Testissä Auton Moottorin RVS Käsittely Osa1 | RVS G4 Keraaminen Pinnoite #rvs

Today I’m going to do RVS ceramic treatment for my car This G4 is meant for gasoline engine with 2-4 liter oil capacity I’m going to test this out today It says +5% power increase At least -5% fuel cunsumption Less emissions and more compression We will see if it works It’s two stage treatment First treatment 300-400km before oil change And second treatment after oil change So I’ll do at least the first treatment and if I see some improvements I’ll do the second treatment after oil change We will see it later You can use this on almost any engine There’s own ones available for gasoline and diesel engines And it’s available for gearboxes etc, they have it for almost everything Let’s see what’s inside Dog is interested and cat also, and here’s another one looking outside Good dog But now to the unboxing Here’s some info There’s a lot of uses Already cut the seal Let’s see It looks like normal oil And gel tube I’m a bit sceptical after unboxing but.. What the manual says Warm up the engine Mix the contents and shake well Pour half of the mixture into the engine Let it idle for 15 minutes Stop the engine for one minute And pour rest of the mixture into engine That’s it That is for first treatment Okay So let’s begin and follow the instructions Mix these, some idling etc First apply half and rest later Let’s go Motor is now warmed up Let’s mix these Smells like normal engine oil Not sure if there’s anything special in there Let’s pour this gel in Okay it’s all there Let’s shake for half a minute Until it looks homogenous Okay Next we pour half of the mixture into the motor It’s a bit crowded in here Mixture looks good A bit more Now we have half in there Let’s idle it for 15 minutes And then we pour the rest of the mixture Okay, 15 minutes has past Let’s turn it off And now Let’s check the instructions, we are now here Wait for a minute Mix this again for half a minute Pour it in and go for half an hour drive Okay Now we pour this in and go for a drive We will see outcome soon No high load driving on this drive So no crazy accelerations Okay it’s in Now for test drive and I will tell later if I see improvements Now I have done the half an hour drive As the manual says so no high loads Only difference I saw was fuel consumption I can see realtime fuel consumption It was lower than normal but I wasn’t driving normally I have V-Checker A501 Connected to OBD2 port Works nicely Average consumption was about 0.5l lower About 5.5l/100km But that’s normal with that driving style That was the only thing I noticed So no improvements at least for now But this was only the first drive so maybe it should be like this Maybe the magic happens later or in longer time If I see some improvements, lower consumption, more power etc I will do the second treatment after oil change But if I won’t notice anything I will end the test to first treatment Of course I want to see the improvements This car is 2001 Fiat Punto but the engine is taken from 2004 car Original engine lasted 300000km No point to fix when you can buy new one cheap Engine is 1.2 8v so it’s kinda economical Or it was It’s now supercharged, supercharger is Aisin AMR500 I installed it one year ago in autumn It increased the consumption a lot but there’s a lot more power also It’s fast without extra weight Stock car has 60hp Now a lot more with 0.8bar boost And no turbo lag Accelerates nicely with 6 speed gearbox It’s 5 speed originally You can keep the revs on power band much better had to change performance camshaft because gearbox can’t handle the torque on low revs I already have broken one Hpe this 6 speed will last That’s all for today I will do the second treatment if I see some positive changes Very soon, in two weeks or so, it was 400km So no anything negative but no positive either But maybe you can’t notice anything after first drive I will do another video soon After second treatment or at the end of my experiment Let’s continue on next video Bye

Glenn Chapman


  1. Sehän itse asiassa on ihan normi öljyä siinä pullossa mihin toi rvs tuubi pursotetaan 🙂

  2. olen tehnyt täydellisen rvs käsittelyn autolle eii moottori, vaihdelaatikko ja ohjaustehostin, sen verran vaikutusta huomannut että bensaa kuluu vähemmän ja päästöt katsastuksessa pienentyneet.

  3. I would say Mathè is better.. they produce so products many years and tested it in Race sports… i put it in my toyota landcruiser.. gear changing needs normal 2 sec and more.. now i can switch the gears fast…. they have for all the oil additiv..my steeringwheel hydraulik becomes Mathè too… now its silence and works fine…. and its a german product.. 😉 cant test yours but i can say Mathè works very good…

  4. Kannattaa sit tohon 6 vaihteiseen vaihtaa vähä useemmin öljyt ja lyö sinnekki rvs. Samalla ku laitat uutta, ni yritä saaha sinne vaikka 2 desiä ylimäärästä.

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