Taebom couple reunited! [Hello Counselor / 2017.06.26]

Glenn Chapman


  1. This type of person OMG👿 SERIOUSLY 😤 he can destroy hundreds of innocent children mentally and physically and ur day in one time. 🤯i thought this things only exists in drama…. excuse me sir do u called urself a FATHER ops i means a PERSON or a HUMAN??? totally lost my mind my brain suddenly stop working🤦

  2. Yo I would drop him right away if he treated my children like that. He’s an awful father how could he not love all of his children. They did nothing wrong. I feel bad for the mother and especially the children. May God have mercy on all of them

  3. I'm like half crying but half smiling… Because of my taejoon oppa😂😍😍😘😘😘

  4. I clicked for Eunji and Taebom but I can't handle this man. 💣💣💣

  5. I love how he says bomi hand is so small and cute… this make me so sad…. i miss taebom couple😭…
    Althought many of them say wgm is scripted but i want to tell them who say that, actually i'm not into wgm so much because i know i hate loving cpl and sometime i think some of them just follow the script.. but i think it myself , if WE WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH FEEL IT, NOT SEEING IT… because we human can tell it is true or not by our heart only… TRUST ME …
    Even thought the being scripted they are also human wo can have feeling, the word ,the touch , and the eye's contect with boy and girl actually will make them have a little bit feel to each other (HEARTBEAT)…###


  6. It is unavoidable to have a favorite child but even if you love one more than the other don’t express it……

  7. คำแปลถูกเปล่านิ5555😂😂😂😂

  8. When celebrities say they never met after a show , it's just too fake.

  9. If i was the host..i will threaten him so badly and not let him leave unless he agrees or i will torture him. If i did that and i am part of the show,i wouldnt care to get fired

  10. If only i could be his parent and turn back time and treat him the way he treated his sons and go back after i done my job

  11. Aren't they married? I saw those clips and thought they are lovely married couple. …….

    >:《 youre a failure as a father!!! And the freak has no sign of any repentace nor acceptance of his biased affection!!!!!

  13. Smh she gotta throw away the husband….this guy is seriously smirking and laughing I'm getting triggered ….

  14. When he said that he was too weak to handle two children I was so pissed
    I’m only thirteen and I can handle both my younger cousin and my younger sister at the same time and their both younger than his children

  15. He is even smiling ! I can't believe it ! That pathetic thing ! He is not a man acting like that 😣😡😡😡🔫🔫🔫🗡🗡🗡🗡☠😤😤😤😠😠😠

  16. What kind of father is he actually that’s not fair he must love all his kids not separating them they might think else

  17. Feel like the husband has a messed up or bad humour in general seeing as he is saying that when he called his third son a failure it was a joke and reasoning the statement before with he's too young to understand things like that, l mean come on if a child is being neglected by a parent it would be pretty obvious and upsetting to them and affect how they would possibly see things.

    Damn man making me frustrated as while the mother is crying over the condition of one of her children(not his favourite child) the father just seems to be nonchalant and smiling/laughing a bit??! Like even if you wanted a daughter isn't it a bit to harsh to just somewhat ignore that they need your equal care from parents and act like they don't exist?!!😰

    Also finding something common with some of the people that have possible real concerns going on in their lives that appear on this show, seeing as the person who is (most of the time) causing the problem can't ever possibly understand and conceive that they possibly need to think about how the other person and others in their life are being affected and hurt and just passing it off with a smile(like this episode and the one with the tyrant mother, said tyrant mother l believe in the clip)

    P.s Sorry for my possible rant just wanted to express my feelings, but if not taken in the same way l understand😅

  18. Came to this video because of TaeBom, ended up cutting my mood because of the father. Calling your child a failure? You will end up swallowing your words in the future, mr.

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