The Cast of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Talks!

– I’m telling you, man. This is it.
– [ELECTRONIC WHISTLING] – Everything’s going to
be different for you now. – [BEEP] – You went to sleep last night,
and nobody knew who you were. You’re famous.
– [ELECTRONIC WHISTLING] – People are going to
treat you different. Are you ready for it?
Come on. Don’t let it get in your head.
I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to
get in your head. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be great. I just want you to be prepared. R2 was a jerk for
30 years because he wasn’t ready psychologically. I feel like you’re
more emotionally stable than he was though. – [ELECTRONIC WHISTLING] – Are you good?
– [BEEP] – I know you just did press. – [ELECTRONIC WHISTLING] – All right. – It’s “The Star Wars Show
Live” Celebration 2019 Recap. Now, from backstage,
here’s Andi and Anthony. – Hello, and welcome to “The
Star Wars Show,” the only “Star Wars” show broadcasting from
backstage at “Star Wars” Celebration Chicago. – That’s right. We’re your place for all the
exclusive backstage happenings. – That’s right, movie magic
like lights and duct work– – –and a lot of gaff tape. – Movie magic, y’all. – Let’s go to the news. [WHOOSH] – Last week, the
internet finally learned the title of the final
film of the Skywalker saga as JJ Abrams and crew
took to the stage to unveil “Star Wars– The Rise of Skywalker.” – And aside from introducing
us to new characters like D-O and Jannah, we also got to see
that incredible teaser trailer, complete with a surprise
cackle of the emperor to top it all off. – [CACKLING] – Then ILMxLAB lab showed
off the latest trailer for “Vader Immortal,”
the new VR experience coming to Oculus Quest. – Which I cannot wait for not
only because it’s VR and I love VR, but because Maya Rudolph is
officially part of “Star Wars.” – Finally, somebody
got my letters. “Star Wars” Galaxy’s
Edge also made some news with tons of new product
reveals and details of the in-universe experiences
waiting for you on BA-2 when you step inside of Black
Spire Outpost in Disneyland on May 31. – Base soda. – EA blew the roof
off of the building when they unveiled
the first look at the new games “Star Wars– Jedi Fallen Order” and even
made some news on our own stage when Vince Zampella announced it
was single player, story-based, and no microtransactions. – And speaking of
“Jedi Fallen Order,” there’s a brand new
“Art of Star Wars– Jedi Fallen Order”
book coming soon. – The full color, oversized
hardcover volume captures a look behind the design
of the game across Cal Kestis’ galaxy-spanning
adventure including new and familiar exotic
worlds, tyrannical foes, and much, much more. – Then Jon Favreau and Dave
Filoni blew the roof off McCormick Place when they
revealed what they’ve been cooking up with the
highly anticipated live-action “Star Wars”
series, “The Mandalorian.” – But Dave Filoni
wasn’t done yet. Oh, no, he came back to the
stage hours later and blew the roof off again
with more details and a teaser for the new
season of “The Clone Wars” coming to Disney+.
[DING] – That’s a lot of roofs. – Yeah, their insurance
company is not happy with them. – No. But let’s not forget about
the 20th anniversary panel for “The Phantom
Menace,” which was a complete and total love
fest for our favorite galactic senator, Jar Jar Binks. – Plus, we got our first look at
the new season of “Star Wars– Resistance,” details on
tons of new books and comics coming, and so much more
“Star Wars” that it’s a wonder we fit it all into five days. – Oh, we were there too
on our own massive stage joined by all the celebrities
and creators of “Star Wars” you wanted to see.
[DING] – And you may be wondering
just how we managed to get them to our stage. – Well, I mean, yes,
we are Lucasfilm. But what really got them was
our legendary t-shirt blaster. – That’s right. Nobody can resist the allure
of an in-universe styled t-shirt cannon which
you can use to fire t-shirts into the audience. – Why don’t we take a look back
at some of the best moments with the cannon, shall we? [WHOOSH] – Sorry, I’m getting– I’m getting word that
the t-shirt gun is here. [MUSIC PLAYING] – Whoa. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] – Pedro, we want you to be the
first person to fire our brand new Mandalorian t-shirt cannon. – Whoa. It is no joke, man. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] – Wow. – Gina. – Oh, yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah. – That’s fantastic. [ELECTRONIC WHIRRING] – There’s just one
more day left to vote for StarWars.com and
“The Star Wars Show” for the 2019 Webby Awards. “The Star Wars Show” was
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Development Star Wars.” We’re also nominated
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carpet coverage of “Solo– A Star Wars Story.” And StarWars.com is
nominated for Best Movie and Film Website. Head to StarWars.com/SWS
now for more information on where and how to vote. Hurry– voting ends tonight. [WHOOSH] – How are you, sir? It’s good to see you. – You again, geez. – Absolutely. Trailer was wonderful. – Yeah, that was fun, wasn’t it? – Panel was great, yeah. Hey buddy, you did great. – [BEEPING] – My dude. – Hey. – What’s up? – All right, you done? No, no, you got a whole
line to go through. – Billy Dee Williams, welcome
back to “Star Wars,” man. We missed you. – Yeah, thank you. Thank you. it’s been a
wonderful little journey. – You can talk about it now. How does it feel to be
able to talk about it now? – Half talking about it– I play a character
called Jannah. That’s fun. I’m in the film. – Is it hot in the costume? – You know, it is. But after years of doing
it, you just get used to it. It kind of becomes
like a second skin. – Mhm. – You know? – And how did you
feel about this being the last time you would
be in a major “Star Wars” film as C-3PO? – We don’t know what’s going
to happen in the future. Lucasfilm obviously has a
lot of projects in the works. But I will say that it was very
poignant ending this chapter of the “Star Wars” saga. R-2, it is, of course,
wonderful to see you again. Thank you for coming out. – [BEEPING] – How does it feel
to see the fan reaction to you at the panel? It was absolutely wonderful. – Seriously overwhelming, I
was trying not to cry up there. It’s just so insane. It just goes to show
that it never gets old. It really doesn’t. It’s such an incredible
thing to be a part of. – I just love the absolute
leaning in to FinnPoe that you’re doing today. It’s been wonderful. The love between the
two of you is real, and I love seeing you express
that love in front of a crowd. – I really love John so deeply. This movie in
particular, John and I got to work together so much. Poe and Finn, from the
very get go, I don’t know. There’s just always
been something very special between these two guys. – It must have been such
a roller coaster for you over the last few years. What are sort of the
personal feelings here knowing that
you’re kind of closing up this 40-year-old story? – I mean, it’s scary,
not only because I have a huge responsibility
once again but also because who knows what’s
going to happen now. – How does it feel to be
closing up the original saga and starting this new chapter? – It’s a mixed
feeling of emotions. We don’t look at it
entirely as an end, but it is the culmination
of the Skywalker story. I’m also incredibly excited
about where we’re going and what the future holds and
what the new saga might be. – How did you feel on
the last day on the set when they said, OK,
cut, that’s a wrap, and you came off the set,
and JJ began to speak, and he said nice
things about you? How did you feel? – I always like to be the
one that speaks first. So I was a little like,
hm, kind of my moment, JJ. I’ve kind of been
here longer than you. But other than
that, I would say I felt kind of hungry, a little
tired, just a little achy in the feet. – I’m sorry. I started this, because
he’s just too good. I really bit off more
than I could handle there. – How did it feel to
actually be able to come back and close out this story? – Selfishly, I loved the
experience of “Force Awakens” so much. I was nervous that
coming back would somehow undo or sort of poison
the waters of what that experience was somehow. And why would I
want to risk that, because it was
such a great time? And this experience, I think,
it ended up being an infinitely more gratifying experience. The challenges in
this movie were crazy, and yet I feel like
everyone brought their triple A plus game. – How was it just being
on set and working with JJ and working with the new cast? – Oh, it was wonderful. I love JJ. New cast, the kids are just
really wonderful actors and wonderful human beings. – How does it feel kind of be
closing this chapter of things? – It feels very emotional,
and it feels good. And I think that everyone
watching the film will feel satisfied that
it was the right timing. And all of it, it just feels
like all the right pieces are falling together. – Well, it was an
amazing trailer. It was an amazing panel. We are so excited for December. – And remember, Anthony, if
you’re ever alone and wish you had someone to hold
on to, just say to yourself [SPEAKING WOOKIE],,
and things will be better. – Thanks, man.
[WHOOSH] – You’re–
– –watching– – –the–
– –Star– – –Wars–
– Show. – Well, we had a
ton of fun at “Star Wars” Celebration Chicago. But all good things
must come to an end. – But before we
go, we want to know what your favorite moment was. – Let us know using the
hashtag #CelebrationMemories, and we will feature our
favorite ones here on the show next week. – And as always, remember
to like the video, subscribe to the channel,
follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And let’s just go to bed now. – May the force be with you. – Sleep. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BEEP] – You ready? One, two, three. Oh. – Uh-huh, uh-huh. – That was cool. [BEEP]

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