Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military

Rock and roll This is Tony Shiena Owner of Mosaic Security Private Military Company that provides Elite forces level security for their clients Tony has a VIP coming into Caracas tomorrow, who we’ll need to guard We tagged along as he scouted out a particularly dangerous neighbourhood That we will need to pass through in the morning It’s called The Triple X Barrier The main issue with this client, is, we need to pick him up at (inaudible) airport and deliver him to his meeting at the military installation but there’s no circumventing this These guys should be flanking on each side Okay, he’s already seen a potential shooter Considering the police claim 25 people are shot in this barrier a day The armed person they spotted was not taken lightly This is the wrong (bleep) place to be Although we were able to get out without incident it was clear that tomorrow’s security was going to need to be very serious We’re at an airport about to extract a client So the idea is that we have got to get him from here To go to meet a government contractor There’ve been a number of attempts on his life So, you know, tensions are running a little bit high Everybody recover, recover, recover So there have been two or three attempts on your life? For the business that you work in, you wouldn’t be able to operate without these guys taking you through countries While providing highly trained security for VIPs like Pablo is one role PMCs play, its really just the tip of the iceberg In fact, the International Private Military Industry, has been exploding over the last 20 years To find out more about this new modern world of mercenaries We spoke to P. W. Singer, author of the book: Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Private Military Industry A Private Military Company, a PMC, is Private Companies, taking on roles that have traditionally been done by the military and intelligence agencies by the broader, national security complex We have this assumption of war and who fights it a man in uniform and that uniform, to us, means; well they’re part of a national military and when you look at the 21st Century, that image in our mind… It just doesn’t hold true These companies have taken on all the different roles of war Everything from the back-end logistics, to training and consulting, to the tactical battlefield role Pretty much, its the new American way of war, whether you’re talking about Iraq or now Afganistan Roughly half of the force there, is Private Military [Jedd} In fact, business is SO good, that the global market for Private Security Services is projected to reach $218 billion in 2014 and as more and more aspects of modern war and security are outsources to PMCs, these companies are poised to grow even larger [P. W. Singer] Outsourcing is always about cost savings its the number of people that you don’t have to to call up from your national guard and reserves to take on these roles Deaths, Injuries, Capture of Private Military Contractors Doesn’t resonate into the political world the same way it does for someone in the military so we’re seeing everything from companies that have being operating in Iraq, now doing things like counter-piracy operations off Somalia, to the emergence of Chinese Private Security Companies operating in Africa, or the Russians use private contractors during their Crimea operation when we look at the future frontiers of the Private Military Industry, they reflect the next frontiers of war To find out more about this massive industry, that is fast becoming the future of war we spoke to the man that, almost, single handedly created the modern PMC as we know it We’re here in Abu-Dhabi and we’re going to interview one of the most important people in the PMC world, Eric Prince, who was the founder of Blackwater PMCs are as American as Thanksgiving Day [the] First Colonies were started by contractors, they were hired to secure most logistics of private companies Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Colonies were, uh, were private endevours Now look, I started Blackwater as a way to stay connected to the SEAL teams When our customers called us, we ran very hard to fill their needs but we were mischaracterised as “out of control mercenaries” and the fact is we were American Veterans serving America again and getting paid on a competitively bid contact. “Full stop” We did exactly the job the U.S government hired us to do and did it well, more than 100 000 missions, on the security side, no one under our care ever killed or injured [Jedd] For a first hand look to see what it takes to become a “soldier for hire” we travelled to the Czech Republic to the “Anti-Terror Academy” a former military base which is now one of the most popular security training facilities in Europe This is where future PMC soldiers are going to be freshening up their skills before they go out and work In theory, even people like me can do these training courses and basically be guns for hire Make sure you focus on that foresight Okay Squeeze in the trigger Although they are willing to train beginners like me, it was clear that a vast majority of the guys there were former military, running through combat drills “How did you get into all of this?” “So I left the army, because the money wasn’t good enough for what I was getting paid to do. Why would I do 5 years in Iraq…” “in the army and earn $120 grand, when I can do 2 years in Iraq and earn $400 grand…” “Certainly in my era, anybody who is any good in the army, isn’t in the army anymore” [Jedd] The main goal of a facility like this is to take the elite skills these soldiers already have for offensive combat and reshape them to provide defensive, special forces level security and protection [Instructor] “The 2 guys behind, they just push out” (gun cocks) [Jedd] But, as I watched them run their drills, it was clear that these manoeuvres were much more than just offensive They aren’t only learning to provide additional support and security They are essentially becoming their own army Nobody nows more about what it means to have Private Armies for hire than the world famous mercenary, Simon Mann after serving the British Special Forces, he spent over 20 years in the PMC industry until 2004 when he served 5 years in prison in Equatorial Guinea for his role in attempting to help stage a coup a private military company, to me, is a company that is prepared to carry out full on offensive military operations under a contract, “(inaudible) you pay us a load of money and we will help you win your war” Where I get worried is when you start saying “No the way forward is for combat operations to be privatised and given out wholesale to the private sector There are certain things that armies have to do and a way of doing them that should not be in the private sector These guys are fighting for money, they’re not fighting for the state, their not fighting out of sense of duty or patriotism when it gets serious is when you get a PMC that starts to get excessively muscular the line between defence and offence gets very quickly blurred so immediately any decent soldiers will start thinking “Instead of waiting here to be shot, why don’t we go out there and bag the bad guys before they manage to shoot us?” and suddenly, you know, the rules start to get bent [Jedd] The further you look into the training around the world for PMCs The more you realise that they’re public face as simply defensive security is only one side to their capabilities So we’re here to see Mick Cowan He’s a former sniper and he’s now a PMC He’s asked us to keep his location secret because he just doesn’t want people to know where this is going on. We’re going to spend a little bit of time with him to kind of find out what he does how it all works. [Mick] I operate as a consultant for a number of companies and I step in and provide the actual instruction ability [Jedd] Simple put he trains PMCs to be snipers using the latest military techniques and hardware [Mick] Basically an AR-15 M4, with a red dot sight on it [Jedd] And it’s not just about shooting accuracy, they also teach you how to blend in with your environment So your target doesn’t even know you exist [Mick] Jedd, you gotta be really low and slow. (grunt) Is there any kind of contracts that come along that you just morally don’t agree with or don’t take Yes, certainly there would be jobs that I could see coming along that I would go “Hmmmm, thanks but no thanks” But, morality is down to the individual and down to the companies themselves You’ll always get people who are morally repugnant, but you’ll always get cowboys [Jedd] But its not only the moral question of who these cowboys might work for that makes many uneasy For veteran journalist Robert Pelton, who witnessed the rise of PMC in both Iraq and Afgahnistan first hand It’s a concern about their willingness to blur the lines if serves their purpose It is a myth to assume that contractors are aligned with governments and they synchronise, they actually have opposing goals and there are many cases in which contractors were actually arrested by military (scoffs) in Iraq for doing exactly that, shooting at people, you know, causing a mess It’s security but it doesn’t seem like security because it’s to keep them secure If i come up and punch you in the face and say “That’s for your protection” that’s kinda the joke You see fences going up, you see guard posts, you see people stopping you and you say “That’s not a police badge” And it’s up to the public to decide whether they think the use of force, by a non-state actor is appropriate [Jedd] In fact, the actions of some PMCs has caused such an alarm, that U.S congressman, Jan Schakowsky has introduced legislation to limit them from use in warzones altogether There has been concern about using people who don’t wear the badge of the United States of America Who are not part of a chain of command Who aren’t held accountable in the same ways I think what scares me the most, about these, uh, Private Military Contractors is that buy and large they operate in the shadows, the transparency isn’t there, the accountability isn’t there. It appears that these contractors, literally, may be able to get away with murder. [Jedd] When you consider that these companies might operate above the law, even while employed by the U.S Government The bigger question for New York Times Washington correspondent David Sanger, it what happens when PMCs Work completely outside the juristiction of America itself One big concern for Private Military Contractors is a question of allegiance When they become political instruments to help prop up a government, that’s when you begin to ask the question: “Does this corporation have the foreign policy of its own? And is that corporations foreign policy in sync or in opposition to American foreign Policy?” Are they truly American? Or are they truly international? Who exactly are they working for? When the best and the brightest from armies around the world are now working for PMCs You have to wonder if the next military super power won’t be a country but a corporation I think the PMC of the future can manipulate governments We’re at a stage now where I think it can happen All CC done by Oliverpls

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  1. 11:50 It should be noted that Jan Schakowsky in a Democrat in a non-2A friendly state and a 20 year (at the time of my writing) "professional representative" and tows the party line that government should control everything and no private citizen should be allowed to even carry a gun let alone carry out PMC type ops overseas. The military should be smart enough to know that if PMCs don't follow the plan laid out by the military that hired them, then they should not hire that PMC again. The market will correct itself. 12:14 The Dem party really fears that if there is ever a need for the private militia to bring the US under check the US (under a socialist regime if that ever happens if the Dems get their way) may actually have a problem. PMCs have their place.
    12:47 Also, interviewing the NYTimes is such a biased thing to do in this video. The CIA has been doing clandestine ops overseas ever since it's existence and that's ok, but if the Company hires a PMC to do the same, it's not? I just wasted 14 minutes and 16 seconds of my day never getting it back.

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  7. "Whether the use of force by a non-state actor is appropriate" the use of force by any actor besides for self-defense is always immoral no matter who. The state does not have a legitimate right to force, neither does any individual. But I guess communists will never accept that.

  8. It’s simple.. there is companies who hire for security and companies who hire to take offensive action and also companies who hire for everything in between.. everyone needs to shut up stop bitching and actually study in this topic instead of watching one vice video and thinking you’re an expert.

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    A bit overpriced most times.
    IMAGINE…The dems fighting a private army ??
    No guns here in aus… No protection whatsoever..
    Our gov sucks..

  20. You realize a true mercenary Isn't a glorified security guard? Blackwater and these other American groups aren't a private military and they don't launch operation's or carry out targeted hits.

  21. I know this is late. “Barrio” does not mean “barrier”. “Barrier” is “barrera”

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  32. With ties to governmental agencies of espionage, assassination and sabotage, they are foes of Reds. — broadleft.org.

  33. How can someone without any legal authority attack any civilians or whatsoever in a different county ??

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  38. The Military of The US are bullies. Oppressors. Going in the reverse of the way humanity should be going.

  39. So now the three powers of government, which is the pilar of democracy and our western society are given to private companies. Companies are people so it is given to private people. Hmmm how did you say dictatorship was born?? Soon it is autocracy in the u. s.. Maybe not, but this is scary. Just look at that one moron staging a coup.. If they get big enough, they can do that on u. s soil. And remember, a wast portion of the u.s military is located abroad. And when big navy ships, fighter jets etc is returning, will they blow up u.s citizens to win back power? They will have to.

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  42. PMCs are a personnel pool. Like when you hire temporary laborers for a construction job. They make absolutely ZERO tactical or logistical decisions. The personnel they have are contracted by the CIA. The CIA is in complete and total control of every move they make, where they are sent, and what assignments they're on. This is very misleading like every damn thing else vice does.

  43. Wow imagine the American government and military doesnt like mercenaries. Who would have thought. They want to control everyone and everything that holds a weapon. Soldiers are dying and get paid nothing. Couldnt blame a man for picking the bigger paycheck for the same job and less strings attached.

  44. I swear I've watched this video about 10 times.
    Youtube, why do you keep recommending me the same video every year or so?

  45. So let me get this straight if they call themselves or claim to be PMC, it's not considered terrorist organizations but if they have a Muslim or Islamic religion they call them terrorists? Or am I just confused!?!?

  46. Been there, done that money is always a factor for a 24 year old former USMC.
    Glad um a plumber in Nevada now, I'm 34 years old now

  47. Ha right, private military contractor really? The dude is seen stuffing in 1911 into his front pants like a gang banger, with no holster and no spare mags. right……High-level security with the wrong gear and not prepared

  48. Mossad's execution of 9-11 should have been a wake up call.

    You guys subscribed to the phony WMD and coyote planes dissapearing into the babylonian twin towers whilst your intuition should have kicked in and told you something is not right.

    9-11 should have been the litmus test for truth but you conveniently ignored it. You looked the other way due to cognitive dissonance.

    You followed Bush's order to go on a spending spree with more credit card debt jacked up with high interest to feed the satanic cabal instead.

    With all these bogus wars on terror and non-ending hoaxes you have unwittingly supported the Zionist Satanic push for one world disorder.

    At this point, all you can do is repent for your sins and start fighting back the criminal enterprize who are in charge of orchestrating all these bogus war on terror, creating these monstrous, diabolical, sinister ISISraHELL with the help of al-CIA-da and MOSSAD.

    Alternate would be to sit back and enjoy bigger fireworks than 9-11 coming near you whilst they prepare greater IzraHELL for the coming of their Yahweh, The Anti-Christ dajjal who will globalize his reign of terror from Jerusalem.

    Either way buckle up for a roller coaster ride with some of these demonic, totally psychopathic, diabolical, sinister, pathological liars and corrupters of mother earth. You reap what you sow.

    There is a lie. Then there is a BIG LIE. Then there is 911. Santa Claus is beyond a LIE. Tel LIE vised 911 EvangeLIED are being taken for a ride by way of Deception to think Jesus Christ died for their Evils. Everyone shall have to account for deeds, either good or evil to enter Paradise or eternal abode in Hell fire.

    The infuriating thing about 9/11 and the multitude of lesser false flags which both preceded and followed it is that, although most Americans know it was as phoney as a three and a half dollar fed reserve note, everyone seems content to put up with the extremely phoney "war on terror" it was designed to create and which has already destroyed a hand full of countries in the world, caused the murder of upwards of two million people, mostly using U.S. military, and turned the U.S. into a ruthlessly insane police state wherein everyone is made to obey patently unlawful statutes in the name of "emergency" while the ruling elite has quit obeying any laws at all while gathering a massive military presence to cow the now restless and resentful public. – See more at:Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11


  49. Some of them think they are safer because they are private well guess what let’s see how many people still want to work for a private militia when they are being deployed Into real combat and war 😂

  50. That Paolo Fidanza guy is we in Venezuela call "ENCHUFADO". Anybody doing business with the current Venezuelan dictatorship is a CORRUPT, who's stilling from public money. This video is very shady, in general.

  51. I mean what could be better for an ex infantry soldier? It’s basically what they’ve done for years and can continue doing what they are good at as a job for private contractors, amazing stuff.

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