hi I'm bowling at her welcome to the BS the Polka thirst oh we have a new want to start today it's the impatient for PlayStation VR I'm kind of scared of this yeah I have no idea what to expect because this is a prequel to until dawn that's what I'm told so I'm excited about that because I love the till dawn oh this is this is VR only so that's usually scary because then they have it with that in mind the whole game is gonna be crashed around the VR experience which is probably gonna make it pretty effective Billy disco this is supermassive games really high budget stuff so these are the kind of um developers I was excited to see make VR games when these VR headsets came out so here we go we're gonna cash in on some of that now okay I guess I'll choose male if I'm driving if that's okay alright okay okay alright select skin tone oh look at this this wonderful spectrum here we never got the place I would order by somewhere here on pink I'm pretty pink right okay I'm right smack in the middle of us a little little less of centers yeah is that me I'd say so why is this gonna matter like that's what I was gonna say it's gonna do your skin tone the darker you are the harder it's cancer they literally be bad oh my god oh god that's so brilliant I see how rich and as those are this that's whirring typically it's kind of a scary looking syringe it's a loading syringe that bird dad what does was oh god oh god why are we in the dark let's test your memory looks like Freud you remember no are you doctor no where am i where am i yeah holding back try speaking with some emotion what the heck are you a doctor bewildered or curious curious I don't want to look like we're panicking okay do you agree you don't have to take missions diary I didn't agree I would say so doctor yes Oh is he talking to her was he talking to that's a person back there yeah uncertain afraid I'll be uncertain yes uncertain yes you're having trouble with your eyes no let's all sleep try to visualize the last thing you know where am I you came here in a basement okay what is that oh gosh are they giving a shock therapy or something I'll see like any lectures why is it so dark in here oh so he like shock something into us yes I remembered something uh yeah we did describe it what was that reaction I was hiding it look at girls huh yeah yeah it's my face any small details nothing is too insignificant I wonder if this would be different if we were female right now yeah I don't know obviously there's different two seams because you have the ability to change is being aggressive no he's just being curious yeah like the environment is aggressive yeah he's just like so right he's not like you better remember something yeah you better not be lying to me man I saw a man with no face I'll never marry no face either did the guy have no face either I want to say I'm a real light remember that flashed did we miss somebody with no face whatever may be the dude has no face we didn't know she had no face I just missed my mouth with my LA crotch so now I have the crotch on my lock Rogers think about that moment and concentrate okay no matter how much it may scare or upset you it's important you face the hard truth okay it's light again orderly look at his face this time okay he's got a face we can't tell if he has a face yeah I saw like a nose and a mouth I thought are you gonna come out of the shadows again oh what's he doing he's like very demon here yeah he is he's that maroon shorter yeah was it sure it was the same thing I think same thing I remembered the same thing but it seemed like it was shorter to me is that only because we're experiencing for the second time because we would automatically well if we can't oh they're both confident or concerned yeah I'd be confident okay please even the smallest detail what this is does someone was coming for me yeah yeah frightened this treatment is effective but stressful overexposure could influence your memories you may imagine things that never even happened is he really exposure to what yeah but I'd really like to try once more my face no why would you having on my shoulder like says babe uh stop have had enough or okay okay alright okay relax concentrate let the memory come in okay there's a light flashlights that was that we shorter are they wiping it away I don't know maybe there may be there may be they're like isolating it and getting rid of it Oh what can you tell me okay like so I have to be combative or this one no matter what yeah nothing shall we try again or this isn't helping we need to stop I might say we need to stop oh I was kind of ready to be a smartass really yeah I don't want me to do what'd he get I'm gonna be smartass how many smart acts my god oh my god oh yeah perhaps we did push the limits today wouldn't want to chew off more than we can bite whoa that's kind of creepy and it's the key to the success in this treatment you do understand I got ya get out my face chewed off more than we could bite that's it yes I believe you in kind of eerie but this isn't helping me I don't know if it is or not what if we like sign up what if this is like was it you can you movie eternal such a despot was mind oh you saved me okay oh you thought yeah I just basically stoned oh that was an option and until dawn was excited that was a telltale thing you could let it oh that's right maybe anything you tell tale but the memories come home to roost oh oh it's memory serum Wow why are you like pushing so hard that's probably not the best to give you a shot through my jeans all right his voice go like now we're passing out or something they're gonna be spooky isn't it orderly collector patient now we the orderly array the patient Oh stuffy and his name is Abe what it's my glasses how'd you get my glasses you know it's those look exactly like yeah yeah who are you I never felt better who are you butterflies whoa back on the shelf will brag I'll take his toys apart just to see if you can put them back together oh man are we like our creation I don't know the butterfly effect a tiny butterfly flapping its wings today maybe never city hurricane week so now we play tiny butterfly devastating hurricane but if I butt but if time you know and his name is even we know and aid and aim is awesome genetically changed you want to continue liking Eve and not associate this gentleman with our eight back aims boobies is pushing you face man you just got totally rejected oh my gosh I think a girl like that whatever give me the time of day apparently now I can't even say hello she's how do you leave me damn straight you call me Bob Bob be a Wolverine oh dear all right honestly we're going to pharmacy I guess so oh wow look at these doors okay these are safe quite like the sanatorium yeah this isn't the typical hospital we should have gotten a refresher on until observation suite treatment rooms whoa you know what I mean yeah because I was mostly a couple years towards the end there was windy guys yeah your actions will shape how the story unfolded those came to be those they were like always there I tell them was it like a hospital like situation were they like no that was very magining dad there's a doctor talking to us Oh crazy you know what I'm gonna look it up while you're doing this okay Abe yeah unsettled what is this place or Who am I where does this place famous Blackwood sanatorium and hotel Wow not so much the hotel we are okay so it's a sanatorium where are we going Who am I where are we going okay I couldn't say oh my gosh I'm confusing games you know how sometimes when it's been legs us out a couple years staff sake at least whole place going to pieces this is gonna follows name yep oh it's music but you know when it's been a couple years since you've played a game and it eventually starts to mush or the plot starts to mush yeah other plots and all you really remember is the gameplay yeah you know like yeah that's really weird I remember the gameplay more than I remember the plots a lot of the time if you look back at games that are really good stuff three sheets that's something all right geez why don't really know what's happening hey is it the twenties thirties yeah I think it is what's of the music and then this old but he said this is going like to crap so it's dead comes when it's dark and looks older than it really is you know what I mean what did you say it runs when it's dark or comes when it's dark I don't know I didn't hear anything there was this there's dialogue was it you I'm sorry that's okay yeah so however its decorated okay they're talking about old consider what it is where they talk about when two guys I don't know they're just seeing stuff I was talking to a patient saying they come at night yeah and we after you have to believe because it's gonna be true oh my god keep going in out your story is one of many possibilities to see each other's point home again choose your actions carefully okay wait a minute they say the Wendigos I'm looking at the wiki for until dawn yep humans who resorted to cannibalism yes or those possessed by the spirit of one but we don't know where those people came from right yes the little blackout no big deal as part of the treatment almost back to your private little oasis wonderful it's crazy what you hear oasis your spa treatment what the heck yeah it's my spa treatment oh are we gonna float in like one of those tanks like those sensory deprivation tanks are we a Windigo what are we a Windigo did we resort to cannibalism I don't know or like we turned into one at night I mean what a guy flex there's a look left why don't you take you okay nice place you got here Abe look great turn over I can't read what that says you gonna make me a rich man white wall tires it three-martini lunch oh wow come to Papa Rock no there we go keep coming Wow almost ready for the triathlon now let's try going back to the bet oh okay my cell tutorial okay so it moves like Resident Evil Dead all right oh good so you could do that click clack click clack and that actually really helped with the motion sickness that's pretty crazy so I looked at the weather hey does that mean there's really no like hotel part of this building yeah I hope it what like at some point in this game we just waltz into like a swanky hotel fighting Wendigos all covered in blood and like they're all chasing us like sir you could stick around sure uh really are you sure yeah oh you butt nut what are we doing get out of my bed February 1952 50s all right I was gonna say 50s earlier when he said the white wall tires but oh I think I have a bat in the cave and you can't check because you have a headset on oh god oh god oh god don't let guys horrible horrible things horrible now I need you to look to check five of em again oh look at this I can't look at this stuff what are you talking about what I'm gonna get my phone using my phone check see if I bet the guy all good all clear no bats congratulations is that what that says sorry this oh I thought that said regulations okay Oh are these like objective and Suzanne by to Suzanne's d trip to the movies Saturday night dancing why can't I walk together in the woods does she like dance night to eat casual how do I turn it over turn over how pressing all the buttons can you like oh how I turned over how do I turn over dude well I got you so problem a personal why do you play video games here I'll play for you guys hold X to sell the bed okay oh it's over here homie you're looking right did you bag did I miss to this friendly I'll be friendly keep it casual did you read my notes yep they're quite the bowing really shouldn't have I guess you were just killing time but how I didn't read the back of it you really killed the cat all right we missed something really important that's good you're a when to go look up your whole family's on the ceiling that's probably what it's it you smell it ceiling you missed it good night never sat like one ending or something we didn't get for until dawn we went back did it again because like you messed up yeah see like one like really crazy part or something no I cool man oh my god did we wake up the baby not cool not cool oh my god I did not expect that at all at this point crap crap crap every year are you ready I'm getting cookie Hill done oh my god okay where's cookie okay man no man no is it there's a deer well I'm glad for the subbies now my heart's pounding what is my Fitbit oh my gosh 95 oh my god I don't know I don't know what are you what are you telling myself you're scaring me I'm not touching you anymore mate god oh my god everything is terrible everything is terrible whoa that's crazy do you see it on the walls get out do you see what's on the poles do you see my god yes I bet you're right what we're totally when do you think so yeah oh so we came out at night who's this it's different that's naive oh good morning to you me who day yeah is that a jelly sandwich is that a jelly sandwich I don't know who I am jelly jelly a white bread we're gonna find out I don't know it's kind of Awesome you should know we're very encouraged yeah we're windigos of course they're always going to be patients that are beyond our health but I know that you only want to get better maybe you should meet your new roommate okay okay hey mate whatever your name is I'm gonna call you Doug oh it doesn't matter you tell me anyway but your name is Doug aiming like C okay oh Gordon gether we might as well get to know each other Gordon I remiza I'm on vacation oh yeah be friendly sir – I don't know everything is clear as a bell doesn't stop them from messing with my noggin so these treatments ever get any easier I hope so yeah hope so yeah the optimistic a little bit of nice yeah I can't remember I can't remember may be impatient with him he's been fine troubled yeah we're both troubled people in here don't know themselves from Adam did you talk to everybody well he knows his name he knows everything yeah yeah what okay good night what we're just gonna sit on the bed I'm gonna have to do another one of those dream sequences aren't I cuz that was terrifying are we both Wendigos now though like are we Windigo buddies are we waiting to win two bros winter bros anybody all right yeah shaking the sheets a little last what I mean I had a bad dream I'm fine are you okay a bad dream okay I can't dance oh that's so weird like look at the angles it's true yeah oh oh I did choose math yeah okay yeah I don't want to run out of time yeah now that we don't have body hasn't turned toward you which I find weird well he's like he's like jumped across the room try to get away from me real fast already did are we turning into a Wendigo did he just like run away from me after I said that I don't know Oh or she was coming back she was coming in so he got back on his bed you know I'm pretty sure those bars are the way down yeah I think so on the level I don't you know yeah I don't know anything I know nothing I didn't say anything negative I just not excited enough for you huh I love Tori Tori is great why are we not eating it I would eat it okay I'm just gonna take the old one was I supposed to before i wait no no no chair eat it jelly sandwiches that better be jelly in the sandwich I'm really excited really excited if you're not gonna eat your sandwich I'll eat your sandwich give me is this gonna come up right oh my god is it a tomato instead I can't think of anything more depressing oh yes but still he's talking like he's been here for a while right yep how do I eat it well you're supposed to you're supposed to be making a decision okay Oh as soon as possible okay are you listening to what we're saying I wish I knew you don't have the people this little slice of heaven so you is he like planted here to try to get information out of me I'm wondering it's pie not really patient no tell me how you yeah tell me how you got here not by choice that's for damn sure I don't oh he's he's planet yes planet I don't wanna talk about it you can't use my excuse man that's copyrighted I don't talk about it okay later go sit on my bed then cuz you're not talking you gotta fish your sandwich because you're your planet here I'm not telling you anything anymore but can you imagine being given this sandwich and it's just like a slice of tomato and white bread yeah I'll squish yeah we'll be terrible have you really sad about that I mean it could be worse much worse but it would be like really oh right like that fire festival where they got like cheese on a piece of bread yeah oh you tell rank I've done I voluntarily choose to leave oh right you don't trust a word they say either don't be hostile yeah maybe you're right maybe you're right yeah I don't want to I don't want to piss them off you know should tell them what they can do with their damn treatments but she just doesn't even budge she's a cutie sandwich Oh leaf Oh what's the date on there now how long has it been is it still the same calendar to the changed all February yeah so February I thought it was January no good then having us we're not like the rest of the folks in here you get that right what do you mean well you didn't even look at the other one we have you trouble with our memories it'd be a lot worse from what I've seen they should just take the elements are frustrated I didn't want to say frustrated frightened baffled something attractive yeah that's right oh oh let me just that was creepy oh my god oh my god oh my god what is this take a second to think about it are you my sandwich that was this juice right in the middle of our juice drinking what are you doing Abe what the heck Bragg said the tricking slow and steady wins the race oh we see you like in the past yeah wait man but we got silver Oh No get ready get ready ready everybody get ready don't talk about it here he comes here we go oh my god oh yeah I'm sold like I'm backing up like I can get away from the screen yeah he screws right my face I can't get farther away that's one of this case things about this to be honest oh my god yeah you can't like your eyes okay okay okay okay oh yeah I'm sure they well yeah maybe maybe not of course I can't just leave us here it's not legal oh oh you look like you're right on the edge I don't know about you but I'm famished I'm sure there's still some food around here any little scrap will do oh oh I see one what was it the sandwich he threw you mean you've been here for two days and you didn't find the sandwich I'll see it why are we in the dark what does it say now whatever what was he writing give myself straight now here I think just off yeah so fair when I took it here so got it Gordo nice oh nice are you gonna share really okay well let's go look out here you share them yeah Oh cannibalism you're right circumstances still gonna taste like caviar you're right before you so we're like part of an experiment for creating wouldn't we go Billy why are you doing this to me whoa uh-oh he's gonna eat us he's gonna eat yes what is it huh uh what's up well they leave me what do you think happened what do you think happened I'm really cases come in recently how did you know all of this cuz he's part of it yeah luck with staff can be honest we're on top of the mountain in the middle of winter nobody gets far words for you below right there are things out he always does that's weird you're very confident okay I've been having memories I'm having delusions has some strange dreams other strange dreams okay yeah we don't know if they're memories yeah me too actually he says he put me in yeah they're really laying it on thick this is Fraggle Sword yeah trust me Greg do it hang in there boss why don't we both get some rest why are you sleeping so much I mean that man I mean that sweet dreams man I mean that I mean that Maddie when I see what I see sweetie geez I mean he's gonna eat us he's gonna eat our face you can't just leave me in here I'm not even supposed to be here today Oh goddamn we did you leave me in here this is Bragg all over Wow two-faced whore well you teach your team real fast yeah well now it's been another couple days like trash can't wait climb through those bars up top well yeah man wouldn't she go to that door wouldn't that just lead to another locked locked cell yeah why would you not try and get out this way oh and why do those keep highlighting when you get rid of trace to it same thing why are you doing this why are we seeing this again because I walked up to the bars yeah I don't think that's where we should be digging bro I've almost got a brick free with this spoon say busy oh boy I'm really sorry or you need to calm down you can calm down yeah yeah are you trying to get us killed oh maybe dreaming yet oh no oh no no oh God and then we're gonna wake up babies oh this whole time I've had I can use my controller you know I it would have been nice to the game told me that at some point that it can use a controller to do things now you're holding it up all high no like a little chipmunk carrying a little tray a star but I didn't know this whole time it could be doing this yeah you know yeah oh there's that black or is that just like I know I think it's blood smear oh no I think it's a wheelchair disgust yes Gus is that blah blah oh oh get ready everybody ready here we go Betty baby I mean you are finally arrived is that that doctor yes bright eyes every that was talking to the beginning yeah right I guess I think it was Moises okay hello nurse Oh cases dating myself with that alright tremendous tremendous tremendous progress over the best progress the best progress in the world the best believe me what is that or is there another animal last I was a deer is it a puppy oh it's a puppy there's just all poppers you mean there's a bunch my monkey and a wolf oh so they're like animal testing we're gonna choose one you're gonna choose one which one do we choose the monkey or the wolf was it a monkey monkey like the wolf yeah it was a monkey over here I go to the monkey Hey why would a monkey be here that's why I thought it was like a rodent like a like a fox or a chipmunk or like we died well we should have over two hours while he was smaller and less threatening I think I was just curious like why would he be here why and a little guy won't see you later it's gonna eat her face it's a win to go just like Freddy Krueger oh my god what the heck I would often worthy yo oh jeez okay so tried to good talk he's gonna go crazy man I don't know if I want to touch him all right leave him alone liudmila let's go let's go let's go oh no oh it's just you look I'm sorry about hitting you know he's gonna eat us there's no excuse for that I didn't totally preoccupied he's gonna try and eat us don't worry about it please oh dude I don't deserve to be forgiven okay are there any more people locked in cells scratch I need a hundred spoons to get that breakout that dehydration will get you before starvation way before it yeah I think sorry she takes three weeks yeah for some reason I was gonna say I thought it was like two or three weeks I think I think we've got water it only takes a couple days thank you really I think it's less than a week oh my god all right let's see we've got a hold on we got a hold on man determined oh my god or he's gonna die and we're gonna move you to eat him and there will be the Windigo oh oh my god oh yeah these ones are turned into the one together that's right the miners that's right oh it's all coming back Wow okay man you missed so much when you already have the subs yeah you know you're the subtitles you know you're just kind of like I ready to go we've got this deep delivery stuck in a soul and Hillary our boy Oh God oh we're not alone right yes we do have each other Yeah right yeah oh dear Lord uh-huh oh dear Lord Frank oh snap oh hey just for you sure man yeah it's not it's not people it's protein that sort of sound like oh my god our holes get fitted to a wet sponge wires knuckles all bloody was he punching something punching the wall maybe cuz that wouldn't be just for him hitting us once and wonder what would have happened if we picked the wolf back there yeah I'm curious this is looking a multiple ending situation he would have hatched me right it's going hard on the butterfly effect yeah well maybe they would have put us in a much more aggressive oh we punched the window yeah oh we could kick that out come on man you think it's been the rest of my life on this beautiful mountain oh my god there's totally a way out of this place just well now it's gonna be way colder in here and here we are eating cockroaches to survive oh my god kick that out were the last two people on earth why we'll die in here alone Oh God okay drink this No get this No well now it's cold in here so now it's freezing Eve really wanna do Maine to talk oh no if you can understand that none of this was supposed to happen I didn't want it to happen but it is my fault and if you can please forgive me what are you talking right safe course yeah thank you for that I've been here a long time I've seen a lot of patients come and go aha but this is what it comes to this well hey Kevin's a facade for that you start clean slate people get changed right you might eat you might die sure people could change me I hope you you should get some rest so I could kill you in your sleep with one of these glass shards and then eat you basically basically okay wait Oh Oh leave him alone leave him alone well I just went up to him I can't go away wait I'm stuck okay oh my god oh my god wake him up am I dreaming yeah I bet Oh No oh my god oh wow you are a champion right now oh cool good job oh I'd be freaking out right now can you kick it punch it punch it in any crates Howard oh I gotta do this keep forgetting that you're might right in front of you darling mm-hm there okay there we go oh we're not gonna wake up our window bro when did bro now he doesn't feel right doctor or something this time I guess so gosh I went along with the volume I can't with this banging okay is he with us right now I think we're like experiencing something he did why is he opening our wait Gordon because your thing up yeah no no we're not we left Gordon oh my god it's okay it's okay as long as we're ready and we expected it's going to happen anyway so they got him this is this is a so he was a doctor he was a doctor yeah he sounded like a when to go you think yeah they had the overdub that when to go growl over his colony away oh look up oh that's a beam I thought it was somebody hanging oh my god she's where my brain is did you say friend girl oh my gosh she is so right that's why he's a leper bro what oh my god what okay let's bounce what okay hey guys by the way cut cheek badge yeah butt cheek badge for sure it's been a long time oh it's been a long time we were giving it to reach games and things like that and not many not many over the last year's no it's been a while since like yeah this is scary game this is wait stop walking whoa I want a simple the crotch oh god that's so cool hey guys haven't talked about all about the VR experience it is very clear what we're supposed to good for the jump scares cuz job scares are way more intense whoa deep oh man this is Mulholland Drive boy what are you doing okay that looked like a little bit too much like a unity asset jumps get ready dog yeah Sam white via like the album look what job was that tomorry guy oh my god time or tomorrow really it's more like we said tomorrow yeah but oh my gosh yeah that guy may have been my favorite so hard on the whole when to go face thing yeah sound rather whoa all right that's not whoa that's awesome that was so creepy but like wow that was that spider holy crap that was amazing alright guys gonna end that episode there that's scary it's just really cool stuff arm enjoying us live so I'm going forgot it was coming alright guys like this video please support us on patreon click like share and subscribe see you tomorrow thanks guys keep like a mom Oh this is crazy

Glenn Chapman


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