still not used to using the psvr though I've played this game back in PlayStation experience I played the demo and I tell you guys I'm not really that impressed but maybe the full game well oh this game wise you speak out loud to make choices would you like to enable voice control speak out loud to make your selection yes please do I even have a mic oh wait yes please yes yes oh shit it works haha whoo that is nice you may enable or disable voice control any time via a settings menu for voice controls to work best ensure there's a little background noise as possible and simply speak the lines aloud normally not oh okay and all the tape hello Doctor please don't I'm pretty sure no I know where am I can you please not put your face please keep some distance from my face please where boy where am i where am i where am I yo I'm serious where am i where the fuck am i where am i where am i oh do you know actually I don't is that a nurse over there no no I don't you're having trouble with your memory trying to help I see you but what is wrong with this room oh shit flashbacks ah Holly I knew ya was up additional sessions so this won't be the first time God why does it feel like I'm on another like on an electric chair dude this is so uncomfortable I remember someone with a light and whatever yes I remembered something yeah quite vague actually hey I remembered something I remember something I remembered something I remembered something did you know just just press circle fuck you oh well at first I was hiding in some kind of room there yeah there you go I was hiding I was hiding yes I was hiding I was hiding I was motherfuck bitch I was hiding I was hiding just press circle then fuck you hmm yeah can you please not lean like that it's very awkward is there anything else any small details nothing is too insignificant well I remember a light I'm gonna try this again what am I supposed to answer then god oh please take a deep breath think about that moment and concentrate no matter how much it may scare or upset you it's important that you face the hard truth okay then there we go again boys okay I'm gotta check this out I'm gonna be very very very vigilant I can definitely see a face so all I can remember clearly is a lot less light a guy had a tattoo I guess I'm not sure well that memory was shorter can you please not put your face right up my fucking face as well that is your hands off me think you have it in you get yes but still I don't know what the hell is going on okay okay what am I supposed to do here hey new I'm here yo is that good I'm very concerned about that guy over there in the back ah but but you know what this isn't helping we need to stop we need to stop this need to stop this right now I understand well easy for you to say yeah that was nice but you know I'm very uncomfortable with this restraint you're giving me know if I can only punch you right now I would you I'm angry you know but this is it helping me you know I am very uncomfortable gotta release me dude like right now like I mean it I mean it where are you going what's with that look why are you gonna kill me now is that it oh fuck you Oh screw you man that is a big-ass needle that was subcutaneously oh shit thanks for whoever subscribed man oh shit for the youtube peeps wondering that was to subscribe other bitch fucking did made me to a baby intradermally sorry parenterally piercing maybe the needle and the thigh press and hold the what many what happened where am i what who are you oh hey yeah a butterfly a aren't you the guy who flashed that's right on me show on the Shelf with my something for display or just to see if you can also that's what it's what's going on alright I see the butterfly effect eat shit hey look it's my hands I'm pretty sure everyone's familiar with the butterfly effect right guys do something no matter how little it is it will have an effect see the smaller decision can make the most jerem drastic or in Germany hey whoa hey I'm sure it really feels like I'm in a wheelchair though Wow is it so nice hello Suzanne but it's fun with your face girls good to see your face but it's wrong with his face though dude names shoe-shiner shoes you think a girl like that would ever give me the time of day mmm you know what she's out of your league dude she's out of your league I'm sorry I have to be honest yeah least I'm wearing prophylactic pajamas well you got me there okay Touche it's so nice aybe can I kiss you eh you don't smell good Abe smell like piss fuck I'm outside play area but I'm just leaning so where are you taking me Abe not gonna tell me you're not even oh shit what happened Abe hey I heard screaming my actions will shape how the story unfolds hmm just like an telltale games you know I'm just like waiting for a jump-scare to happen any time now so far yeah by the way like Who am I by the way Who am I Who am I I thought we were buddies I see all right so we're we're that'll be good we yeah we go be my blue da where are we going sup being so sarcastic you'll shit I hate your smirk if I can just smack you right out would the staff sake at least whole place going to pieces fry tray that's sure oh shit motion sickness now let's lease you guys have music in here elevator that's nice so hey yo where we going man I don't like this it's giving me like the outlet vibes you know whole asylum thing musta giving you the good stuff three sheets just something alright just – what – what oh hey there's a presidential suite you know you guys this place is so dusty I can pretty much see the Tyndall effect right over there you guys should really clean this place up Abe fuck you I don't like the sound of that can I request for her instead instead of you casaya you sucked Abe and you smell my story is one of many possibilities ooh specifically shaking me choose your actions carefully ha I sure will this is exciting now you're back yeah a blackout no big deal all just part of the treatment almost back to your private little oasis Wow you know Elvis I'll just start recording this as well in case they you know Minet fuck's up there you go very good oh hey look at me everything is going to be okay what mini it's no need any money money what's happening boys is the shit about to happen doing that that hurts my ears thanks for the bit sure whoever bit cheered oh I'm standing now while I'm taller than you Abe I should smack you right now the cliff dude I am looking left okay you gonna make me a rich man whitewall tires and three-martini lunch now walk gum du Pape I am NOT your baby I should kick you in the balls right now do I can pretty much do that I'm taller didn't you look at me I'm a big guy alright that's there you go Wow almost ready for the triathlon now let's try going back to the bet well he's so enthusiastic with this work I kind of like you now okay that's uh pull the right Oh what did it work I pulled I see there you go all right cool I did it let's be that look babe now shit I can't go right in your face what's with that look Abe okay I hate this this thing wait wait wait wait wait right can I rotate 15 degrees there you go I think it's much better like that all right what am i doing hey what the hell are we doing oh I see there you go nice so I just need to walk around right Abe why don't you head over the window take a gander at the weather when was the last time you saw coming down like that I know oh shit it's snowing outside it's a frigging blizzard okay what the fuck happened wait wait maybe if I choose free rotation that should be a much better okay oh this is much better much better although the motion sickness is really bad fuck dude wait oh my god them Oh guys the the the motion sickness is so bad with free rotation I'm going back to 15 degrees okay I'm good sorry I'm still not used to this okay so what now Abe what now I'll fuck I'm hitting my mic what honey what are you doing here you cannot sleep on the work Jimmy be friendly with him or not okay you know what why not sure you can stick around I guess we made the choice already huh hello Abe sleeping on the job guys I don't like it what do we do they use it it's Febraury hey it's for right now strong mm-hmm oh hey what the fuck it's a letter what the fuck was that I heard some squeaking noises oh my god no I'm afraid okay anyway let's just uh oh shit I get this please how do i how do I do this how do I turn over nanny ah all right got it hey how do we do but you sir oh I use a controller dude there's no light and someone fuck there's no light here am I supposed to god dammit dude there is no light it's so freakin dark what is wrong with this game right is it because of my settings and it's so freaking that voice control is on that's pretty much it it's just actually just dark it's default the dark yo turn it Wheatly walk together in the woods Abe and Suzette day trip to them movies yeah Saturday night dancing yeah I walk together bite to eat keep it casual so how the fuck do I turn this over yo this is so how do you do that yo no more equipment what's happening why is she crying uh-huh yo it was creepy fuck let's put that down let's not look at that ever again okay maybe one more P one more piece it's the same thing more equipment laundry free shuttles open Tuesdays oh hey this is a chart wait what nutty nutty the fuck I want to see that again okay there has to be something in here complained of noises during the night silent to eat to treatment today that's weird okay can you walk a bit faster min just you are too slow what else can we fucking pick up here huh can I turn on the lights please cuz it's really really dark here oh I don't know what to do oh the bed hello bed is it time to sleep press hold to sit on the bed did you find a piece of paper with my notes scribbled on it no um you bet I did you it's right over there what did you read my notes I did you're quite the poet you really shouldn't have and I guess you were just killing time but curiosity killed the cat so is that a foreshadowing of something are you gonna kill me at you ready huh ape lights out soon but it's but it's there's still light out what time is it I need a freaking time didn't you guys know that it's important for patients to have clocks oh hey what is with is all me nurse light why is there an elk in the hall oh shit well guys I think sure that's about to go down there we go you bitch down in the morgue ah girl right that was too soon eat what are you fucking chanting come on not after you fucking jump scared me just fuck you and you it this game should have given us a way to punch that son of a bitch fuck god damn it Elias good Elias motsu Kane – oh no yo G you know areas you know the the that was I'm hearing other footsteps oh fuck this do we go there for right oh shit that was like a demon there's blood splattered over there this one has like flickering lights I'm not really sure ready to go let's go where the fucking grunting is good there is bled over here we shall look here hey where's the fucking deer hello jump-scare incoming whoa that's giving me shivers nanny what happened who is that guy I have a roommate now is that Abe Abe are you a patient no Abe to you oh hey what's up um what's that nuh nee da-da-da-da-da okay kimi no Noah oh excuse me the patient on the other room of course they're always going to be patients that are beyond our health but I know that you only want to get better maybe you should meet you in your roommate I don't think so I don't think he wants to meet me Wow way to go for way to make an awkward moment for the both of us okay oh well uh you wait there okay there's a leaf calling me in the window can I talk to you I don't want to talk to that guy give me that shit Rory's almost here have a whole extra days who knows how those ballots they always said you can do things a lot of days can't on any other like a woman proposing to imagine is that crazy a woman posting to manage 2018 it's not snow or trees or we're just daydream your name is Gordon hmm I guess I'm just daydreaming yeah that is certainly a less painful way of passing the time and some of the activities they got here really hey we're actually making conversation yeah give me buddies brings you to this fine establishment I actually don't know I have amnesia dude and it sucks that's what they got me in here for two crazy thing is I don't have amnesia everything is clear as a bell doesn't stop them from messing with my knock so we're just seeing experiments form d-bag treatments never get any easier hmm well they seem barbaric to say the least oh hey butterfly Fang take you I I can't really remember dude can't remember at all Biggers half the people in here don't know themselves from Adam damn can't get a break UK their damn aggressive should I talk later no okay do you oh I knew what wait there's something here oh it's a set of stop doing that sandwich Oh sandwich do i flip over the sandwich don't do that what is wrong with my arms oh ah oh shit maybe my head isn't the one with the problem it's my fucking arm what are you doing with the freaking gonna eat it I can give me I'm eating it there you go just one bite because it's burn I can't take the sandwich anymore okay got it got it this so do I just sleep what is wrong with my arm fix that there you go ha dream sequence do we go to the middle verse again to the scary place oh no we just woke up alright duh what up Gordon you do kinda resemble Abe alright ladies now shaking the sheets a little last uh huh I'm fine um are you okay look about before I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me I I don't know what they're doing to me but it's just I happened to myself I think it's that's what hey what Minnie maybe it's a treatment sued oh shit we are not prisoners here well we might as well be prisoners you're really locked up in a Cell no that's for our protection but I she's okay I guess she's been caught yeah I like her yeah I like her yeah a little drunk on her own power if you ask me I mean she can hear you by the way what I see someone was hungry very very good I just took one bite you're gonna take it and replace it and one more Wow what see we have good service here she's nice yes oh I stood up we're gonna eat your sandwich mine was a little burnt no you will believe that if I can tell me what to do she didn't see anything what the fuck what is your problem – are you giving me that look I guess I'll eat my sandwich again game play no I'm gonna eat this sandwich I'm gonna eat it so good could anyone eat this I don't know how many more of these I can take so give it up you want out of here screw this voluntary nonsense right you know maybe the sandwiches have the some kind of medication or drug in it as soon as possible yeah I want to get the fuck out I'm shocked you give up this five-star cuisine oh hell yeah yeah this feels like a prison or all prisoners when it really comes down to it so the treatments not good anything else loose up there well um no so uh tell me how he got here not by choice that's for damn sure I don't want to talk about it right now I see so uh I guess I'll uh over there I'm pretty much darkened up over there as well okay that is creepy in some ways you can't see a damn thing outside there we go it's all and sit on the bed sequences need a new day come sandwiches again hey hey hey what's your problem dude you told me you have an answer Brad wants you here just a little bit mother you tell Branca I'm done I volunteer elite ruse to leave fine okay I'll let him know then half the fucking stop the tray out of her hand you douche trust anyone in this damn snake pit right you don't trust a word they say either do you well uh hmm you know what's your problem dude okay actually maybe your what's your problem dude what's your problem man oh shit one of the patients are probably escaping that is bad you know what the hell dude hey that is bad yo yo what is happening I'm gonna eat my sandwich while you guys like handle that shit all right sandwich where's my sandwich shit yeah fuck yeah dude and then drink your milk what money yo hey long time no see Brown lookie lookie chicken cook rag said the tricks in the chicken in slow and steady wins the race what is this treatment you guys are telling me it's weird I saw something boy it's all a big game if Gore done see something there buddy it's happening no no this mmm cue the three-ring circus not like it doesn't happen once a week around here they'll have been doped and drooling in no time could that happen to us dude look you and I we're not like the rest of the folks in here you get that right yeah pretty much woke so like a what do you mean dude where we have trouble with our memories to be a lot worse from what I've seen around here they should just take you what the fuck that didn't sound human at all yeah this is serious oh let me just think about this alright fucked up well I'm not hearing that anymore so again guys I've never played until dawn so oh shit we're back here oh my god I hate this place Abe is that you and they make it you're gonna jump scare me again you fuck you're gonna do it do it now I can't move I cannot move I gotta fall down on me are you good oh wait it's Gordon guard are you gonna fucking jump scare me do it now please well I'm ready yo right this way well alright that's the same thing fuckin Abe told me hello is that you we can actually go through there or follow eight I mean Gordon is this part of the butterfly effect thing I'm gonna follow you dude I'm curious what do you have for me are gonna jump scared me right now like Smeagol and shit it what the fuck alright there you go hey guard your gardener I'm here for you bro ochio talk to me you're the pretty much the only thing that's a lip here yo that is my footsteps right and can't go through here anymore i crying gordon i mean i crying a fucking Gordon Abe Gordon Jesus inaho oh stop crying dude oh hello hi is that you dr. or is that you Gordon Abe whatever I can't even tell the difference anymore [Applause] feeling a bit like a movie now oh hey there's blood in the walls now what finally dad you've grown a beard two days since they've come nothing for two days don't be back for you soon do they give us food or anything right I don't know what the fuck is going on dude maybe maybe not no no I'm sure they'll be back whatever's happened they can handle it there's a back-up plan for everything believe me yeah but Jesus you look like you're right on the edge so we didn't have any food for they know about you but I'm famished I'm sure there's still some food around here any little scrap will do Lisa I know I hope we don't start eating each other Hey look there's there's a sandwich over there take a piece of it I'm glad that's not your blood okay I'm so glad it's not your blood but there is let me see uh-huh guess we're trapped here hey are you gonna share it with me Wow so nice ah look at this so got it Gordo what're you saying no it's piece of bread oh wow hey big magic okay you're not gonna give me anything right fuck you then mmm bread under your bed red nobody bread no idea how hungry I am I knew that under the right circumstances still Bret could taste like caviar don't you worry reg we'll have this whole mess sorted before you knew it this is fucked up though I suggest you rest up save your energy he'll be around for us I don't think so I think everything went to hell already Venus shit Billy yo Billy you honey why are you doing this to me I'm not doing it to you you're they're doing it to you what the hell is going on we're characters all right know what I'm gonna just sleep nothing else to do alarm solando no Red Alert looks like my bed is sold dirty now with blood and shit what the hell are what happened did I piss my bed or something with this shit on me big hey all right am I supposed to look for something here why are you doing this to me again I don't know man what do we do man do what do we do Gordon dude there's nothing else to do um what do you think happened though sirens go off a patient gets loose they had a whole group of unruly cases come in recently unhinged really my bed it's one of them Blackwood staff can handle loony on the loose and we're on top of a mountain in the middle of winter yes nobody gets far when it's 40 below right with sort things out he always does now you're trusting Bragg you okay well I've been having memories I guess really like what I like really messed-up ones like actually don't make any sense it could make sense that I'm a doctor so but hey wait oh oh so maybe I wanted a patient here the notes and everything but actually they still don't make sense yet you know it is a possibility that I might be a doctor here maybe he is a doctor yes we both get some rest sweet dreams I mean wait wait could it be Abe is actually Gordon and they just tampered with his memories to make him say that he's Gordon but in reality he's actually Abe could it be could it be oh my god that might be a possibility here boys man what the fuck was that you can't just leave me in here you can't do this to me I'm not supposed to be here god damn it that didn't sound human believe this is happening whole goddamn week did you leave me in here this is Bragg all over had to face centum whore he thinks he can get rid of me like trash well buckle up rank yo are you doing I that's not gonna work dude that won't worked something someone's coming you know I don't think that's gonna work that's few tiles with a fucking fork really dude you're just gonna waste your energy with what though nothing much I've almost got a brick free with this spoon it's bronze right yeah Wow right nice nice yeah great idea dude you fuck you yeah come on you did that was our only chance what I did your fuck you dude I you need to calm down man I was trying to be supportive what the hell is wrong with you are you trying to get us killed oh fuck you oh I don't know I'm taking that shit let me punch him back oh fuck back here no it's just it's over this Gordon I am Cup maybe I should have used a different controller like my other ones do maybe I can actually use other controllers hey what's over there can I use some other country hello none either fuck are you Nani the fuck are you hey I can see you there Nani the fuck are you can I run faster please fuck you this is so hard with this controller you know yo yo open that shit up yeah there you go open everything up nice hello come in I am okay I'm already alive yes I have my Lord and Savior Satan where are you Satan can if you're here I'm here then Judas aha someone fucking what loose and killed everyone hey and we are next on that list who are we even gonna fucking run away from that thing where we can't even hello yes is that the morgue hi honey no need effort alright it's a wolf baby buggy are you gonna kill me doggy hmm are ya are ya really giving me like the buddy call is the outlast vibes you know patients did you do this doggy why did I tell you about keeping people know you've been a bad duck Oh bad oh it's a rapid you're gonna chase over it chase the rabbit any oh fuck I need to make a choice again should I take the rabbit's path or should I take the the wolf's path hmm eeny meeny miny moe I should just flip a coin or something hmm lots of traces of death over here well this place is kind of clean let's go to where this yes maybe we killed everyone who knows come at me come at me fuck I will beat your ass come here where are you alright jump-scare city to let us go by grab that shit grab it you fuck up in a move the fucking grab that do it on the bar what are you doing grab it right now and hear it there you go yeah whoo yeah whoo yeah stop working bah what do you want me to do I'm trying to open it but it won't let me send mom in a move on what is wrong with you hi Wow bad ending okay everybody anybody know me I'm worthless no huh oh it's just you yeah look I'm sorry about hitting you no fuck you dude they're not right it's it's no excuse but I I just want you to understand I didn't mean to hurt you yeah you're frustrated you're hungry I know dude oh yeah give me Jan il please I don't deserve to be forgiven yes you don't but yeah I'm not really feeling up to being angry right now fairly minute scratch I need a hundred spoons to get that brick out now yeah hell yeah a week before not me I've heard about starvation Oh meat good thing we all fucking starts of water ours we're dead hold on you you know what I know I bought – hold on dude you've got to be optimistic that so many things our fate who has the strength to fight it unless we start eating each other you know but beasts on please don't wait I can't stop thinking about one little cave in and OH thirty minute down in that mine for weeks how's that even possible only twelve made it out out of the frying pan and then leave it to brag to hear opportunity knock and know I cover his ass you didn't really have to think about what you might be capable of there in mine stuck in a Cell that's a difference we're all alone and hungry in the end oh shit dude Hey what Donny no yeah I'm curious no need of mine so you have memories now it's a good question I know what's the point of hiding it now I mean really are you gonna tell what are you Lenny what the hell are you did you see what the fuck that was holy shit that is not human at all dude fucked up good you're awake it's time to eat it's gorgeous just for you thank you no you know what no you have it dude I'm fine okay I'm fine dude just eat it thank yous can't be choosers you haven't eaten in days doctor's orders hey JD dude um I said no well thank you oh shit you actually ate it what happened to your fist it's delicious Wow nice good for you dude but it's it's gonna taste more yummy when it's fried and stuff but you're gonna get huh you're gonna have an affection after eating all that shit I'm pretty good I'm pretty sure I'm not taking any chances for sepsis by the way how the hell are we not freezing cold out here with that door window broken it's almost peaceful I used to think I'd spend the rest of my life on this beautiful mountain I just thought I had a lot more left look at me I shouldn't even be here and yet here I am eating cockroaches to survive you must think I'm disgusting not really dude that bear grylls do you know Bear Grylls it's freaking awesome dude it's freaking awesome everything alone no no dude learn to adopt and survive yeah yeah I mean at least we're not getting mauled to death but whatever whatever's out there yeah yeah yeah yeah we need to talk I hope you're not in none of this was supposed to happen I didn't want it to happen but it is my fault and if you can please forgive me you believe me right what are you saying dude I mean like dude none of that matters now thank you we're just shooting a sell we just need to survive I've been here a long time I've seen a lot of patients come and go all I ever wanted to do was help them but this is what it comes to this if I get out of here it's a new start clean slate people can change right I guess so well sure people can change I hope so I hope so you uh you should get some rest yeah we should if you have nothing else to do nice so sad don't worry Gordon you are done guard on guard on guard there are so many dinners ready Gordon look at that it's a fucking buffet outside hey hey hey coming with me find more food for me then hello you like all that far do I go right ha ha the choice is boy to join this looks like the cockroaches are coming out from air everywhere right this always right never go wrong with right this doesn't feel right but it's right it should feel right fuck I owe this fucking cockroaches again god damn it alright so know what hello oh hi Abe or whatever you are you hello hello des soo ah I come here I need to eat please sick of my roommate keeps feeding me cockroaches every time he is crazy I want out Oh what are you doing with your fucking hand this is going here please don't kill me please don't kill me don't fucking jump out of the fucking door please that's simply okay I can see the outside from here ooh fucking people are out of their cells nice so cliche all right eyes forward boys dude gets dark and I guess we go deep what where I what hello so Gordon was a fucking doctor as well we are fucking patients and we were we were staff in this hospital Oh God and those are beetles not cockroaches oh shit the plot thickens Belleza I know if you little help here shit dude alright do we go right or do we go forward live they were back okay not it's creepy I'm going back to my cell where is it where it's freaking safe okay yo yo yo what the fuck is going on nonny nonny nonny nonny you see what see the word nani nani this is a fucking nightmare look at this shit Wow ooh I hate long corridors or hallways eyes forward boys what is that there's a particle over there thank you for opening it for me because you know I have trouble oh it's upside down now hello Gordon how's it hanging ha ha no I'm sorry I need a fuck there's like a upside-down cross there now oh hey hi what is what is this it's a diagram of my shit right now hello is this me what do I do with me and I put it they throw it away oh hi hello it's black panther and i what can I do for you sir I see you have pointy ears all right I am not touching that let me touch it again please seems like he's a some kind of orcish fellow I couldn't do anything else for that alright let's just follow him okay uh well it's been an interesting encounter there's different people so what now that you aid Gordon yo nunny it's so simple I got let's be the guy with the soaring fuck you you're gonna make me look out the window and fucking jump scared me there I'll get fuck it let's do it that's what broke our window yeah it's happening it's loading now oh oh no oh no oh no I don't like survive should have just died together recording or something oh shit controls again hello Jaime stuck me fucking stuck oh sure babies out you buddy oh hell no aim aim stand Webb well you look better eh that's over here babe don't fucking jump up to life and scare me okay I'm just gonna go here and grab some soda or something I don't know that's a big-ass fucking yeah oh hey it's for brownie one Friday memories memories it's been too much it's a it's been a month and a half okay all right let's you Abe it was you all along you fuck screw you dude what no hey no you're dead anything about that anymore maybe you should have improved security all right Nick saw Danny maybe we didn't have this problem right just kill him with a gun whatever that thing is shut up okay shut the fuck up trying to figure things out here just ambient noises isn't helping at all what now oh the elevator I have to only forgot about that all right oh fuck what's wrong with you you just walk though nothing here I don't even want to know get the fuck out my press set fucking button press it press it you bitch flip it flip stay back stay back something might jump out all right why did I keep them looking left there's a feeling I have a feeling oh hey something inside there up second for Center Sykes only two floors in this can see the claustrophobia claustrophobia alone in the fucking elevator I hate this and it's a an old a really old elevator what oh hey what is this do I need to press this again no all right okay uh-huh doko daya mu that people over there let's go treatment room Wow nanny nanny this it's all mold up and shit ah it sucks to be him I am seeing something over there hello let's go can you just run fuck I hate walking long carders okay start god no wonder what happened to the other patients no I don't even want to know anymore Hey okay just ice for red boys eyes forward I said eyes forward stop looking in your left and right glow huh just Christ hi hello what's up oh this is a treatment room this is where dr. brick or whatever 9091 up motherfucker fuck you Victorian this is fucked up this is this is a nightmare this is not me all right maybe we can go to the treatment room and see if we can find clues there or we can just die no who knows we might be the killer maybe I just need to find a doctor I guess you guys yes someone's walking over here I need any 1998 hey yo I know you can hear me if you can just show yourself that would be so nice you know I don't even want to go in there I'm so nervous right now there's something over there as well I have to pick it up okay okay all right I don't oh my god my heart can't take this maybe I shouldn't drink coffee or something for the fuck Nonnie don't you come near me bitch fuck you I need to do this first oh shit it's one of those things that you know that prevents you from biting or spitting on people oh my god did this put they put one on me okay miss this guy this mean it's probably Gordon I see not really I don't know what the fuck oh shit I saw something there outside oh fuck I don't like this at all many 90 oh fuck you alright okay let's do this voice oh my heart my heart it's pounding so much you just don't know it guys but it is this I hate Vieira horror games why why did I even do this oh no no no nee what fuck what the fuck Nani – fuck oh it's a game clouding up or is it my vision cuz I can't see shit anymore oh fuck this it's a bathtub yo yo I'm cool I'm cool no no I'm a I wish I knew dude do it I wish I knew I fucking wish I knew you must be a patient then how are you still alive I just had to be sure you weren't one of those things one of those things but I've been keeping my eye on you it's close by and you went back the way you came oh dude dude I don't know they're all dead God all of them who's Oliver Abe you know nurses orderlies everyone okay okay there are good people didn't deserve to go out like thanks for letting me know yeah you look like a fat version of Gordon head about this what this way vamonos pronto Anthony yeah yeah how are you still alive how are you even why did you escape dude so is this a safe haven for everyone who survived my name is David huh wow this is a big last place yep true true true true David so now what you have some food I haven't eaten for like weeks I don't even know who gave me this flashlight geez those crows it's a big-ass place you got here what happened dude you're lucky you're alive so you were trying so we were you were feeling hopeful to fight off those things with that while you're a pretty brave David well look at the level of detail on his model wait wait wait wait what wait wait wait guys look at the level of detail on his model image he's I it's like it has to read stuff on the corner wow that is impressive for a video game are you gonna look me up here something tell if you're gonna lock me up here something David David can I trust you I think you're gonna lock me up fuck you David yep you did oh wait hey you're coming with me nice thank you thank you that's reassuring okay what happened to that guy I hope it's not you know contagious that thing anyway but it's hi David I work you yeah pretty much pretty much no you a month I guess like weeks or months dude yeah some patients can't even remember what day it is why aren't you alone here dude I don't know what happened why are you here some place has got the stench of something rotten since they brought those miners here they were supposed to get better Jesus better not exactly ride call something happen in the mine uh so uh what happened exactly but something changed with the miners they went wild they were possessed like turned into literal monsters literally months never seen anything like it I wish I could bought it from my mind we gotta keep moving survivors oh that's so reassuring oh nice what's with this jogged off memories but something happened with the miners they kind of infected us in some way again I hope this whole thing won't infect us but spoiler I guess they did because this is a prequel to until dawn and until dawn was about something fucking Bragg its Bragg alive typically you had to go back and Susanna and I are his escorts I see they should be waiting for me in his office I came out here to scope it out so where's the helper some military where's the police huh guys this whole fucking place is some murder town take it nice and slow oh shit all right nice and slow oh yeah fucking motion sickness boys oh yeah going down the stairs really nice really freakin nice maybe curious about what happened I haven't seen any of the miner since the incident it's still hearing though mostly outside I mean yeah same same same maybe brag brag did something to them or something I don't know ah the music Wow still has the freaking mood to play those kind of things take the edge of everything right so what now true true sure just do what you want to do need to do you just show me the way this plays so big you know if this was an asylum this this place doesn't look therapeutic at all it has it looks like a fucking dungeon you get me its bricks and those freaking folks was that so that's why so that's why you're not even concerned your friends your colleagues are dead dude they got mauled by something and you guys can't even stop them what is what's in here the fuck's in here dude what the fuck is in here the fuck is in there what the hell is in here dude what the hell is in here it's Briggs here oh shit it's a projector hey maybe we can see what happened No all right let's see movie time it seems to be some kind of time lapse I'll be the miner he gave himself oh shit you got loose whoa what the fuck holy shit they turn into some Eagles dude that sucks that is fucked up that is fucked up are those is the same things that attack you attack people and until dawn because I have no idea oh shit oh well and answers in the comments below you're not my nurse anymore more like crawlers or something shit it's a diagram of their Anatomy yes what himself okay all right dr. Bragg you have some explaining to do oh you're Susan what the fuck Gordon there's a pie we thought you well suffered the same fate as the others fucking Gordon your back dude what there dude you guys you fucking you guys you guys I don't know you left me to die Gordon yes for that a lot of remorse will ever be enough but you must understand no harm was intended this incident blindsided us all the dollar short bright enough Gordon may I remind you of your place in all this what did Gordon I know this is difficult but can you tell me if any more memories have resurfaced bits and pieces rest assured your memory will return time but why did my memories get jugged up in the first place am I'm one of the miners I should never have come back sorry I I thought I could right the ship but you can't steer a ship in a squall mr. Bragg you've been down before you'll pull us all through I know you will appreciate Xander I admire your optimism but it's misplaced to me this is it's just to keep quiet everyone shadows please let's just go to the chapel the storms lit up the police are on their way to the chapel thank you go now I'm staying here we can't leave you behind it's not safe please you know we all have to go everyone Bragg included know what yeah you should come with us he has to explain everything okay I don't know what the fuck's going on this place belongs to me I belong to it now get the hell out of here mr. Bratt Susanne stop come on he's made up his mind no no we gotta go now while we still can what's with your facial expression Susanne she looks Filipino haha Filipino nurse what is that it's basco sauce or whiskey well shit looks like the captain has decided to sink with his ship Gouri not gonna see anything to me be careful with your charge these my youth your information at the wrong time can turn apples to sand I don't know what the hell that's supposed to mean don't forget who's really responsible for all this yeah but guys can someone explain to me what the fuck is happening Who am I am i a doctor am i a miner what am I Gordon fuck you brags shit oh well let's go let me tell us me it's not over yet something tells me some kind of shit is gonna go down right now ain't that right Oh what but Bennett Bennett foggy what Vinnie this is what my my what do you call this my classmates you Suze we're for the Judy and nursing my journey my nursing days yes is that it still looks so clean after everything and she's still prim and proper you know she's still wearing the nurse's cap and all that's a button and their hair what do we do to deserve this I don't know guys seen victorious body what's fucked up it's like hang like a frickin clothes or suit all right you guys hear that you guys not concerned at all shouldn't we be armed with something you're not listening can I look up the skirt of Suzanne I'm a fucked-up guy just checking for bugs you know oh fuck the motion sickness been going up the fucking stairs yeah you see anything there I can't oh holy shit Gordy's scared me here we go they follow you just went through me Gordon so rude oh the exit oh shit wait we don't know what's out there exactly before you said the minors were outside remember what Ted said one of those things shows up move a fucking muscle I really so it reacts to movement oh shit it's freezing oh wow brave if someone wants to die first careful Gordon careful now careful careful now anything you're gonna die Gordon you're gonna fucking die you will die Gordon the suspense is killing me well holy shit just went in there okay next when I get to the other side I'll give the signal a season how are you I can't control my flashlight anymore it's a Spence you can't we go just go together or something she don't move that move don't move 9090 I didn't hear any screams from Gordon you know what know what you wait here you know okay I'll follow all right you die I die first or you die following me I don't know what the fuck is there a memory here yes so let's see memories please I need a memory one if you're gonna trigger a memory triggers now memories it's not triggering this memory and triggering all fucking just cease Chapel it's not doing anything fuck you let's go this is so fucking nerve-wracking hey maybe many many many many many many many on the roof on the oh shit nothing honey oh look at that are you gonna kill me sneak out hello my friend okay oh fuck your smiie going hello father what is up my brother hey yeah oh shit easy take it easy oh fuck I'm so concerned about Suzanne Suzanne oh my god please make it design please fucking make it design go ha something tells me Suzanne's gonna fucking die shit oh thank God – then you made it holy shit oh hello everyone my name is hey thought there would be a lot more people it's just weather and everyone else we've already met we didn't exactly have much of a choice now doesn't offer much in the way of choices does he yeah I only get two choices old fool mm-hmm wouldn't listen to reason yes he wanted to go out on his own terms huh yes well if Bragg had made up his mind there's nothing I'm having earth but have changed it father Ted Mosley I'm Ted Mosley what's up man what's up Ted Mosley any reason we're alive right now is because you told us not to move at first I couldn't believe it but I saw it all from here I'm glad you made it back here not everyone has been so lucky today the mythology I've been telling you about the story of these things I never knew how true it are was this is not a disease this is not a virus this is a curse they're more survivors holed up in the administration offices they still think it's an infection they have no idea what they're up against what is it exactly Nate our help I've been so worried about each and every one of you I won't brag something like this could happen I warned him there was something here on the mountain an evil spirit powerful but he wouldn't listen so um ah an evil spirit it's like what happened to the miners what they did to each other to survive when I was a missionary interacting with the native people I'd hear these stories told with great conviction but of course back then I only trusted in my own faith so I dismissed them as mere superstition unsubstantiated campfire tales just like religion hey go on they spoke of monsters that got inside of you monsters that fed on human flesh insatiable hungrier patience they said the only way to elude the creatures was to remain perfectly still but beyond that there was no way to fend them off they called them Wendy go Wendy go I never truly believed they were real until now regards everyone to get a little shut-eye while we can excuse me are we perfectly safe carry those things won't come inside nearly they're coming to get us out of this oh oh how are we gonna get out of this you think the police are really on their way hey hey hey don't be scared they'll be here soon she still has this certain expression well let's hope so sooner the better it's okay it's gonna be fine listen you should get some shut-eye before the cops show up okay then all right boys uh I'm gonna go ahead and check that shiny thing over there notice Chapel she was just as scary the asylum I don't want to walk around too much hmm this is no well I can just sit down anywhere can I talk to Gordon Gordon you haven't talked to me we were roommates before don't you remember you ate the bud you offered me cockroaches were to be alone not feeling myself I need to rest I'd advise you to do the same yeah cockroach cockroach it's for old times sake huh no Haven I want you Father anything for me any last for I sleep I need some time to myself get some rest before the police arrive all right you go do you thank you for subscribing whoever subscribe I'm gonna check that out later after we're done with this game let's leave this two lovebirds alone and just sit on this nice hard bench okay there you go all right some peace out it's not over yet some shit is good hey so police nice nice it's the police we're save or so we think no keep shorting fuck you guys would you please come and help me what happened holy shit did you guys just fire at everyone oh my god what happened yeah yeah it's gonna be messy outside I can tell oh no no no no no no oh my god yo yo yo yo what the fuck is going on we were supposed to be saved go go keep moving don't stop stop wait David with the door yeah it's fucked ah come on are the police doing this is just like an outlast we were supposed to be same and then he's fuckin die get shot I don't know dude why am I in the fucking wheelchair again yo what happened let's just take it easy for now you're nearly caught a bullet with your skull took a tumble and hit your head pretty hard you'll be all right the police or the miner what he'd become and they reacted reacted people are dead I think we all need to calm down think this through what is it are you hearing that it was a misunderstanding that's all of us we we just need to explain it to them we should go back oh fuck dude I don't know dude it pretty much opened fire right away ah dude I don't know the police know we saw what they did that makes us witnesses I actually yeah that's true and they walk keep your eyes on my finger Wow physical assessment nice one nurse you're you're pretty creepy yes I'm looking at your fucking finger what now response seems normal Wow right away should have done that the other thinks but hey okay shut up I'm trying to think do you really not hear all these voices Oh – there are they won't stop he's infected need to take it easy shit Oh God Gordon's oh god he's crazy I've been hearing voices as well help me up dude help me up you can do it thank you ted mosby let's go ted mosby everybody how come is that's that's such a popular name for a black dude Ted Mosby sounds like they're giving up on that dole we should go we should go if this is all a terrible dream I just want to make up for at least get off this mountain we should be safe in the hotel in the hotel Wow fucking voices Guardians probably probably all most likely experiencing the same thing I think that keeps most of the place a long time for window Victor knows this place like the back of his hand if anyone could make it it's him maybe Victor or maybe Gordon you maybe Gordon turned into all right let's move on what happened but what's that Victor manages to cram the entire hotel in here for the window cleanliness is next to godliness sense of Finance our fuck this is pretty big so so that means asylum is right next to a hotel is that it what's happening to the police you're probably killing everything yep this place is freaking dark I hate it so much the elevator up ahead will get us there all right you hear that what was it I don't know mmm-hmm checking out her ass yeah what am i doing I could focus focus there you go Garden what's up with you are you okay bro I'm sorry I pushed you who's like shit man we've got to stick together you sure you okay Jesus Christ you heard them right the voices dr. Bennett there are no voices I'm worried you might be malnourished it could be affecting your perception on sense I'm perfectly fine you don't seem yourself you should Gordon Bennett huh I don't like what I'm hearing upstairs so freakin dark real life can't be this dark as well I already have a flashlight zombie the voice in its place holy crap that's even longer where am i oh thank you for waiting for me Suzanne what are you okay Suzanne then hey okay it's just like creed fuck are you staring it okay okay Ricky pretty good so this is the hotel right oh actually looks creepier like hotel 606 where is everyone hey police I'm here okay you guys see my fucking light over here can't you see my light stupid police officers fuck you look at that's like one happy picture yeah something tells me you fucking Ted Mosby gonna die you gotta get shot up by the police cuz they see him or something man rip Ted Mosby boys oh hey that's really so uh oh no oh fucking no no oh no oh no oh no oh no David this is not good oh no no fuck oh yeah okay just push down and keep pressure on it wow that's just right through the fucking lingering we're almost out of this almost there almost oh shit David can you do anything for him we can't just gonna have to keep pressure and that wound voice oh shit David oh my god dude one of the bullets dammit what now shit no David oh oh no it's the police again shit guys well it's been nice knowing everyone here alright Ted are you fucking sure you want to stand in front there damnit shit David everyone just just calm down there's no point in panicking we have to get out of here now what's with that smoke their fire no please don't yes kill them all you fucks yes yes killer they're suitable you know yes I know the elevator how do i press the elevator I can't yo I just can't I just can't I'm trying alright guys fuck click that shit did I click that shit break that shit dude dude I don't know what the fuck man I'm trying I was trying okay fucking controls sorry oh fuck Ted I mean David shit oh shit sorry oh yo is that new picture oh you're eating nice Victor it's the police we need the cable car if we don't leave they will execute every single one of us they can find the police there has to be some mistake can you get the door open from your side think so yeah thank God we can trust Victor he's Asian we help ya know what okay move oh my god oh my fucking god oh my god was that my fault I tried pressing the button I tried okay oh my god we went fucking oh shit mother what a motherfucker what is up leave it okay bruh I tried guys I fuckin choice okay try I try look at me hold on just a little longer come on Oh David farewell oh shit David any last words uh Suzanne Suzanne you're not gonna say anything to him come on I'll leave him here like that oh shit he's dead fuck you what me you did me Suzanna please no way this is no time to turn on each other why me Suzanne what are you doing please don't turn me on there your nuts please sue who me or Gordon Gordon sorry I cannot allow you to leave this mountain Gordon no no I suppose not huh yeah am I gonna turn on us no we should have listened to brag we knew we were kicking the hornet's nest hmm go I'll operate the cable car you should get as far away from me as you can all right thing thank you for understanding the car oh shit there's something over there it's at a memory again hello memory memory nice to know that all are welcome even not the word of me in your story or there's no deal so I'm already Porter elevators over here I'm a reporter guys I am a reporter vez Blackwood Pines hotel voted best vacation spot in Alberta so we're in Canada hey we aren't a fucking report we're not a doctor we're not anything we are a reporter well too bad Victor's dead now shit is that my fault though god we can't wait any longer we'll vanity vision thank you dr. Bennett shit man Wow glad that's over ah thanks Ted it's not over I'm pretty sure it's not what the policías coming through here anyone nobody's gonna talk mommy's gonna relieve the tension here really okay blood is on your hands my you'll carry that to your last breath why me was it because I didn't fucking close the door right away it's my fault fuck were you gonna do it to me great fucking great great I'll feel fuckin I'll feel like shit so there was a chance for me to save David if only I was fast enough to click the fucking buttons is that it what happened huh are we done what what happened we're done we're done here well guys seems like I fucked up I got a lot of people killed okay hey hey oh my god want to know I actually want to know if we could have saved if there was a possible way to save because it's butterfly effects right so this is just one of the endings correct so there was a chance we could have saved Gordon and David and everyone else and maybe even even our freakin doctor Prag yo what's up Oh finally I'm getting into give me I'm a reasonable man so let's get down to business okay you say you saw all sorts of bad stuff up on Blackwood Mountain but I say you broke into a reputable institution under false pretenses yeah but I wasn't the one who do you think John Muir oh I'm so disgusted you murdered you murdered them and I know what I saw fuck you I mean sure maybe you do maybe you don't but it's not like I can let you publish any of it well you're gonna kill me can I you gotta yeah that's right I know all about you your editors been worried sick as much as I'd like to see you just disappear this puts me in a bit of a squeeze and I don't like to be squeezed now what story are we going to tell her our editor it's a truth the truth that's my job yeah that's right the truth and just what do you think that is I may not be able to make you disappear but believe me destroying your reputation as a journalist is just where I start I hope you liked it up in Blackwood cuz with this shit you're slinging I'd say an institution is the only place you belong in my professional opinion but there are monsters up there bitch what now huh you're delusional do you hear yourself this won't do I'm sorry but for your own good I have to recommend that you be institutionalized oh wow Wow knocking me out huh bitch fucking what shit game fuck I had a bad ending I know I know okay I was just playing it I was just gung-ho winging it although some people do it some people might agree that that endings also have very interesting events you know there's more drama in it but again it's a bad ending still but an ending is still an ending so there were there there's also a chance that Victor and David will you know stay alive or survive but fuck the stupid-ass controllers won't flip the freaking switches right away so I got David killed and pretty much I think Victor as well so yeah I guess this is just a warm-up it's it's it's probably consider this game is something that will warm you up for the next weeks when we try a scarier hopefully scarier horror games but anyway you guys thank you so much for hanging out with me some on Twitch beeps to all my peeps watching me right now hope you guys had a great time the youtube peeps thank you as well you guys have any recommendations of a new horror game that's more interesting than this then do let me know alright guys so that is it until I probably won't play until dawn and not after playing this shit ain't playing until dawn Fatal Frame oh shit that's one thing that will make me back but you'll see okay we'll see I'm gonna check out your comments guys for the next horror game but till then YouTube peeps thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye

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