The Inpatient | E3 2017 Reveal Trailer | PlayStation VR

Glenn Chapman


  1. No full locomotion. When you push R3(right analogue stick), it just change scene of closer or farther, not actual movement like Resident Evil VR. No good

  2. as someone who works on an inpatient psych ward.. I'm too scared to even watch this haha xD

  3. Really tired of seeing the "Totally evil guy who acts very kind" trope.

  4. name of the song please?

  5. so wtf did i just watch. someone walked into a room and that was it.

  6. Nothing wrong with this being connected to Until Dawn. i like they are expanding the series

  7. shutter island… cant stand games where you play mentally unstable/delusional characters that see things. One of the easiest games to do and the twists revolve around tricking the player. Like killing end boss who then gets swapped with someone you know ingame and similar nonsense.

  8. Since this is a new full game set in the Until Dawn universe and not just a one-off carnival game, I can almost guarantee that there will be an option to play without VR

  9. Looks great not the killer app but this type of games are good

  10. Until Dawn Prequel. Look at the sign in front of the Sanitarium. <3

  11. This looks like…a Hideo Kojima trick again, can I get a freebie if I'm guessing right…hahaha

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