TATTOO AFTERCARE instructions for Clients!!!!

Donna welcome everybody to my aftercare video now this video is for people who are getting tattooed by me so this video is specifically what I tell the people I tattoos now I understand that aftercare is a huge fundamental field I mean there are free flow sheets all kinds of witchcraft that are done in the efforts of aftercare but again this is what I do for people in what I tell my people obviously there is a huge release form that they you know signed before they get tattooed and let them know what they can can't do should shouldn't do all that good stuff uh yeah there's a bunch of so I'm not gonna stay here and read off everything through a goddamn list to go ahead and tell you how to take care of tattoos but moreover i am going to put some very helpful links in the description that you guys can use to look up after care and i will also put the link to the app that I use that has been approved by the health department here in Tampa Florida to use as an aftercare kind of situation but i also tell people I after care guidelines um for tattoos again I am NOT the goddamn you know pope of anything so this video is for you guys who just got tattooed by me so first and foremost namaste thank you very much I appreciate you guys coming here and getting tattoo I really love you whoever you are today is the most important day of your life sorry yeah hey before I digress what I do is when someone gets tattooed let's say you just got fresh the tattooed got wrapped up or on your way out but before I choose to go ahead and tell you a nice little disclaimer this is what you are going to do you are a going to go ahead and make sure you keep the area clean as best as possible be apply after care lotion which I have here for sale not a shameless plug just saying I do have some here for sale but has my cool little logo but it is inked fix brand that is the brand that i am using currently now if i use a different brand by the time that you see this video then i'm sorry i've changed for i stay the same I don't know leaving it open for the future so there you go I used in fix which is a nice little pomade looking you know at the time to open it up it's a nice little thing and what you're gonna do is you're going to apply a nice like hold after wash eight your tattoo have now see here let's go into washing instructions what you're going to do is you're going to ahead and get a lot a clean cloth of your choosing cotton for most people but of your choosing and give a nice light very light rub to your tattoo you see what I doing so that's it has nice and lats and absolutely be nice kind to it so it's fresh skin so freshly touching skin sorry so you are going to go ahead and wash antibacterial soap I will put a picture somewhere I'll put a picture somewhere in here for you guys to see an example of what antibacterial liquid soap looks like cuz bar soaps they carry bacteria at the top and I understand it's open self-cleaning but just to make sure that there is no way in hell that you can catch any form of foreign bacteria going into your tattoo antibacterial liquid so that's the way to go now here comes a little bit of ambiguity you don't know what it means I'm gonna go ahead and put the description somewhere here the straw right here's a little bit of ambiguity okay after you wash your tattoo and you apply them and you pat dry you're going to pat dry your tattoo after you wash it thoroughly oh I've watched it now I'm getting a coffin I am how my tattoo is dry cool i'm going to get my lotion open it up and then i'm going to go ahead and apply a thin coat a thin coat because what you want is you want it to be lubricated but you do not want it to be saturated so here's a difference lubricated you get a nice thin film over it saturated the goddamn thing is dripping off you don't want that you don't want that guys now we don't want now it doesn't always work like that for some people some people don't always always you know they don't always work well with aftercare it's just how it works and not everything works for every some people are allergic to peanuts some people allergic to coconut butter some people are allergic to olive oil some people are allergic to whatever so again there is where the ambiguity lies depending on what you are allergic to or not allergic to who are going to want to make sure that once you read the ingredients on the back of this little pen or whatever little can that you decide to purchase whether you buy it here with I suggest or you don't make sure that you read the ingredients and you specifically don't have some sort of pre-existing skin condition that might conflict with your aftercare that is a huge deal okay good that being said make sure that for the next three to five days the fortnight or two weeks a fortnight not to throw it in there just haven't used it in a long time anyway a fortnight after you've gotten tattooed or for the first two weeks to a month i tol month no salt water or clone rain water I live in tampa florida beach is about 20 minutes that way so and that way is west to me so no salt or chlorine water immersion for the next two weeks to a month is what i recommend during the first stages of your tattoo healing because a lot of people not that they've come to me for this but i have seen in my experience cuz i lived in tampa florida for a number of years um they come get tattooed then they leave and then go but I think I won't digress that's what it is so just make sure you to your tattoo you apply the aftercare pat dry sorry let's do that again huh you wash your tattoo you pat it dry after you pat dry you apply your aftercare and then boom that's it there's no there's no more magical formula to that and if that doesn't work for you you may have a pre-existing skin condition and then at that point you have to treat it as it goes for you and again as always I will leave some after care options from some tattoo magazines and some you know like about just so you have somewhere to start but you would have to do your own research given your own pre-existing skin condition stuff like that but this has been for all you lovely iron blood tattoo canvases thank you once again for joining us getting tattooed by us here at our blood tattoos and love you very much slowly sorry anyway don't forget to hit the old subscribe button it really does help me out lets me know you guys you're like in my video so I can continue to make more hit the thumbs up as that helps other people see the videos and know that the videos exist share with friends and family because that's a big deal and as they say in Mother Russia da svidanya

Glenn Chapman


  1. love that the videos are coming again! could you maybe do one on hand motions for different effects? big respect dude!

  2. °My artist told me to put on a thin layer°
    squeezes whole tube on and lets it melt
    °Nailed it° 😛

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