The Inpatient Review

Glenn Chapman


  1. Just got the game for 20 CAD. I hope this is worth the purchase πŸ™‚

  2. After I finish rush of blood today,I'm starting this,but fan of until dawn

  3. I like this channel but honestly this is a shit game. I have never been more bored and unimpressed with a psvr game in my life. I wasted $40 on this crap but to anyone out there on the fence, I recommend just waiting until it is $5 or less (or even better Free!). It really does suck and if you are a fan of Until Dawn just know that this game doesn't hold candle to that game. You can thank me later. Supermassive really dropped the ball on this one. SupermassiveDisappointment is going to become a new meme because of this game.

  4. I would really love an LSD VR experience. Either a game using similar effects as the chapter of Uncharted 3 when Drake is dosed or I would really like to just take a bunch of acid and play the Harmonix doodle player to old Pink Floyd or Beatles albums.

  5. The controls (not being able to move left or right) was extremely annoying and the second half I literally yawned my way. Its like they squashed all the good bits in the 1st half and dropped the ball in the 2nd. Like NOTHING happens in the 2nd half. The voice activation is really good when it works. That god damn jump scare omg my neck almost broke after it. I will say there was one mechanic that had me like "NO WAY thats so cool" but they only used it once WHAT WHY? What a waste. There was up to 3 propper scares in this but the rest was mediocre. They take away your isolation, ripping all tension away and you do nothing but walk around it was bloody awful. What were they thinking. So much potential though I can see it being improved for a full game and I really hope they do. The scene after the credits was a little rewarding.

  6. My biggest problem with the game is that the choices you make have little to no impact on the story . I saw 2 different endings which were underwhelming to say the least . 2 hour campaign for 40$ ? no that’s unacceptable . I agree with frank on that

  7. Cheers Frankie, I always find the slow pace narrative driven elements frustrating in these games. It's more an interactive short film than a game. It's a good look to the future as far as voice use goes but other than that that its not worth the ridiculous price point for so little actual gaming and for what seems to me is an exercise in tolerating faces in your face.

  8. I will wait for sale. Interactive movie pretty much. Which is cool and I enjoy thoughs kind of things from time to time. However I think it would sell better at around 20 perhaps 30. Giving the content you get from it. Thanks for the review frank, much appreciated.

  9. Frankie! Do RE7 DLC review! I personally loved all the VR DLC, but the best one is actually the free one!… NOT A HERO

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