The Hidden Key to Receiving Miraculous Healing

Hi! This is Terry Modica from Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay. Also found on the web at gnm.org What I’d like to share with you today is the hidden key to receiving miraculous healings. This is something that is too often overlooked. Let me show you a personal story, something true that happened to me that taught me this lesson. Back in 2013, I took a pilgrimage to Rome, and I visited the Colosseum. It’s a must-do in everybody’s Rome trip, right? Had a good time going up. There’s many many steps to go up. Coming down those steps was another story. That’s when I discovered that I had a problem in my right knee. My knee began to hurt. Now this was at the very beginning, one of the first things I saw on this pilgrimage. So you can imagine the “blessing” that this knee problem was for the rest of the pilgrimage. Anyways, I still had a great time, It was a physical exertion, but a pilgrimage, and this is a little aside to what I’m talking about today, but the pilgrimage is prayer with the whole body because our body gets added to the prayer experience. We are walking the faith. We are exerting ourselves in faith. And I have found that when I’m on pilgrimages and I pray, say at the shrines of saints, or wherever, miracles happen there. But the particular miracle I want to talk to you about right now is the miracle that came years later. It was an it was a disguised blessing that my knee began to hurt when I came down the Colosseum steps. There are many, many steps there. And by the time I reached sort of near the bottom my right knee was telling me, “Wait. Stop! You’ve got something wrong growing here. You’ve got the beginning of arthritis here. The bones are are hurting. They’re not… The muscles are weak. You know, this is a bad situation here. You’re gonna have this problem for the rest of your life. You’re getting old.” Well, I didn’t accept the fact that I had to grow old with this knee problem. So when I got home, I bought an exercise bike, the kind, it’s the bike that it’s not just in the home it goes around. You know, it’s a real bike. But the pedals are positioned in such a way, in such a place that it’s used by physical therapists for strengthening the knees. So I did that and there was some improvement, but it never.. never was good enough. It never was strong enough. It improved things, but put me down a bunch of steps again, and I would be back to feeling sort of crippled in that knee. The pain was so much that when I went to Mass and it was time to kneel, I couldn’t kneel because it was just too painful. So I kind of sort of kneel on the left knee you do that thing that a lot of us older folks do at Mass. You know, we half kneel doing our best. So much time went on, and I keep praying and praying and praying for a healing, a complete healing of my knee. Eventually, I got, I didn’t get the healing what I got was impatient, a holy impatience. I said, you know what? This is keeping me from kneeling before the Lord. I always valued kneeling in Mass. As a matter of fact, I prefer to kneel on the hard floor, instead of the cushioned kneeler thingy that comes out of the pew because it’s a personal penance that I do as expiation for my sins. And I kneel on the cushioned kneeler after receiving Communion because now I’m purified. I’m united to Christ and I don’t need to do an expiation right there. So, but I continue to kneel prayerfully in reverence and in prayer to listen to what the Lord wants to tell me. I couldn’t even kneel on those kneelers. So what happened was I got to Mass this one day and I said, you know what I am so tired of not kneeling. I think it is important, more important that I kneel before the Lord, than to feel my pain. So I said, “Jesus, you are more important to me than my knee. So I’m going to kneel despite the pain. I’m going to offer off the pain.” Well guess what happened? I kneeled and there was no pain for the first time in a few years, and I realized the Lord had given me a miracle. Now it’s not a permanent miracle because this is a continued journey. And whenever my knee starts to hurt again, I make sure I get to Mass, often during the week, and I kneel, and I’m fine again. What this taught me is that the hidden key to receiving the answer to our prayers, especially healing prayers, is that we need to remember that the healing is not about us and our relief from pain. The healing, the important thing is our relationship with God. That is the most. Any relief from pain or whatever it is that we’re praying for relief from in our healing prayers, that’s a secondary bonus. The primary, most important gift that God wants to give us and is calling us to, is a better, healthier relationship with him. That’s primary. And when we have that, you know what? Whether or not we get relief from pain is less important. When our focus is off what we want and on to what our relationship with God is like, and what he wants for our lives. Scripture says seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added to you. So my friends remember this, when you’re praying for your healing or anything else that you’re praying for, remember, it’s not about you. It’s about your relationship with God. It’s about him and how well connected you are. And then let him decide and guide you to healing through doctors, to healing through physical therapy, you know, a bike, getting into a good bike riding regimen, healing through kneeling. Remember your relationship with Christ is the most important thing and through Christ your relationship with Abba Father and the Holy Spirit. Remember keep your eyes on Jesus and everything else you have to look at see it through his eyes. God bless you.

Glenn Chapman

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