COMBANTRIN (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 81)

COMBANTRIN (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 81)

Emaanuella go and buy COMBANTRIN!!!!. You did not even soak this white well see the way you just did it what did you say i should buy combantrin combantrin what is combatrin its fruit juice combrantrin is warm medicine warm… Continue Reading


Professorial Lecture: Alpaslan Özerde

Professorial Lecture:  Alpaslan Özerde

ladies and gentlemen good afternoon yes as Ian said the focus of our lecture is disarmament demobilization and reintegration of former combatants which is a very important part of peacebuilding operations now the lecture title is have not to do… Continue Reading


Canon Fodder – Reintegration

Canon Fodder - Reintegration

welcome back Canaanites for a different flavor of cannon fodder if you've been following either this channel or cannon fodder itself since inception you'll remember that cannon fodder actually began as a rather small section of the community update or… Continue Reading