The 32 Year Old Virgin: ASSISTED LIVING – 18

I think relationships have more to do with what's up here then what's down there you know how it is not to jerk off for an entire week course you can't just say whatever pops in your head kind of comedian that's what we do your duster flying this dust and I have a comedian nothing about me how'd you end up on the streets anyway man my best friend slept as my wife is dating this girl in high school named Betsy and we planned our first time it's gonna be at the junior prom she dumped me right before the prom totally blackballed me I'm a virgin well you know we don't have to hang out in person we could you know we did really good on the phone the other day just be phone buddies all right well you know if you don't want to talk to me that's fine you don't have to kid around with me like that you're serious I don't believe you are you drunk you sound drunk because no girls ever said she would do that to me unless she was drunk so you have to be drunk all right yeah yeah I'm totally game okay I see when you get here this is stupid she's not even gonna show up why she does she so you can do this you follow my it's no big deal Tennessee have done better eating this before I'll brief Flair yes Claire are you sure Sara's not gonna be home tonight I'm sure good because I don't want anyone finding out about this ever okay you know that's okay anyway cuz this is a lot of pressure you know I don't always hit expectations Aiko's man speechless let it sink in oh yes ah sure you don't take your bra off no thank you yeah see yourself let those things breathe yeah whoo eight seconds hey my second let's go thanks good good I don't know what you were so worried about so you know I won't always be as good as it is your first time okay round two oh yeah oh yeah let's take a break what take a breather poor kid okay how many times did you hump I thought kind of like so tasted pretty pretty good just like a turkey a little bit me I don't know who yeah talk sure then wearing embarrassed if anybody knows about this and he doesn't seem like it's just you it seems like lately everybody's embarrassed to know me and even Sarah doesn't only to meet her new boyfriend because I'll mess it up see you met him yeah I've met in plenty times to tell you the truth Sarah it's been a little bitchy lately well I hear that so what you want to do later I thought I made things clear to you this is just a one-time thing I don't ever want to see you again I thought that was just the heat of the moment I lots of things I'll never forget always used throughout my life I had no idea Bob had an opera brain tumors although now in retrospect it does make sense I regret one thing with me and Bob it's the fact that I need I tried to force him to have sex with my sister Sarah

Glenn Chapman


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