The Inpatient – Best Possible Ending, All Survive and Escape

alright guys so this is the best possible ending that I know of for the impatient this will allow you to have everybody survive the encounter here at the inn sanatorium so you have to get to this part here at the end with all these characters here and basically that entails going first the part we have to sneak past the one that goes you have to go before the other characters when you know you have to volunteer to go ahead of the other character ahead of her you had to volunteer to go ahead of her and you have to not move press the elevator press the second floor and just make sure you don't go back down to that level or else he will get shot David will get shot and this can be very glitchy so hopefully it lets impress the elevator button right looks like it got hit by one of the bullets dammit what now goddamnedest shit all right everyone just just calm down there's no point to panic we have to get out of here now just get ready for the elevator pack up come on we have to get this thing I think you might be able to just go to this floor number one first but going to the second floor eventually we'll get you there believe Victor it's the police we need the cable if we don't leave they will execute every single one of us they can find for these there has to be some mistake can you get the door and from your side think so yeah so vote up the second floor as soon as you can yeah now everyone should be safe so you got everybody on here boom bada bing I'm sorry I cannot allow you to leave this mountain no no I suppose that's wise never should have listened to brag we knew we were playing with fire go I'll offer eight the cable-car you need to get as far away from me as you can into the car and surprisingly that's it that's the ending where you guys all get off what a story what a goddamn story you got yep was it worth it is it over though many lives cut short and for one there you have it folks

Glenn Chapman


  1. What are the step-by-step rules that I need to do to get the Wendigo ending?

  2. What decides if Anna dies in the beginning? Is it cause I ate the bug😑

  3. Me and my fiend played it 4 times and did all the endings. A really fun and scary game.

  4. How did you save that other girl? Not Suzanna the other one

  5. Yeah the best possible outcome is that you, David, Susan, Ted and Victor all Escape and Bennett stays behind and presses the button. Post credit scene makes it almost not worth escaping though. I think the play through where you turn is the canonical one because of the post credit scene tying it to until dawn

  6. Somebody tell me what the dreams or nightmare sequence mean I've beat this game twice already and I'm still confused 🤔🤔

  7. i dont understand… who is this anna? the youtuber i saw playing it dint found gordon and dint found this anna…

  8. this not theend…where is the police after this?! and true ending is you become wendigo…😑

  9. Does it matter if you become wendigo

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