The man whoโ€™s all-in…๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ญ [Hello Counselor Sub : ENG,THA/2018.01.29]

Glenn Chapman


  1. To each their own but well, hope he never regrets not changing his unhealthy lifestyle and taking friendship for granted.

  2. Our life not long enough too spend on game..YOLO don't waste ur time

  3. I never been this triggered by a video clip before.
    I really felt sorry for the friend.
    26:47 exactly Donghae!
    I'm seeing the friends face, like he's saying why did I even come here? why do I bother? I think he really regrets it cause in the end his point was not truly highlighted.

  4. That gamer should more thankful because he still have friend who stay by his side…but he just selfish

  5. I guess he's not a friend at all, hope this gamers friends find much better friend than him. Even your friend doesn't have same interests as you he should do what he promised if he didn't like them better for him to say it's better to left him alone than hurting them. Sooo sad

  6. Iโ€™m a trombone player and Iโ€™m in 8th grade and Iโ€™m way better than him, he needs to use way more air and I recommend him to start on a regular trombone then start with jazz

  7. gosh i would rather stop to be friends with him..he is a useless friend.

  8. I'm quite disappointed no one in the show pointed out that the gamer was very addicted to internet games. the friend knew this, and yet everyone thought he was just meddling.

  9. That guy is a great manipulator. He is so confident and well spoken that the actual problem got sidelined.

  10. I canโ€™t believe. Itโ€™s must be serious concern. He didnโ€™t sleep, didnโ€™t eat, didnโ€™t take a bath. How if he death? His online friend will help him? No. Just people around him will help. So what if they didnโ€™t do that? Heโ€™s so stubborn. He didnโ€™t know what the meaning of life. Dongyup said he love games because heโ€™s the leader and heโ€™s not in real life. Come on.. u pissed me up. How can if he even not interect to people in real life? Even Iโ€™m an elf but super junior disappointed me

  11. There's a difference between studying 3 days in a row, working 3 days in a row and playing games non-stop for three days. The fact that he used these as comparisons really goes to show that he doesn't see the problem – which is typical for addicts.

  12. I know what the gamer feel… I now because i have been like him. When i feel i don't need a friends, because my online friends is more fun for me, because they have same interest like me. But it's when i'm just 14th. Now i'm 18th. I know what useless i'm when i'm 14th. I feel like, i lost my time because i just focus with my online friends. And can't make a friend in real life. Because now i know how much important have a friend or care with people around me. The man just not yet realised if he need a human. Like me when i'm just 14th.

  13. I think the panel and suju are more like let him be so he will learnt his lessons later and just like they said
    โ€œYou canโ€™t find friend like this these daysโ€
    Yea sure he has other friends that he enjoyed with but he also has one that care so much about his well-being more than his parents so yea

  14. The sucky thing is. Adults [even if they're on daddys dollar] have the right to slowly kill themselves. Ask any smoker. If someone's unhealthy and not responding to your attempts to help, it's time to stop and just move on. It sucks, and it feels unfair, but it's their right to be idiots.

  15. Is it normal I don't feel the need to see my friends? I feel the need to see people just not to be alone but I don't feel the need to see a certain person?

  16. honestly he's the problem to why theyre so awkward…i mean who wouldnt when all you care about is yourself

  17. he's not attending his college classes, he eats supplemental pills, stays in the PC cafe for 3 days straight, spent 80,000 won there and thinks his friends are a waste of time…This deserved at least 100 votes. Now, he's going to think he's right and not change. smh

  18. This guy is sick.Did he really think that the pill is enough? You need nutrition dude. Those pill doesn't have nutrients. Your friend care about your lifestyle. When I watch this vid, I want to slap your face when you were talking about all those nonsense. I agree, you can talk very well…like with that high confidence level…you manage to make people thinks that your friend are meddling your life and you also manage to make people forgot about how you live your life. This guy can't change. He believe he only need his online friends and his games. Trust me dude……one day you will realize that your friend are precious and when that time come, I hope he are not around for you anymore. There are more guys out there who wish to have a friend like him. I hope he will find a true friend who will appreciate him.

    P.S….I don't know if it was just me or all of you also realize that the face of the gamer's friend looks gloomy….isn't it?

  19. I'm sorry but the gamer is so annoying.. ugh not charming in any way. I feel sorry for the friend :/ he deserves better.

  20. he make all his bullshits sound acceptable and the way he looked at his friends.. very annoying

  21. sorry I'm late but damn does anyone have the IG @ of the hot mess express in the leather jacket???

  22. 63kg(138lbs) is for someone who is 170-175cm(5'5-5'7) that weight is not healthy for someone with that tall.

  23. He better dont lose that good friend for unreal games. It wont help in a long run

  24. This is a concern. Lamo when he compared, studying working 3days straight to game. Like does he know its not normal

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