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  1. A Pyro is a MEDIC now xD
    I wish happy new year to everyone, friends 🙂
    Друзья, для тех, кто еще не знает – у меня теперь есть второй канал, где я делаю видео на Русском) Следующее будет уже в воскресенье, подписывайтесь 🙂

  2. Delfy pls fix this fucking autobalance system on your server ffs autobalances me everytime and i lose

  3. Привет делфи, я тут на ютубчике нашел видео с багом пиро, вот он если что , баг заключается в том (как я понял): пиро должен застрять в 2 телепортах, и нанести себе дамаг рокетницой, после его огнемёт будет шмалять огнём на пол карты. Го в топ чтоб делфи увидел

  4. Миф: Можно ли отразить жатым воздухом ракету из тренировочного ракетницы

  5. Will a kunai give more hp from a dalokohs heavy than a stock heavy. I.e. 350hp vs 300hp

  6. about the spycicle taunt thing, do you survive a taunt with the deadringer? deadringer+spycicle?

  7. Делфи, новый баг на карте snakewater можно за текстуры залезть

  8. As a soldier you can survive a Escape plan tauntkill (you're own) when you're fully overhealed And wear the batalion's backup

  9. If a spy has a dead ringer will a taunt kill him or just activate his dead ringer

  10. Myth:can pyro fly on a reflected rocket from a friction …
    Миф:может ли пиро взлететь на отражёной ракете от тренировачного гранатомёта ?

  11. MYTH: when reflecting a rocket from both side of pyros, will the rocket get faster? curious

  12. I got a myth for you, if you build two different team lv3 sentry, and it won't shoot each other, it can be a hiding spot for you

  13. What level of turret has a longer range? Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Mini Turret?

  14. hey delfy, i found a new glitch on map cp_snakewater, how i can send you the demo showing the glitch and how to make him

  15. Миф:Правда ли что все русские игроки токсичные

  16. I did"t know that was possible to do that??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Миф:ты не можешь потушить замаскированного шпиона

  18. You can stop a flying arrow medic/sniper by hitting it with a sticky grenade in air

  19. What if ur friendly medic dies while he ubered can u pick up his gun as medic and use that uber

  20. Myth:after throwing jarate(or even gas passer or mad milk,)when you grab secondry weapon, jarate still works..

  21. when i think of siN has been uploading for long, i would be so sad, now i don't have to anymore, hope siN having good luck at family issue and youtubing:)

  22. Myth: A fully-charged Machina shot can penetrate an infinite amount of players

  23. MVM myth: If your sentry safe wile its in the inpossible area to reach for Sentry-Buster?

  24. Myth: Heavy is the only class that can jump when scared (While holding a minigun)

  25. It’s nice that your doing exploits that u say don’t do it st the start

  26. Myth: In degrootkeep when the gate closes but you stood there in high five taunt before it closed, you can still high five trough the gate with other people.

  27. Миф: Ты не можешь сделать телефраг, если враг под убером.

  28. Myth: A pyro can reflect a Sniper bullet shot and kill you with a headshot
    Myth: A Pyro can reflect the Sniper's Hunstman arrow and kill someone with a headshot
    Myth: A Pyro can reflect a Jarate or Mad Milk
    Myth: Soldier can bunnyhop after landing with the Market Garden and hit someone with a critical hit
    Myth: Was the "Use enemy teleporter as any class" exploit fixed
    Myth: You can bunnyhop without scripts

  29. I’ve you have viewmodel minmode and you pick up a weapon of a player without viewmodel minmode then your view model reverts to the classic default one

  30. I know I'm late af, but..
    Myth: it's possible to quick-fix jump a thermal thruster pyro

  31. Delfy plz do this one myth: a scouts forceanature can allow you to 3x jump when pointed down at your feet and avoid fall damage

  32. Myth: If you time a back punch the instant the holiday punch laugh stun ends, you can get someone stuck in a laugh loop and there's nothing they can do.

  33. Killing the Headless Horseless Horseman/Monoculus/Merasmus with an “Infused with an ancient power” weapon (Golden wrench or Golden frying pan) will produce a golden statue of the victim you killed.

  34. myth confirmed, means it is confirmed to be a myth, but we know what u mean 😉

  35. Myth: You can headshot with enemy's reflected arrow as pyro
    Myth: You can get kills in rock paper scissors with jarate,madmilk,sapper,medigun,buff banner,sandwich,disguise kit,construction PDA etc.

  36. Myth I made up: a reflected charge shot can disable the teams build that shot it

  37. I honestly think you're an ass for this.

    Start naming people who suggest these things. You take credit for all these theories, yet you'd be nowhere without basic emotional reactions of the playerbase.

    I came up with the crossbow theory, and I deserve at LEAST some fucking recognition.

  38. Myth : U can reflect enemy scout's Sandman boll by hiting boll usrnig your sandman.

  39. Myth: You can pick up Hunstman arrows you've shot to recover 1 ammo (1 arrow).

  40. Myth : 2 bow arrows (or maybe other projectiles) can collide themselves. Saw this on steam hub a long time ago with 2 huntsman, couldn't tell wether fake or not.

  41. Heres a myth to bust. There is such a thing as finding reliable teammates that work together.

  42. Myth: Can you make a spy laugh with holiday, while he is cloaked

  43. Myth: When a Blu stands a top a Teleporter and it is in a place like the Goal in trade_plaza_2 when a Red does the Kazotskty kick to the left of it in the goal and a Blu is a top it and trys to join in they will get teleported to where the exit is at

    Found this bug about 2 days ago but not sure it was just the server I was on

  44. one time i was pyro and i died then it said i healed more people then i did last round and i said WTF IM A PYRO

  45. What is your fov and pov on tf2 I would like to know please

  46. Is it just my potato or is the framerate a bit slow for the video?

  47. You can survive a pyro flaregun tauntkill with the spy-cicle before a littlebit time another pyro destroyed.

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