The Leeds Specialist Rehabilitation Centre – 3 Prosthetic Physiotherapy

physiotherapy for a patient with a lower limb amputation should start as soon as possible after discharge from hospital a physiotherapy assessment includes muscle strength and movement of the lower limbs exercises will be given to help strengthen the muscles that will make walking with an artificial limb easier rehabilitation with a prosthetic or artificial limb includes learning functional tasks like walking up and down stairs at the start of the rehabilitation a patient may use a pomade within the parallel bars to re-educate standing posture and balance Pam stands for pneumatic post amputation mobility aid it also helps reduce edema or swelling preparing the residual limb for the prosthesis most patients find it gives them a boost to walk again for the more able patients we have a treadmill and bike both these pieces of equipment help improve cardiovascular fitness but also give the patients a chance to experience fitness equipment before joining a gym prosthetists also like to check the fit of a socket while using the bike or treadmill for patients with a trans femoral level of amputation the early walking aid we choose is the firmer at this piece of equipment allows the patient to experience what wearing an artificial limb may be like the physiotherapist also uses an outside area to practice walking on uneven surfaces so that it's more like real life this includes walking on sand gravel steps and slopes on Monday afternoons a ladies group gets together to maintain their fitness and to support one another the hour-long session includes a warm-up stretches and fitness stations the initial stage of rehabilitation involves two sessions of physiotherapy a week for three months after that period top up sessions can be arranged if required for further help and advice staff are available Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to deal with any of your questions on zero double one three two zero six three six three nine you

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