The Inpatient VR True Bad Ending | PS4 VR Gameplay Walkthrough

I know break I know it doesn't yeah you cracked about that one oh okay we're in what we in a Bell Bell okay we're going in here and we go hello hello Jesus Christ mate alright okay we're just gonna walk forward I think and get us oh no you shouldn't Yeah right you're right about that one Victoria what the hell's wrong with that wall no bro okay I'll uh I'm going back any L your garden No why why are you doing this stop it I wish I knew okay okay you must be a patient then sorry I just had to be sure you weren't one of those things didn't want to freak you out but I've been keeping my ad okay mr. Brett Suzanne found someone else is in escort Jesus David why the hell would you bring him here um I don't what's the big deal I couldn't just leave him I know what you've done you're a monster you sicken me me are you talking about ain't done anything wrong Sean patient how are we feeling today huh what happened to garden you really don't know your roommate is dead that's all I know are you sure you don't remember a trench garden was screaming I appreciate your honesty this whole mess Bennett your roommate dear friend colleague one of our staff doctors not not a patient I'm sorry the Septon was necessary they need to observe your progress as closely as possible there was no way to know that all this well that would end up so well there's nothing in a caterpillar lets you know it's gonna be a butterfly sadly opposites also true it seems to me you're losing your mind I think you're right I think how did it come to this I should never have come back sorry I I thought I could write to ship but you can't steer a ship in a squall mr. Bragg you've been down before you'll pull us all through I know you will Oh Roger I admire your optimism but it's misplaced to me this is it's just back to keep quiet I'm finished no mr. Bragg please let's just go to the chapel the storms lit up the police are on their way to the chapel thank you go now I'm staying here we can't leave you behind it's not safe please you know we all have to go everyone Bragg included yes so you should come with us you should come with us Brown stop the laughs this place belongs to me I belong to it now get the hell out of here and take that monster with you mr. Bratt Susanne stop come on he's made up his mind no no you gotta go now while we still can All Right see you later Brack nice knowing you I'll go next okay I'll follow okay Oh God so come on we can get out of here Oh what good to the chapel go go go go go I love yes I love how she says don't move in it she said lock is on the roof like okay all right oh wow well I'll turn in so Wendigo keep moving don't stop you can do it stop wait great now what do we do David help me with the door yeah come on I wish I could see it you know not bad what happened let's just take it easy for now you nearly caught a bullet with your skull took a tumble and hit your head pretty hard you'll be all right why would they just open fire like that the police saw the minor what had become and they reacted reacted people are dead man that's a pretty big fucking reaction I think we all need to calm down think this through we just need to explain it to them we should go back we shouldn't go back we'll get shot I agree the police know we saw what they did that makes us witnesses we need to get out of here this tunnel will take us to the hotel and from there off the mountain and they walk keep your eyes on my finger okay you're gonna move it response seems normal we need to move y'all so much behind us bro you think you can stand uh yeah yeah how far do we need to walk what I must ask have you been left isolated alone recently yeah yeah they left me four days can you tell me what happened a lot may well we just War II what the hell is going on here I'm afraid we're running out of time David keep your wits about you how far to the elevator we're now in the basement of the black what I've been hearing voices no no yeah oh yeah come on let's go I love how they just casually walk still believe it you gave me Suzanne please this is no time to turn on each other I hope you know about him and not me cuz I didn't do it bro are you in the way move the cable car can't be operated from inside someone needs to stay why isn't returning on me all of a sudden me I don't anything oh you're one of them yeah I am don't you get to the cable car stay back relax never try to you in any a is ever chill out I'm I'm holding it in yeah there he is do not come any closer the wendi-go is not an infection it's a curse punishment for an unforgivable sin you have consumed the flesh of another human being having a monster from body to soul any munch anyone bro I'm not monster you have to know you have to feel it happening the blackouts the violence it's only going to get worse much much worse you have no choice but to stay behind there is no other way for you no I'm not staying here know what don't don't don't Oh God I am a Wendigo who is that gonna show until dawn Wow Wow I'm the one that killed them at the beginning of until dawn no way no way wow that was cool

Glenn Chapman


  1. Also, no, you didn't kill Hannah and Beth. You chased them off, and then just watched them fall to their deaths. Well, Beth, fell to her death.
    And then flamethrower guy came and captured/killed you, seeing as you were the last wendigo roaming around in the wild, and all the others were already captured and locked up.

    And if it wouldn't be the player as the wendigo that chased Hannah and Beth, it would be Gordon/Anna, so yeah..

  2. Wow, you know what's also unforgivable, Ted?

    Saying all of these things when you clearly have no evidence what-so-ever that he ate human flesh voluntarily.

    And you know what's even worse?

    The fact that you never said this to Anna/Gordon when you knew he was starting to turn.

    I mean, I'm just saying..

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