Me! Who wants to eat jelly? Me! Who wants to eat grapes? Me! – Is it good? / – You have some. Grapes please. Sarang, banana. Who wants to eat banana? I really want to eat a banana. Banana? She’s gone to get a real banana. – Banana please. / – Okay. Doesn’t dad want one? No, dad doesn’t want one. Banana! Banana… Did you bring a real banana? Will peanut rice be okay? I don’t know. I’ve never had it myself. I haven’t had it before either. How can you ask if it’ll be okay… – If we’ve never had it before? / – I don’t know. Badump, badump. Badump, badump. Instant noodles. Sit up! Sit up! Sit up? It’s the song you like. You like it, right? She knows it. Sit up. Sit up! Sit up? Sit up. Oh, gosh. Sit up, Sarang. Sarang, you sit up too. Sorry. Sorry! Sit up, Sarang. Sit up, Sarang. You sit up too. Frog. I want to see a frog. You want to sing the frog song? Should we sing the frog song? – Should we sing the frog song? / – Yes. Who wants to sing the frog song? Me! Okay. What is this? One more time. Want to go one more time? Dad, wake up. Dad, wake up. Give me a pat. No, you do it gently. Like this… I won’t do it for you then. I won’t do it for you then. Why you… Okay! Give me a pat. That’s the way. That’s the way. Ouch. Junu. Dad. Junu… Junu will be here soon? – Junseo. / – With Junseo. The three Jangs have finally arrived in Tokyo. Junseo, Uncle Sunghoon has dogs at home. Okay. They won’t bite if you stay still. Oh, Choo Sunghoon. – Are you in Japan? / – I just arrived. I’m trying to get to your house now. But we don’t know how to get there. – Take the streetcar. / – The subway… And get to Tamachi Station. – Hamachi? / – Yes, Tamachi Station. – Samachi? / – Tamachi. It’s less than 5 minutes walk from there. – Okay, I got it. / – Okay. How long does it take from the airport? – Maybe around 30 minutes. / – Okay… Okay I’ll be right there. – Okay, we’ll be waiting. / – Bye. They’ll be here soon. Junu and Junseo will be here. Junu! Yes, Junu and Junseo are coming. Do you like Junu or Junseo? – Junseo. / – Junseo? You like Junseo? Junseo! Do you like Junseo or Anpanman? Anpanman! Oh, yeah? Then how about… Mickey Mouse or mom? – Mom! / – Oh, yeah? Then Mickey Mouse or dad? Dad! Dad? Dad or bread? Bread! Bread. Bread? Yeah. No, no. Do you like dad or bread? Daddy bread. Daddy bread? What’s that? – You like bread? / – Yes. Really? Uncle Sunghoon and Sarang are waiting for Junu and Junseo. Sarang’s not waiting for me. – I hear she is. / – Oh, really? Yeah. Junseo, do you remember what to say when you first meet them? – “Konnichiwa.” / – “Konnichiwa.” “Konnichiwa?” – We have to take the subway. / – Is this right? Can we get on the subway here? I wonder… Bus… Oh, this must be it. Airport Terminal… From here to here. – Where do we go? / – It’s here too. Oh, looks like we have to get on over there. Let’s go. The station must be that way. Wait. Are we going the wrong way? Excuse me. We’re looking for the subway station. Subway station. Oh, second floor. – The second floor? / – Yes. Thank you. Looks like we have to go up a level. What? For the subway? Looks like it. Where was it again? Here it is. Is the subway at the gate over there? Where are you headed? Tamachi Station? Tamachi… Get on this line here. And get to Shinagawa. I see. – You just have to go one way. / – I see. Yes. Your son is so pretty. – Thank you. / – Say thank you, Junu. You’re prettier than my son. – Thank you for that. / – You’re welcome. – Thank you. / – Goodbye. Let’s get going. Excuse me. We are looking for Tamachi Station. Two kids and one adult. Thank you. We have to head towards Shinagawa. What if we get on the wrong train? Will that be big trouble for us? Let’s go and ask. Hello. Excuse me. We’re going to Shinagawa Station. – Yes, it is. / – Correct? Thank you. Junseo… Since the train’s here… 1… 3! Got it? Do they give you food on this? Get on. Dad, when do we get off? We’ll get off after three stations. It’s our first time on a Japanese subway. It’s pretty much the same as in Korea. Let’s take a look outside. Hey, that’s fascinating. It’s a little different to Korea, right? – Is this station, Shinagawa? / – Yes, Shinagawa. Dad, you’re good at Japanese. He’s speaking English. I just asked about the station. Do you understand? – Just a little. / – We get off here? It’s Shinagawa. We get off here. Oh, yeah! Do we transfer now? Yeah. That must be the way. Junu… Let’s get on. We have to transfer over there. Where is Tamachi Station? – Tamachi? / – Tamachi Station. Dad! – Dad, do we get on? / – No, no. Don’t get on that one. We go to the other side. They’re coming. Junu and Junseo are coming. Junu. Yes, Junu and Junseo are coming. Junu… Tamachi Station. Let’s sleep. Go to sleep. Sarang! Mom’s leaving. I’m leaving! What will you say when Junu and Junseo get here? Hello. Hello and welcome. Okay. Go for it. Take good care of Kyoro and Buru as well. Can’t you take them? Take them now? Since I can’t take them for a walk. Then I’ll bring them back in the evening. – Yes, okay. / – Okay. Say goodbye. Bye bye. See you later. Let’s look for Sarang’s house now. Sarang’s house is around here somewhere. – Where is it? / – There’s a fat bus. Dad, check out the traffic lights. The traffic lights look funny. He said it was a 5-minute walk. What? That long? I need to ask someone who’d know the way. Those people gave us the wrong directions. Isn’t that it? Is that it? I think it’s one of those two. – Dad, I think it’s that one. / – Yeah. Yes, yes. It is that one. Really? Shouldn’t we go back this way? No, no. No. After all that work… They finally found Sarang’s house. I can step on it with my shoes, right? You said you felt upset because Sarang seemed to be only close with Junu. How did you know? So that you can get close with Sarang… Ta-da! Do you know what this is? Wow. Sarang likes Peter Pan. That looks cool. It really looks like Peter Pan. I’ll look weird. What is this? You look like a Peter Pan prince. It’s weird. You look really cool. It’s weird. – Wow! / – Junseo, you look so cool. – Junseo. / – Yes? You look so awesome. You really look like Peter Pan. I think Sarang will love this costume. I can step on it with my shoes, right? Oh, yes. – Hello. / – Hello. Just a minute. – They’re here! / – They’re here! – The boys are here. / – The boys are here. When they arrive, make sure you say, “Welcome.” Okay? Say, “Welcome.” Say, “Welcome.” Okay? “Welcome!” Say, “Welcome.” Welcome! – Welcome. / – Welcome… So cute. What if Sarang cries when I take this off? What if she cries when I take this off? Then you should always keep it on. Junu’s here. Junseo’s here too. Junu and Junseo are here. Junseo, you stand here. You go in first. – Welcome! / – Hello! Hello… – Welcome! / – Hello! Hello… They’re no longer awkward or afraid. They’re happier than ever to be together. They grow through trust and mature by overcoming fear. The exciting trip of the Choovely family and the Jangs. It’ll continue shortly. Hold me. – Want me to carry you in? / – Yes. Fish? Haru! Fish! He’s a fish. You look just like a fish. It’s Daesung. Of course you know Daesung. I scared you, didn’t I? Haru, Uncle Daesung… Haru… Fish? Haru. Haru. Haru, look at me. I’m leaving. You’re leaving? I’ll show you magic. Haru, I’ll show you magic. – Don’t be sad. / – Okay. She’s like that every day to me. Haru, watch this. Fish! How did he do that? Fish! Oh, my! One fish here. Now two! Red fish! Black fish! My goodness. This is unbelievable. Fish… Haru, you can do magic too, right? You’re good too, Haru. I’m sorry, Tablo… No. I think I’ve upset her. Haru, it’s Uncle Fish. Don’t you think only Daesung will air on TV? I think all we’ll see is Daesung when this airs. No, the thing is… It was so sad just then. That was the same face from when you were Santa. I know. Hi, kids. Bye! Haru, he may look like that now. But in a minute, he’ll look so cool on stage. He did stuff like this for you but you just ran away. He says he feels like Santa Claus. Jiyong… She’s met Big Bang many times. We’ve hung out together too. But the alarming thing is… Haru watches Jiyong’s solo album music video, and acts all embarrassed and stuff. And goes red. I think he’s like Haru’s ideal type of man. Wait… Okay. You made me look! Okay, okay. Keep your eyes closed. Keep them closed. I already saw him. – Okay. / – I’m embarrassed. You’re embarrassed? Then sneak a look. Watch in secret. Should we do the cake on our own? – Birthday party? / – No. Okay then. – I’m embarrassed. / – No need to be. Let’s go out. They want to say hi to you. – I’m embarrassed. / – You are? Just sit still. – It’s not scary. / – I’m embarrassed. It’s not scary. It’s not scary. Haru, uncle’s here. Haru, look here. Haru, he’s not scary at all. Haru. Haru. Haru. It’s the uncle you’ve been waiting for. Serious… Kids are impossible. It’s hard. She’s like this at least once a day. It takes an hour to convince her inside. It takes an hour to convince her inside. She’s a little… She’s a fan. She likes “Fantastic Baby” best. It must be because Haru’s a “Fantastic Baby.” Nice. She thought the title was “Get Together Now.” She always asks me to play “Get Together Now.” Okay. Come here. We’ll get the members to go up. Haru, they have to go up. Say bye. – Let’s go and watch. / – Bye, Haru. Oh, geez. Okay. I’ll close your eyes for you. I’ll hold you. The uncles are going up on stage now. Let’s say goodbye. Kiss. It’s Uncle Jiyong. He’s going up to sing now. Look, the first song is “Haru Haru.” Fascinating, isn’t it? Enjoy the show. I’ll go up now. I’m going. Uncle Taeyang. Kiss. Give him a kiss, come on. – It’s been a while. / – Kiss. Just once. – He won’t sing otherwise. / – Guess it’s my turn. Haru, I’ll get ready. Haru, just a fist bump then. – Haru. / – She’s going to cry. She won’t cry. Fist bump. Haru, fist bump. Oh, gosh… Okay, no more. Say bye. Uncle Taeyang, bye bye. You don’t know who I am, do you? All the best. Fist bump. Seriously. How could you do that to such popular guys. Are you having fun? Fun? You know this song, right? In the past, when Big Bang were performing “Lies,” we were performing “FAN.” So we even had joint performances on “Music Bank.” And they’re still doing so well. In Epik High’s case… As we’ve gone through all sorts of hardships, we couldn’t hold a concert. Watching them reminded me of the old days. Haru! It’s 2NE1’s Dara. Long time no see. Do you remember me? Am I an aunt? You went over Dara’s house. Hi.2NE1.Hi. Do you remember me? She’s a little shy. I’m definitely an auntie. No, it doesn’t matter. Are you going home? Yes. Haru. Hi is here too. It’s Lee Hi. No, the funny thing is… Do you know how she pronounces your name? – How? / – She calls you Hawaii. Hawaii. Hi. Give her a high-five. Yeah! She’s just so chic. – I’ll come over. / – Okay. Bye.We haven’t been out in a while.We haven’t been out in a while.– Hello. / – Hello. So many… So many… So many friends here, boys. Look how many babies are here. So many friends. I watched Sunghoon massaging Sarang and I was so impressed. I thought it was a great idea. Sometimes when I give them baths, I massage their necks. Doing that is good for their circulation. And I thought it’d help them grow. So I thought it’d be best to learn. We’re going to practice massaging our babies. Please start with their heads. Why’s it all in English? Grab them lightly here. And massage them from the bottom up. All the way to their feet. If they flip over… – Just keep them in that position. / – Okay. Do both legs. Do one leg at a time. This side then this side. The outside then inside. Is he Seoeon? Seoeon cries a lot, right? – Yes. / – With Seoeon… I’ve seen him cry. I’ll teach you how to calm a baby when he cries. You can calm them down with massage. This won’t do. If you rub the top of his head… It can calm their temperature. It’s a good massage technique. Calm them down like this. Then rub his back. And you can lower their rising energy. Do this and comfort him with words. – It’s okay, Seoeon. / – Oh, you’re upset, right? – Good boy. / – Good boy. Now we’ll massage their legs so they grow nice and long. We’ll start with the left leg.Shake, shake.That feels so good.Shake, shake.Great job.– Well done. / – Well done. Your left leg has grown long.Rub, rub.Let’s make the right leg long too. Hold on like this. Let’s stretch them out once more. You smile so much. He cried too much till he got here. Really? But you can smile so well. Did you? It’s okay. We should respect their wishes too. They cry when they have both parents here? Hey, you guys are alright. We’ll learn the stomach massage today. Oh, you’ve come all the way here. These kids like me so much. Rather than focusing on their massages… They keep coming over here. This time we’ll do the twist. Why are you guys fighting? Grab their calves. And shake and twist. If you do that… You soften their backs. Seoeon, come here. Peek-a-boo. He runs off if you go near. It’s hard to get close to you. Zoom! Oh, my! Seojun’s over there. Hey, Seojun! Seojun, she’s giving you a ball. She’ll give you a ball. Seoeon! Fun, right, Seoeon? Oh, no. Good work, everyone. The twins had a tough but meaningful day. Seoeon, Seojun, your toy. Look. It’s the toy that you like. Your toy, boys. The toy you like. Seojun, come here. This is yours. Good, right? Seojun, don’t go up there. How do we come down? Backwards, like this. That’s the way. When are you going to eat? Seojun. What’s this on your face? Oh! Seojun! Oh! Seojun! What’ll you do? What am I going to do? They always follow each other. Seojun, don’t go there. Seojun. Seoeon. Oh, dear. Don’t. You can’t do that. Come out. Let’s watch Pororo. I’m forcing you out. Let’s watch Pororo. Pororo. Pororo. Seojun, come here. Pororo. Pororo. Wait. Why isn’t this working? Wow, check out the tennis. They won’t watch this. Lee Seojun! Seriously, Pororo… He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Good boys. I’ll turn it off if you get too close. It’ll turn off if you get too close. Seoeon. Don’t touch that. Are you climbing on the sofa? You can climb up on your own. Don’t cry and climb up. You come up on your own. There you go. You can climb the sofa. Climbing onto daddy’s territory. Mommy? Are you asking for mommy? Will you only ask for mommy? Will you only ask for mommy? Oh, my. You farted while laughing. Good boy. Oh, daddy. Your brother. Tell him to come here. Come here. Good boy. Brother… Why’s he in such a good mood? You’re playing well together. You play well. I used to be lonely and drank alone. I’m so happy that I have twins now. Forget about the old Lee Hwijae. I prefer being the twins’ dad. It’s reassuring. How fun will it be with the three of us? We can play go-stop. The hip hop family are at the recording studio getting a new album ready. Yo, yo, yo! Yo! Hello, Haru! We’re so sorry for being late. – Haru, say hi. / – Hello, Haru. Haru! – There she goes. / – Just ignoring us. Are you going to record? You’re going to record? Do you want to see the mic? Yeah. What is this? Where did you buy it? Oh, this… Grandpa Yang Hyunsuk… Oh, wait. Why turn him into a senior citizen? No… Haru, keep yourself busy. We’re going to do some work. – I’ll give you the measure. / – Okay. Daddy’s in there to record. You can only see him from here. Press this? Yeah. Where was it again? Haru, if you press that yellow button, I can hear you. Yeah, okay. So cool. Okay. Haru, you listen and tell me what you think. Dad! Let me have a try. Have a listen first to what I did. Okay, let me try. Haru wants to try something. Okay. Haru, sing from here. Dad, can you go out and listen? Okay, I’ll listen for you. Okay, stand here. Oh, gosh. – Haru. / – Haru! Sing on the count of three. 1, 2, 3. Go. Let me have a listen. – Okay. / – Okay, Haru. Have a listen. Go for it. She lost some confidence there. She was a little embarrassed there. I can hear everything from here. We’ll listen to Haru’s song. Haru, the first recording is always nerve-racking. – Haru. / – Have some more confidence. Instead of that song… Can you do a rap for us? Can you rap on the count of three? No. Haru. Do you want to hear what you recorded? Do you want to hear your song? – Excuse me. / – Dad listen to my voice from here. What’s with her? This is too dark, right? – It’s a bit… / – The strange thing is. The more time I spend with Haru, the brighter I get. But my lyrics are always so dark. I just don’t get it. Well, you’re not normally a bright person. But I think it’s because you’re working hard to become one. It’s the same for me. At home I’m all like this… But as soon I step out and grab that steering wheel. Don’t cut me off. I said don’t cut me off! That looks so strange. It just erupts out of me. Psy sat us down last time and he kept saying this. “Tablo, you have to be fearless for your true music to come out.” I agreed to everything he said then. And I told him I was the same as before. But I’m not the same. I don’t like that. I know I shouldn’t. You have to sing like you have nothing to lose. But I have too much to lose. You can have more fears that way. As I’ve been a singer… I’ve always worried that I’d hurt the people that I care most about. I always used to think something like that. So I have this fear inside me. I think it’s worse after having Haru. Gosh… Once Mithra becomes a daddy… Let’s do this. The day Mithra becomes a daddy… Let’s disband. He can’t have a baby. Okay. That’s not allowed. The moment Mithra’s baby pops out… – Epik High is over. / – Just finished. Let’s never see each other again. It’s all up to you. Doesn’t he have too much free time since he’s the only bachelor? He annoys me the most. That’s a relief. If Epik High disbands at least it won’t be our fault. Let’s roll. Raise my voice volume please. Let’s go again. It doesn’t roll off my tongue yet. I’ll go again. I’ll do it more leisurely. Play that back please. How’s the tone? I think it needs to be a little more calmer. Tell me. This will work. – Let’s roll. / – Let me hear this first. Let’s go again until that part. – Okay, let’s go again. / – Hello, Haru. Are you giving me this hot pack? Why? Because I like you. I love you. – I love you. / – Yes. I’ll close the door. What a good girl. Bye. I love you. I’ll stick this on my heart. Okay. Thanks. It’s warm. Thanks. Let’s roll. It’s warm. I’m like, “Thanks,” then… Because Haru smiles so much when she looks at me… It’s such a relief that I have music, which is what I’m good at. Let’s go. Junseo, you stand in front. – Welcome. / – Hello. – Welcome. / – Hello. – Welcome. / – Hello. Welcome. Hello, hello. Welcome! Oh, gosh. Do we take our shoes off? Just take them off anywhere. Oh, Sarang. There you are. Say welcome. You practiced with me. She must be shy. Good to see you. Long time no see. Sarang, Peter Pan is here. Peter Pan… Wow, Peter Pan. There you are. This is your first time in Japan, right? – Hello. / – Oh, hello. Hi. Say hello. Do you like Junu or Junseo? Junseo! Junseo? Junseo! – Hello. / – Oh, hello. Say hello. Dad, I want to take this off. Keep it on for a bit. It didn’t work. Wait. Show Sarang first. I did. Sarang. Let’s see. Sarang, Peter Pan is here. Peter Pan. Sarang, Peter Pan is here. Peter Pan. Sarang… – Please wait a minute. / – Okay. I’m going to take it off now. Let’s take it off. Peter Pan! Sarang’s going to love it. I’ll take this off and Sarang cries? Sarang! Hello. There. Thank you for the food. You’re welcome. Come here. It’s my favorite rice. It’s your favorite, right? – Oh, really? / – Does this have beans? Yeah. Wow. The soup is delicious. What did you put in this? In what? My wife made it… That’s strange! Sarang’s mom made it. Did she take the dogs? Yeah. What a relief. Why? They’ll be home soon. They’re afraid of dogs. But the dogs here are really cute and small. We’re way bigger than the dogs. But with dogs… They bite. Give me your bowl once you’ve finished. Let’s finish eating and head out. Check this out. Give me your bowls after you eat. Sarang’s in a good mood? Can’t I stop eating now? Just finish that. You won’t eat this, right? Here, I’ll eat it. He doesn’t want this. Then we can cut it. Dad, Sarang’s pointing at something. Junseo, you finish eating first. No, I’m just helping Sarang. Okay then, do it quickly. Junseo’s going to finish eating first. Sarang! Oh, hey… Dad. There’s a little hangout there. Okay. Wow. Don’t throw so hard. Wendy! Peter Pan! Let’s get ready to go out. I was really curious about this as I watched you on TV. I’m really curious about your wardrobe. It’s really small… But I hear that so many nice clothes come out of there. Let’s check out Choo Sunghoon’s wardrobe. I hear so many nice styles are here. I don’t have much. So… I don’t have all that much? This is nice. You want me to wear this? Try it on. They said it’s the same tracksuit that Girls’ Generation wore. – Oh, really? This? / – Yes. Strangely, you don’t look stylish in it. Wow. Totally… Junu, how do I look? What should I do? I’m funny, right? Just… Not bad. Tell me honestly. How do I look? – Tell you honestly? / – Yeah. You won’t get upset, right? No. It’s a bit… – Doesn’t look cool. / – It doesn’t? Nope. – Are you upset? / – No, not at all. That’s what I thought too. These pants won’t work. The length is too weird. Where are we going that you’re dressing up so much? The first time they’re touring Tokyo with the Choovely family. But this is… The photo won’t come out nicely with that. Lean on my leg. She falls asleep as if you’ve turned off a battery. The first tourist destination that Sunghoon prepared. It’s a traditional street in Tokyo, much like Insa-dong in Seoul. Things like that… What was it? Check that out. They take tourists around and show you. Telling you where everything is. I want to check it out but Sarang’s asleep. So is Junseo. He’s sleeping as well. Should we go back? Let’s go. Have fun. I’ll take care of Sarang. It can’t be helped. I’ll be back. – Let’s go. / – Where should we go? – See you soon. / – Okay. See you. They’re strong. We should ride in one of those later. This is Asakusa. Maintaining the traditions from the Edo Period and allowing you to experience the sights and tastes of Japanese tradition. This is the representative tourist stop in Tokyo. It’s Asakusa. It’s a palace! Is that a palace? When you go there… – Smoke comes out. / – Take a photo? It’s right there. If you’re in pain, you put wherever’s hurting in the smoke. Then the pain will go away. I see the smoke. Junu, you don’t have anywhere that hurts… – My nose! / – Oh, your nose. Dad, your shoulder and knee. I’m not hurting anywhere. You’re not, right? Is this the smoke? Finished? Wait… That side looks better. The smoke is thicker on that side. Oh, my leg. This looks good. Ice cream burger. Ice cream burger? Black sesame please. It’s good. Potato bread. – It’s good. / – Good, right? Take off the wrapping. Take off the wrapping. This is sweet potato bread. Hello. Yeah, it’s sweet potato bread. Sorry about this but can you take a photo? 1, 2, 3. Thank you. Thank you. “A Wife’s…” “A Wife’s Credentials?” – You watched it? / – I’m watching it. – I’m really enjoying it. / – Oh, really? – Oh, thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. I’m so happy to meet you. Oh, nice to meet you. Hey. See that? I’m part of the Korean Wave. How can you hug a stranger? She wasn’t a stranger. She’s enjoying a drama I was in. And she said she likes me. I’ve received letters from Japanese high school girls. I stir the hearts of Asia’s girls… Junseo, that’s the rickshaw. Let’s ride it. – Should we ride that? / – Yeah! They look cool. – It feels weird being in here. / – Feels weird? Hello. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Go. Say go, Junseo! – Go! / – Here we go! There’s something on that roof. He’s a really famous thief in Japan. Oh, that’s the Skytree. Prince and princess. Does that make you king? Of course, I’m king. 1st prince, 2nd prince, king. – Then I’m crown prince. / – Check that out. No, us two are dukes. Next episode. The boys continue to have fun in Japan. The dads have just as much fun as well. 1, 2, 3. Our Supermen always want to be the best parent for their kids. Will the children know how they feel? I was cursed out a lot online because of this. For putting you in this. Next time… The Return of Superman. Episode 17. “Good Daddy Complex.” Don’t miss out.

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