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  1. The Inpatient Review is on the channel! –

  2. Butterfly effect in VR with voice recognition. Just waiting for my copy to get to me, cant wait to sit down with this totally blind. Looks crazy.

  3. The Inpatient has been on my radar since playing Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. That game from same developers remains one of the better looking PSVR games and Until Dawn for PS4 was great looking game, so I have high expectations for The Inpatient being a good looking PSVR game. The same developers also made Hidden Agenda which is one of the more unique PlayLink games. These aren't just pretty games, they have also been good games with interesting game design, characters, story, etc.

    Super Massive Games have done right by me so far and definitely continue to earn my pre-order faith with each new game they release for me to enjoy.

  4. I’m just worried how we’ve barley gotten any gameplay before the release

  5. i got reviews from other reviewers….bad news for shooting fans…the game is not a shooter at all and has absolutely no combat and the game is very short only 2 hours long….

  6. I will be buying it after seeing your review and will be seeing you play live…

  7. Just pre-order it a few minutes ago, I honestly got the release date wrong until I discovered that it was this Tuesday and not next Tuesday. and whats funny is only a day ago I was ordering DOOM VFR and Farpoint Bundle so looks like I'll be getting 3 VR games in 1 day.

  8. Until Dawn was a great game! It will be pretty cool to see the sanatorium as it was in the old days and find out why it was shutdown.

  9. I can't even express my excitement for this game. BRING ON THE 24th!!!

  10. Finally a game that really turns VR into a poor man's holodeck!

  11. I'm defently gonna buy this….but I'm dying to see you Eric in a live stream playing this!!!Looks amazing…can't wait till 24th!!!

  12. £34.99 much cheaper to buy online I picked up for £24.99 as this game was delayed I trust supermassive games as there past games have been classics this game looks very interesting and puts me in mind of the classics film one flew over the cuckoo's nest

  13. Can't wait!
    I hope this leads up to more Until Dawn Universe games in the future!! ^_^

  14. Looking forward to Inpatient! So… not a huge deal, but there actually is another game that has voice control as an option, Star Trek Bridge Crew! The voice commands are designed for single player, though some also work on CPU controlled players in multiplayer as well.

  15. Looks interesting! It is good that the developers have not shown much. And I look forward to the live stream!

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