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  1. I think it is instructive that there are so many trailer videos (including a long running "Featured video") on YouTube for this movie.

    I watched it last night. It seemed better than a sequel which was the only other thing playing at the time.

    I found it emotionally hollow. In fact, there is no foundation (emotional or otherwise) in the plot – be it at the beginning of the movie or by the end. It seems to me that Ridley Scott, even at 75 years old, is just… well… immature.

  2. I've long held that the bane of our culture is bad screenwriting (and, yes, I include commercials in that). What do you get with this picture? Well, take the name on that line, add in what you'd expect from every OTHER name in the credits and then AMP that up!

    Not since "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" have I seen the "Thriller" genre deployed with the stakes so dizzying, startlingly high. Critics' inability to "get" this film confirms their own numbing.

    Hair raising! Haunts the mind.

  3. Has anyone noticed that the title of the video says "The Counselor" (has one L) and in the actual video it says "The Counsellor" (has two L's) lol

  4. The Counselor (2013)
    More movie at:

  5. actors (pointing at Cameron) need to morph and wear different hair colors. when they don't transition it bothers me.

  6. tyler fuckin durden with a you fuckin tube account…I smell a docuhe fuckin bag

  7. can't wait to see,looooove all of it, cast and direction

  8. Gladiator, American Gangster, Blade Runner. Yeah your right those movies suck.

  9. She was only extremely hot in The Mask and There's Something About Mary, otherwise, questionable.

  10. Wow, this trailer doesn't tell me anything. That's something new.

  11. Bad fuckin Pitt
    Michael fuckin fassbender
    Javier fuckin Bardem
    Cameron fuckin diaz
    Penelope fuckin cruz
    Ridley fuckin scott
    and Cormac fuckin McCarthy O_o
    I smell awesomeness!

  12. There are six versions. If you look you'll find a bunch of conflicting stories. I've looked at them all and they're all different and pose different scenarios. Different people die and live in different ones. In the one most likely used none of the main characters die at all. But there are still lots of close-calls! Unless you were there at the filming there's no way to know what happens. Just go see the movie! I'm sure they used the best version and it should be great!! 🙂

  13. @Forehead2Brick Can you send me a link to the screenplay please?

  14. just read the script 116 A4 sheets
    it's fucking
    fucking awesome!

  15. I'm so over Penelope Cruz weird accent, it seems to me she only keeps it to make herself interesting, because believe me as non native English speaker having an accent it's a choice, you either are too lazy to speak it right or you aren't.

  16. I see Ridley has taken quite a liking with Michael Fassbender these days and rightfully so. Ridley wants to do an "Exodus" film with Christian Bale as Moses. If that happens, I definitely want Fassbender as Rameses. 🙂

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