Tattoo Healing Process + After Care

hey everyone so this video is for a lot of you guys who have been requesting knowing about the healing process from my tattoo so if you guys watched my video I'm gonna annotate err on the screen if you guys are new viewers and you haven't seen it already I got my first tattoo almost two months ago now and um just a lot of people were wanting to know how it was healing and I did film and document like almost the first I think about the first week I filmed every day or every couple days if I missed a day of what the tattoo looked like and how it was healing and the process for that um so I will be including that footage in this video as well but I also wanted to talk to you guys and let you guys know how the healing process went how it was for me and what I did take care of my tattoo afterwards like some aftercare as well um but yeah that video was talking about it talks about the tattoo and the experience of getting it and everything as well as talking about my piercings and when I dad my heroine Bert when I am right by her um so if you guys are interested in that that will be here on the screen so you guys can watch that and then maybe come back to this or whatever you want to do um so for the healing process I did get it touched up um about five weeks after I initially got it my tattoo artist that did my tattoo he did tell me to come back around a month after for touch-ups and I was such a perfectionist that I did little things that are like missing or wrong with something but bother me so I'm so detail-oriented and I'm very like obsessed look I'm not like OCD but I have OCD tendencies and I'm just really like I need things to be perfect so I did go back um as soon as I could so it was about five weeks after the initial tattoo process so I went back five weeks to get a touch-up and um but back to how it was after I first got it so I first got the tattoo and you guys will have seen in that video I have my wrist wrapped with star like a garbage bag with its it's like the wrapping is a garbage bag on the outside and then the inside there's gauze and stuff so the morning after you supposed to leave that on for about 24 hours so the next day you're supposed to take it off and then wash all the bodily fluids from the tattoo because what and as you'll see in this first video cloudy so I've left the bandage on for um pretty much the full 24 hours just about but I want to see what it looks like so I'm going to take it off and show you guys so it's a little dirty that black stuff will come right off um so I have to wash it and then it'll look a little nicer than that and the bandage looks kind of gross it's like a bunch of like I guess it's like blood or fluid body fluids or whatever apparently that's normal to come out sorry if you guys are going to be a little grossed out it's a little red and sore and it's very tender around the tattoo obviously um looks pretty good though and last night though I did have a lot of itching like it was really really itchy when I was going to bed and you're not supposed to scratch it so it was like super hard for me to resist the scratching so as you can see um it was very um gross looking and kind of gunky and dirty and what happens is the tattoo you're like piercing your skin so your body is going to expel any bodily fluids it's gonna get rid of a little bit of blood there wasn't too much blood I mean I didn't like see your feel it bleeding or anything like that um but mostly it does it will II like sort of not reject some ink but it will expel any like excess ink and stuff sometimes that happens sometimes your skin does reject some of the ink in certain areas did a little bit and that's why you go back for some touch-ups and the touch-ups are free I'm sorry if I sound kind of weird I'm getting over a cold it did look really gross the morning I took that off and then what you want to do is when you go into the shower in the morning it's better to just go in the shower and then you're going to take um non-scented and this is really important that it's unscented no sense um to your soap so I used dove unscented soap it's gentle and it's unscented and they just have really great quality soaps for that like gentle sensitive skin so I used one of those soaps you can use whichever you want but that's what I used and that's what I kind of recommend um so I what you want to do is you don't want the initially you don't want the water to hit too correctly onto your tattoo so you're gonna want to sort of run the water away from your tattoos so because it was on my wrist I sort of like held my arm downwards and had the water running down on my arm and then I rubbed some of the soap the bar of the Dove soap onto my tattoo to get rid of any gunk and stuff and just to clean it off and then let it rinse off as well gotta rub it a bit with your fingers gently so that's what I did the first day and also you don't want your showers to be really really hot you don't want them to be really long so make sure it's like warm water nothing too hot and if you are gonna have a hotter shower don't stay in there for a long time because you want the ink to settle into your skin nicely so that's going to be really great Ted a lot of information that I got from the tattoo shop a lot of tattoo shops will do that for you they'll give you like an aftercare instructions sheet or they should if they're a great a good reputable place to go so that's what my place did for me so this is just a video letting you guys know about it but you guys should if you're going to get a tattoo or if you already had one you'll know this obviously but um you should get a sheet from them telling you how to take care you want to do with your tattoo is you want to moisturize and I made sure that I moisturize like crazy you really want to go over your tattoo with unscented yet again unscented lotion and what I used is Lubriderm unscented um so this is what it looks like I'm still using this just to keep it I mean now I don't really doesn't matter but the sense of it kind of thing um I can use scented stuff on me if I watch and you don't I didn't put any perfume on my wrist and spray it on me just cuz it's a wrist tattoo that's what I did like you just want to keep all that stuff away from it when it's initially healing um one key thing though is everybody's body's different so your are going to react differently to the ink and you are gonna react differently to your tattoo and all that and the experience is pretty different for everybody mine really didn't hurt that much as you may have heard in my other video if you watched it it really didn't hurt at all and then when I went back for my touch-ups it was like I went when I was texting while I was tucked while he was tattooing my wrist and he was kind of like oh look at the pro here you know like you first had to you're just getting a touch-up now and you be like context while you're getting it done so it was just a joke he was cracking joke but it was really five you know that once you get that first tattoo done you do kind of know what you're expecting so it's not as scary and it's a lot easier of a process to go in there and I went in all by myself to get it done second time when it data um then further on I'm a couple of days it's gonna be kind of raised and gross feeling like it's gonna the ink is gonna be feeling like it's pushing out of your skin your skin's like it is kind of weird um so it's gonna sort of be like raised and that's the tattoo starting to scab and um the morning more it's some people don't believe in moisturizing a lot like I moisturize quite a bit you don't want to over moisturize it um but it does help the I find that moisturizing more helps the scabbing process because after about three four days you'll see that it did start to scab in the video so I'm going to show you um so it did start scabbing which means sometimes it's like a hard rough gross like scab kind of scab but mine because I was moisturizing a lot was more like really I can't describe it it's kind of like a peeling like a it's really really hard to explain it wasn't like a typical rough scab um it was more like a softer kind of scab if that makes any sense normal I know it was it was really freaky and really gross for me and you're not supposed to pick it do not pick it because you can pull out ink from the tattoo you have to let it just fall off naturally so as you're washing your tattoo just gently go over it with the bar of soap wash it um I'd say every day or twice a day um that's why I did it about twice a day washed it in the morning and at night um and then I was just really careful when I wash my hands start the day just to not get any soap on that area because you don't want it to be scented and not use scented soap on my hands typically um so just little things like that just to take care of it um but overall my body heals really really fast as explaining earlier sorry everybody's body's different so you're all gonna react differently to your tattoos and the ink and your healing process is going to be different so it should generally be the same but I healed really really fast a two hour when I went back for my touch-ups he was saying like how long did it take before it looked like this how it was before I had the touch-ups and I said about a week like honestly for me you'll see at a week my tattoo was pretty much healed um although either our internal skin healing things that are going on that you obviously can't see but generally my my tattoo looked really decent after the first week although I was kind of picky because as you can see in the video clips um it wasn't perfect and there were some spots I wanted to go for your touch-ups it's basically like getting your tattoo done all over again and what he did was basically go through the whole tattoo it's just not as um complicated because you already have like the outline and tattoos basically there so it's a little bit better getting it done the second time I'd say it's not as stressful because you're not like worried about it being perfect it's already there kind of thing um so you're just getting it fish are you guys what it looks like now this is you can see it's pretty good it's dark and filled in all the way and yeah this top part of the bee was what mostly bugged me because they were like it wasn't completely connected because some of the ink spots had rejected in that area and it wasn't like perfectly straight if you know what I mean like going around but he fixed that fixed that up and – fixed the bee was that is the most complicated so loopy um but yeah I'm so happy with it and it looks so good and I'm so pleased and I love this tattoo to death it means so much Nasus was really not that bad to me at all on that first week is horrible just because it's going through there it's like raised and itchy oh yes do not scratch it um I have really sensitive skin so it's it was really really hard for me not to scratch it cuz I have I've had I have eczema prone skin as well so sometimes I do get eggs EEMA and so that was hard for me and I did break out a little bit in a rash towards the like underneath part here because I couldn't scratch here so I was scratching like below the tattoo like not hitting it but like it just it was irritating me so much so did break out a little bit in a rash underneath which is probably just because of my skin like I said everybody's different um I don't know anyone else who's had that problem that I know of that friends of mine that have got tattoos so I think it's just because I have really sensitive and eczema prone skin but that's the tattoo healing process for me I think that's everything I'm gonna insert all the clips now in order from date each day that I filmed so you guys can see how the tattoo looked and what the process was like so if you guys are interested in seeing that keep watching otherwise I'll see you on my next video stay beautiful hi so I cleaned it and it looks good it's still a little fuzzy around there but that's gonna more my body heals better it's gonna look but it looks so clean there's definitely some spots I want to fix but looks good so this is day two or three a day one I guess was the day I got my tattoo but day two of healing after taking the bandage off it's setting into the skin nicely you can see the lines are starting to set in so it's setting it's into this really it's not really really itchy it's like tingly itchy which is good because that means it's healing so good stuff I just I've been putting lotion on it like crazy so keeping it moisturized which is what you're supposed to do which is helping get rid of the itch and make it tolerable it's kind of raised like I really don't think I'll be able to see that but it's a little raised and when I run my fingers over it it's raised it feels kind of weird and it's still a little tender but honestly it's very tolerable my wrist is pretty swollen so it looks a little fatter than actually is because it swelled just in like this mid area here like around the sides there and I have broken out into a little bit of a rash if you can see there's like little bubbles on my skin just around it not on it but like around it okay so it is day 3 since I took the bandages off and it's looking really really nice it's very clean and crisp and it's still a little raised I don't know it'll pick up you can sort of see it's still a little raised but I have to admit it's not as race as it was yesterday when I filmed it's still pretty itchy which is a good thing I mean it's annoying but tolerable but it's it's good because it means it's healing I had the other day is almost gone it's like very minimal you see like these little bubbles it's just my eczema rash so it's just cuz I'm sensitive I've sensitive skin survived after getting the tattoo done day 4 after taking the bandage off and I woke up early this morning and it's sort of peeling it's not scabbing but that's because I've been keeping it really moisturized I think the peeling is better than the stabbing it's just a little bit more sensitive because you don't want you can't like peel it off because then you'll take it away colouring but um you can see some pieces that have already come off and fallen off on their own in the shower it's shiny cuz it's moisturizing right now okay so it's been exactly a week since I've got the tattoo um six days since it started healing but I got it last Friday it is no Friday I know I haven't filmed the past couple days that have been really busy with school stuff so um yeah I didn't really get to show you guys how it was really starting to peel off they weren't really scabs it was more like a a layer of like looked like a sticker almost like a peel and stick that was like really creepy and annoying and obnoxious because it almost felt like the tattoo wasn't real it felt like it was just gonna peel all off but that was just it healing so most of it has peeled off there's still some little pieces like up here that Ivan are in the middle of peeling there are some little holes in it that I need to get touched up as you can see in there and some lines I want to get fixed just like those little at the end of the ease there and I like around that bottom I just want them like a little sharper um the B looks pretty good it's a little uneven it's still healing it was a little bit itchy last night but it has been h er not but I just keep moisture izing it which is important so I've been doing that a lot but it's looking pretty good and um again as of now it just feels kind of normal it looks kind of weird because the lines it's still setting into my skin so as you can see when I like crouch it in there like it's setting in my skin like that but I feel like the worst is over I just need to tolerate the imperfections right now since I'm such a perfectionist so this is exactly almost two months after getting the tattoo this is the Tut after touch-ups as well it's settled into the skin so that's why you can see little lines through it but that's how it looks it looks so much better after the touch-ups the bee still is a not exactly perfect but I mean it's as good as I could expect and it's thicker and the lines are filled in and it's connected nicely so I'm pretty happy with it and it's nice and dark black and it looks all good there's no rash or anything my skin's cleared up so the healing process is finished and yeah so that's how it looks this is the finished process so touch-ups happened at five weeks and it's been almost two months since the first tattoo

Glenn Chapman


  1. Omg I thinks is too much talking for a small tatoo tooo much 😬

  2. Such an original idea for a tattoo…can you share how you came up with the concept please?

  3. I suggest to only live it covered 2 to 4 hours or so, it only need time to stop oozing.
    And yes i am a tatto artist.

  4. Guys romeo lacoste who is a great tattoo artist also told to keep the tattoo bandage for 24 hours !!!!!

  5. Why is it sore after 11 days is that normal had tattoos in the past but it never hurt this bad after, how ever I got mine on the rist only hurts one area may just be sorness and healing

  6. you never leave a bandage on for three days you got to clean it when you leave The Parlor leave the bandage on for 1 hour then clean it use your soap and just use Aquaphor I've got 13 no wonder why you got the scar cuz you let your bandage on for 3 days wow

  7. Me I would do a "belieber girl" tattoo when I get my job😊😊

  8. worrying that he told you to come back in 5 weeks for touch ups..

  9. I'm not saying what my tattoo artist said was right or wrong but he gave me a paper with healing care rules and this is what it says:
    •Leave bandage completely on for the first 3 hours
    •Remove bandage and rinse tattoo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap
    •Pat dry with clean towel
    •Apple a very thin layer of Aquaphor Healing Ointment
    •Rewrap tattoo using plastic wrap and tape for the first night
    •After 2 days, let skin heal dry and unwrapped
    •Healing skin will become tight, itchy, and flaky
    •There might be slight bruising around tattooed area
    DO NOT scratch or pick at scabs on tattoo
    DO NOT go tanning
    DO NOT soak in bath or pool
    DO NOT coat with lotion
    •Total time for healing will be 1-3 weeks

  10. So don't listen to this chick at all 😂😂😂 or the people saying not to apply things on the tattoo you have to keep it moisturized and stuff or it'll get dry and look weird (at least I had too) but this chick here will have your tattoo infected 😂😂 My tattoo was swollen for all of an hour and that's it. Hers was probably swollen the next day cause of that 24 hour bandage shit. My tattoo still hasn't scabbed and it's been like 4 days idk if it'll scab though.

  11. Um no you are not supposed to leave it on for 24 hours. My tattoo guy told me to bandage mine for 2 hours. And then put the Auqaphor on it 2-4 times a day for 3-5 days. And not to re-bandage it or get it wet until it's completely healed

  12. Here's a tip people DON'T PUT ANYTHING ON THE TATTOO!!! It's that simple -_- all that wrap,bandage a&d,vaseline, lotion is bs.

  13. A tattoo shouldn't need touch ups after being done lol. 24 hours? No wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Don't be stupid and do research. Please show me all your other tattoos and see how it healed. It's only suppose to be for 30 mins to a hour. No wonder it needed touch ups lol.

  14. Do you know which size needle your artist used? A 3, 5 or 7 for example?

  15. it's a tattoo not a life threatening operation. she makes it seem as though tattoos are extremely hard to care for and they're really not.

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  18. And bitch stop saying sorry for everything you do and slow down your rambling sentences.

  19. This chick is fucking retarded.
    24 hours covered?
    No don't do that.

  20. Your tattoo looks so vivid even after healing. Mine isn't like that and I'm not sure if it's because of my skin tone, something I did or didn't do during the healing process, or something to do with the tattoo artist. Is there some secret to this?

  21. Nice tattoo. And yes. You should always count the day you got the tattoo as a healing day. Our body starts to heal right away. So right when you walked out of the shop it started to heal.

  22. I made my wrist tattoo a couple weeks ago and the skin is all wrinkly where it is painted, is it normal? will it go back to normal?

  23. I wouldn't go to an artist and get such a simple tattoo if they told me it had to be touched up after a month…that just seems a bit odd to me. Trust me, I'm not knocking your tattoo, but something this simple shouldn't need touching up.
    Personally, I keep the bandage on my tattoo for two hours, take it off and wash it wish warm water and anti bacterial clear unscented liquid soap, and then I use aquaphor on it. I have over 15 big tattoos, and this is what I've always done and they heal super nicely.

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  26. Your supposed to take the bandage off after 2-4 hours bc you don't want any germs what so ever. Also you can't put warm water on your tat bc the open pores will release the fresh ink

  27. i got my tattoo about a month ago, also on my wrist, and went for a touch up 3 days ago. my healing process is very similar to yours, with the itchiness and everything.. i didn't know that i wasn't allowed to hold my wrist directly under flowing water.. am kinda worried that it won't stay as dark as it is atm. love ur tattoo btw

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