The Inpatient Longplay PlayStation VR Until Dawn Prequel

– I'd like to try it again let's test your memory do you remember who I am I am worrying that you are holding back try speaking with some emotion this is the Blackwood sanatorium do you know why you're here you're having trouble with your memory we're trying to help you close your eyes take a deep breath let the walls fall away try to visualize the last thing you can remember before you came here so did you remember anything no nothing at all is there anything any small detail I'm gonna try this again so please relax take a deep breath think about that moment and concentrate no matter how much it may scare or upset you it's important you face the hard truth what can you recall perhaps we've been pushing you too hard I know this hasn't been easy but I'd really like to try once more do you think you have it in you this process can be extremely effective but can also be difficult one final thing and it's the key to the success of this treatment you do understand I want what's best for you time now to rest and heal but the memories come home to roost this will help I'll have an orderly take you to your room let's talk hey hey weird yet you don't remember your good old buddy guess we still got that amnesia time to put you back on the shelf that old brag will take his toys apart just to see if you can put them back to you Opie's not losing its touch hi hello Suzanne always good to see your face I'll shoot guess I ain't fit to shine our shoes you think a girl like that would ever give me the time of day yeah damn straight you're all right up let me just call us a cab you you're just another patient an endless stream of patients were all laid to push around get out we're in the world-famous Blackwood sanatorium at Oakdale well not so much the hotel part that here we are yeesh you think brackets spring for an upgrade the staff sake at least whole place going to pieces as to giving you the good stuff three sheets to something ah duty calls man she's got the touch smart cookie over there okay that's enough hey now you're back just a little blackout no big deal all just part of the treatment almost back to your private little oasis you're okay look at me everything is going to be okay that's good you ready all right rise and shine greet the new day come on wakey-wakey up up up let's see what you got upsy-daisy have a look around why don't you take in the view what'd I tell ya I had odds on you gonna make me a rich man whitewall tires in it three-martini lunch now walk come to Papa there we go keep coming Wow almost ready for the triathlon now let's try going back to the bet good real good now did you stroll around a bit stretch those legs yeah the blood flow I want you to just take your time move it your own face all day if you don't sweat off my back you know on a clear day you can see those shiny Peaks on those mountains linking back at you man if I stick around while you get your sea legs matey [Laughter] hey did you find a piece of paper with my notes scribbled on it did you read my notes and you really shouldn't have and I guess you were just killing time but curiosity killed the cat let's get you ready for bed hey bud just follow me come along Danny go rise and shine good morning to you you should know we are very encouraged you're on the bridge to a complete record of course they're always going to be patients that are beyond our health but I know that you only want to get better maybe you should meet your new roommate okay well if we're stuck in here together we might as well get to know each other what brings you to this fine establishment that's what they got me in here for two crazy thing is I don't have amnesia everything is clear as a bell doesn't stop them from messing with my noggin so these treatments they ever get any easier don't know how much I can take names Gordon you figures half the people in here don't know themselves from animal yeah damn can't get a break I'm gonna grab some shut-eye talk later Faber is almost upon us it's a leap year we'll have a whole extra day who knows how those bands they always said you can do things on the leap day you can't on any other like a woman proposing to amend it's not crazy hey buddy you alright you were shaking the sheets a little last night yes well maybe it won't be so bad if you say it out loud hello gentlemen did I make the roll you're not a prisoner Brad sleeping into your case personally for now I get comfortable damn it Victoria what do you make of her you think she's on the level yeah she's a little drunk on her own power if you ask me I see someone was hungry very very good believe that fucking tell me what to do so give it up you want out of here screw this voluntary nonsense right I'm shocked you give up this five-star cuisine or all prisoners when it really comes down to it so the treatments not going anything else loose up there don't give up you're a fighter I can tell you'll get it all back now I think I need to put all my energy into shoving this toxic waste down my throat good thing they saved all the cigarette butt some bottle caps for this gruel no can anyone eat this I don't know how many more of these I can take damnit Victoria when the hell am I getting out of here I'm sorry I don't you told me you would have an answer Parag wants you here just a little bit longer you tell Frank that I'm done I voluntarily choose to leave fine I okay I'll let him know can't trust anyone in this damn snake pit right you don't trust a word they say either do you ship of fools [Applause] [Applause] well lookie-lookie chicken cook rag said the tricks kicking in slow and steady wins the race hey mr. Sandman come over here another patient on the loose cue the three-ring circus like it doesn't happen once a week around here they'll have them doped and drooling in no time the hell else could it be or to sanatorium of course things yeah that makes two of us I need a minute let me just think about this all right that's it lights out right this way [Applause] you're awake finally you sleep like the dead it's been two days since they've come nothing for two days they'll be back for me soon there will be right no no I'm sure they'll be back whatever has happened they can handle it there's a back-up plan for everything believe me Jesus you look like you're right on the edge well I don't know about you but I'm famished I'm sure there's still some food around here any little scrap will do hey why are you doing this to me come here I think I got something ah look at this so got it Gordo you have no idea how hungry I am who knew that under the right circumstances stale bread could taste like caviar and don't you worry Brad we'll have this whole mess sorted before you know it I suggest you rest up save your energy they'll be around for us soon hey why are you doing this to me yes what is it the sirens go off on a patient gets loose they had a whole group of unruly cases come in recently unhinged really my bet it's one of them Blackwood staff can handle a loony on the loose and we're on top of a mountain in the middle of winter nobody gets far when it's 40 below brag of sort things out he always does you uh you okay memories really like what I'm bushed why don't we both get some rest sweet dreams I mean that hey come in here goddamn it you sniffling sons of bitches help you can't just leave me in here you can't do this to me I'm not supposed to be here god damn it I can't believe this is happening whole goddamn week did you leave me in here this is Bragg all over that two-faced son of a whore he thinks he can get rid of me like trash well buckle up right I've I've almost got a brick free with this spoon it's pretty good right right yeah this is a great idea come on look what you did that was our only chance stop it apologies won't get us out of here nothing will get us out of here nothing thanks to you I'm in I'm in you have finally arrived just working sure tremendous programs leading so near how do I know if I'm worthy no not me I'm I'm worthless nah huh oh it's just you look I'm sorry about hitting you things are they're not right it's it's no excuse but I I just I just want you to understand I didn't mean to hurt you no please I don't deserve to be forgiven worst part is I barely made a scratch I need a hundred spoons to get that brick out it's been a weekend you ever gone that long before not me oh I've heard about starvation was bad but I don't know how much longer our body can hold on do you suppose you're right how I fight the inevitable I lay awake I can't stop thinking about one little cave in and OH 30 minute down in that mine for weeks how's that even possible only 12 made it out out of the frying pan and then leave it to brag to hear opportunity knock and know how to cover his ass you never really have to think about what you might be capable of didn't mine stuck in a Cell that's a difference we're all alone and hungry in the end yeah it's a good question I don't what's the point of hiding it now I mean really are you gonna tell I'm not really what that was that how do you learn to have it really happened it's one of the minors isn't it okay him it Brack good you're awake it's time to eat I saved one just for you so calm outside it's almost peaceful I used to think I'd spend the rest of my life on this beautiful mountain I just thought I had a lot more of a left look at us neither of us should be here and yet here we are eating cockroaches to survive what are we there's no one out there is it were the last two people on earth and we'll die in here alone mr. Bragg will start your treatment tonight We Need to Talk I hope you can understand that none of this was supposed to happen I didn't want it to happen but it is my fault and if you can please forgive me you believe me right thank you for that I've been here a long time I've seen a lot of patients come and go all I ever wanted to do was help them but this is what it comes to this if I get out of here it's a new start clean slate people can change right yeah that's I know that I need some rest now okay this doesn't feel right Jesus hey you need a sedative never control the doors not gonna see shut it anymore alright this and I'll be back when you're very sorry No why why are you doing this stop I'm gonna check it out over here got him in here I'm gonna check it out over here got him in here dr. Abe they're safe and sorry I gotta eat maybe we should give him something to chew on it would undermine the veracity of the tests who are you alright I just needed to know you weren't one of those things didn't want to freak you out but I've been keeping my shit that's one of them it's close by anyone back the way you came I don't know what's going on but you better come with me this way sorry you're lucky I found you whole damn place was starting to feel like it goes down I think we're okay for the time being anyway I'm David I work how long have you been in here yeah some patients can't even remember what day it is I get it why are you alone here anyhow everybody already left you pissed someone off this whole place has got the stench of something wrong since they brought those miners here they were supposed to get better Jesus better not exactly what I'd call well hard to say exactly but something changed with the miners they went why would they were possessed like turned into literal monsters you've never seen anything like it I wish I could bought it from my mind we got to keep moving there are other survivors they're not far come on all right follow me stay near me will you we're almost to practice office everybody else is holed up with Ted in the chapel I'd be there too but you know Brad it's always something with him you had to go back and Suzanne and I are his escorts they should be waiting for me in his office I came out here to scope it out watch your step I haven't seen any of the miner since the incident I still hear him though mostly outside I mean I think it's then he's me the chills every time safety first it's offices right down brad was not exactly pleased someone called in the cops guess he's worried though catch it with a sentence ain't supposed during about it's one thing I hope I'm the police show up then plug every last fucking miner they see and here we are head honcho himself hey it's David can I come in mr. Brett Suzanne found someone else needs an escort Jesus David why the hell would you bring him here um I don't what's the big deal I couldn't just leave him I know what you've done you're a monster you sicken me so patient how are we feeling today ah we were caught off guard none of this was it it just wasn't how it was supposed to I think you're right I think how did it come to this I should never have come back sorry I I thought I could write the ship but you can't steer a ship in a squall mr. Bragg you've been down before you'll pull us all through I know you will Oh Susannah I admire your optimism but it's misplaced to me this is it's just back to keep quiet I'm finished no mr. Bragg please let's just go to the chapel the storms lit up the police are on their way to the chapel thank you go now I'm staying here we can't leave you behind it's not safe please you know we all have to go everyone Bragg included stop enough this place belongs to me I belong to it now get the hell out of here and take that monster with you mr. Bratt she's in stop come on he's made up his mind no no we gotta go now why we still can you don't understand I wouldn't brag wanna come with us he's building this place would you be able to leave them behind oh Jesus look at that oh god it's awful Christ what happened here what do we do to deserve this wait we don't know what's out there there was nothing out there before let's just go one at a time you remember what Ted said one of those things shows up don't move a fucking muscle okay I'll go first when I make it across I'll give a signal the next one comes you next door am i okay I'll go first then no Suzanne fries we can't wait any longer sorry this didn't have to happen David I thought you'd listen to me father things got complicated I knew it was too dangerous stop it she's ants dead yes so she is and the old fool wouldn't listen to reason just wanted to stick around and watch the walls come down huh yes well if Bragg had made up his mind there's nothing on heaven or earth that would have changed it father Ted Mosley I'm glad to meet another survivor can't believe she didn't make it she was so close once she moved in caught its attention there was no chance I'm glad you made it back here not everyone has been so lucky today the mythology I've been telling you about the story of these things I never knew how true it all was this is not a disease this is not a virus this is a curse they're more survivors holed up in the administration offices they still think it's an infection they have no idea what they're up against they need our help god damn it why Susanne why I can't stand that she's gone I'm sorry David I know she meant a lot to you she was a good person I've been so worried about each and every one of you I warned Barracks something like this could happen I warned him there was something here on the mountain an evil spirit powerful but he wouldn't listen it's like what happened to the miners what they did to retracted to survive when I was a missionary interacting with the native people I'd hear these stories told with great conviction but of course back then I only trusted in my own faith so I dismissed them as may a superstition unsubstantiated campfire tales they spoke of monsters that got inside of you monsters that fed on human flesh insatiable hungrier patients they said the only way to elude the creatures was to remain perfectly still but beyond that there was no way to fend them off they called them wendi-go I never truly believed they were real until now I'd advise everyone to get a little shut-eye while we can I'm sorry if you'll excuse me for a moment I need to think on my own hey you know what I need a little space I'd recommend some downtime before the cops show up [Applause] calm down man please stop shooting into a crowd of y'all lost your mind would you please come and help me you go keep moving don't stop what the fuck just happened stop wait great David help me with the door yeah hey how are you feeling service tunnel connects to the hotel you should rest up for now you nearly caught a bullet with your skull took a tumble and hit your head pretty hard you'll be all right why would they just open fire like that the police saw the miner what he'd become and they reacted reacted people are dead man that's a pretty big fucking reaction I think we all need to calm down think this through maybe we should turn maybe the police didn't even follow us we can make a run for the door of the chapel what do you mean I didn't hear anything we have to get out of here this tunnel leads to the hotel and from there off the mountain are they okay to walk no doctor but let me check him out you're looking a little off-color us to figure head pretty hard back there eyes are all weird we need to move now you think you can stand let's go sounds like they giving up on that door won't be long before they find another way in we should go how are you holding up here David I know you and Suzanne were friends stop please I can't talk about her right now – fuck can we use the cable car now I think that keeps most of the place in lockdown for winter I doubt victory even alive Victor knows this place like the back of his hand if anyone could make it it's him Victor is that you all right show's over let's move on Victor manages to crown the entire load in here for the winter how organized cleanliness is next to godliness sets a fine example please Ted we have to stay looks to me like Victor's been here recently I must ask have you been left isolated alone recently can you tell me what happened what the hell is going on here I'm afraid we're running out of time David keep your wits about you how far to the elevator we're now in the basement of the Blackwood Pines Hotel it's not hope you blend it try it for size just make your way to the elevator [Applause] we're all gonna get slaughtered there's no way out we just have to get to the second floor we're almost there we're gonna make it [Laughter] come on we have to get this thing open what the hell is going on was that shooting Victor it's the police we need the cable-car if we don't leave they will execute every single one of us they can find the police there's to be some mistake can you get the door open from your side yeah follow me Lord who will stay behind to run the cable car the cable car can't be operated from inside someone needs to stay what is it oh shit you you're one of them got to get to the cable car stay back do not come any closer the wendi-go is not an infection it's a curse punishment for an unforgivable sin you have consumed the flesh of another human being you're a monster from body to soul I'm sorry I cannot allow you to leave this mountain I'm sorry you're beyond help the curse cannot be reversed the monster will soon be all that's left of you but your last moments of humanity need not be in vain you can help us get away once I'm in the car press that button that'll start it down the mountain I'm so sorry this is how it had to end for you I want you to know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten you have no choice bustling behind there is no other way for you nice to know that all are welcome even hot shit was not a word to me in your story or there's no deal all right elevators over here you no one can take your place I'm trying from your smile surge and thus we surrender made me a slave I'll never be free just my good forgive me

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