The Inpatient – PS VR Horror – Can Hollie Last 30 Minutes?!

hello welcome to PlayStation access my name is Nathan and today I'm here not with Dave but with Holly I hate you Dave and we are gonna play the impatient which is the prequel to supermassive ears is is until dawn which we liked a lot Holly yeah now Holly one of the secrets of Holly's kept very well on the channel she accidentally let it slip recently is she's actually small scared of horror games that Dave is which is why we see Holly here and not Dave today we're just gonna see if you can last half an hour we're gonna show people the first half an out of the game okay it's gonna be fine I mean it mean I've actually already played it with Dave and he survived that doesn't mean anything to me I just don't I just don't want to squeal like dave does no and he did some of the things that we should be looking out for when we start to play loading a syringe that's exactly what Dave said I'm a midwife and I'm scared of needles so two things Holly I really want you to pay attention to the fact that you're gonna be doing your own are you actually gonna be saying your answers to two questions out loud and also that I think they've done loads of work with the vibration controls to make it seem like the world around you yes please is a very kind of textured are you a doctor I am worried that you are holding back try speaking with some emotion where am I it's just the Blackwood sanatorium do you know why you're here no I don't know you're having trouble with your memory he's gonna hurt him to help you be quiet Nathan close your eyes take a deep breath walls fall away try to visualize the last thing you can remember before you came here they were gradually gonna find out more and more about what why you're here I'd rather not actually don't they just let me go no matter how much it may scare or upset you it's the same punching if I play every other game I want this to stop the process sorry then I know how hard it can be for someone with your condition I know this hasn't been easy but I'd really like to try once more I think you have it in you how close is he getting too close stop I've had enough ah this process can be extremely effective but can also be difficult one final thing and it's the key to the success of this treatment you understand I want what's best for you but this isn't helping me you made him mad probably probably mean I make most people mad on the internet no I really don't – it's gonna be fine now Trish shut up Nathan yo that is an IM injection that you host performed incorrectly sir I'll have an orderly take you to your room that was meant to be sub cut that negan is far too big and you can't put that amount of liquid under the skin it seems to be fine though mine you be quiet again because we can't play a game together and you just so easily quiet the whole time I'm going to I've never felt better butterflies yeah oh plus 5x time to put you back on the shelf this guy's perky ya look too perky maybe he had some medicine a recap of how it works tiny butterfly flapping its wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane I've played enough of until dawn to understand what that means be careful about your small choices and everybody killed that what we're glad classically tried out me being that sarcastic to whom it's gonna change the future hi hello Suzanne always good to see your face no it isn't my glance sheesh or is it just me it's you only the smart ones are are you that that's just rich you know from the one thrust into a wheelchair Oh Nathan this is really weird yeah yeah yeah I don't like this is really strange what is this place I'm hello you get out much we're in the world-famous Blackwood sanatorium and hotel Wow not so much the hotel part but here we are where are we going back to the presidential suite of course wouldn't want to be late for your spa treatment sure it's gonna be great you're okay look at me everything is going to be okay you know when people touch you know we don't have dreams uninvited doesn't sound like good sleep oh you oh I'm not going to swear on my access what is that Welsh hey bud just follow me come on I can't say I was reading it in all van have you got your eyes closed no I do not have my eyes closed actually you get a choice here I want to fire the deer and I can't remember how that way but look at the floor you're both it's a deer I don't think all do do that that's good you're from the city is that going outside what is that what they went the other way so I literally had no idea where you were going good morning to you good morning either one sandwich between two is not really gonna work is it hello you were acting like you'd actually seen something interesting out there all I see is snow and trees or were you just daydreaming just daydreaming that is certainly a less painful way of passing the time than some of the activities they've arranged to keep us occupied no don't punch of a sandwich Olli just watching people in VR is amazing brings you to this lovely getaway I have amnesia yeah me too thing is I don't have amnesia steel trap not that it stops them from forcing their fabulous treatments on me so these uh treatments they ever get any easier I hope so I'd love it if that were true back to bed my favorite place I mean this is one thing about this institution which I think maybe would suit me well getting some sleep the man of sleep I have been wearing shoes I guess you could you know beats a person with shoes you have to be very careful demo Victoria when the hell am I getting out of here I'm sorry I don't you told me you'd have an answer Prague once you're here just a little bit longer tell brag I'm done tell him I voluntarily choose to leave I don't think that's gonna happen I okay doesn't feel voluntary no doesn't scream voluntary does it I'm trying to remember whether this was the location that we went to during until dawn no no [Applause] that was the world's biggest nope what in the world was that that didn't sound human all right that's it lights out no no just a bit more green I mean this is the last thing you're gonna have to do in our little preview of the impatient you're going very quickly this way who is that Anna what's Anna showing us oh there's the Moose you ignored Ana why wanted to see what was down here didn't I Oh bite me what happens if you well I thought Dave's was different play through yeah he's a different character but he went into that room do you want into the room yeah that's an operating the operating theatre Lightning liked it a lot whoa it's been two days since they come not a word for two days they'll come back what yeah I'm sure they will right because they can't just leave us here it wouldn't be legal any little scar that's gonna do you can't eat that you would not believe how hungry I am right now this might be the best product ever had even if it's as stiff as a corpse don't say that the lady looks like a corpse why are you doing this to me okay you can't dig our way out she's gonna take with the space almost gotten a break out with this spoon she's a little great idea yes be nice to the lady look what you did that was our only chance oh you practice food honey I'm really sorry no no apologies won't take us out of here nothing will get us out of here nothing thanks to you ah oh absolutely unnecessary got torch oh that's much better Nathan look in your flashback shut up Nathan you got to take what we can get this is it they're Holly just get to the end of this dream sequence and then seriously and then we can stop doing well the little symbols on the door I know you probably saw them I'm not even in the headset I'm scared I like it when Dave's here to be more scared than me yeah I have thing to prove though I don't think you do you're only stacking up to Dave yeah but if I show that I'm not as fun as they would demand that I do is in the comments anymore it'd just be rigid and serious that's what how Rob does it thanks Jay who else thought you said that there's that light again you're not helping just progress that wolf oh that's a lady wolf all rabbit just bits of paper okay dot No at me well as much as I want to see how mad I have the Scot now that is where we are calling it a day on our first look at the impatient with Holly how do you feel Holly yeah sure vo just makes everything I mean this is like a psychological horror and VR just makes it I mean I know you want to punch me right now look guys if you enjoyed Harley playing the impatient and she really did put the effort in today then please give this video a like let us know what you thought in the comments or if you've played the game it's out right now let us know what you thought about that too and don't forget to subscribe to PlayStation access we've got loads more coming from the world of PlayStation

Glenn Chapman


  1. Tbh – Dave being scared is more entertaining. Scaring Hollie just seems to make her want to punch stuff. Dave is flight. Hollie is fight.

  2. "Can Hollie last 30 minutes?!"
    >video is 20 minutes long.

  3. I just love Hollies personality 😅 so much. And I like how she gets angry and a little bit scared simultaneously

  4. She wasn't fooling anyone you don't get that angry if you're not sh*tting yourself, more angry scared Hollie please.

  5. Pessimo non lo comprate dura poco è non si capisce nulla. Sono rimasto malissimo.

  6. Definitely more of this maybe a let’s play series of the inpatient

  7. Hollie is amusing and fun to watch playing this. Dave is hilarious. Sorry Dave.

  8. I really don’t get why people like seeing Dave or Hollie play these, I like watching people play games they love not be miserable. If Nathan likes them so much let him play these, there is a reason I enjoy playing horror games but if others don’t enjoy the experience I really get no joy from inflicting it on them and honestly find it kind of weird and creepy that others do like watching people be miserable on camera. This wasn’t a fun video, I just sort of feel bad for Hollie and find it kind of mean spirited that people keep asking to watch other people be upset

  9. Hollie getting all technical about the shot gives me life. <3

  10. I love Holly's VR gameplay. I want the game but only if there is a virtual Holly to point out whatever she want to point out. You should be able to curse on a video for a game with this amount of blood. Just makes sense and would have made the video that much more intense. "Okay we want to see how you will react but remember to restrict yourself while your virtually strapped down and and being brutalized with huge needles."

  11. YouTube has made it where the comment box disappears when I want to write and I have to hope that this is jumbled or auto correct has completely changed my words.

  12. Honestly I didn't find the game scary or interesting to be honest quite tame flr a horror game i say.

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