The Inpatient – Let's Play the PSVR Prequel to Until Dawn

what's up everybody hello we are gonna play the impatient here psvr I got my headset let me know if you guys can hear me this is yeah the impatient the psvr prequel to until dawn and I'm taking a break from Shadow of the Colossus surprisingly my goat search is kind of on hold and this is gonna be interesting there are certainly some technical challenges in doing this because I'm not gonna be able to see the oh there's we're not gonna be able to see the I'm not gonna be able to read you guys so here we go oh wow okay so I briefly where's my controller uh oh somewhere hang on well I imagine you all are getting nauseous all right so I'm gonna start a new game oh I got a plug in these stupid little earbud things that come with us give me a second here I have no idea if the my microphone is even within view out of play area I might get that quite a bit male or female I just briefly started the game the first minute just to make sure my headset worked I gotta make sure it's all comfortable here select skin tone well boy I don't care that's good out of play area how can I be out I'm actually probably a little close to the camera I get further away I'll get further away from the mic I have to come up with a better solution for that methinks oh this is pretty cool oh there's someone that walked in the door hello handsome let's test your memory do you remember this the dude in Russia blood are you a doctor no where am i speaking with some emotion emotion oh boy bewildered curious do you know why you're here yes to do a live stream no I know exactly want them to well I am afraid the restraints are really for your own safety we're trying to help you once you've recovered you'll be free to leave close your eyes take a deep breath try to visualize the last thing you can remember before you came here well I was talking to disk or Oh oh my this is pretty cool in VR I'm not gonna lie this is really cool oh dude there is it was 1952 January describe it to me it was January 1952 it made no sense I was hiding that I was doing that hey dude why is this dude leaning into me doctor we seem to be making some progress is there anything else any small details nothing is too insignificant it was January 1952 others a calendar huh how about that how many times do I have to tell you it was me oh my god all right listen to me dude January 1952 try this again so please take a deep breath all right no matter how much it may scare or upset you it's important you face the hard truth now what what can you recall I that memory was shorter perhaps we've been pushing you too hard and we're gonna kiss I know this hasn't been easy but I'd really like to try once more oh no do you think you have it in you nope I do not stop I've had enough already huh this process can be extremely effective but can also be difficult one final thing and it's the key to the success of this treatment you do understand I want what's best for you no I don't I don't believe that for one second No I'm getting a little angry this is really cool oh no no I'm afraid of needles time now to rest oh my god am i faint the memories come home to roost if you guys played a rush of blood on VR this looks very similar to that far as the VR the voices oh trophy get that right there in the center might screw you yeah who are you I've never felt better let's go a sarcasm butterfly that'll take his toys apart just to see if he can put them back my aim is still facing my camera butterfly effect' tiny butterfly flapping a swing today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now but I feel like I'm actually in this theater oh hello you nurse hello Suzanne always good to see your face dude she don't like you I guess I are shoes or anything ever like that whatever give me the time of day nope she's out of your league buddy had to hang in there I'm gonna bust his balls who's talking big least I'm wearing prophylactic pajamas doesn't mean ER these dudes feel like they're like seven feet tall or I'm really short I wonder how far I'll make this in in here before I start getting sick your actions will shape how the story unfolds I believe there is probably multiple endings to this I've assumed so similar to until dawn by the way for your in the chat thank you hit the like button I wish I could see you I know you're that direction what is this place who AM am i I'm Brian not so much you know don't care you could've been a little nicer you think baguette spring for an upgrade staff sake at least whole place going to pieces oh god that sound designing this is really cool you can hear him it sounds like it's right behind me I like the music it's groovy huh must have given you the good stuff do you like the music buddy your sheets just something all right there you go try your luck with this one buddy ah duty calls yeah you're gonna try to score aren't you you're just gonna leave me here you strike out again dude okay anyone's worrying it this is probably a two to three hour game my story is one of many possibilities choose your own actions carefully okay now you're back yes the little blackout no big deal I'm all just part of the treatment almost back to you private little oasis I heard something scared the hell out of me you're okay look at me everything is going to be okay I don't believe you oh my god oh my god some some give me the chills guys let's see what you get upsy-daisy no whoa I'm tall look left why don't you taking the view it's knowing that much of a view what'd I tell ya you gonna make me a rich man whitewall tires and three-martini lunch now walk come to Papa there we go keep coming that's a little too close for my liking now let's try going back to the bet oh this is gonna get awkward isn't it all right so we got 30 degree turns here it's a chessboard over here let's go check it out I want you to just take your time move at your own pace take all day if you need to what am i doing you know what a clear day you can see those shiny Peaks on those mountains can't exactly turn it over sure you could stick her I'd prefer some space actually are you Canadian is that where this game takes place I don't really remember what am I supposed to do now maybe I can just get the hell out of here now the camera controls I think I can do a 45 degree turns or I can actually do free roam free roam would probably make me just die Oh what was that well now what can I just leave interesting okay um Oh God one thing I hate about the VR is you gotta do these 30 degree turns oh there we go I can look at this again I guess I can't turn it over or can I do it well hold X okay seems a little cumbersome of a mechanic it's over here dude you bet I did did you read my notes no I wouldn't do that I couldn't read it because the resolution of the VR is not good enough it wasn't they weren't meant for prying eyes just messing around really I appreciate if you didn't tell me what dude is it a poem for one of the nurses secret CERN I'm not even sir hey no one's gonna believe a word out of your mouth you're in here for a reason remember oh well I guess you wouldn't I won't forget this should we be mean or should we be nice bet y'all are saying I should be mean I'm just envisioning the chat excuse me there might not be a single person here get to intimidate me believe I just don't in the padded cell it's way past your bedtime says who says me I'd advise you forget whatever it is you think you saw all right that's it lights out I'm not entirely sure what I saw to be honest with you oh dude this is nuts what the hell dude is that a moose Jesus okay that wasn't funny oh my god I can't do this I was fascinated by the moose good mmm nope No oh my god it my god what's going on what the Oh trophy who's that dude stay away uh uh who there well this is a very good opportunity for you to learn to get along with other people you might want to start by introducing yourself okay you should know we are very encouraged she's escritt scaring the hell out of me always going to be patients that are beyond our health but I know that you only want to get better maybe you should meet you your roommate bitch why you be smiling at me what is it what's strange med asking me to go to their bed okay well stuck in here together we might as well get to know each other what brings you to this fine establishment can we not do this from across the room do I have to be over here I have amnesia okay I'm on vacation not the trusting kind eh that's fine but don't worry about me memory like a sieve so these treatments never get any easier they seem barbaric is a don't know how much I can take butterflying for you I can't remember you know at this point I'm trouble diggers half the people in here don't know themselves from Adam yeah oh my god I feel cold breeze can't get a break an aggressive should I talk later oh my god oh no no no no no anybody all right hashtag me to shaking the sheets a little last night I had a bad dream I don't care about how he feels nice well maybe it won't be so bad if you say it out loud I had to choose a path I think I chose the wrong path guys well speedy like a fox aren't you hello Rod's heading into your case personally for now I get comfortable Victoria what do you make of her she's on one oh I don't know I like her yeah a little drunk on her own power you ask me why do I bother bringing you three square meals if you're going to insist on starving yourself she sure comes in and out off a lot believe that fucking tell me what to do I'm gonna use my controller all that's why I couldn't see the other side of that voluntary right that's right as soon as pop I can't read the other one maybe this is what's best for me nope soon as possible give up this five-star cuisine this feels like prison my memory is improving no this feels like a prison prisoners comes down so the treatments not good any thing else loose up there no tell me how you got here not by choice that's for damn sure I don't want to talk about it right now okay oh my god what is this Groundhog Day I'm gonna say moment over and over you tell Frank I'm done I voluntarily choose to leave this damn snake pit right I don't trust you I trusted that more than you buddy yeah what's your prob you're gonna kill me aren't you jeez she's literally come in and out of this room like 12 times already so what am I just eating and drinking this whole time Oh Greg said the trees in the chicken in slow and steady wins the race that hell's going on I've got trophy another patient on the loose cue the three-ring circus I don't like it doesn't happen once a week around oh you're off the close I'm close drooling in no time it sounds like worse than that could that happen to us oh look you and I we're not like the rest of the folks in here you get that right no what do you mean but we are patients speak for yourself I guess I take it back where we have trouble with our memories would be a lot worse from what I've seen around here they should just take my god this feels frightening oh that didn't sound human well we know it's not human I plan until dog let me just think about this all right oh boy no no no no I'm not going that way I choose no I choose option B what was that are you guys still with me okay I'm going back I can't the doors closed Jesus I can't run there's no sprint button why is there no sprint but I'm genuinely terrified right now this is something you guys got to see in VR oh no oh no I don't understand anything what is that god I know it's gonna do it all right pause it a second I'm still facing the camera that's a good thing oh I need a second here I need a second a calibration my lord Oh oh my god yeah my girlfriend is playing this she doesn't know it yet let me tell you something up VR I really really hate these ear buds that come with this obviously I can't wear my turtle beach headset oh okay hello okay we're gonna go through this so I have no idea what's going on we got amnesia there when dingoes or whatever the hell those things where I forget the plot them until dawn the game's not making me nauseous not making me sick because it has the 30 degree turns and okay I'm telling you I'm enjoying this game I'm enjoying the scares their jump scares we're gonna get back in this in a second I'm just okay how are you guys enjoying it can you hear anything can I eat good am I even facing the the microphone I'm afraid I'm like turning my camera around so you're just looking at the back of my head which is always the possibility but we're gonna get back into this here in a second we're going to hang on one moment okay here we go get everything all nice and squared and title tightened here get the damn cords behind me problem with VR is these damn connections all right memories have I found any memories one two there's a trophy for finding all of them nothing for two days don't be back for you soon there will be right he looks very disheveled maybe maybe not yeah I'm not sure they will yes of course I can't just leave us here no they went legal Jesus you look like you're right on the edge I don't know about you but I'm famished I'm sure there's still some food around here any little scrap will do are we gonna eat again Oh No why are you doing this to me I think I got something ah look at this so got a cord oh well you find anything under there for me looks like a rock this is pretty cool looking you have no idea how hungry I am I knew that under the right circumstances still Brett could taste like caviar and don't you worry Robbie we'll have this whole mess sorted before you know it whoo I suggest you rest up save your energy I'll be around for us oh no not again why are you doing this to me okay we're just repeating memories now I gotta do it again why are you doing this to me am I missing something why are you doing this open the door I'm not doing that again yes what is it what do you think happens unruly cases come in recently unhinged really my bed it's one of them Blackwood staff can handle loony on the loose and we're on top of a mountain in the middle of winter nobody gets far it's 40 below right with sort things out he always does good point yeah you okay I'm reassured I've been having memories I'm disturbed yeah me too actually ever since they put me in listen this is gonna be fine trust me hang in there I'm bushed why don't we both get some rest sweet dreams I mean hey come here goddammit you sniffling sons of bitches help you can't just leave me in here you can't do this to me I'm not supposed to be here god damn it I can't believe this is happening Oh goddamn week did you leave me in here this is Bragg all over had to face Center whore I thought he was sleeping like trash Oh buckle up right have they seen any sandwiches I'm missing my sandwich over here this dude is going insane come here buddy it'll be okay oh no I've almost got it free with this spoon it's pretty good right that's right Shawshank Redemption great idea I don't think we're going anywhere let's do it what did I do well you kidding what the hell is wrong with you are you trying to get us killed god oh no I got a flashlight he hit me so hard I ended up outside the room how I open this door maybe I don't oh I guess that's how kind of an awkward way to enter a doorway oh my god I sure know how to make an entrance oh I can move the flashlight okay I'm gonna I'm gonna knock over all my microphone and camera and everything all right let's my god jeez I'm on out of here all right fastest way out of here oh my god I'm feeling a cold breeze again anytime I get scared I feel cold breeze in the room well boy oh there's a rat look at that it's cute my god the rats at least scary thing in here oh my god there's a dog or is that a goat I've been looking for goats and shadow classes for a day now oh it's growling let's just get oh there's a monkey there's a goat in the monkey or is that a rabbit well you know what the rabbit is far less scary what was it a goat I'm gonna have nightmares about goats this isn't gonna be funny god damn it maybe talk to the engineer this building only a coward would take the path of the prey what is that I'm not a coward uh-oh I think my uh hang on a sec I got to find my center point cuz I think I'm that's not what I'm trying to do he's trying to recalibrate my controller oh my god guys I am scared I'm genuinely scared okay a headset gets a little uncomfortable after a little bit okay No don't come in here it's me hey how's your progress on the whole can we escape yet oh I'm very impressed at the detail and how real this looks I can feel those scratch marks in the wall like I tell you what guys second third generation VR is gonna be hot oh it's just you yeah just it's no excuse but I just I just want you to understand I didn't mean to hurt you all right don't worry about it I want to get out of here – please I don't deserve to be forgiven worse parties fairly minute scratch I need a hundred spoons to get that brick out I wasn't gonna say Makino you were gone that long before not me I've heard about the starvation was bad I don't know what's long our body can hold on you hello we got a hold on but are we getting no more sandwiches that that real I'm not happy about that I lay awake I can't stop thinking about one little cave in and thirty-minute down in that mine weeks how's that even possible only twelve made it out out of the frying pan and then leave it to brag to hear opportunity knock and know I cover his ass you never really have to think about what you might be capable of definitely – stuck in a cell that's a difference well that's deep man that's deep and hungry now well my damn sandwiches well down to the mine question don't what's the point of hiding it now I mean really are you gonna tell know how do you learn how it really happened it's one of the miners isn't it to him to brag good don't wake it's time to eat no just for you nah go ahead thank yous can't be choosers you haven't eaten in days doctor's orders this is really happening isn't it let's do it we got a gold trophy how about that it stopped snowing how about that peaceful I used to think I'd spend the rest of my life on this beautiful mountain I just thought I had a lot more of the left look at us neither of us should be here and yet here we are eating cockroaches to survive what are we what are the last two people on earth well that's not true die in here alone well that is true it's okay buddy pat pat Oh what happened we need to talk I hope you can understand that none of this was supposed to happen I didn't want it to happen but it is my fault I knew it if you can please forgive me you believe me right I believe you why should I none of that matters now thank you let's get out of here dig that hole I've been here a long time I've seen a lot of patients come and go all I ever wanted to do was help them but this is what it comes to this if I get out of here it's a new start clean slate people get changed right I don't know dude I got a amnesia you might change you might die I like that let's go sad yeah I know I need some rest now okay all right go into bed I am NOT going to bed oh boy well know what oh oh no no close the door oh my god oh god I can't do this Oh gross oh my that's not real oh god it's real get out of here we can open doors now I'm pretty sure I was like an inch away from punching my computer monitor god damn it this doesn't feel right I know it's coming oh there's something here it looks like the dude it's in the other side of it sounds like you also eat my face off Jesus Christ fucking God okay okay there's shit back there alright get ready get ready it's right here it's coming it's coming it's not coming Oh might ago I probably passed this probably over there I didn't see any sparkly doorknobs oh well let's look for some goat paintings over here shall we or relics wrong game wrong game Ryan all right god damn it we got to do it what I feel like I can't walk in a straight line all right go to the door something's gonna jump in me yeah and nothing bad can happen here there's no roof god I love VR but this evokes emotions that no video game ever has you know other than maybe Resident Evil in VR hello who is that that lamp sound like a basketball no run nope no I'm just running what was that I see it now Oh huh oh this is the state of the room from when we first entered here that wall isn't chipped chessboard is here the hell no I want to play with the chessboard I can't February 4th that's not today is it no today is I don't remember what day it is anymore oh my god uh-huh why are you snarling oh sweet dowels what's going on here Oh Oh my ear itches when I get scared my ears itch or because of these stupid little earbuds yeah let's go to the scary-looking man at the end of the hall what if it was me what if I am the thing [Applause] oh gosh all right we need a pulse check here looks like we're back not in the past looks like our roommate is gone everyone's dead oh no there's our buddy I wonder if he ever got laid please don't jump don't move oh here's that room how do I interact with this thing I'm gonna check it out over here got him in here okay Oh moose Bilson cleaner polish cleaner I hear something let's get out of here because this is the most scared I've ever been playing a video game jump scares are one thing but jump scares and VR Jesus do I dare check out this other room Oh this is frightening yes nurse so that's one of those memories by the way if you guys hadn't figured that out yet find all of them you get the trophies but still not here there's only two floors it shouldn't take that long oh I don't want to hit the elevator button again otherwise oh that was cool I love the the audio design in this game it really sells the immersion it's definitely you can it's definitely hearing it 360 it is definitely playing with every single nerve in my body right now no nauseousness by the way I don't really have much time to tell you how I feel of it past that right now I really do fear like I'm gonna die here Jesus Christ something's gonna jump out I'm gonna be ready for it I'm ready for it I'm ready oh this one's open why is this one open that's a good question I gotta drag my ass in here I kind of hope something was here huh not even a memory maybe just lured me in there so some can jump out over here that I didn't see always locked doors that's sage advice oh my god I'm forgetting I'm streaming I should be a little bit more YouTube family-friendly right not today fellas not today and this where we started I remember this little box my god this is just terrifying yeah what do you said alright let's go let's go I am I am freak the fuck out guys freaked the eff out but with that what was that hello a lot of lamps on the floor guys I found a goat where's my shadow the classes peeps don't that look like one of our goats my god I've never been scared by a potted fake plant before God like cords are starting to strangle me I might actually legitimately die stupid why am I doing this to myself why am I doing this where am I going why am I still here on another go anyone's curious why I'm talking about goats I don't have time right now it's a shadow the Colossus of reference oh well what happened look some behind me oh that's the same what the hell happened there can I go in these rooms no all right a poolroom who are you Brian and I'm also angry okay okay you must be a patient then sorry I just had to be sure you weren't one of those things one of what freaked you out things I'm keeping my eye on you shit's closed by anyone back the way you came no not a living soul we're all dead not a living soul that same thing hopeless or distressed Oh anyone all sticking around there on the road but you better come with me this way I don't think I actually answered that thing but you know what we're following this dude brother wait up wait up oh why don't you hit the fire alarm fire department come save us okay oh why do you look creepy do I look delicious dude you're not real are you Lu are you trying to talk to me all right what he's trying to make out with me oh this looks familiar am i right guys how come he's got a like a big machete and I got just a flashlight you there oh he's just got a board it's never mind I'd rather have a flashlight you think we're okay never mind that let's keep going or the other one so place has got the stench of something rotten since they brought those miners here they were supposed to get better Jesus better an exactly right call hard to say but something changed with the miners they went wild they were possessed like turned into literal monsters you've never seen anything like it I wish I could bought it from my mind we gotta keep moving there are other survivors you're not far come on yeah you know we couldn't have this talk and walk at the same time okay go down okay all right my controller is completely not aligned with my flashlight it's me holding it straight and the lights way over off to the right come on dude Dan and I are his escorts they should be waiting for me in his office I came out here to scope it out doesn't help I'm sittin too close to my playstation camera so sometimes synchronization is an issue no we don't want to go down here dude no hey how about we run is running an option like my easel casual oh my god this is still here mostly outside I mean I think it's them he's needed chills every time dude can't pick up the pace come on come on now dude we know you're gonna get eaten by something so let's just get it over with oh god I hear something Brad was not exactly pleased someone called in the cops guess he's worried they'll catch up with her some things most oh the projector room sweet something's gonna jump scare right here I know it I know it I'm not gonna freak out I'm not gonna freak out oh my god a trophy freaked me out I got scared my trophy i legit freaked out because of a trophy I think it was the miners fault dude but okay it's on you buddy lead the way it's David mr. Brett Susanne found someone else as an escort oh yeah I'm glad you made it out one piece that's a pie we thought your well suffered the same fate as the others you left me to die yeah I'm a little angry right now for that no motive remorse will ever be enough but you must understand no harm was intended this incident blindsided us all it's a day late and a dollar short right enough Gordon may I remind you of your place in all this I know this is difficult but can you tell me if any more memories every surface I don't tell you anything yes well I understand though I suppose now it's like casting stones into a quarry your memory will return and then I should never have come back sorry I I thought I could write the ship but you can't steer a ship in a squall mr. Bragg you've been down before you'll pull us all through I know you will I admire your optimism but it's misplaced to me this is it's just to make to keep quiet I'm finished no mr. Brad please let's just go to the chapel the the storms lit up the police are on their way to the chapel thank you go now I'm staying here we can't leave you behind it's not safe please you know we all have to go every one Bragg included all right this place belongs to me I belong to it now get the hell out of here mr. Brad Susanne stop come on he's made up his mind no no we gotta go now while we still can but the creepy dude in the corner we leave him here Gordon be careful with your charge the right information at the wrong time can turn apples to sand I don't know what the hell that's supposed to me don't forget who's really responsible for all this yeah I think we know all right off we go it's really cool I kind of felt like I was really in that meeting Oh am I still facing the TV oh I am alright alright let me get a solid readjustment here okay my flashlights still gonna point off to the right that's okay oh my god the slowest walking human beings on the planet what do we do to deserve this he worked in a creepy a sanitarium what do you think was gonna happen I'm gonna go check out this room here real quick I am NOT gonna check out this room here real quick I am getting the hell out of here yeah we've been here we gotta go well they didn't even wait for me it's the 79 steps to enlightenment right here okay we just move just a tad faster please oh I forgot there was three of us all right are you waiting for I'll take point you guys stay behind me just do a standard triangle formation through here how am I going oh I shouldn't take point all right let's do it I'm three two one go I'll go first boy you got balls I'll give you that I would have sent the pretty nurse anything okay next when I get to the other side I'll give the signal why aren't we doing this all at once I got you you know you're gonna be fine it's gonna be this pretty little girl dude run run run run what are you doing run girlie shut the door maybe as the sound of some of the monster eat your face off you next your mi uh yeah you know what I'll follow you okay I'll go first then I know that wasn't very gentlemanly of me but she's gonna die someone's about to eat her she doesn't go any faster I'll kill her so I guess we're just going out there what is this oh boy I have to turn my my controller like this to aim the camera straight or aim the flashlight straight I've really got to sit further from the camera who are you this didn't have to happen but it did oh my flashlights back to normal all right let's get out of here guys we don't have time for chitchat oh god you guys want to chitchat fine what do you got to say she could be alive right now father cut it out now is not the time right where is he right he wouldn't listen to reason guess he wanted a front-row seat for the end of the world yes well if Bragg had made up his mind there's nothing on heaven earth would have changed it bother Ted Mosley I'm glad to meet another survivor can't believe she didn't make it she was so close once she moved in got its attention there was no chance she wasn't even close back here not everyone has been so lucky today the mythology I've been telling you about the story of these things I never knew how true it all was this is not a disease this is not a virus this is a curse they're more survivors holed up in the administration offices they still think it's an infection they have no idea what they're up against they need our help god damn it why Suzanne why damn it she's gone it's my fault I'm sorry him she meant a lot to you she was a good pastor could have saved her if I didn't push her out first I've been so worried about each and every one of you I won't drag something like this could happen I warned him there was something here on the mountain an evil spirit powerful but he wouldn't listen it's like what happened to the miners what they did to each other to survive when I was a missionary interacting with the native people I'd hear these stories told with great conviction but of course back then I only trusted in my own faith so I dismissed them as mere superstition unsubstantiated campfire tales we wait police will be here soon I'd advise everyone to get a little shut-eye while we can I'm sorry if you'd excuse me for a moment I need to think on my own okay I'll just wait here guys hello hello I think I'd prefer to be alone not feeling myself I need to rest I'd advise you to do the same okay can you point me into the bedrooms please back here maybe there's a little sparkly thing on this door okay Oh anyone in this room you see me walking around kind of aimless got a couple memories maybe how do I interact with this damn thing hold X listen I've been here 60 years in the future you do not want to go out there you do not I repeat do not go out there would you please come and help me I'm coming okay Oh Oh No hell's going on take a turn for the worse yeah I ain't afraid of needles oh boy all right stop wait I can't see anything it sounds all around me though hey Jesus confused let's just take it easy for now you nearly caught a bullet with your skull took a tumble and hit your head pretty hard again I think we all need to calm down we shouldn't go back yes I think you're wrong the police know what they did that makes us witnesses we have to get out of here this tunnel leads to the hotel and from there dude you're not a doctor you said so yourself how do I look seems fine to me scratch okay I'm good to go shut up trying to think did you really not hear all these voices you're lying to me of course there are they won't stop you need to take it easy um somebody give me a push here yeah help me up you can do it I know I can do it let's go all right sounds like giving up on that door we should go we should go you think I know you and Suzanne were friends you can talk about it right now it's almost too fucked up yeah it's a little laptop thing that keeps most of the place in long time for winter Victor knows this place like the back of his hand if anyone could make it it's him sitting at the hole my controller so funky yeah let's move on that's good it's a good idea looks to me like Victor's been here recently hey grab that we're not oh I'm telling you this sort the press really gets on the bread skin right I'd advise you reporter assaulted on Blackwood Mountain okay kind of feeling like if I hadn't moved controllers I'd had a little better luckier with my camera okay this is far less scary in the second half of the game I've been and I think just keep moving a sound getting closer go the other way it was that rat I saw earlier oh this dudes losing his marbles I'm sorry got to stick together you heard them right the voices don't seem yourself like the minute I'm going to keep an eye I got to fix my hand I can not figure out why my flashlights hang on one second oh maybe if I faced the TV a little bit better oh there's a tip there from Sid bitch thank you by the way I just wanted to get myself a little breather here see if we can't perhaps maybe figure out why my move to draw I have to hold the like my thing almost like backwards in order to in order to point my flashlight so maybe if I can hit the options button and it should be able to recalibrate I've tried that a couple times and let's check our memories here real quick a lot of them I'm missing a bunch all right let's see how much oh no my flashlight it's a little better not a whole lot what's not far and my flashlight issues all because I'm about two feet from my playstation camera not five feet all right where are we where are we going and why are we walking so slow still okay what up brother what's shakin he doesn't that look very happy Oh how about I get the button oh whatever oh shoot why are they shooting shit there's no guns enough till dawn yes oh no you've been hit just hang on almost there almost it's not good brother and not good golden can you do anything for him looks like it got hit by one of the bullets dad we're almost out of here keep keep it together what now I advise everyone to take cover Yeah right over there everyone just just calm down there's no point to panicking to get out of here now I think there's a really good point in panicking Oh No oh my god that was freakishly real looking you know – the monsters which aren't real let's see if I can just bet my mic oh no what do you want me to go one yelling at me for hit the wrong button Victor it's the police we need the cable car if we don't leave they will execute every single one of us they can find the police can you get the door open from your side think so yeah oh boy Victor's Victor's not long for this world Oh No all right after me I can't get out oh no no it's a button hit the button Oh God Oh oh good yeah yeah huh okay okay let's try this one second floor lingerie leave them I can't move wrong with this dude he's really flipping out shall you or shall I hold on just a little longer come on a little light over here I'm going to the little flashy light what happened what's wrong with my hand I wouldn't let me interact with memory they may have to reach out here my hand my arm is so weird hi what are you guys waiting for I'm sorry I cannot allow you to leave this mountain why I suppose not huh never should have listened to brag you know we were kicking the hornet's nest go I'll operate the cable car you should get as far away from me as you can into the car into the car feels like Arnold Schwarzenegger get to the car well I don't know why I'm you know no one's gonna die right never everyone's gonna die rather someone got out alive we know about it six years David's blood is on your hands you'll carry that to your last breath ready not my hands Suzanne's Bloods on my hands perhaps but why is David's little dark I can barely see you buddy barely see you over there you know giving me the stink-eye you think I somehow killed David did I maybe I did Oh either way down the mountain we go how do they get over here oh we got a trophy and my screen is like way off center now Casas repeated at the request of picture patrons who desire to check the names of performers whose work something something it looks like we got to the credits guys this is a fun credit sequence it's kind of fun being part of them I like it the patient was you so I am gonna take this off and say hello to you guys here anyone actually made it to the end of this I see Jeff here sidwich Victor Oh Dante my fates on the wine pause let's continue Oh Oh God big that could be our for that long really kind of does a number on your and your head that was fun that was a lot of fun the first half I thought was just awesome one of the most fun VR experiences I've ever had second half I was just mostly walking around and we turn off the camera here second I'm doing a lot of face rubbing it's not very attractive oh wow okay so yeah that is a VR only title it is the prequel to until dawn yeah the second half the game was just not as exciting that first half though was Wow that was it was absolutely just incredible as far as just trying to figure out what was going on with the whole amnesia and the jump scares so Wow but the second half of a lot too much walking around too much walking around slowly can play again sometime with subtitles and I'm you know I had this subtitles on when I did a test right at the very beginning the subtitles was making me kind of sick just the way they appeared on the screen it would've been perfect probably in the industry of course but it just didn't look good on my end that was just the one ending there is some there's a I guess several endings of at least to me and I imagined Suzanne if I didn't kill her I imagine you can save her if you don't put her outside first then her defense she was stupid or my defense she was just stupid do a guide for VR probably doing VR trophy guises no one not enough people buy the VR games so there's a lot of kind of like work that goes into making a VR guides its from a technical aspect it's a little bit more difficult it's hard for me to maintain make sure I got my recordings or everything's all going that it might might my recorders capturing when you got the headset on so it's just a lot it's just more inconvenient to do it and not enough people play VR sadly a lot of people play VR is I don't think people are trophy hunting as much in VR which is kind of strange maybe 100 percent platinum stream maybe do something like that I did the Robinson the journey the dinosaur game I did a full walkthrough event it really was far more difficult than I thought it would be not as many people watched it for what the effort was required but I think this is fun I don't know how much this is it wouldn't be worth $60 because it's short maybe 20 bucks if it's that but I had some fun than that that first that first hour was was incredible was some of the best VR and then it really kind of tapered off a little bit but I really enjoyed my experience with this I'm gonna scroll up through a whole bunch of this chat I'm missing there were some jump scares in there and I apologize I didn't read any of your yeah that one trophy scared the hell out of me by the way I don't know if anyone was there for that and I had a lot of issues with my DualShock 4 in my playstation camera my camera was about a foot and a half two feet away technically not much higher so I had a lot of issues aiming the aiming the controller so what the flashlight was a lot a lot of difficult it was $40 a day with them yeah maybe I think it's a good $20 experience that's it guys we're going to I'm gonna end it here I got some things oh there's something else post credit scene I'm a reasonable man so let's get down to business you say you saw all sorts of bad stuff up on Blackwood Mountain but I say you broke into a reputable institution under false pretenses what do you think people are going to believe I mean sure maybe you do maybe you don't but it's not like I can let you publish any of it can i yeah that's right I know all about you your editors been worried sick as much as I'd like to see you just disappear this puts me in a bit of a squeeze and I don't like to be squeezed now what story are we going to tell her our editor I'll say nothing see reasonable just like me now let's get you home huh just remember I'll be watching I see it now so easy oh my oh my okay I don't know if you guys were able to see that cuz I was very dark there was one of those black little shadowy creature things that comes and scares the hell out of you and then until dawn uh anyways so that is it I didn't even have my VR headset on there at the very end I took it off cuz my face was heard as such things happen so anyway yeah small stream I knew it'd be my tip achill streams are between one three hundred people so I wasn't expecting there it be the thousands that we've had with the Shadow of the Colossus but I am streaming far more so more people be more aware of it that's it I'm gonna call it thank you guys so much for being here Jeff Victor said everyone else that was here thank you so much we'll see you soon

Glenn Chapman


  1. Can you play this game without psvr, and just play as normal with your controller?

  2. This game needs more player interaction. Meaning more things to shoot and kill. Otherwise, this was/is a great game.

  3. Hey PS4Trophies i need help with one trophy in Shadow of Colossus basicaly i completed the game on normal and hard including time attacks on both and i died like 3 or 4 times now if i begin NG+ on easy do i get trophy at the end of credits for no dying please tell me cause i miss this trophy and max stamina and health trophy i would be thankfull

  4. Can you make a video on the Intrepid Mortal trophy and what is the fastest way to obtain it.

  5. Sucks I missed it live but great video because I wouldnโ€™t have played this due to it being VR only. Also very funny Brian๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ love your videos. Youโ€™ve helped with so many platinums, especially the Uncharted series.

  6. Oh bro thanks for doing this pls more play through and scary games

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