Synchronicity Explained – Jungian Psychology – Carl Jung

hi this is emerald and welcome to the
diamond net and today I'm going to be talking to you about synchronicity alright so before I get into this video
I wanted to mention then at the very end I have a very very brief segment about
how to actually use synchronicity now I wanted to make this much much longer but
what I found is that like that would just be too long of a video so what I'm
doing is mostly this video is all about what a synchronicity is and how it's
generally been used and then next week's video what I'm going to do is I'm going
to make a more extensive video about how to use synchronicity and I'm going to
give a lot of examples and so that way you'll get two videos on synchronicity
so be sure to watch until the end you have that brief blurb there but then
also be sure that you tune in next week for a more in-depth how-to on how to use
synchronicity for inner growth also be sure to watch the video until the very
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stay tuned for that alright so at this point you may be asking what is a
synchronicity so basically a synchronicity is an event that occurs
out here in the external world in the external landscape that coincides with
things going on in the internal world or the internal landscape so our thoughts
our feelings our dreams and so there's almost like a psychic link between
what's going on internally and externally and this happens without any
kind of causal relationship meaning that you're not actually doing anything to
make those events transpire and it also happens beyond just pure probable chance
either it's so specific that it couldn't possibly be anything but a synchronicity
or it happened so many times that there has to be some kind of significance to
it so an example of a synchronicity would be if you keep seeing the same
things over and over again or hearing the same things over and over again or
you know if you dream something and then it happens or even instances of deja vu
could be considered a synchronicity or you might be going through particular
struggles or have a certain theme in your life going on and then you see
various representations of that theme in different forms like you'll read
insights in a book about it or you'll be watching a video and the main characters
will be going through the same kind of struggle or your friends will happen to
mention some kind of something that relates back to that or we may even
notice that we have a particular internal conflict that seems to be
playing out on the world stage as well in a more general sense
So Jung described synchronicity as something that happens as a reflection
of our internal experience out in the external world and this is meant to help
us face things that we normally wouldn't face like things that have been
relegated to our shadow and even unrealized potential
so synchronicities can help us with our inner work and can help us reintegrate
aspects of ourselves that are now unconscious to us and it can also lead
the way toward what we actually really want like if we're a type of person that
has a hard time finding clarity about what we ultimately want to go toward and
what we want to do in our life a synchronicity can actually help point
the way if we're able to read them correctly so it's kind of like almost
like an like if you think about life as being like a stream it's sort of like an
invitation like an inlet into that stream that enables us to flow with it
so I'm going to give you an example of a synchronicity that Jung himself
experienced and this was when he was in a session with a woman who had an
overinflated animus and basically she was very logical very rational and very
resistant to anything of the unconscious because her mind basically was on this
set track and you know she couldn't really think outside of those bounds and
she was very resistant to facing anything that you know stemmed beyond
her ideas of how things already were and so she came to him and she was talking
about this dream of being given a golden scarab and they were discussing the
dream and then all of a sudden at the window there was like a like a big bang
into it and so then Carl Jung went over to the window
and he found that there was this beetle like bug that looked like a golden
scarab and he he killed a bug and he grabbed it and he showed it to the woman
he goes is this your scarab and the woman said it looked exactly like the
bug from her dream and she couldn't explain it in any other way why a bug
that wouldn't normally even be in that area of the world suddenly shows up when
they're discussing it and so this enabled her to open her mind up a little
bit more so that they were able to continue on with the treatment and
actually be more successful now you may look at this situation and say like well
you know really what is a golden scarab have to do with anything like how does
the presence of golden scarab like what does that even mean you know certainly
it's a strange coincidence and certainly you know maybe you can even say it's a
synchronicity but how do those synchronicities actually help us grow so
it's important to note that synchronicities often operate through
the lens of archetypal meaning so we're an aspect of the internal experience or
perhaps even the collective and unconscious may represent itself out in
the world as various symbols and so what an archetype is is basically a common
symbol pattern or image that can be recognized across cultures as having
similar meaning and these meanings come from the instinct the the collective
unconscious that we all have as human beings so archetypal a speaking the
Scarab represents life and death and so it's kind of a symbol of rebirth and so
if we think about rebirth in a more general sense you know and we think
about what that woman's need was to do which was actually to descend into the
unconscious and to face her shadow and to come back born anew more whole than
before and that is in a sense a kind of rebirth and so because that bug
brandished itself is a synchronicity you could use that to help her with her
treatment and she was able to come along with it because she saw very clearly
that there was a sign or a message in the external world that that's what she
needed to do now I personally experienced synchronicity is kind of
often and my daughter has been experiencing them quite a bit recently
too and so this was kind of a funny
situation where I went into the bed and I was getting her some pajamas from
the drawer and she was out in the living room and so I called her named sapphire
so I was like sapphire and then she comes in I'm holding the little
nightgown and she said did you just say SAFF Spider and then I looked down at
the nightgown and there was a little spider crawling across her nightgown and
so this was really synchronistic so if we wanted to actually look at that
synchronicity and say okay what is this synchronicity trying to tell us we could
look at maybe symbolically what spiders have meant archetypal e we can look at
various myths like the myth of grandmother spider from some Native
American folklore or we can look at various other representation of spiders
throughout mythology and see okay what are these symbols generally mean across
cultures there's also various other people who've already done this kind of
mapping in relation to Jung's work and so I think it's very very important to
know what these symbols tend to mean so we can read them properly also it's
important to know that you know throughout the ages there have been
various systems that have enabled us to use synchronicity in a more predictable
way and to be able to use archetypal images to be able to sort of get more
clarity about ourselves and maybe see like which directions we need to be
going in in life or perhaps what it is that we need to personally reintegrate
now one of these systems is the Tarot so the Tarot is essentially a tool for
the intuition it acts as a vehicle for the intuition and it's laden with all of
these archetypal images and it assumes a sense of synchronicity to the cards that
are drawn and it's a non-causal relationship because the tarot reader is
not actually consciously choosing which cards to put out and so it's there's
this non causal relationship for assuming synchronicity we have
archetypal images so if there's a tarot reader or you're reading the own your
own Tarot and you draw some specific cards then you can see that there's kind
of a story being told between the various cards that are drawn and you can
take those archetypal symbols link them together and see like what that
relationship is and it can be used as a tool and a vehicle for the intuition to
be able to go to places in unconscious mind where it wouldn't
typically go otherwise so oftentimes people think of like the Tarot as being
something where you need an actual Claire to be able to read them properly
and I'm certain that that can certainly help you know if somebody is clairvoyant
or Claire sentient or clairaudient all of those but I think of it more as a
tool for the intuition that anybody could really use and another such system
is like the eaching and you know Angel cards and anything that has like a
non-causal relationship and works off of you know a symbolic meaning and so I
think that using these can be a really really great tool for inner exploration
now of course you don't necessarily need to use one of these systems because
synchronicities happen in life and so in a sense life can be your own deck of
tarot cards if you like for example like with a spider situation with my daughter
there we go there's a spider like you know the where you know she kind of
almost predicted without predicting that it was going to be there you know and so
kind of being able to look at that and say okay well does that have an
archetypal meaning that can be applied to life so in relation to using
synchronistic archetypal symbols in this way it can also be used for shadow work
as I've mentioned before in the video if I want to go into this a little bit more
in-depth so first I want to talk about what the shadow is so the shadow is
basically all the aspects of ourselves that we don't want to have associated
with our identity or our ego and so what happens after various traumas or certain
limiting beliefs are adopted or just throughout the course of time we decide
that certain aspects of ourselves are not valid and we relegate them down to
the shadow and so then we lose conscious awareness of what those things are and
it's almost like they are an individual little person that is also us down in
the shadow and that's trying their best to be integrated in whichever way they
know how but because there's like that barrier of unconsciousness there it can
actually project out into reality in the form of either a genuine synchronicity
or pure psychological projection where we're just seeing things a certain way
because we have a filter on so these projections both synchronistic and
psychological are meant as kind of a map to lead us in word so that we can
actually explore ourselves and so for example if we find that we are having
issues with our emotional state well common a common archetypal symbol for
the emotions it's large bodies of water so let's say if we keep having the same
dream about drowning or you know like maybe there's a huge tsunami or
something coming in those dreams and these dreams happen over and over and
over again it could be that this is trying to lead us back in toward our
emotional state so that we actually noticed those things all right so I know
I said I wouldn't have much of a how-to here but I just want to give you a brief
rundown to kind of prime you for next week's video all right
so in terms of what to do you want to first familiarize yourself with what
archetypal symbols generally mean and there's a lot of Jungian authors that
have created various dreams symbol dictionaries archetypal symbol
dictionaries or you can look across various myths and see if there are
similar meanings to particular symbols and then from there you want to keep
sort of almost like a journal of you know various symbols that continue to
come up or things that feel synchronistic to you and then what you
can do is you can sort of mind those four archetypal meaning and write down
like the generally accepted archetypal meaning of that and then you also want
to look at your personal associations with that thing and then you take the
archetypal meaning and your personal associations and you see if they start
to kind of form a cohesive story or a cohesive message then once you get that
cohesive story or message then you can look at your own internal state and see
if any of that resonates with you and if any of it really feels like it's
something that you should explore deeper and then if you happen to be at a
particular fork in the road because oftentimes synchronicities brandished
themselves at various Forks in the road where you have to make a particular
decision then you can apply that archetypal meaning to whatever decision
you decide to make and that way your morale
to go in alignment with what you actually want and what you actually need
because you have something of your depths actually telling you which
direction to go in anyway that's all I have for now I hope that you enjoyed
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you you you

Glenn Chapman


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  2. Thanks for the very informative video. It was very clear and well set out. I look forward to watching more soon.

  3. I had a synchronicity when you talked about seeing a Spider and the symbolism associated with spiders. I've been seeing spiders in my home and hearing them for the last couple of months now, but it finally occurred to me that God is trying to tell me symbolically that I need to be patient and work on improving myself in order to live a happier and prosperous life in the long-run; and that I shouldn't rush into things. I'm actually very afraid of spiders and other arachnids in general, so this could also symbolize that I need to explore my shadow side and confront my fears.

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    1) Knowing if you are being conspired against, and that you are not paranoid.

    2) Knowing that a dark force is attacking you, and knowing that you are not paranoid and delusional.

    3) Knowing that an invisible entity is manipulating the events in your life.

    More detail on the above topics. Lets say I arrive at work and within 1 hour of arrival I find that something technical is wrong with my vehicle. If I were to conclude that someone sabotaged my vehicle, you could call me paranoid & delusional. Now if the exact same technical problem with my vehicle occurred two days latter, and the probability between being at work, and the technical problems are with odds of 1 million, or 10 million to one, I could conclude that someone has sabotaged my vehicle. Here's how you do the calculation:

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    Now when we use the same above approach on events that have no human involvement, and they fire off in a string of negative outcomes those are the ones that can be concluded to be associated with dark forces.. The opposite is also the case. If we find that a string of positive events is occurring, we can conclude that a spirit behind the scenes is making things good for us.

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