The Legend RETURNS! SteelSeries Sensei Ten Review

the sensei ten is still serious way of
chiming in two very exciting mice competition by bringing back the
legendary sensei shape that first made its appearance in 2009 and it’s a great
opportunity for them to revive a popular shape and upgrade all the components on
the inside so all the hardware is new it’s exactly what they did
strangely to not following in the footsteps of like the super lightweight
bodies and open shell designs but holes everywhere regardless let’s gain The Sound Blaster a 9 is a special kind
of treat for audio enthusiasts with their best emi shielding yet a fantastic
DAC and swap hall opens plus a well-designed breakout box that includes
an XLR input your ears deserve the best and perhaps your motherboard needs a
friend check it out below alright so first of all the ten is a $69 Mouse with
a matte surface coating instead of the metallic surface of the original sensei
and it’s a truly ambidextrous shape with thumb buttons on each side so all the
lefties will appreciate this but in this space where you put sticky padding to
like change the shape of the mouse to contour to your hand what is still
series doing different it’s almost like the sensei ten doesn’t really have any
bells and whistles it’s not what I would consider to be liked weight compared to
the competition it’s 92 grams without the cable so I guess the G pro hero is
the closest and price and weight the shell also does not have any cutouts
just plain matte black coating without any color options although the surface
does not scratch at all which is awesome and the side texture I noticed is less
rubbery than the top the cable is not paracord like instead it’s just simple
rubber that is not very good at releasing those kinks having played with
the extra 5m4 or the Razer Viper you can definitely notice the difference a good
cable makes and heck even my three year old rival 310 has a better cord which is
softer than the sensei ten it is disappointing because it’s like $69
Mouse with a really poor cable not acceptable and while the mouse feet are
not fancy white PTFE the glide is still pretty smooth so no complaints for me on
that and the bottom of the mouse is also slightly transparent kind of interesting
as I haven’t seen that before the shape would accommodate all three grip styles
and it’s very comfy for my fingertip grip it is slightly smaller than my
model oh but it is very close in size to the Razer Viper which by the way is only
$10 more and is lighter with a better cable and is also a truly ambidextrous
body so the Thumba are on both sides I actually prefer
Viper shape over the sensei ten because of those middle indentations whereas
with the sensei ten the rear bump is a bit more noticeable the scroll wheel is
very low into the body I prefer this approach with like middle click but the
scroll steps are really light and soft don’t really feel the tactility behind
them the DPI shift has up to 5 profiles adjusted in 50 CPI increments with a
corresponding blink behind the scroll wheel which is awesome the opposite of
thumb buttons are out of reach so you won’t accidentally press them while the
primary clicks are mechanical switches rated at 60 million clicks and I would
consider them to be like semi crispy take a listen and finally let’s talk
about that sensor still Siri says it’s their best sensor yet the true move Pro
that goes up to 18,000 CPI with true one-to-one tracking throughout the
entire range it is different versus the previous true move sensors because of
what they call tilt tracking with the true move pro from what I understand
that means that if you place the mouse down and it’s not exactly flat and the
slight angle the sensor will still track accurately on any surface from my
understanding in theory this is great for people who play at lower dpi
sensitivity and like to move your mouse a lot and reposition the mouse in like
your center comfortable position after like a large flake and so when you place
the mouse down it will still track accurately even if the mouse is slightly
angled when it comes down as for liftoff distance it feels like it’s under two
millimeters so the same as the Razer Viper but my model o has even lower lift
off distance which I would consider to be better and I’m kind of surprised that
SteelSeries do not have a lift off distance adjustment in the software
there’s still serious engine 3 by the way is awesome you can remap all your
buttons set your 5 CPI profiles adjust the RGB illumination for the scroll
wheel and the back logo and save all those profiles to the mouse itself and
that’s for my gaming performance well it wasn’t anything spectacular because I
haven’t they’ve been practicing too much but
there are no flaws either the sensor is great the mechanical switches are
quality and the shape is fine plus the 92 gram body is just a reminder that not
everyone wants to game with a 50 gram Mouse but I will say that after having
used like the mm 710 or the model or – I do prefer a smaller Mouse like the G pro
and the G 305 are really awesome – but the sensei ten is a nice ambidextrous
design however the Razer Viper is a more appealing option to me as the shape fits
me better and I was hoping for something a bit more interesting from steel series
but the sensei ten could just be a placeholder until they launch something
new in the future that follows the trend of
super lightweight and potentially holes in the body to reveal whatever’s inside
I don’t know we’ll see all right guys thanks so much for watching make sure to
check out this other relevant content all the mice are listed in the
description below thanks so much and talk to you in the
next video

Glenn Chapman


  1. Im just happy sensei has its old shell now i can finaly get a hammer and smash my disgusting sensei 310 to fragments

  2. So it's worse than a DM1 FPS in most aspects? That's a joke. Did they really think that they didnt need to compete with the clones?

  3. I wanted to buy a new sensei raw because my one is a little old and used up but now I know what to buy

  4. 天 ('ten' – heavens) on the mouse and it's the Sensei's 'tenth' anniversary. Heh, nice play on words.
    A shame that it's so underwhelming for such an occasion. Although I guess there's not much more you can do with a design that is meant to be simple.

  5. Can you put the cloud alpha mic and see if it works on the cloud 2 or do it the other way around

  6. So basically:
    -Shit cable

    At least it's ambidextrous and the software is good lol

  7. model o / o- stealing everyone business the damn thing is always out of stock

  8. juxtaposition of world ethnic folk instrumental music and the latest in pc tech hardware.

  9. Honestly, why would someone buy this the shape is basically the same on the Rival 110 but this cost more they should have just updated the Rival 110 with better side grips and sensor and called it a day this is a waste of time.

  10. major fail by steel series. They are not paying attention at all are they.

  11. Me watching this video with a 6$ brandless Chinese wireless mouse : hMmm interesting

  12. I for one do not see the appeal in mice with holes all over them. The amount of human matter they’ll accumulate over time is not a nice thought…

  13. I have 20 or 25 different mouse and Zowie win, Steelseries and logitech sucks sorry for fanboy. Corsair, Roccat, Cooler Master,Razer are mid. Model o ultra light and Viper model is very good too.

  14. This mouse is just out of date.. nothing about this competes with the current competition

  15. i think the feel is very close to Microsoft intellimouse but not exactly the same, it got round button grooves which is good

  16. WTF?
    This is just the SteelSeries Sensei Raw again. I've had this mouse for 5+ years already, it looks exactly the same!

  17. Who cares if it's light weight
    Light weight mouses only appeal to people who play shooters

  18. This mouse for 30-40$ max : well ok, whatever… This mouse for 69$ though : OMEGALUL.

  19. I wonder if the coating will last more then a few years.. I would prefer plain plastic instead of these coatings…

  20. instead of making a trypophobia mouse, why not cover those holes with thin plastic. its not like it will add 2 grams. ive seen some trypophobioa mouse being covered with stickers and band aids just to remove that creepy looking mouse.

    apparently Roccat did just that.

  21. I am still using my Steelseries Sensei [RAW] since it came out. Only one button on left side stopped working from smashing it.

  22. Awesome video as always. Had a steelseries sensei raw as my first gaming mouse. Died overnight for no reason after 2 years, sitting on my desk. Steelseries support was pretty bad (i had to pay to send the mouse to denmark) I don't feel like buying steelseries again.

  23. we gonna test the mouse for AIMING…
    proceeds to beat someone to death……

    this has been my mouse for like 10 years.. sad about the cord as ive been used to my para cord on my sensei raw rubberized which i had to switch to after my old sensies died completely.

  24. Way too overpriced, $70 plus tax for some minor tweaks of a very very old model… meh

  25. Seriously, who would buy this mouse in 2019? There are so much better value options now for less. Steelseries makes some great products but this one is a flop.

  26. This mouse is overly average. It has a good shape but it's nothing compared to the zowie s2, it isn't light at all even though steelseries could have made it as light as the razer viper, just a trash rubber cable(which seems to be less flexible then there old mice), no hyperglide like feet.

    The mouse has an amazing sensor. It might the best sensor on the market but they didn't make a good overall mouse to use that sensor.

    Conclusion: it is a mouse that has a good sensor but doesn't try to be good in any other characteristic. This could have been the best mouse of 2009 but not 2019

  27. I've been using the same original Sensei since 2012, and it is by far my favorite mouse. It's beat up, the surface has peeled, and the LCD screen on the bottom doesn't work well anymore, but I love the shape of it and how well it functions. At first I was pretty excited to see a renewed version of the Sensei (not the Sensei 310 – that mouse isn't anything like the original) so I can possibly replace mine. However, I am pretty disappointed to see that Steelseries has cheaped out on this mouse while charging the same price as the original. I would have at least wanted to see a braided cable. Having a plain rubber cable on a premium mouse is a joke in 2019. They also got rid of onboard memory, so it's more like the Sensei Raw. To me it's not that big of a deal since most people probably aren't bringing their mouse to use on different computers, but that's another feature they removed while still charging the same price. I'm glad I bought a spare when the original were still in stock. I guess I'll be using the original Sensei for a while longer until they get their act together. Or maybe switch to the Razer Viper.

  28. Thanks for the review. I've been looking for some time for a nice, simple, quality, ambidextrous wired mouse to replace my ancient Logitech Click! M-BT85 optical mouse from 2003, that only recently has started to have chattering issues with the buttons.

    I have large hands, so I prefer to use a large, weighty mouse, rather than those smaller lightweight type ones that seem to be in vogue at the moment. With it's advertised improved build quality and durability over the original, the SteelSeries Sensei Ten looks to be both a great replacement and a great upgrade on my existing mouse.

  29. The title is "sensei" but the intro song is more like a Thailand song 😁 but yeah honestly good review like usually 👍

  30. Sooooo… Wat you're saying is. It's almost shit, except it's the Sensei shape, sooo… ? Yeah try this one absolutely last.

  31. Look I don't want to sound like one of those elitist douche bag types but im sure I will. If you really want a mouse that will take you to the top of most fps eSports scenes (if you have the skill) then just buy a Zowie. For ampidextrous the FK series is really good (havnt personally tried the S series yet but they have upgraded components and shape). Zowie are the king of mouse shape which is the most important factor to a gaming mouse. Even the FK with it's somewhat outdated (but still competitive) sensor is easily one of the best gaming oriented mouse available at the moment because of its shape.

  32. i have a legitimate question that all the reviewer never mention about, how much is CPU consumption with these mouse after installing there respective software
    i have a logitech g9x that make my PC shutter took me several years to find that what was causing it, took like between 15 to 40 % cpu usage just as a move it.even if i lower the report per second
    was a little bit better but still make my pc shutter. i miss the ps2 mouse for that reason

  33. Wow what a huge fail, that is so disappointing for a come back 10 years later. I had the original one 10 yrs ago which was the best mouse back then until the Rival with the first major optical sensor but they're out of the game now.

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