The Point of No Returns – Phantom of the Opera Cover (feat. Curt Mega & Mary Kate Wiles

Curt: *mumbling* Inventory…back stock… Mary Kate: Yeah! I’ll be right there. I’m so sorry, I just have to drop something off real fast, but I’ll see you soon. Alright. Bye. Uh, excuse me, sir? *dramatic music sting* *applause* You have come here In pursuit of your deepest urge In pursuit of that wish that till now has been silent Silent I have brought you That our passions may fuse and merge In your mind you’ve already succumbed to me Dropped all defenses Completely succumbed to me Now you are here with me No second thoughts You’ve decided Decided Past the point of no returns *laughter* No second glances – our games of make believe are at an end Past all thought of if or when No use resisting Abandon thought and let The dream descend What raging fire consumes the soul? What rich desires unlocks its door? What sweet seduction lies between us? Past the point of no returns the final threshold – what warm unspoken secrets will we learn? Beyond the point of no returns? You have brought me To that moment where words run dry To that moment where speech disappears into silence Silence I have come here hardly knowing the reason why In my mind I’ve already imagined our bodies entwining, defenseless and silent And now I am here with you No second thoughts I’ve decided Decided Past the point of no returns the final threshold – our passion play has now at last begun! Past all thought of right or wrong One final question: How long should we two wait before we’re one? When will the blood begin to race? The sleeping bud burst into bloom When will the flame at last consume us? Past the point of no returns The final threshold! The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn! We’ve passed the point of no returns. Curt: Unless, of course, you want store credit. Like and subscribe, please.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Happy Shitty Sunday!!! Also Curt as The Phantom is something I didn't know I needed in my life until this exact moment.

  2. Are they… Singing to the clothing?

    Edit: I wouldn't return that brilliant thing either.

  3. Oh my god I forgot how much I loved this number. Their voices are heavenly! Also, Curt is very handsome, but I can't take him seriously in that mask

  4. what Curt and Tatjana are up to these days….intense shopping…spies are forever the sequel – spies at the mall

  5. only shitty broadway could sing about the struggle of returning a onesie and make it look and sound majestic. Curt and Mary Kate you are actually incredible!!

  6. I love this so much!! Some of my favorite Broadway sung by my favorite artist/Youtubers/comedians!! I swoon and laugh over this. Perfect, quality content.

  7. Memes aside whoa dang Curt is on Ramin Karimloo level when it comes to Phantom-

  8. Damn Curt is on fire here, like can we get a full phantom of the opera production starring the two of them?

  9. Can we all appreciate the fact that Curt is an amazing Phantom who I now want to see play the role in a serious setting

  10. Never thought I’d see the phantom dueting with a flying squirrel onesie but here we are

  11. I'm supposed to be writing an essay for history but watching this video 100 times is much more important

  12. I was just looking at some broadway shows and they literally made this video into a real thing!!! It’s about an opera or something??

  13. blows my mind just how breathtaking Curts voice is and it breaks my heart he's so sick right now ): hope he feels better soon <3

  14. I absolutely lost it when she started dancing as the squirrel! You both sounded stunning ❤

  15. Little known fact that Phantom was really about Black Friday/Holiday Shopping

  16. Each upload is a painful reminder that a third Shitty/Spoopy Broadway is too far away. And also a reminder that Curt Mega's rendition of "Dentist!" is coming soon.

  17. Okay but Curt has the perfect voice for this what the HECK who lets him????

  18. MISS MKW M A ' A M
    she makes such a perfect christine
    (curt ily and u make a great phantom but i'm g a y)

  19. Okay but Curt sings this so well I just wanna hop in cause I have done this duet and this makes me wanna do it with him haha

  20. Hey so what about this is ‘shitty’, exactly? I’m kinda lost at the name at this point, this cover watered my crops. They both killed it (and honestly when an opera tone came out of Curt I lost my MIND)

  21. some people named ramin karimloo and sierra boggess did a cover of this song once

  22. I now need to see Curt Mega to play the Phantom. This is not a request, Broadway, this is an order.

  23. I knew Curt Mega and MK Wiles both had phenomenal voices but… this is goddamn amazing holy shit

  24. I thought Curt would be good but WOW. Also Phantom is my favourite so this made me exceptionally happy.

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