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hey everyone it's Sammy from Posche square and I wanted to put together a video to accompany my review of the impatient talking specifically about the controls in this PlayStation VR game now if you do want my full verdict on the game then do go elsewhere on the channel watch the video review because that has some more opinion on the game itself and the story and all that sort of stuff so do check that out in this video I'm gonna specifically talk about the controls please also remember to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more PlayStation VR content and then let's get into it so there are two control options available in the impatiens you can obviously use the DualShock 4 or you can use two PlayStation Move ones now I'm going to start with the DualShock 4 because that's the easiest place to begin and it works quite straightforward really you use the left stick to move forwards and backwards you can obviously look around using the virtual reality headset itself but you can also use the right stick to turn in increments or you can do full rotation and I'll get into that in a second but if you also pull down on the right analog stick you'll do a full 180 degree turn like in sort of Resident Evil 4 or games of that ilk so you can quickly run away if you need to like I mentioned earlier you can turn in increments you can also do full free rotation and you can change the size of the increments too so you can make the increments bigger or smaller depending on whatever you prefer I personally like increment turning I know not all of you like it I like it I did try the free rotation as well it works fine so you've got a lot of options for you there the one problem with the Dual Shock 4 is that you don't have full motion control you don't have into independent control of each of your hands so while you do get a torch later in the game you can control that using the motion controllers in the DualShock 4 it's not like you can kind of reach out and pick everything up quite the same like you can with the PlayStation Move and so let's talk about the PlayStation Move then when you're using the PlayStation Move you obviously hold a controller in each hand and these represent your in-game hands if you like and this gives you a lot more control options than the DualShock forwarders you can turn on lights which is you can pick up books and look at them and you can kinda do some of this with the DualShock 4 but it's a lot more limited you can't like hold a book in one hand and point a torch at it which is something that you can do with the PlayStation Move controllers now the PlayStation Move controllers obviously lack and log sticks so the way it works is you kind of hold the move button down on the left and PlayStation Move controller to move forwards now if you want to turn you use the right PlayStation Move controller and kind of point to the left or the right whichever direction you want to turn and you push the move button to trigger the kind of rotation now you can again use free rotation if you want or you can move or you can rotate in increments again I prefer increments if you want to do a full 180 degree turn then what you do is you use the right PlayStation Move controller point it backwards like it's almost over your shoulder and then press the move burn and your turn fully around it sounds quite cumbersome it sounds quite complicated but I got a feel for it very quickly and the game is also very slow paced so I feel like it it suits this kind of control setup fairly well actually I'm I was quite comfortable with it to be honest with you so yeah those are the two control options available I personally recommend you play with the PlayStation Move now you can experience everything that the game has to offer with the DualShock 4 if you don't have PlayStation Move motion controllers but I think the the ones add an extra level of immersion in this particular game and it's cool being able to pick everything up and look at it and inspect everything and stuff like that so I prefer playing with the move and I actually found the controls in terms of movement while it does sound complicated it actually I found it works quite well so yeah it's a good game if you wanna you can put those PlayStation Move controllers to use and yeah check out my review elsewhere on the channel for my thoughts on the game as a whole because I do have some criticisms of the actual game but control wise I just wanted to put this out so you could see kind of how the game works with both the DualShock 4 and the PIA move let me know which controllers you're going to use in the comments section below remember to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more PlayStation VR content with all of that said thank you so much for watching

Glenn Chapman


  1. Hey everyone!

    I know lots of people had questions about the controls in The Inpatient, so I put together this video showing how it all works.

    – Sammy

  2. Why when first time playing,does it give a dialogue box saying ir not using psvr,keep pressing cancel button ,then return to home screen. I don't have psvr

  3. i cant turn with right move control this sucks and i have vr and it dont seem like its worth the money

  4. Hi
    Thanks for the tube.
    Could you please tell me how do I turn using free movement using the motion controllers.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. How come the move meant controls the red x keeps coming up idk what wrong and it’s annoying me

  6. The move controllers are almost useless in this game though because there’s hardly any items to interact with.

  7. I’m using a dualshock 4 and can’t figure out how to turn over a collectible or eat a sandwich am I missing something

  8. I don't know if anyone else is having the same problem but with the move controllers it can only recognize 1 but when I get it to recognize both my hands and arms just move around like crazy like he's trying to fly, I've tried multiple things to sort it like moving my camera and going through all the settings ECT but had no luck. I was trying for well over an hour and gave up. Does anyone have a solution or tip?

  9. This might sound so dumb but i cant work out how i open doors with a ds4? i am stuck and there was no tutorial how to interact with things

  10. The day that PlayStation Move controllers get analog sticks will be the best day of my life. It would be the indisputable best way to play any game where you walk around with hands.

  11. I really need to get Move Controllers… Already have the Gun and DS4.

  12. I appreciate your efforts on putting two videos for PSVR titles for review and control options 👏

  13. For me personally when I played the game last night with the move controllers I had major troubles. It felt wonky and not right. I wish they configured it better because it really strips away the impressions I had about it. I had high expectations 🙁 I'll start using the regular dual shock instead

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