The Inpatient | Story Trailer | PlayStation VR

Glenn Chapman


  1. if this game can be played only in VR sorry iam not going to buy it

  2. People are still more sick. This game is the same like RE7. People must know that there are much peoples in real that have experienced this sick and very bad things in real. (in WW2 in camps etc). Most of peoples that like this kind of games and movies like SAW, The Human Centipede, The hunger games etc are in my opinion already to much damaged so no psychic help will can help them anymore. This kind of people are to dangeres for the society and must being watched. You all get sometime psychic problems or you will be a bad person. I don't believe violence in games and films like shooting and physical violence directly drive people grazy, but this kind of violence is to bad and evil.

  3. Just came here to rub my PSVR in all these poor commenters faces. I'LL be playing this game while y'all wish you could.

    Just so you know Playstation isn't going to stop making VR games just because you guys think it's a dead tech.

  4. Why do so many people think VR Is bad/not good?
    I ask cuz I may buy one.
    So can somebody explain what`s the bad thing about VR?

  5. Simply cannot wait! Supermassive games have proven they can make amazing PSVR experiences. Rush of Blood is still one of my top games!

  6. Was buying this until it said you needed VR……………o well moving along

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