Glenn Chapman


  1. I followed all the steps to kill David but for some reason we didn’t change into the windings and ate the bug but the room mate was still alive please help?

  2. i felt bad for david he tried to save you but died instead… the game would be cool if in any point of the story we could die by the cops, wendigos or even get eaten alive by gordon/anna and when you die the game just ends.

  3. I got platinum! About Suzannes death. When you talked to David and Just choose left left right right right right Side. Than Tell Suzanne left Side. When wendigo outside comes..1.attempt dont move it than 2. attempt move it and the trophy pops!

  4. I did everything right yet the wendigo killed Suzanne not David any reason why

  5. About Suzanne death. I did try it but wendigo killed David !! Why not Suzanne ?!? I agreed suzanne whether Bragg should come with us

  6. Fuck whoever down voted this video ……just hating because he/she does have a vr

    Thanks metalfistdoom for making the videos!!!!!!

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