The Inpatient | PSVR Review Discussion

what's up everybody welcome to another episode of why we left PlayStation VR sitting across from me this week and every week Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake it's desura okay and sitting across from me of course is Brian Paul and every week on why we left PlayStation VR we sit around with blow the dust off an old PlayStation VR game something from the archives and we take another look at it we put you through it again we see if it's worthy of your hard-earned money see if the developers have given any love since release with a slight exception of October in which case we change things up a little bit because we're talking about scary game October month my favorite month my favorite month of the month yes now but the game that we're going to talk about this week has has it's been out for a bit yeah yep so this week we're talking about the impatient the impatient by supermassive games yeah the makers of tumble VR and we're gonna stop that also rush of wood yes also until dawn Bravo Team yeah all right yeah we could go down a whole rabbit hole okay I know like Michelle and I went down a bit of a rabbit hole when we did our Bravo Team episode and and then you and I did have a rush of blood episode at one point but yeah we we could talk about super massives fall from greatness how they were a company that could do no wrong and then and then eventually like you know now now their futures not in question but like their future as far as VR games yes they definitely this is Bravo Team and the impatient maybe didn't quite get the reception at tumble and Russia blog did that's true so let's not go down that rabbit Lee yes Ted let's uh let's let's move along in this game was released January 23rd 2018 for $39.99 ooh and it's it's a prequel to until dawn it was yeah yes that's it about 50 years before the events of that game right and it takes place mostly in the Blackwood sanatorium yep yep sanatorium and hotels out right it's an interesting combination the 20s were in interesting times so that's let's let's grab a hotel honey what do you think about this one here that's attached to the sanatorium yeah well I I kind of went down this rat hole of doing research for this episode looking into sanitariums intensely and actually stuff like that kind of happened all the time you would you would create like a or hotel and the like okay it's spa its wellness all right so let's take some you know just rich people with new health care and now let's take these other people and eventually it turns into like oh now it's just a straight-up insane asylum okay exactly not you know that is not on an unusual thing to happen okay there was a one I was reading about a Asylum that actually started as a children's school and then eventually over like eighty years turned into one of the worst run horrific of Santa's islands in the country this sounds like a nightmare on elm street yes chapter yeah all right um so let's uh let's I mean this is gonna be this is gonna be a tough question answer yeah what kind of game is this it's um I'd say it's a playable novel more than anything else really okay yeah it's um what's why there's there's an actual term for that but it's basically choose your own adventure I hesitate to call it an adventure game because it's not like a point-and-click you need to find things you just kind of travel on and you make choices yeah and see how it plays out I would definitely I would definitely say it's a first-person narrative driven yeah and they they they are really they're really going for the the choose-your-own-adventure vein yes in fact half of what you're doing this game mmm that's a good percentage of what you're doing this game is just answering questions yeah which are also your choices where you can do that in two different ways you can click a button or you can talk but you can talk now I did there's I I played through this game once hmm and I was just pushing the button I was like well you can people ask you a question and two options Pat show up on the screen yeah this one or this one and you can hit you know this direction of this button that's it yeah yeah there are only two options there very there's no real dialogue trees you know in fact in fact very seldom do your answers trigger a different response from the person who's asking you them right all right but instead of just clicking a button you can actually save the lens which on my second playthrough I was like I'm gonna get into this game yeah I'm going to do everything I can to be this character and in and for the most part mmm it works okay and when I say for the most part I mean it's it's awesome when it works on the first yes and then sometimes you say line three times and it doesn't work at all and you're like okay that kind of really yeah you know I I have a tendency I guess to mumble when I'm not paying attention or not concentrating on it okay so I'm gonna I'm gonna give the game a little bit of slack there didn't quite work is because I'd be sitting there you know okay sure let's do that okay sure let's do that and then we'll work just fine you know but as far as like helping to get into character yeah I saw a lot of reviews it said oh really helps you buy into the character it's like well no as much as you're willing to do it and I think I feel like yeah I guess man I was really want to do our best to stay away from our judgment on this game right away we can keep plowing through then so you can talk to it okay yeah so one of the one of the first choice did you get as you get to choose your your gender in skin tone yep so you know plus one for that yes very inclusive you can can be whoever you want this game just drives for immersion let's try this drives for you too it's it's goalie for you to become yes character and so if you want to be if you want to be a white female or a Native American male or an African American male whatever you want to do you choose from a wide range of skin colors and male or female a little bit disappointed I can't be trance will be sad I'm like if you're gonna do it why not just give me the option but if you're I'm kidding I was gonna say if you're a male playing the game you're playing a female character by default I'm for being trans I'm okay absolutely I'm not I'm not as politically correct as all yeah I like I like as many options as possible yeah but uh but obviously I'm whenever I play a game mm-hmm I want to be me okay I want to be as close to me as possible because I want to be the character Yeah right so I'm boring I think I pick white dude yeah and I'm like alright Here I am I'm boring white dude no let's play the game I gotta say that one of the very first things it does in the game uh you're sitting there in the and the doctors leaning in at you yes and one of it yeah I'm gonna go way off track sure one of the one of the complaints I keep seeing about this game is that the character models are like disproportionate yeah and but but fact is is this is one of the only games I've ever played where like you're sitting in a wheelchair or you're confined to a chair and the characters are leaning in and talking to you yeah and so when people are leaning in and talking to you they look like they have bigger heads you know because their head proportionately like perspectively it is going to look bigger because it's the rest of their body is further away from you I don't think it's not just that like one thing I noticed with the character models like if you when you get those close-up looks they look amazing like the skin tone the complexion it looks so real fantastic but then the actual animation and the moving is way into the young cat uncanny valley okay you know and I it's I don't know it gets um to that you know especially when he's leaning in like that right or at the beginning keV so remember summer lesson yeah bring us back there when she leaned in it was like oh there's really a person there I like to ensuing then yeah but it felt you know it was like oh that's that's really happening and these characters I think III haven't quite put my place on it but I think because they look so realistic they feel less present okay she was a little more cartoony they decided not I mean not totally come but it's certainly not 100% human um I don't know I just because when he leaned in I didn't get that same like oh that's a real person that I get I have in in that or even um oh my gosh the game that makes everyone sick the horror game here daylight here they lie yeah you hear that lie when you have character interactions there that's true you know yeah I will I will say that that that girl that you see at the very beginning of here they lie yeah which when she leans in hmm that was one of my earliest to be our experiences and then I was like well yeah like invasion of personal space here I was right right it was like something I just didn't get maybe that's cuz good at this point we're sort of experience I guess I can't say I did yeah can I say I did if in fact I think so the getting back to what I was going to talk about before the character models is is that most of this game takes place in like this sepia toned world right where it's like whenever you see like old timey pictures yeah it's like they're sepia tone is it because they hadn't you know have developed color photographs and and you know the fading or whatever so and you just kind of and you just kind of end up in in this sepia tone world and and at the beginning you're being pushed around in a wheelchair yes and I was like this is brilliant mm-hmm I was like this is great because a lot of people get motion sickness and VR and I was like what what a great way what a great vehicle yeah to put someone where you feel like okay now you get to you're getting pushed around you can't look around everything's great and I was like what a great vehicle to allow people to explore this place mm-hm and in but also from the comfort of being a seated position and in BAM you can just like kind of push some buttons and we're gonna move around and that's not what happened at all in fact you never get to control yourself from from the wheelchair I really really really thought oh I saw you like you would be able to I thought this was gonna be a wheelchair game whereas like this is your this is your vehicle of transportation and this is gonna really v8 motion sickness for everyone because everyone's gonna be playing from a seated position and here is the way you're moving it's gonna feel totally natural yeah no it's just an exposition delivery system it is really it is really and I think most of the game is an exposition delivery system yeah which isn't necessarily a bad thing I I want to be right up front with that like if you know if as you maybe he might get some criticism this later if you're thinking oh we don't like this game because we don't like story driven games that is a hundred percent opposite of the truth no I I grew up playing only story driven games I don't even care about like you know shooting people and yeah so that's that's that's not the issue here and it's not the fact that it's just exposition that's that's fine although it gives me a little note that first time you're going down the hallway and you see Suzanne the nurse walk by yeah the character modeling animation is so wonky I thought something was wrong with her like horror movie style like I thought she was just kind of like some sort of zombified like oh we start when the monsters already okay like oh no it's just that's interesting you say that because I did I played through the game again for this episode and I didn't I didn't notice that okay I did notice like there is she's supposed to be ignoring the orderly who's who's pushing you along which I get that it seemed like I know anyways yeah no there's some of the characters or certainly there are more there's more attention given to some characters in others and I think she is one of them that there was a less attention given to yeah oh one thing I want to point out too on the plus side so you know you mentioned kind of the coloring but the details in the space it's a really well imagined space eyes looks fantastic it looks like a creepy old hospital and actually the audio I want to point out there's a difference between stereo audio and binaural audio yeah this game uses by a normal audio which means you need to wear headphones when you're with us and you get a full sense of space now binaural audio just means instead of just having two channels they record they actually have the microphones set up where a human head where your ears would be so not only are you picking up you know this is left this is the right you're getting total spatial cues from around everywhere you know surround sound is kind of in that same neighborhood but it's it definitely it helps add to the sense of actually being in a place and in jumping ahead to my favorite part of this game mm-hmm is every time you go to bed can you go to sleep do you you leave sepia-tone world mm-hmm and you enter green ring their world in green nightmare world just the reason I played this game because I like scary games yeah and and so man oh man put your headphones in and turn them up because oh like I had forgotten how scary this game can be like in begin a lot of it has to do with the audio and so you can you're pretty safe you're pretty safe in sepia tone world but ingredient nightmare world you're never safe right you're like walking down a hallway you know you're hearing voices and they're coming from all around you the one weird thing I kept finding I had to keep looking at my feet cuz I'd be walking and then I'd stop and then I'd hear another footstep like one extra footstep okay and I go wait I stopped walking is there somebody behind me and I had to look down at my feet and go oh no it's my wife was just a little slow I guess right or was it just yeah there's some object collision issues so you I found my hands bumping into stuff all the time there's also yeah but this was just straight walking down the middle of a hallway with nothing around me it's like I was like it always sounds like there's an extra foot step in it and so when I'm walking I was like I know it wasn't this is not an intentional scare right man it definitely scared me but this is the kind of stuff it's like I was just wearing little earbuds hmm yeah in holy crap that the sound was so intense and whenever they give you a jump scare man they drive that jump scare home with some I mean just yeah like an explosion in your ears hmm I was this is phenomenal like I love if the whole game was Green nightmare world didn't this would be a one hands down okay let's talk about controls since you met since you mentioned the hand illusion detect young did you play this with the DualShock 4 or the Move controllers sir I was a good little reviewer and I tried it with both and immediately as soon as I do the DualShock like no this is broken I got the move like oh these aren't great either so each one has an advantage and each one has a disadvantage the DualShock 4 is it's so much easier just to walk around and turn industrial it's like here's your analog sticks yeah go to it you know how to do this but then but then you don't quite have that interaction with the world right which isn't necessarily a bad thing because there's not that much interact with there's actually very little ya do in the game like there are very few buttons that do anything there's no inventory management there's no inventory yep I all you're doing is walking and grabbing things if you like knocking over chess pieces though have I got a game for you boy oh boy at the beginning I was like picking one up and throwing it yeah I'm picking another one up and throwing it and I was just like close my hand and just lets pretty much come all off the table well that's that's what I that's actually when I decided to switch from the ds4 cuz I'm sit there with that like Oh chess pieces okay well you've using move controller for this game over because okay because because the chess pieces are there in that first room like the first time you get to interact like oh I'm gonna need fine control in this game so I'm gonna go to the move controllers and no and as you found out with the Move controllers you go you're wacky waivable inflatable arm-flailing to men controls man it really feels like you have octopus arms yeah very very like yeah they're kind of attached at your elbows yeah no matter how you move your arms does not feel one-to-one no it's always felt like they were like a few inches away from where they should be and and they just weren't moving the way I wanted them to and if you're wondering if supermassive games have solved the VR developer's number one weakness doors they have not I mean if you really want your really patient and you walk up to a door and you go come on come on oh wait it made a sound that must be holding it now and then and then you can turn the handle and go yeah that's pretty much it you said totally works or your hand in it turn and then yeah it totally works it's just it's just not seamless and this is one I'm not gonna give too much crap for supermassive because I don't know what it is there's not a single developer who has figured out how to use a door yeah I mean in an actual functional way I mean some games have like okay just click the button and click another button and it'll just open automatically but just the walk up turn a knob and push or pull yeah so that's weird that you say that I'm trying to think think of anyone that I was gonna say right there's nothing yeah nothing I I'm totally happy in VR walking up in pushing X because that that at least does the trick right and you shouldn't have to think about opening a door I would love a bright Reggie we saw him at the lives livestream last weekend like is there like an issue you guys like developers get along around together and discuss like the door problem is there like reddit slash doors is like TED talks about doors yeah so anyways alright that's that's getting off to alright so here's so here's though the the move it – move controllers to move controls make it very difficult to walk but they give you arms yes but they're not good arms right walking around this game is a pain in the butt that's why I'd actually prefer to I don't know if I actually want to say this I prefer to use the DualShock 4 because most of what you're doing is walking yes and so if most of what you're doing is walking give me an analog stick mm-hmm because the Move controller is in one and your left hand you're pushing the move button to walk forward now unlike every other VR game out now yeah when you push the move button and do this you still just walk straight forward right right usually you've hit the button and you can kind of like do this to go left and do this to go right now you use the other hand and you to hold the move button there in like Moot make a gesture to the rights of turn right right and then it's a smooth turn to the right mmm you know what happens almost every other time that I turn in this game what I end up turning around on accident because because you because you're supposed to do this on this hand to turn around he's a 180 flip in somehow when I push the button down and do this to turn right i jus i turn right in favor then I turn around I find it's actually it's a little more you just have to kind of turn the controller obviously means my sweeping gestures too much yeah I think that might've been it cuz I was just I mean it's it wasn't flipping you around no no I could do it to me to get to reverse I really had to kind of yeah but there's no there's no quick just turn around but there's no button there's no way as far as I know to back up no just like I'm standing here I just want it back away from that right what you can do with it slips talk for right right right yeah you got to turn around walk a couple steps and turn back which is important because there are memories these things that you kind of you know the collectibles of the game that they're either highlighted white if they get a little white sparkling thing on them you got to walk up to them at just the right distance if you get too close they won't trigger and if you're too far away they weren't trigger so I had to stare at them yeah so I very often find myself oh I'm too close to that so I've got a backup well I can't back up I've got a turnaround take your steps then turn around and sneak up to it yeah and then that's kind of the other thing you're doing you're walking around and then you and you're staring at these collectible memories but they're not like if we can't we shouldn't call them collectibles because I feel like they're not really hidden the game calls me collectibles oh but they're not hidden like you're glowing from a distance well you can miss them you can yeah there's I mean there's a few like that are hard to find that you have to like not follow the main path go into a room okay yeah but the majority of them are fairly easy to find but there are some that are pretty difficult okay I will I would totally give that to you and but we're gonna come back to it as well okay how I can take you to beat this my first playthrough I'd say maybe two hours yeah you know I think to two hours and that was with like hey I'm go off the beaten path and explore as much as possible we're hit two hours every playthrough yeah yeah and then I mean the problem is there's not two if you just follow the plot long there really isn't much variation the length of time no because you you can't do it faster you can only go slow so we're saying des here's a $40 game yeah that is two hours long mm-hmm what's what's the deal what's going on here well the way they pitch it and the the positive reviews I read about say there's a lot of game play because you get to go through and play it again and make different choices and get a different story so here's where we need to really start really start talking about the downfalls of this game yeah so the goals of this game are that are you have this you know immersive situation which the audio and the visual appeal that looks fantastic little character model issues I mean we kind of beat up on a little bit but it's really not enough to be game breaking you know it's just hey environments look really nice violence Creek although I will say it's you know there's not a whole lot to explore this dig you're given like a couple hallways couple rooms in like a different section later in the game and that's kind of it it's like there's not a whole lot of variety in your two hours know which makes sense because you're stuck in this one building so and then the goal yeah and the idea of the game is like oh you make this choices and you get this totally different adventure that doesn't seem to be the case if it doesn't what what drives me insane about this game is that Here I am I finished at once and I was like my house kind of it was kind of boring like in fact like the entire first hour yeah it's like other than like I think in the first hour you get two of those green nightmares which I loved but again they're short and yet you're like don't get there's not enough of that for like it is gonna be considered a horror game I don't know if that's what we're calling it but it's October month so they call it we're calling it diet um there's not enough of that to make it to make it like a awesome for horror fans and in fact most of that first hour is answering seemingly inconsequential questions and you're sometimes even the to questions to to responses they give you I'm almost not different at all right yeah and so if you're if your goal is to replay this for a different storyline you almost have to write down the answers you have the first time because there it's not like I was like oh I'm gonna be mean this time through and I'm gonna be nice this time thread it some of the answers are just like it seems so meaningless iii-i'll my perfect my example of this is going back to the very first choice you make your gender and skin color yep now look I don't want to you know bang on about this I know I'm not like mr. gender studies guy but let's just say the experience of a black woman and involuntarily in an insane asylum in 1952 should be significantly different the experience of a white male you would think so and that's what I did my first time through I did I did me and then I was like all right let's get I'm gonna put the slider all the way to the right or all the way to the yeah always the right as dark as my skin can be I'm gonna be female let's do this I counted two interactions that were slightly different and it's just when the guy was asking you your advice on how he can date this girl and it wasn't that he wasn't asking you advice he just phrased it slightly differently yeah and then you're eventually you get a roommate in yourself and your roommate changes gender yep that's it and so and I'm not saying again this doesn't have to be a two-hour exposure of what like what it was like to be in a woman in 1952 but do something with that like you made me make that choice and you're saying you know you every one of your choices you'd like and they even say it in the in the copy in the game let the littlest choice can make the biggest difference like you that's a damn big choice it's a big choice right it's a huge choice and then and then even that even the decisions you make in the game that affect the outcome of the game yeah there is a you know here's the thing if you play through this game once and you're like man I'm curious to know what the other outcomes are yeah there's a 13 minute video on YouTube somebody made a 13 minute video on YouTube showing all the different outcomes and I got to tell you I watched that today hmm and no I was what that does is it just gives you the the different endings right you don't have to like watch the the first hour and a half of it's almost identical and 13 minutes I was kind of bored yeah I the desert DS arnott exciting I mean just there's a couple things that are kind of cool but like these are not overall exciting outcomes these are not like not worth playing an entire hour and 45 minutes to see the last you know five minutes of something a little bit different yeah the biggest problem is is it's not that there are no differences don't don't the DEF no misunderstood but the story beats are exactly the same I don't want to imagine saying what they are but you go to place X and do y you go to place Z and do you know a and you hit the same story beats maybe the people who are with you are different maybe your role in the situation is slightly different but the dialogue is very similar and again it's not it's not like okay I'm gonna do this let's say the super there's a supermarket involved there isn't but let's say if I make this choice I go to the supermarket but if I don't I don't go to the supermarket it's like no no what no matter what you do you're going to the supermarket what you do there might change a little bit but it's not you know let's go back to choose your own adventure books right you make a choice there those are binary choices and you're gonna end up with a totally different ending and this is a technology that is you know thousands of years old paper books and then which is brings me to like my biggest issue until Don had his criticisms but one thing you could say was there was a lot of content it was a deep story it actually won a Guinness world record for longest voice script for a video game I don't know over a thousand pages Wow very I mean say that what else you want about the game that was an in-depth story yeah Russia blood right out of the gate they nailed a whole bunch of VR movement mechanics and moving and exploring the space and shooting and aiming that was fantastic you hear hey they're gonna get together they're gonna make a prequel taking what they've learned from until dawn and what they learned from VR putting together one game that should have been a slam dunk yeah like you should be reading this right now yeah okay I guess if we're all ready sure let's get there all right um so our ratings as skills pretty simple to understand a 1 is you have to buy this it is the best of what we are asked to offer if you have a psvr this needs to be in your library just yeah go pick it up – is yeah if it's a genre you particularly like or if it's on sale at a decent amount yeah go ahead pick it up you know what you're probably gonna like it and three is no do not buy this game do not support these people we cannot let friends don't let friends buy crap yeah that's basically yep yep so one two or three something but we didn't talk about was that they were with the the the point of this show of course it's to see if the games been given any love since launch mm-hm see see what's changed yes right and and I guess a my very first playthrough I think I did a like a livestream the second it launched and by halfway through the trip my the the positioning tracking for my head tracking was so bad yeah that like it kept like turning me to the side and so oh by him halfway through the game I was sitting sideways on my couch do you had to face forwards it was awful so that's been fixed alright so I've been there's been two patches and I think both of the patch notes patched 1.01 patch 1.08 both say the same thing something about like you know bug fixes or gameplay improvements or what okay there was some issue they were so even worse issues with the move hands and stuff before I did have want to switch to the move I went through and played the wheelchair thing again I had a bug where my hand came free oh wow and I'm in the wheelchair and there was actually my hand here and there's the other one that's actually still on the other wheelchair I only need one more one more one more fix yeah it's not quite over I mean so and but so those are some minor things that they fix yeah I mean obviously the head dragon thank goodness hmm but but but but something that's been fixed is since release is the price tag okay this was a $40 game at lunch yeah and I think I think when you say hey here's a two hour game that is meant to be replayed but doesn't feel like it has a lot of replayability yeah $40 is asking a lot you go play this once for two hours I don't actually want to play it again yeah that's that's the biggest downfall here and so in since January the game has now been cut in half price-wise it's now it's now a $20.00 game and I'm like man I'm like this this is this right here this one point specifically because people always say a bad game is a bad game doesn't matter the price I'm like but yeah but a but a average game is more valuable at a better price yeah yeah right I can see that yeah in there in there are moments in this game that like speak to the greatness I think that supermassive was going for all of the green sections all of the like hey you know just you're not walked in your cell anymore go go and explore this place and amend if we're gonna scare the crap out of you at least a few times I know desert doesn't get scared by things the way I am I'm a big scaredy cat and he's like a just non-human I'm sorry I'm human I go with that I have no emotions as far as Spirit goes and so those moments I was like holy crap like these moments almost make my two hour playthrough worthwhile and at $20 it's a much much better value than $40 now using our skill yeah for that conversation I'm giving this a 2 because at $20 it's still asking a little bit too much okay but if you get it for 10 bucks right if you can get if you can get the new price on sale yeah yeah then and you you're you're okay with everything we've said so far like you're like okay let's the story's not gonna be awesome but like you know what what horror movie has a good story you know is it worth it for the few awesome jump scares and there's one in particular that I will remember forever and in this is the first it's a diorama okay okay that for some reason I was like yeah wanna turn around so okay yeah right there's a couple awesome moments in this game and but for 20 bucks I'm still like you know I I don't I don't feel comfortable recommending this to anybody I said in my original review this is gonna go down as a cult classic there are going to be a few people that are hardcore about this game that are like until done fans that like are gonna love the connections to the original game okay and I think that drawing cockroaches to the screen when they play it together sure maybe right and so in today I think there's a small graphic of people who are going to really love this yeah but that's a very small demographic for our for most of our audience I'm like if you can get this probably 10 12 13 dollars that that's about the price point we're looking at here yes it's worth it's worth one trip to the movie theater because you know for most people you're not gonna want to play this again so make sure that your two hours is worth the price you were willing to pay and that's why I'm giving it to ya I see I try to reserve my threes for games where I feel like the developers didn't care at all yeah or I'd put like the least amount of effort or it's a cash grab was just something were like we want to grab them and smack them and there's nothing about this game that says to me that nobody cared about this there's a lot of attention a lot of love put into this game so I don't want to give it a three I'm gonna echo you know a lot of what Brian said I think I think $40 was ludicrous $20 if you really really love horror or you're really invested into the untilled on series okay if you get it on sale for less than that I'm getting a little better on it but I think the the biggest the biggest sin of this game commits is is a game that says you to get the most out of this you need to bleep replay it multiple times but as you said if it's not enjoyable to play it like I got to the first time and I wasn't like oh wow what a neat resolution to the story it's like oh thank God it's over yeah I was like all right and then I mean I even texted Bryant like how many times do I have to play this it's and this is this is more than just Dez doesn't like horror games you know one thing I liked about this game was the fact it doesn't rely on just jump scares you know it's it's trying to set up a sense of dread like I like when the environment cultivates the sense of foreboding doom and like you know III man I'm a bigger fan of environmental horror then whoo you know and I was excited about that like this game that's what this is gonna do you know we saw him once how the original trailer or the I guess playable demo or whatever you want to call it work you know I was like okay maybe I can but it doesn't deliver on that and yeah so I'm gonna give it a two but with a big old asterisk if you don't like horror you're absolutely not gonna like this game if you do like horror then maybe pick up when it goes on sale but I think you're being generous when you say it's gonna be a cult classic there's there's maybe the untilled on fan fan boys might like it but I think there there are some moments some of the endings that actually tie it into the original uncut yeah yeah I was like I was like oh my people are gonna really like this mmm in the fact that I like to until done I don't think as much as the rest of you yeah I was like I was like okay that's cool that they managed to tie it in but it's it's not enough it's not enough I this game needed to be so much more for it to be a 1 and there was so some of the things just seemed so obvious to me like when you're going striving so hard for immersion yeah and you're like this is going to you even in this store if you go to the PlayStation Store mean the description that you are this character you are making the decisions you're dramatically gonna change the outcome of the game I think they used all those words mm-hmm but then one of the first things that happens to you you're strapped to a chair and the doctor comes up to you and he injects you in the leg yeah with a with a syringe right but like you're the the needle goes in your leg doesn't react and your leg is actually still kind of doing this movement back and forth like that make it look natural but while the needles not going back and forth yeah and I'm like okay so this is one of the first things that happens to you in the game in its immersion braking mmm I'm like the little jolt yeah like you know to make it mean my character react to it and then like not move while the needle stuck in it these are little things definitely could have helped and this is just in the first few minutes right I was like ah dude this is a little bit of a warning sign here yeah it's um no it's like the copy writers for the descriptions didn't actually ever play the game the developers like oh this is what we want to do yeah and you know when they first like pitch the idea like oh great we're gonna go with that and then you know eight to 12 months later when I had the finished product like we don't need to show the final game to the copywriters right okay good yeah it's a there's some very big missed opportunities here yeah I I was really hoping for the best like I said their pedigree obviously with this I guess we can call it franchise at this point there's three games sure has been great so far I mean the first the first one deliver done exactly what it said I was going to do the second one blood still one of our favorites still absolutely absolutely one of my favorite games um but yeah it just it's something swing-and-a-miss yeah I'd say so again yeah if you have a few bucks laying around next time it goes on sale by all means pick it up if you know if you are the type of person that des and I are describing but you're not gonna be horrible disappointed if you skip this one yeah so listen a couple things we want to save just before we head off little housekeeping little housekeeping I was keeping we we never we never we never asked for money on this show the only time we ever asked for money is on a PSP our games cast live but if you're not a patreon supporter we would really appreciate your support for just a dollar or more a month you go to patreon.com/scishow that poor ol games and and we give you mp3s of our podcast every week and we give you a weekly show it's usually des and I filming after we filmed this show yeah it's like 20 minutes called the litter box and we either follow up on something we were talking about on why we love or we just talk about something video game related probably 20-30 minutes every week and let's be honest is if you've made it this far you like what we do and that's not awesome aw that's fantastic and if you want us to keep doing what we like and keep doing this and I mean we like doing this and let's let's be honest we probably keep doing it anyways probably but if you like what we're doing and you want to support it man about a buck a month that's that's not a whole lot I mean and we've got twenty twenty two thousand twenty three thousand subscribers yeah like if one quarter of those people gave us but you know even if every single person who watches this video yeah what's a patreon supporter that'd be amazing we make a world of difference to us and and I know so many people out there like my dollars not gonna make a difference right but but it's like Save the Children man if you get like a million people doing it that makes a whole lot of difference we have a million patreon subscribers oh my god so so anyway but getting back on track here it's October month yep it is my favorite month we're gonna talk about scare games for the rest of the month Oh excited because we got some good ones coming up and but but once that's over and we're already talking about what we're doing after October because so many good games are coming out there's some yeah we were an embarrassment of riches right now exactly it's never been a better time to be a PlayStation VR gamer but we still want to know we like while we're creating our list of games that we want to talk about in November and beyond we want your input so let us know in the comments what else you want to talk about yes we know you want us to do with werewolves within you tell us every week we love you with one of these days we promise yes all right for another episode why we left PlayStation VR I'm Brian Paul I'm Dez and we'll see you next week

Glenn Chapman


  1. You guys are too nice. I’m a huge Until Dawn fan. This game had all the potential in the world and managed to make me never want to pre-order a game ever again. Supermassive dropped the ball big time!

  2. It was an interesting game, but very short and felt mostly like following someone through a dark asylum for most of the game after leaving the first room. When it ended, it felt like it should be just beginning and it's missing another few hours of gameplay.

  3. Oh wow I preordered this and it's still sealed. I was waiting for a patch to come out to hopefully fix some of the control issues, but I never noticed the PS4 download one. Can someone tell me what the game has been patched to these days? I think I last saw 1.02 or 1.03.

  4. Wonder if doors are awkward because you are usually standing still in the game, but in real life your usually stepping with the door? If that makes sense?

  5. You guys should do a discussion on doors in VR. Doors are very multi purpose and are often over looked in games. Doors do a whole lot more than just joining adjacent rooms.

  6. I actually just picked this game up today for $9.99 at my local game store so I'm ready to experience this game, I loved the first two games and hope this is just as good…awesome review guys

  7. I had this game and a week after I sold it with out doing the game I like vr and I am on mine alot and played alot of games on it but this one is shit made me feel sick it's sad it could of been so good

  8. I've been saving all of my horror games for October.  I just wrapped up with Here They Lie, and I think this one is going to be next on my list providing I can find it on sale.

  9. Wow spot on description of my experience! Always great to have the chance to pop in and say keep up the awesome work 🙂

  10. I’m that small demographic lol I actually liked the game, well overpriced but I enjoyed it, oh and the diorama scare was awful, I was Dez in that moment! Won’t say why because of #Spoilers first scare was the best by far, got me every time and I’m a until dawn “fanboy” but it’s a middle 2 for me, I’d like to know your thoughts on werewolves within, I bought it but have never played it

  11. This was the first time I disagree with both of your ratings. It's an absolute 3 in my opinion, but I bought it day 1 at full price. I had high hopes with Supermassive's track record. Agreed, the green nightmare scenes were by far the best part. Great show, more entertaining than the actual game.

  12. I got it on sale for about $15. Although it's not perfect, I enjoyed the continuation of the Until Dawn story. I hope they continue VR content, and fix Bravo Team. Just give us an option to turn off the third person cut scenes and just teleport and it will be a million times better.

  13. I knew there was no way I was paying $40 for 2 hours, so I just watched a let's play to see that story. Great video Bryan!

  14. Seems like i'll be skipping out on this for the horror game night im planning

  15. Man just cannot find any scary movies made recently, watched "The Witch" tonight, was ok… only one scary moment at all for me. "A Quiet Place" started out pretty awesomely and the story/world building was interesting but again, not scary…. Are movies just not scary anymore or am I just jaded?

  16. well guys, i like this game a lot, i want to buy it since it was released but it was in a high price, now at 19.99 its fear one, but i could waint until a sale to see if i can have it for 9.99 or less… yeah… im a "niño rata" like we say here in latam XD

  17. I rented The Inpatient from Gamefly. I'm glad I didn't buy it. It was a few interesting moments sprinkled around two hours of boredom. Like Paranormal Activity.

  18. Man, supermassive didn't fall that far imo. I liked bravo team, it just wasn't what people expected. Definitely a lot better since the patch. And the inpatient works well for what it is, just a story driven experience, but yea its not a marquee psvr game for sure. I liked the voice control, I wish more VR games would use that.. It could be fantastic. Inpatient isn't brilliant with it but they tried lol
    Great vid guys.

  19. Not only has the game been reduced to $19.99 since launch but also it has been sold for $14.99 in a few Flash sales since then.

    Interestingly Bravo Team, which we could make the case is the weakest of the two Supermassive games launched around the same time, has remained at $39.99.

  20. As someone who loved Until Dawn to death, I bought this game fully aware of its shortcomings after watching a bunch of reviews including yours and my expectations were pretty low before actually starting to play it. But in my opinion the first half of the game was good! Think about it this way, if this was a let's say 8 hour game with an in depth story, the first hour was actually setting up the whole universe of the game and what we should expect going forward, but I can't help but feel that they abandoned they game half way through and just tied the loose ends and released it as a final product. I don't regret buying it, but I wouldn't recommend it either. awesome episode as always.

  21. i got it at full price,but it was okay it was either the game or a night out ,so it was not so expencive after all hehe

  22. I was super pumped to be scared in the nightmare parts. Never happened. I was really bummed about that.

  23. Really great discussion, loved the Dez nuggets. The "green" moments and toward the end are really cool, I also really appreciated the graphics and detail, but it definitely failed to deliver on some variety and needed more scares. I did like how they attempted to build your characters story though. Not a bad experience for around 10 bucks. Thanks dudes!

  24. Great discussion. I only tried a brief few mins. i will revisit this soon!!!

  25. Why didn’t Sony support the Nav controller? It would really help in these games.

  26. That's a great point. $39.99 for a gme like Astro Bot that I will play over and over is well worth it. $9.99 is still a great price for a game to play through once.

  27. Bought this knowing it was gonna be sold a day or 2 later. It's worth a play through if it's deeply discounted. Needed a much more diverse range of endings than it has. Good overall experience but not worth more than $10.

  28. I remember back in the day when the impatient was Bryan’s most anticipated game lol

  29. I will eventually buy this and Bravo team. Eventually being when they are $9.99 or less

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