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hey everyone it's Sammy from pushchair and in today's video I wanted to make a review for the impatiens which is supermassive games is until dawn spin-off for PlayStation VR now I've played through the game a couple of times and I'm going to get into my full impressions in this video but please do remember to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more PlayStation VR content with that said let's get into it okay so until Dawn's breakout success has spawned all sorts of spin-offs and I don't think any of them have really captured the essence of the original teen slasher now the impatient continues this trend with a very straight faced narrative based PlayStation VR experience that's set in the 1950s you play as a patient sectioned in a Blackwood sanatorium which you may remember from the main games and this is actually during its final days of operation so your task is to kind of escape when things inevitably go awry now the game follows in the footsteps of other so-called interactive Horrors like save the silent hill's demo or layers of fear and it serves up a small but tactile world that's constantly reinventing itself to leave you on the edge really unlike the rail shooter until dawn rush of blood this is more about story than action and the dialogue decisions from the main game play a big part in its plot development so while it'll only take you about two hours to see the entire story through supermassive games has packed this fear fest with replay value I've played through the campaign twice now and while the through line remains roughly the same I've seen even the entire genders of characters changed based upon some of the decisions that I've made and if I look at the trophy list I can see that there's like a healthy number of permutations to the plot some of which I have no idea how you unlock but one of the problems with the game is that it really fails to keep the book clenching tension of its opening our live while that first hour is really unnerving and it's filled with random jump scares that will leave you cursing the developer under your breath but it means that you're always on the edge of your seat and then towards the end of the game it just goes completely flat and honestly it feels really rushed it's almost like it's sprinting towards a conclusion and doesn't really have anything interesting left to say and and more more on that like the story just doesn't really come together in a convincing manner the game relies on like blackouts and hallucinations in order to convey the plight of your character but it means that it's really hard to follow you will find memories around the mental asylum and these fill in some of the blanks but while there's actually some very cool character development in these none of it really feels fully fleshed out at all and honestly this is a huge problem because depending upon your decisions you're really gonna see a lot of supporting characters drop like flies but while the deaths are appropriately grisly it's hard to really care about any of the people that you meet or when they die because you don't really know who they are and while the same criticism could be leveled at the main until dawn game that almost adopted a parody approach where the impatient feels like really serious and really straight faced to add to that none of the outcomes that I've seen so far feel particularly fulfilling either there is one meet finale that attaches the narrative to the original story or the main game but the others that I've seen anyway have been really anticlimactic I should stress that I haven't experienced every possible permutation of the plot at the time of typing but I think if you need to follow a particular path to get a satisfying conclusion it almost defeats the purpose of the game entirely it's such a shame that the narrative never really comes together because there's a lot to like about this as a virtual reality experience visually I'm really starting to get the sense that developers are grasping what's possible with PlayStation VR as the Blackwood sanatorium is tremendously immersive the 1950s setting in particular is very powerful with period appropriate music and props creating a real sense of place and atmosphere and the game also leverages the medium effectively in a variety of compelling ways while the proportions continue to be problematic I mean supporting cast characters look like absolute Giants and even your hands look like they've been outfitted with those novelty foam overlays it's hard not to feel a connection to the fictional game world when someone reaches out to touch you on the shoulder or even stick a needle in your knee there's also some really clever use of the PlayStation Move ones with each blowing stick operating each hand independently the game uses Rumble to replicate the feeling of touch when you come into contact with an object in the world this means that if you reach out to pick a book up for example the controller will gently vibrate to convey that contact or if you hammer against your asylum door you'll feel much stronger Rumble as your hands collide making the virtual world feel surprisingly tactile you can use the DualShock for if you prefer but you do lose a lot of the interactivity as a result practically everything in the game world can be picked up and examined with the move ones while the standard controller strips away a lot of this functionality without analog sticks there's a definite learning curve to movement with the motion controllers but it's easy to adjust to and the slow pace of the title accommodates the sell well one other really nifty feature is the inclusion of voice commands so while you're able to select dialogue options purely by looking at the answers you want to give you are also able to kind speak your responses aloud if he want that added immersion I found this functionality to work flawlessly though I think your mileage may vary depending upon the environment you're playing in I mean too much background noise will probably confuse the technology and they'll end up breaking as a result so all in all I think the impatient strong opening is undone by a really rushed finale and while the various plot permutations add replayability they come at the cost of a truly fulfilling narrative now as a PlayStation VR experience this is a fine looking spoo come up with some neat innovations that help to create a very tactile world but the story is far too fragmented and frankly flat to do just this to the universe that it's inspired by but let me know if you're planning to pick up the game in the comment section below I'll be happy to answer any questions you have and remember to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more PlayStation VR content I'll also be uploading a separate video talking about the impatience various control options so check that out if you want to know more about the way it works with the PlayStation Move or the DualShock 4 but with that said until next time thank you so much for watching

Glenn Chapman


  1. Hey everyone!

    The Inpatient's outstanding presentation is undone by a story that never really comes together and a disappointing final act.

    – Sammy

  2. A bit strange, this review, as just about every single review I've read agree that it is a really good game. Only the movement is reported to be clunky

  3. I'm proud to say this game is really good despite all the criticism I actually feel for some of the characters like the Asian nurse and the orderly David

  4. I was note impressed by ”the first hour” either. So far, Im not impressed at all with this game. A lot of boring dialog that I just wanted to skip…

  5. I loved this game at first – when you’re in the cell and stuff, but then it gets abit odd and the game ends far, far too soon and abruptly it almost felt like an insult.

  6. I honestly thought that when in the cable car the game was about to begin! Short, not scary and dull. Very poor game!

  7. i played around 2 hours and the game is just bad. They just copied some ideas from layers fear, put a shitty story in, bad controls, boring LONG dialogues and released it.

  8. The Plot extremely boring and unfolds too slow. You feel really like a prisoner in your room where nothing happens! The characters talk also pretty slow and is kind of annoying. the "scary" parts are represented but very loud noises that put you rather in a bad mood then in a fear mood. The Whole game is unreasonable-excessively dark consider that the graphic is overall not that bad. your character keep switching from standing to seated position that force you to re-calibrate every few minutes. The characters in the game are slightly oversized which makes difficult to feel like real-life experience. the controllers dual-shock or PS Move are just impossible to coordinate correctly! just impossible! that's why you can't get all the clue/memories the game then finished in an unsuspected way in which you have solved nothing about your amnesia … I paid half what i paid for Inpatient when I bought There They Lie and I had no expectation for that game but I ended up enjoying quite a bit… motion and controllers where as smooth as they can get compared with the most recent Inpatient
    I would also suggest instead Soul Dimension an "horror-puzzled" game in episodes. the first episode paid around 2-3 dollars and lasted as much as the whole Inpatient and was overall a much enjoyable experience very immersive!

  9. Don’t know if this is a glitch in the game but when I complete it and the credits are over, the game loads back to the last section when you’re in the elevator. Has this happened to anyone else?

  10. Are you able to take your time and explore, or does it push you along kind of on rails? A big part of my enjoyment of VR is simply soaking in the atmosphere of the worlds.

  11. Underwhelming I thought. One jump scare. Ok but I expected more. The butterfly effect only affects the characters deaths and minor changes not your wendigo change from what I could work out. HINT: watch through until the end of the credits

  12. Good review. Had a question though. I’m currently playing myself with the move controllers but I’m not enjoying the rotation/movement. I usually play free rotation in titles like Skyrim VR & Resident Evil 7 but it’s not exactly “free” here. Was just wondering what settings you had the camera rotation set as it looked a lot smoother then mine.

    TL;DR what rotation setting would you best recommend for this game

  13. I got a copyright for the lift (elevator)section from Blue Minor – Chick Webb And His Orchestra

  14. I respect your review of the game … but sir your wrong! First off finish the game .. second I like that you have to keep play to get the right ending! The game was a blast! Yes, not perfect by any means.. but it’s at least a 7.5/10

  15. I found the opening really boring actually. I enjoyed exploring more once you got out of the cell but even then it was really linear.

  16. $40 for a 2 hour game? 🙁 wait for the inevitable price drop I guess..

  17. I was really hopeful about this game, and played as soon as it was available, but was rather let down by it.
    The opening set up a great feeling, and I was hoping for it to ramp up a lot faster. I played for about 1 hour, and started getting board. The dream parts had me jump a few times, but overall it felt like Saw 1 to me. Just you and a guy trapped in a room.
    Still looking for a really good VR experience outside of Rush of Blood, Star Wars BF VR, Farpoint, and Dick Wilde.

  18. This game looks boring I think I will pass on this one, plus I already wasted my money with DOOM VR, and SKYRIM VR, terrible games FPS and movement, Thanks Bethesda for ruining this games. There's is nothing left but to go back and replay Masterpiece Resident evil 7 and Farpoint with aim controller.

  19. Spot on review! Shame the game had a lot going for it and all, will save my money thank you!

  20. when characters look too big or too small in VR games it means that your IPD is set wrong. You need to do the eye distance measurement in the settings.

  21. I was but after watching this video I might wait for a deep DEEP sale.

  22. I cried a little when you said two hours to finish the story. Different plots may give it replayability, but I would struggle to play it again and force myself to make different decisions.

  23. Gameplay? Controls? Story during 2 hours, when you include prequel and credits on the end. I excpecetd much more from Supermassive Games, but this is bad 4, from me, and doesn-t worth 30$!!!

  24. This is painfully disappointing! I've had Inpatient preordered for months now, and I've been hyping it to guests at our store. I'm so bummed out!

  25. Sony showed next to nothing of this game so far now we know why.

  26. For me personally when I played the game last night with the move controllers I had major troubles. It felt wonky and not right. I wish they configured it better because it really strips away the impressions I had about it. I had high expectations 🙁 I'll start using the regular dual shock instead

  27. Only played about 30 minutes so far and I have to say I got quite bored, for most of it I was just sitting in a horrible cell, didn’t seam very scary.. and not much change of scenery ether, hopefully it improves , wish they brought back some of the elements of the rush to blood as that’s just one of the most amazing vr experiences I have ever witnessed

  28. Works out at around £26 for me this…. For that do u think it's worth it?

  29. Why fill the sides of of image with blur!? It's awful and distracting.

  30. It’s kind of disappointing because the developer probably was running low on money and had to rush the game and sadly thats the main reason I wont be getting the inpatient now.

  31. How would you rate the game out of 10…considering graphics, gameplay and replay value…

  32. Can not watch this! I have been waiting for this one. Gonna download when I get off work! I Can’t wait!!!

  33. Wow between 0:50–0:55, theirs Felicity Graves & Simon Hilary faces from Hidden Agenda(I call that a spin off) lol.

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