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so what's your role here Li what what kind of things do you do with the place yeah trainee sometimes it's all the guys that do work for you here at cap social movement are they trained in like all aspects of operating a brewery just a brewing or do we get into the business aspect of it also people that are a bit more so it really depends whatever so while leash ticking on that can you explain to us and I may ask you some questions more than once because will you how how would someone likely actually enter into the program and for an American audience what's the connotation of an open prison ready to go back no after nobody back these families get back in it so so we're discussing how someone like you gets involved in the program so what was your reaction or having how did you first become aware of cap social movement that the prism Leslie service rebook so basically they afford to resolve charity shops that's a pity those they said about taxation yeah obviously a lot working there and they like me so so when you got placed here what did you say I really want to learn how to brew the beer and do that kind of first season what about later she's learning how to do finger then yeah they may ask you about the first side of it awesome Celtic go they're very very good so how many at any given time how many guys likely would you have working for you here we have organizations so now pearly how long will his program last yeah so when you go back there where you look for employment but with the brewery and I find somewhere that's the same to self-assess there's couple Furies up there we've just on a week tour of small breweries in Ireland so if you'd like some leads have you happy to give them to you so so what do you like best about working here at the brewery hey we're here at tap social movement here at their brewery in Kennington in Oxford England here at Ole see yes I'll see how did you first become involved with tap social well I will serve in what fizzle said HMP sprinkle which 45 minutes to now drive from here it's an resettlement prison we call it also open prison we this is most guys spend their not reason saying period of their prison sentence usually can calm down in the last two years but we're also less than that the idea is that this is the changes are given to us to fine deployments too get the gauge again with the community starting establishing least the shrimping family links and so on the conditions are open there is no fence around it they're just rules that you need to follow based on your behavior you are allowed or not to to community work and then SAP social movement was one of his companies with established very recently at that time contact with spring-heeled with a prism and I heard about that through a little agency opus that is working inside the prisoner was working at that time I heard about that so somebody set up for this purpose for helping vendors and ex-offenders gain employment and I put off my name for it because at that time that were recruiting it was about six or seven over got chosen and was the right beautiful find me in terms of mine the procedures that I needed to accomplish within the place and some so I'll tell you with luck or Providence or God's will to actually common and work with that social so how long have you been working at tap say for now it's been almost a year since lost earring Judy so what cut what kinds of things have you learned here how many things many things I'll never I had no idea about the working in a brewery water through the entail or anything like that so I started working helping out Jason in the brewery and very quickly I understood that making beer is actually a complicated process beer is the the most humble of all drinks on say people put too much emphasis on wine but go and make beer and you know why that is actually it's very complicated many things can go wrong then it's absolutely important but still to make good beer and Jason you've gotten some science education here fermentation and so it always amazed that almost science is involved you know fermentation processes the temperature controls the ratio between molt and walk the temperature immortal water of course the timings when you put the hopes in of different parts of all homes different type of molds it different is all these different combinations that we can make different types of beer as well you know it's just very very interesting so if you got training and other things besides brewing such as the business aspects of running a business like this well you'll be caught those things actually because the way that social is many because of the social enterprise in one sense it's actually quite a relaxed environment we do pick up things as it go along we don't do only brewing with the stock management we deal for example with we understood with Portland with packaging KD in the beer so if you ever think about opening the business like that is not about making beer it's actually the normal processes that go along with it so you feel like you're getting a pretty broad based training and how to operate it yes very much so I try to set up new businesses before I came to prison and little did I know that there was so much involved so I feel much more companies now so you feel better prepared to leave here and start a business in the future so have you finished your sentence yet are you still working I've got another three months to till the end so I'm very close by I'm also a local so we'll continue working with saps also after my release very good and I'll keep I told them I will be involved one even if I find different appointment in the future future may bring but I like to be involved in one way I like to contribute as well no matter what happened you're gonna help support the mission that's like that if you could say one thing to anybody out there about tap social and what they're doing here here what would you say fantastic

Glenn Chapman

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