Glenn Chapman


  1. Okay so when dose it start getting scary like until dawn? Where is the windigo

  2. Susan: what did we do to deserve this?!
    Me: sweety are you JUST a pretty face around here? Because if not then you're either ignorant or stupid. You're a nurse in an asylum in the 50's what HAVEN'T you done wrong in this facility

  3. Has anyone put together the words in between the *'s to see if it says something relevant

  4. Oh god can this not be in VR the games better off without it.

  5. The scariest part of the game was the VR control 😅 !

  6. Jesus Christ are you a mongoloid? Took you about 20 minutes to try and turn around. You couldn't figure out to pick up the shiny object until 5 minutes in. I Had to switch to a better play through. This was like watching two retards get it on. Good luck having a channel with such awful play throughs

  7. They need to make a version of this that isn't in VR. It would be so much better instead of looking like this found footage movie crap. Nothing kills horror immersion like fumbling to interact with things and having two white controller's with red X's on the screen.

  8. Sheesh man they spend so long in that cell not even trying to escape

  9. Man, those turning controls look about as responsive as a corpse.

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