The Inpatient PSVR Review

Oh No where am I the impatient review for the playstation fear let's begin first up let's take a look at the gameplay you are patient at Blackwood sanatorium you have no idea who you are or why you are there at the start of the game you can select whether you want to be male or female which is a nice touch when playing with the DualShock controller you move around the world like you would normally in a first-person game but when you pick up an object you actually use the dual shocks motion sensor to move it around and inspect it it doesn't feel great to be honest and it does feel like you are loosely controlling a puppet playing with four move controllers is very frustrating at times to walk forwards you simply push the move button but to turn left and right you must move four controller in that direction it takes a while to get used to but the main problem is your character's arm movements when turning left and right it looks like you're signaling to go left or right like you would on a bicycle it's very distracting and immersion braking the arm movements just don't feel natural overall and it is a slight task just to simply pick up an object some objects in four world you can't interact with when they appear like they can be grabbed which is a real shame the game has a choice system called for butterfly effect this is when characters present you of two dialogue choices choosing one will change how the story unfolds you can activate a choice in two ways you can select it like you would normally with a controller or you can actually speak for sentence speaking for sentence did work for me for for majority of the time but when it didn't it obviously did take me out of the world although the game does have choices how you get from point A to point B is very linear however now and then you are able to explore a few wider areas but don't get too excited as these areas are normally only an extra room or two leading off from a main corridor the game does encourage a bit of exploration thanks to shiny memories scattered around activating a memory transports you into the past and you see an event play out these obviously give you a better understanding of four characters moe tips and also servers or games collectables which you can keep track of infamy menu overall there isn't too many gameplay elements you'll ever be listening to a character and deciding on a choice or walking sometimes for quite long periods of time and for pacing is all over the place it does have some decent jump scares but towards the ends I unfortunately didn't find for getting too scary now let's take a look at how immersive the impatiens is the sanatorium is quite believable but the world isn't anywhere near as detailed as rush of bloods it is quite empty in comparison the ends of corridors can be quite blurry and if there is something at the end of it that should be scary the fear is lost slightly if it is blurred the world is quite darkened for beginning which is a shame if you'd like to explore every corner of a game luckily later on you do get a torch and the shadows that cast are very good it is a very creepy atmosphere adding to the atmosphere is the absolutely incredible sound design the game has 3d binaural audio and quite often it plays tricks on you there are moments when you hear growls or a person speaking it sounds like it is really coming from behind you and then suddenly switches to the side of you it makes you incredibly uneasy when walking through the hallways the audio is certainly a standout part of the game another nice audio element is the correct sound that is heard when your hands collide with a certain material it's only a minor detail but it does help to make for world more believable when you enter a memory a light flashes just before and it is extremely bright it did actually hurt my eyes and when I got used to when they were going to happen I did have to close my eyes in advance it really should have been a smoother transition but for most paths for loading screens are not too intrusive and are bearable times but there is an elevator segment that has many loading screens that pop up they are very very brief but it was immersion braking and really did take me out of the event that was occurring the characters really are quite forgettable the doctor is really the only standout character in the game his voiceovers are superb and I really want to spend more time with him his facial animations are quite believable but the other characters don't seem to have had the same love and care you understand now let's take a look at the setup and what controllers the game supports I played this game in a seated position just under 2 meters away from camera the head tracking was perfect and the game did not make me motion sick in the options menu you have access to subtitles can turn voice recognition on or off and you can turn on angle turning or smooth turning the game can be played with the DualShock controller or to move controllers if you do decide to play with four move controllers it really is best to sand so that you have a lot more free space with your arm movements now let's take a look at the link for for game and what trophies come with it it took me around 2 hours and 10 minutes to beat the game the game does have multiple endings but after your first completion there is no chapter select scream that unlocks and you must play prove a whole game again for another ending I wasn't prepared to go through it all again to see them I did however watch them on the internet and without giving anything away one ending will be a nice little shock for until fans but honestly the hassle of going through the whole game again to see it and the other endings are just not worth it the game does have a platinum trophy up for grabs but you will have to play for game multiple times to achiever in total there are 22 trophies that can be achieved there is 4 bronze 10 silver 7 gold and 1 platinum I won't show four trophies as most of them have Story related descriptions a lot of them are rewarded for making a certain decision but some are for interacting with a particular object in the world and one is for collecting all four memories which should add a bit more gameplay time as long as you can put up with four characters walking speed and now it's time for the fur deck so does the impatient live up to the hype unfortunately no the game is incredibly short which shouldn't be a problem considering for game it's meant to be played numerous times but for game failed to entice me to do so thanks to a very bland cast of characters apart from one who doesn't make too much of an appearance choices still affect whether or not the character dies but when you don't care for them the incentive to replay the whole game again to see them live its loss and for players walking speed does not help matters there is a few good moments here for horror fans and Aulus very scared at times thanks to be absolutely incredible sound design I haven't been so scared in the game thanks to the audio since hell-blade I just wish the same love and care gone into the players are movements and overall control scheme rush of blood was an amazing game he lasts well around the same time as the impatient and cost less than half the asking price if super massive decide to physically until dawn universe again in PR I will certainly strap up for another rollercoaster ride but if they want me to strap into a straight jacket for the impatient to I think I really would be crazy to do so Oh No where am I now I haven't I've never felt better we need to leave right now you can't keep me here if you can't catch me what do you guys think'll be impatient a lot of you had it pre-ordered so I'd love to know your thoughts on it do you think it was a letdown let me know for comments below if you enjoyed this review please give the video a thumbs up and also subscribe for more PlayStation VR content

Glenn Chapman


  1. The game had lots of problems but the immersion was nice. Played it through twice but probably won't come back to it as the replay value is rather small. Good experience though. Which i supposed is what i paid for… a bit too expensive

  2. I just subscribed. You do an amazing job on your videos! Thanks.

  3. MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS COMMENT…………………………..I really loved the 1st half, loved actually using my voice and the "dontΒ  move" part was a really nice surprise. The part with the dog and cat got me and I felt very nervous about going either way. There was a really good bit where I refused to turn around (It wont actually be standing behind me will it? Holy shit, there it is). So yeah this game had some really good sweet spots but they dropped the ball completely in the 2nd half. I have heard that they deliberatly slowed down the movement to minimize the sickness and thats fine but the horror sequences completely dissapeared so there was more chance of falling asleep when you were walking around. When they added new characters to go with you I felt perfectly safe. The tension just went poof. So much potential for this game I was pissed off they didnt take advantage of the "dont move" part-singular. What if you became lost and became surrounded all of a sudden. That would have been terrifying. But nothing happens you just walk around. They could have done so many good sequences while on the way to the end and they did one or two with the elevator but it didnt bother me at all. You knew nothing could happen to you as you have no weapon and were trapped. You are litterally just along for the ride so they need to use sound and "what you dont see" to scare you. Throwing cheap jump scares and monsters wont help, it actually ruined it for me. I hope they make this game again but do it properly. Forget the story about the original story, trying to tie it all in meant sacrificing the phycological horror part and thats what I bought the game for in the 1st place. The voice recognition worked perfectly most of the time and was funny and very ambitious so fair play to them for that it was like having an actuall conversation. But again I think they focused on that more then the horror part. I know what they were tryign to do and wish they stook with horror, thats what people are paying for, to get the crap scared out of them. Look at youtube lets plays too, this would not go down well to watch.

  4. Just got the platinum! Got a walkthrough of it on my channel! Good video BTW

  5. I spent 40$ on the fucking game and I heard there might be a scare here or there.After 10 minutes of bullshit I can't imagine those scares are worth 40$The game is just SHIT!

  6. "Fairies never get ill!" …..good review! (Stinks that it did not live up to expectations though)

  7. I feel that the tired horror setting at the abandoned mental hospital is extremely lazy story telling. It's been done so many times and lackd any originality. I'll pass on this one. Thanks for the review

  8. Great review! Was hoping this game would be really good, ohh well… Maybe it'll be on ps+ in a year or so.

  9. I truly wonder how you have time to do fully rendered animations with each video, do you work full-time and do this channel? This would feel like a full-time job just doing this I would think. Top notch videos, keep up the great work!

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  11. Day 4 VR
    I am one with VR and VR is one with me.
    1 hour of playtime not sick in the slightest.
    (3 minutes pass):. Ok I'm puking my guts out….

  12. Great review (as usual). Small nitpick:
    "You can't until *you're well again" lol

  13. Ιωαννης Παναγιωτοπουλος

    I preorder it but I haven't play it yet….I have a problem with my back…so I'm waiting until I get better…bullocks…I should had wait for your review…if all these are true then I spend 40€ for a game that doesn't reach it's value…
    By the way I love your cartoon that you made for your videos Eric…they are always wonderfull to watch…nice work and excellent review!!!!
    See you on Sunday at rec room at 19:00 UK time!!!!!

  14. It's a shame there is no chapter select. But I think it was more of a necessity in Until Dawn where you had 6 different endings.

  15. Got the game yesterday and haven't played it yet. Also haven't found a good review of it yet but will still play it through. Looking forward to playing supermassives bravo team in March though.

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