The Five Stages of Recovery || Bishop T.D Jakes — Feb 22, 2017

coming up on The Potter's dead I have a tendency to get hooked on the fight and I go from one fight to the next fight to the next fight to the next fight but even God stopped every day and said and it was good and it was good and it was good sometimes you gotta celebrate yourself sometimes you got to throw your own party sometimes you gotta sing long I may not have killed it yet but I got the fun on it [Applause] victory is a process and be encouraged it doesn't happen overnight you're watching the putter stretch and I encourage ex Coleman that's why this broadcast is so important to watch daily because Bishop gives you the tools to help you fight today he is teaching one the five stages of recovery you've been waiting on an answer and help is on the way I want to talk to you about the five stages of recovery Amen the five stages of recovery everybody in here is recovering something recovering from something and recovering something that got away there's some area in your life that you want to recover what has gotten away and there is something that you are recovering from every day if we're going to talk to you about how you can maximize your faith and grace it moving to the realm of what God has for you somebody shout amen so when we read about Joshua we're reading about things that happen outwardly but I want you to think inwardly look at your neighbor say thinking really just with 10 14 through 25 they're gonna put it on the screen if you don't have a Bible and you can read you're in good shape if you can't read trust me just just trust me and there was no day like that day before it or after it that the Lord hearkened unto the voice of a man for the Lord fought for Israel and Joshua returned and all Israel with him unto the cat to Gilgal but these five kings these five kings fled and hid themselves in a cave at Mackinac to hid the cave the Kings hid in a cave and it was told jaws for saying the five Kings are found hid in a cave at Megiddo joshua said row great stones upon the mouth of the cave and set me and by at fort to keep them and stay he not but pursue after your enemies and smite the hand of most parts of them and suffer them not to enter into their cities for the Lord your God have delivered them into your hand and it came to pass when joshua as the children of israel had made an end of slaying them with a very great slaughter till they were consumed that the rest which remained of them entered into fenced cities and a lot of the people returned to the camp to Joshua at Nakada in peace none moved his tongue against any of the children of Israel nobody said anything about them anymore ever then said Joshua opened the mouth of the cave and bring out those five kings under me out of the cave and they did so and brought those five kings unto him out of the cave the king of jerusalem the king of Hebron the king of Jarmo the king of Finland kesh said the King of England and it came to pass when they brought out those kings unto Joshua that Joshua called for the men of Israel and said unto the captains of the men of war which went with him come near put your feet upon the necks of these kings and they came near and put their feet upon the necks of them and Joshua said unto them fear not nor be dismayed be strong and of good courage for thus shall the Lord do to all your enemies against whom ye fight glory to God fear not neither be thou dismay for thus shall the Lord do unto all of your enemies against whom you fight for the first stage you got to understand is to bring some control some order some structure in your life he said I'm in a fight and I can't stop fighting but I want to get this under control I got to control it look at your neighbor say I got to control it I got a terrible temper but I got a I got to control it I'm terribly insecure but I got to control it I got fear issues but I got a come through it oh I got some bad habits but I gotta control it I have a tendency to quit everything that when it gets hard but I got to control it and and and I confess that it's there but it's under control it's there but it's under control you can't see it coz I got a stone rolled in front of me it's under control remember I will tell you how nice people look when they're dating and how kind of wonderful they are and then you get married to them and you roll back that rock bless God you say lions tigers and bears oh my lions time see you see you dated them but you never saw what was behind the rod look at your everything you should see but nevermind [Applause] five Kings five authorities found authorities five different authority five different regimes five different things fight them all at the same time but I got the Kings under control temper under control I still feel the fear but it's under control I got too many things to do out here to let this stop me they said Joshua the Kings are in the cave he said I can't deal with that right now I got enough to fight without going back to fight that you just roll a stone I'm gonna put them on hold put them on ice I'll get to it later but I am bringing this up under control control it's an important aspect control the Bible said that a man who cannot rule his own spirit it's like a city without laws if you can't get control of yourself you have no safety anything can happen to you because you don't have any control that means you've got to be able to feel some things and resist them he wants to get it under control so that he can finish his conquest and he's out there slaying and driving back all the inhabitants of the land and he says I'm gonna deal with this in a minute but I'm gonna I'm gonna seize this opportunity I'm gonna maximize where I am while I deal with where I was because I don't want to lose where I am by going back to fight where I was I don't want to lose my today going back fighting my yesterday so even if I can't kill it I'm gonna I'm gonna rule a stone in front of it get it up under control and then I'm gonna be right back on my post fighting the good fight of faith because I got a conquest I got something to go after I got something to go after I got something to go it's hard to kill a man or woman who's got something to go after I got something to go after my pass can't kill me if I got something to go after sudden something ahead of me something to fight for something to get out of the bed for something to resist the fear and the struggle and the pain my god I don't know who I'm preaching to but somebody in this room has got something to fight for so I want to tell you about the conquest the conquest you need a conquest you need a challenge you need something that makes you get out the bed in the morning something that demands something of you something that will not allow you to wallow in your history your agony your disappointments or your fears you must have a conquest where the Bible said give us this day our daily bread it is really reminiscent of the manna falling down from heaven and the thing people forget about the manna is that you had to reach for it whenever God said the manna down to the children of Israel it never fell in their tent it fell in their reach but it never fell in their tents Oh God missing fall that makes me reach that makes me stretch that gives me dry I've got something to reach for I've got something to reach for I may be sick but I got something to reach for I made me fearful but I got something to reach for I may be but I've got something to reach for [Applause] but conquests without confronting your issues in the false sense of victory if I'm winning out here and I never go back and confront what with in the cave am I really winning at all if I paint the ceiling where the leak showed up but don't confront the source that calls the stain in the first place don't I just make myself have to keep painting over and over and over again trying to hide what I wouldn't confront Oh at the people who have made the life's decision to paint over but they won't confront yes I need a conquest but sooner or later I've got to go back to the source the king of it all the king of it all I killed the men but if I don't kill the source I paint it over the stain but if I don't fix the leak I demanded excellence of the kid but if I don't change the atmosphere in my house you'd be surprised at the people who are punishing the child but the child is just showing the problem that's going on in the house and you're trying to beat out of the child something that is just a sign of something that's what I mean by confrontational is not necessarily adversarial it just means that I refuse to live in denial about an issue that I need to confront [Applause] my name is Nathan star when I was incarcerated I was facing five to 99 right before I was released Tory sent me information about their program I began in taking classes anger management life skills employment coaching God has opened the door for me to be able to come back to the very place that brought me healing and provide that same kind of hope and healing for others anything you cannot confront 0.4 you cannot conquer Joshua says roll the stone away I'm gonna confront these kings and then when he confronts him he brings them out he throws him down on the ground and he says I'm going to conquer what I confronted we could not talk about conquering until we talked about confronting some people are trying to conquer what you will not confront but once you confront it the next step is to conquer it am I having any way to conquer it to conquer it to conquer it to conquer it to resist it to not let us have its way there not let it have control to not let it destroy your destiny to not let it kill your future we're gonna conquer it how many people will admit this Sunday morning you got some of the conquer I'm your pastor and I got a whole list I admire you cuz you got something to conquer I got some things I got at least five kings up in this mug I got a pic which one of y'all I'm gonna fight today the rest of y'all shut up and stay in the corner while I deal with this one right here can I get a good amen [Applause] and he says I'm going to conquer it I'm going to conquer it I'm going to conquer it I'm going to concrete and what I love about conquering it he brought the Kings out and he threw him down on the ground and then he had the man with him to put their foot on the Kings neck oh my god to be able to feel the feel of winning there is nothing like it in the world once you get a taste of being a conqueror you're gonna conquer again and again and again and again can I get a witness there's somebody that's been on a losing streak for a long time but God has recently turned some things around and you got your foot on something I have a tendency to get hooked on the fight and I go from one fight to the next fight to the next fight to the next fight but even God stopped every day and said and it was good and it was good and it was good sometimes you gotta celebrate yourself sometimes you got to throw your own party sometimes you gotta sit long I may not have killed it yet but I got the fun on it my god I feel something in this place I'm almost done but somebody's celebrating you don't you let the enemy good now you of the feeling of celebration you may not have done everything you set out to do but you come a long ways from where you started from don't let other people be happier for you than you are for yourself make yourself a cake like yourself a candle this yourself in the border take yourself out to dinner this is a day that the law today by the conqueror I had to fight to get here I had to fight to hold a job I had to fight to get a degree I had to fight to raise his job I'm gonna celebrate with all without you soon [Applause] see I confess to you my tendency is to do the work in hopes that somebody else would throw the party [Applause] so you're dependent on others appreciation and if they don't give it to you and they don't give it to you in the way in which you want it then you're going from battle to battle to battle without celebration I made a commitment this year I'm gonna bake some cakes at lights and can't lose the dosa parties and invite some buddies and throw down as celebrate I'm a little crazy celebrations I'm not talking about birthday and Valentine's Day and Christmas or anything like that I mean I paid off the car party hallelujah to God glory that God thank you Jesus just when I bought me a suit fellowship night I mean having a good time lifting up God for whatever area a year without cancer I'm throwing a party [Applause] enjoy the life Jesus said I come that you might have a life [Applause] look at your neighbor say you got your foot on it I told her brother last night I told the brother last night he would have the Brik of deep dark depression and suicide because things were going wrong in his life and I told him I said man let me tell you something you can't help what's going wrong in your life but you are a great land you're doing a good job you're doing an awesome job anybody else would have crumbled up under the load you're up under and he start crying he said you know what nobody's ever told me that I was a good man then I fought a good fight that I did a good job and I told him if nobody else tells you again I want you to start telling yourself you're good man you fought a good fight you did a good job with what you had to work with you can't wait on other people to notice when you're a conqueror people don't go what you had to fight to get where you tried to go you've got to throw this party for yourself because only you know what it costs you I'm a little crazy parties I got my hair done party and that sounds silly there's somebody who always got the head but if you've been going your own hair and all of a sudden you finally got to a place in life where you could go like the risks that a girl that gets ahead stop by the Dairy Queen and eat your ice cream cone [Applause] yes and the fifth day to recovery I must say this and I'm finished the fifth stage y'all doing good this morning you're glad you came to church this morning look at somebody tell em I'm on the road to recovery and I'm on the road to recovery I'm on the road to recovery I'm on the road to recovery I concur I know I know I feel a pulse up under my foot I've had that my foot also I got feeling sensation I got my that's the feeling that's a feeling like no other and you can feel the pulse under your feet and you know you're a conqueror when what wanted to put its foot on you you now put your foot on it the thing that gets me to my next point is the Bible says not just that we are conquerors but we are more than conquerors once more than a conquer a conqueror can be a one-off deal he can be a conqueror one time conqueror but we are more and the Bible says we are more somebody say more we are more than conquerors through him that loved him didn't mean see a conqueror you can be you can fight one time and win and you will be a conqueror but the fifth stage is to become a champion a champion is where you win so often that it becomes your brand you are identified with winning you got trophies up under your belt it becomes a lifestyle not an incident it becomes the way of life look at somebody I'm more than a conqueror im a champion huh I'm gonna restore everything that the king of worms are the locust of Nepal the worms Leto I'm gonna get it all back I'm gonna be a champion I'm not just gonna be on this land I'm gonna possess the Slayer Johnson said I'm gonna own it I'm gonna get the deep this is mine this is my future I accept it see I want you to understand that the difference between a conqueror and a champion is how you define yourself a conqueror is defined by the fighting for a champion is defined by the winner he is in other words he has accepted winning as a normal a new normal not a one-time experience he's a champion he's a champion he's a champion so when I looked at the text what got me was Joshua had to put their foot on the enemy's neck and he slew them and I understood that that's what conquerors do they slay the prey but then he hung them and I said if you slew them and are already there why did you hang it's like in the court when they give you a double life since I'm confused by that can you explain that to me does it mean that when I come back you will put me in jail here so if you kill me and you'll hang me it seems like kinda you know excessive and I was reading and I was trying to understand and I thought about that you all know I'm crazy so I thought about what mr. James might this old man that used to take care of our poverty dad but he was there before I was he he'd been on that prayer he knew every ounce of there's everything about the whole man and and he said what they used to do when the Coyotes came up on the property he said we would kill him and then hang him from a tree and tell him I said well that sounds like it would stink and everything why would you well this is a real conflict we really had why would you hang him from the tree he said because when you take a dead coyote and you hang him from the tree [Applause] the Kyle he said when they smell that smell they will avoid that area and I tell you I believe that Joshua hung those kings up to say they anybody else don't you try me with your champion you gotta have some trophies that remind you of what God has done in your life before and don't you try me if you come over here I will control you [Applause] the key to a full recovery is to confront yourself one of the challenges in life is confronting the enemy enemy take time and allow God to show you what areas in your life need attention so you can experience a full recovery here at the Potters such we are praying that the gospel of Jesus Christ fully saturates every area of your life we love you and we will see you next time on the patterns edge I have a very unique role in life very few pastors have one foot in the leadership of the church and their other foot in the leadership of entrepreneurship businesses and government officials I want to bring both feet and to our international passengers and Leadership Conference and help you and your staff to develop your vision whether you are in business or whether you are in faith I've got a foot on it and I've got something to share with you that will make you better Jesus for your gift to the Ministry of any size you will receive Bishop Jake the essential message part of the matter on CD as well as our be the blessing encouragement cards scripture filled to be a blessing to anyone God puts on your heart and when your gift is $90 or more we will add the Bible promises for life his or her devotional set to help you and those closest to you experience the fullness of God's love when you get to the heart of the matter you won't have to chase God's blessings god's blessing will chase you feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life we look forward to seeing you next time on the Potters down you

Glenn Chapman


  1. 5 Stages Of Recovery

    1. Control
    2. Conquest
    3. Confrontation
    4. Conquering
    5. Championship

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