The Inpatient Gameplay Walkthrough ENDING (PS4 Pro / Playstation VR)

make it across I'll give a signal in the next one comes you next or am I okay I'll go first then no Suzanne fries this didn't have to happen David I thought you'd listen to me father things got complicated I knew was too dangerous stop it she's instead yes so she is ah the old fool listen to reason just wanted to stick around and watch the walls come down huh yes well if Bragg had made up his mind there's nothing on heaven or earth that would but have changed it bother Ted Mosley I'm glad to meet another survivor can't believe if she didn't make she was so close once she moved in quartets attention there was no chance I'm glad you made it back here not everyone has been so lucky today the mythology I've been telling you about the story of these things I never knew how true it all was this is not a disease this is not a virus this is a curse there more survivors holed up in the administration offices they still think it's an infection they have no idea what they're up against they need our help god damn it why Susana why I can't stand that she's gone I'm sorry David I know if she meant a lot to you she was a good person I've been so worried about each and every one of you I won't drag something like this could happen I warned him there was something here on the mountain an evil spirit powerful but he wouldn't listen it's like what happened to the miners what they did to each other to survive when I was a missionary interacting with the native people I'd hear these stories told with great conviction but of course back then I only trusted in my own faith so I dismissed them as mayor superstition unsubstantiated campfire tales we wait police will be here soon I'd advise everyone to get a little shut-eye while we can I'm sorry if you'll excuse me for a moment I need to think on my own hey you know what I need a little space I'd recommend some downtime for the cops [Applause] calm down man please stop god damn it shooting into a crowd if you all lost your mind would you please come and help me go keep moving don't stop just stop wait David hey how are you feeling let's just take it easy for now you nearly caught a bullet with your skull took a tumble and hit your head pretty hard you'll be all right why would they just open fire like that the police saw the minor what he'd become and they reacted reacted people are dead that's a pretty big fucking reaction I think we all need to calm down think this through maybe we should turn maybe the police didn't even follow us we can make a run through the door of the chapel what do you mean I didn't hear anything we have to get out of here this tunnel leads to the hotel and from there are they okay let me check him out looking a little off-color ISIF you had pretty hard back there eyes are all weird we need to move now you think you can stand let's go sounds like they giving up on that door long before they find another way in we should go are you gonna go David I know you and Susanna friends stop please I can't talk about it right now this is all just too fucked up think that keeps most of the place in lockdown for winter Victor Victor knows this place like the back of his hand if anyone could make it it's him Victor is that you all right show's over let's move on Victor manages to cram the entire hotel in here for the window look how organized cleanliness is next to godliness sets a fine example please Ted to stay focused looks to me like Victor's been here recently I must ask have you been left isolated alone recently I get the feeling you've been less than honest with me what the hell is going on here I'm afraid we're running out of time David keep your wits about you how far to the elevator we're now in the basement it's not far just make your way to the elevator got to get out of here this is not good this is not good just hang on almost there almost almost there looks like it got hit by one of the bullets dammit what now I know just how that panel feels everyone just just calm down there's no point in panicking we have to get out of here now you out of your mind you're going to get us all killed what the hell is going on I heard shots hey Victor it's the police we need the cable-car if we don't leave they will execute every single one of us they can find police there has to be some mistake can you get the door open from your side think so yeah Godspeed Victor damnit okay look at me spilling out hey look at me hold on just a little longer come on Oh David farewell this didn't have to happen you know it didn't the cable car can't be operated from inside someone needs to stay what is it stay back do not come any closer the wendi-go is not an infection it's a curse punishment for an unforgivable sin you have consumed the flesh of another human being you're a monster from body to soul I'm sorry I cannot allow you to leave this mountain I'm sorry you're beyond help the curse cannot be reversed the monster will soon be all that's left of you but your last moments of humanity need not be in vain once I'm in the car press that button that'll start it down the mountain I'm so sorry this is how it had to end for you I want you to know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten you have no choice but to stay behind there is no other way for you nice to know that all are welcome even hot shit what else not a word to me in your story or there's no deal all right elevators over here

Glenn Chapman


  1. I died at the part where father Ted says "You have no choice but to stay behind", and you walk right past him 😂🤣😂🤣

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