Still Ready for Jesus to Return – 1 Thessalonians 1:8-10

and with that I’ll have you turn in your
Bibles to First Thessalonians chapter 1 we’ll begin in verse 8 and we’ll make it
through to verse 10 to the end of the chapter I’ll ask you to stand if you’re
able you can follow along as I read if not where you’re seated is fine really
looking forward to this text have been for quite some time as I think you’ll
see why here in a moment Paul is continuing his letter to this
church there in Thessalonica and he says verse 8 the Lord’s message rang out from
you not only in Macedonia and Achaia your faith in God has become known everywhere
therefore we do not need to say anything about it for they themselves verse 9
report what kind of reception you gave us they tell how you turned to God from
idols to serve the true and living God and verse 10 my favorite part to wait
for His Son from heaven whom He raised from the dead Jesus who rescues us from
the coming wrath let’s pray Lord thank You
thank You so much for Your Word and this passage that we have before us today
here in Your Word Lord would You anoint the teaching of Your Word would You
bless the application of the truths here in Your Word to our lives Lord would You
minister to us we pray in and through Your Word in Jesus name Amen
you can be seated thank you so I chose to title
today’s teaching still ready for Jesus to return and I chose this title for a
couple of reasons chief of which is that this is what
characterized the Christians there in Thessalonica specifically that of their
faith and their readiness for the Lord’s return despite severe suffering and
persecution so to me the question is this what was it about these Christians
there in Thessalonica that kept them remaining so steadfast and in this state
of the anticipation of the Lord’s return do you want to know that I I do this is
one of those places in God’s Word where you have to ask yourself that question
the first question that really should be asked is why did God
deem it necessary to include this passage in our Bibles in other words it had to
rise to the level of being inspired and it had to be important enough for God to
inspire the Apostle Paul to write about this in his letter to this church by the
way remember this is the first letter that Paul ever wrote I hope you
understand that in our Bibles we don’t have the chronological order we have the
Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John then we have the book of Acts and then we
have first and second Corinthians then we have Galatians Ephesians Philippians
Colossians which we just completed and now we’re in First Thessalonians this is
actually the first letter that the Apostle Paul had written so it’s here
for a reason and I believe the reason is is because God wants for us to have now
what they had then and the text that we have before us provides us three ways
that we can be ready and stay ready for the rapture do you believe that the
rapture could happen at any time it can the first way is in verse eight and it’s
that of not giving up hope and losing faith in the Lord I’m struck by what
Paul said to them in verse seven about how they had become examples role models
if you prefer in Macedonia and in Achaia so much so
that this is what they had become known for their in that region in the
Greek Peninsula this is what they were known for they weren’t known for their
building they didn’t have buildings they weren’t known for their prophecy updates just
saying they weren’t known for the size of their church they weren’t known for the
pastor of their church and all the books he had written and how famous he was and
well-known he was they weren’t known for any of that they were known for their
faith would to God that we as believers would be known for our faith despite the
adversity despite the persecution you know one of the most uncomfortable
verses in the Bible to me is where we’re told that those who want to live Godly
in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution I don’t want to hear that do you want to
hear that you know it’s not a popular topic you’d be hard-pressed to find a
pastor in the pulpit today that talks about adversity persecution affliction
suffering but what if it’s actually suffering adversity and persecution that
becomes the very thing that grows and strengthens our faith what if that’s the
only way isn’t it true that it’s during times of affliction that God gets our
attention I’ll take it a step further and say that it’s also during times of
adversity that you really want the Lord to come back
right I mean when things are going good you just glide and abide but boy when
adversity strikes oh Lord this actually ties into the second way and
it’s found in verse 9 and it’s that of turning from sin and turning to the Lord
here Paul makes mention of all the reports that had spread throughout the
region about how they had turned from the sin of idolatry which was really
prevalent in that day let me hastened to say idolatry today is prevalent as well
just in different forms but apparently news had spread about what they had done
in turning from their idolatry and turning to the true and living God so
again I want to couch this in terms of how and why what was it that caused them
to do this turn from and turn to the Lord answer you ready for it
suffering persecution affliction that’s what turned them to the Lord
which in turn grew their faith in the Lord
Psalm 119 verse 67 David the sweet psalmist of Israel says something quite
stunning really he says before I was afflicted I went astray but now I keep
Your Word in other words were it not for the
adversity were it not for the affliction were it not for the hardship were it not
for the suffering were it not for the trials I would have went astray become
distant from the Lord but thank You Lord for the affliction because were it not
for that affliction I would not have turned to You and turned to Your Word
where else am I going to turn have you ever thanked God for the afflictions and
the trials and the sufferings in your life a few verses later listen to what
he says it is good for me that I have been afflicted that I may learn Your
statutes stay with me here’s what affliction does
it turns us from and turns us to the Lord and His Word and then when we get
into the Word the Word gets into us and is that not how faith comes faith comes
by hearing and hearing by the Word of God I want to say this carefully because
I don’t want you to misunderstand me but the
problem that God has not that God has problems we’re the problem but you
understand my meaning the problem that God has with us is He knows that we’re
prone to go astray get far away from Him and when times are good that’s when
we’re more prone to do that so now how is He going to this is the problem how
is He going to get us back to Him and to His Word that we might grow in our faith
because without faith it’s impossible to please God so what’s He going to do
oh He’s going to do what David is thanking Him for doing He’s going to do what David
says was good that He did it was to afflict him this church was afflicted
this church was persecuted I’ve said it before I guess this is as good of a time
as any to say it again but if you want to grow the church persecute the church you know I was thinking about this this
last week actually do you know where the church is growing the most in the world
today guess where the church is persecuted the most in the world today I
don’t say that to lay a heavy trip on anybody but I think
a lot of times our problem is is that we have it too good go to China go to Iran
Iran who knew God knew there are some places
in the world today as we speak if you so much as mentioned the name of Jesus or
invite somebody to one of your underground meetings you’re gone you’re
put in prison for the rest of your life you’ll never see the light of day
just imagine and it’s good it’s good for me that I have been afflicted isn’t it
true and wouldn’t you agree that the times that we grow the most and learn
the most are during those times of adversity that’s when God’s got our attention and
adversity has this effect of sort of forcing us to loosen our grip on this
world and the things of this world this world is not our home God did not create
us for time he created us for eternity I suppose you could say that this is
another problem that God has not that God has problems but the problem is is
that we get too comfortable down here when things are going good we’re not
thinking about eternity certainly not the Lord’s return I mean
if the Lord were to come back truth be made known we weren’t actually ready
we’re too caught up no pun intended by the way
with the cares and the affairs of this life so that when that time comes when
we are caught up raptured harpazo in the Greek we’re not ready and that’s the
third way that I want to spend the remainder of our time on today and it’s
that of being ready for the coming of the Lord
notice with me in verse 10 what Paul says do you know that he’s referring to
a pre-tribulation rapture well pastor you’re pretty dogmatic about the
pre-tribulation rapture yes I am the rapture has to happen before the seven
year tribulation and this is what Paul is referring to and he’s going to refer to
it again in this first epistle to the Thessalonians he’s going to get somewhat
specific concerning the rapture when we get to the second epistle to the
Thessalonians but he’s referring to a pre-tribulation rapture when Jesus
rescues us from the wrath that is coming upon the whole world I always get a kick
out of well-intentioned Christians who of the believer who believes in the
pre-tribulation rapture will say something to the effect of you just want
to escape ya think what you don’t I want to be rescued
from the wrath that is going to be poured out on this Christ-rejecting
world have you read Revelation chapters 6 through 19 you should do you want to
be there for that I don’t there’s something here that can be
easily missed and it has to do with Paul using the word wait as you wait for
the Son to come from heaven Jesus to rescue us from the coming wrath the
problem is that it suggests that we just have to wait and sit around and just
wait for the Lord’s return that’s not what Paul is saying what he’s saying is
that we’re to be making preparations as we wait it’s a preparation with great
anticipation I like how one commentator said it the
idea of waiting for Jesus to return doesn’t imply apathy rather it carries
with it the idea of a pregnant woman readying herself and making preparations
for the baby to come and in the Gospels and in the epistles and in the New
Testament the analogy that is used in comparing the return of the Lord to a
woman waiting for the coming of her baby what’s she doing oh she’s not sitting
there well that night much she is but she’s getting the nursery ready she’s
getting herself ready with great anticipation she will make the
preparation and that’s what Paul is saying this is why it is so important to occupy
until He comes by being busy about the things of God which by the way
makes the time go faster think about it when I’m just waiting oh I hate to wait
I hated that clock so okay I’ll wait I’ll wait look at the clock okay it’s been
one minute now wait a little bit longer and you look back at the clock look back to
the clock please let it be later okay it’s only been one more minute
seemed like fifteen minutes seems like thirty minutes seems like an hour
what’s that saying uh I’m going to completely botch it this is why I have
notes by the way a watched pot never boils
oh thank You Lord right you’re watching you just you’re waiting and it just
seems like it takes forever let’s flip it around you know how that other saying
time flies when you’re having fun right do you see where I’m going with this
when you’re busy time flies where did the time go oh my goodness would you
look at the time don’t look at the time right now but where did the time go
I was so busy about the things of God I’m not dogmatic about this but I do
wonder about this you know when Peter says that we can speed His coming now
commentators are you know all over the place on that and I wonder if what he’s
saying is the busier we are about the things of God it’ll make the time go by
faster and speed His coming whereas if we’re
just you know waiting for the Lord to come I mean time just goes on and on and
on and on I want to close with this question am I living my life in such a
way that I’m as ready today as I would still be if it were not ten years from
today some of you are looking at me going ten years are you kidding me you’re killing me do you think it’s going to be do you think we have 10 years I don’t know no man knows the day or the hour but
here’s what I do know we’re to be ready and to be ready is not just to sit idly
by doing nothing making time go by slow no it’s waiting in the sense of I better
get busy the baby’s coming so to speak Jesus is coming and He’s coming soon and
I need to get ready my wife and I’ve shared this before we we were unable to
have children for 10 years doctors told us it’s what they call inexplicable or
unexplained infertility we would get pregnant lose the baby in the womb one
in the second trimester very painful very hard ten years and when we got
pregnant with our firstborn son I mean we started getting ready and boy am I glad we did one thing we
did well first of all the nursery I mean we had this thing isn’t that something
how before you have children you are the perfect parent then after you have
children you question your salvation you question certainly your sanctification but
we got that nursery ready it was the excitement the anticipation I want that
same excitement that same anticipation because the Lord is coming back and one
final thought just because He hasn’t come back yet doesn’t mean He’s not
coming back soon I know it might seem like man I thought the Lord would have
come back by now aren’t you glad He didn’t I was thinking about this as well how many more people have come to
salvation in Jesus Christ since the last time you thought for sure the Lord was
going to come back you know I I got saved in 1982 I am so glad that Jesus
did not come back in 1981 I give you some time on that because that’s the
year prior 81 82 I wasn’t saved I wasn’t ready think about when you gave
your life to Christ what if the Lord had come back prior to that you’d have been
left behind it’s my hope and my prayer that our
study through these letters to the Thessalonians will revive within us as a
church the excitement and the anticipation as we ready and steady
ourselves for the Lord’s return it’s also my hope and my prayer that these
epistles will instill within us a desire to maybe rethink and revisit the
priorities of our lives and how we live our lives maybe they can become for us
that which we need in order to be busy about the things of God let’s pray Lord
thank You Lord we want to be numbered amongst
those of whom it can be said they made all the preparations they were ready
they remained steadfast they remained faithful to the end so that we can also
be numbered amongst those that will hear those words well done good and faithful
servant enter in can’t wait thank You Lord in Jesus’ name Amen

Glenn Chapman


  1. We must suffer AMEN ! so we know the goodness of God is , it's like light and dark , we cant appreciate the Light if we cannot comprehend what the dark is . JOHN 1:15
    In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
    And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

  2. I heard in April: Tell them I am coming soon! 09/29/2019 I heard: (This is most of what I remember of the original message that I delivered to someone personally and I didn't think to write down for myself.) Tell them I am coming soon! Be ready. Watch and pray. Don't worry. The Lord does not tarry. I am coming. (something like that. There is a bit more but I don't want to put it down unless I have the preceding exactly right. So I give the rest of what I remember.)

  3. Thanks JD……Love ya, Brother. I'm so Tired. As usual, …..In the Clouds !!!

  4. When civilization has gotten so bad that pedophile/sex trafficking/human trafficking can't be stopped because the new world order protects them……how much longer can we live like this?

  5. Who would hit the dislike image? A non believer who listened. So praise God!

  6. Thanks to Paul and thanks to John…How much more needs to be said. WAKE-UP America and any one that has an ear!! John 14:1-3 says, “Let not your heart be troubled…In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.”

  7. I have a slight viewpoint as far as "being ready" and "waiting".

    We are "waiting" 4 the appointed time of Christ…we are waiting for the fullness of the Gentiles 2 be complete.

    It is Christ dwelt in us that does the "works" John 14:10.

    It is God doing all thimgs thru His vessels of honour.

  8. This message struck such a strong cord with me. I have had some personal trials going on…and i was on spiritual autopilot. We have a wonderful Father who loves us and wants to extend such love and grace !

  9. I pray the Lord's return is tomorrow, how can we go on another 15 years when we have the Pope meeting in May to herald in the one world religion… there's just no way the church is supposed to still be here witnessing all these things, the Ezekiel war players all in place..
    I just dont get why we're still here, like Pastor Hibbs said if he waits much longer the rapture won't be a surprise….

  10. I just wanna thank the Lord that i found u pastor JD! I consider u my pastor and my church for my life went downhill for a little while and I didn't show the Lord that much attention,I had another baby and I work every Sunday morning so I couldn't attend church so when I called my pastor and asked him to baptize my new baby he said no that really discouraged me,also I have learned so much more about the Methodist church and there's alot they leave out and don't teach,I still haven't found a church,almost gave up then,I found ur channel about 2 years ago and started listening,I now want to learn everything I study my bible and turned my life over to JESUS. ive attended church my whole life &never learned so much as u teach. just wanted to say THANKS&God bless u & Keep up the good work i know ur a good man&if u can reach me u can reach anyone.Hope to attend ur church n person someday maby next year since I'm n florida lol

  11. Perfect timing on this message Pastor JD!! God bless you Brother!! Thank You for teaching Gods inerrant, timeless, perfect, sure, holy word!! You have bo idea how much this blessed me!! May God redeem your time and bless you with His comfort and peace!!

  12. I really needed this today. I’m struggling, the attacks are fierce. Thank you Pastor JD

  13. Thankyou for this wonderful message. Love you brother J.D. ♥️👆✝️🕯️☀️

  14. does anyone think that JD is far too concerned with going on and on about the rapture? at what point does a doctrine become idolatry if the gospel is failing to be preached?

  15. Folks,Jesús Latest news about the Rapture,according to Love letters from Jesús, channel,the Rapture is schedule for Aug/Sep 2024, so be Ready always,Shalom

  16. Yes I thank God for my affliction and pain and suffering cause where would I be

  17. The end of the ✝ age approaches with ramming speed…
    The chronos and the kairos.

  18. All of our life struggles can be over in a single blink of an eye. Hope is one of the 3 most powerful forces in the universe and it is underrated in our world today. It’s unhealthy for me to think past even today. The fears I have if I had to live another couple of months is overwhelming. But the blessed hope is one way to cope.

  19. Isaiah 10:20 …'And it shall come to pass in that day, that the remnant of Israel, and such as are escaped of the house of Jacob, shall no more again stay upon him that smote them; but shall stay upon the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, in truth.
    It is the Bride of Christ who are the true Kings and Priests who go they are all part of Remnants of Christ and the, as such are the Elders of Israel and Sons of Moses…this is the ESCAPE OF THE BRIDE..the church goes at ZION FOR the True Kings and PRIESTS and many are Women unlike our WORLD run by none other then Satan, for CONSTANTINE REMOVED EVERY WOMEN PRIEST from the BOOKS because, the poor cuss hated his Mother and in that he took that liberty to exile every women…I learned from every wrong and BELIEVE me it was way beyond many and soul changing as well as the actual scarring of it all… and indeed a writer by his hands on a very special day…Now you can over look this But, God won't…and doesn't…just as Paul, Christs brother, Son of Mary, Paul….first cheated at the race between his other brother my Parkinson's gets me but, I believe James and even in the Bible it says that PAUL WOULD DO ANYTHING TO WIN…and he did…He CHEATED…and said he was a PAGAN A Roman… KJV….HAS PAGANISM IN IT…OMG as well as KING JAMES for he had a wickedness to him and he CHANGED MUCH, MUCH, AND THEN MORE…THIS IS WHY THE CHURCH STAYS YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE…RIGHT EVERYONE MAKES THIS WORLD ABOUT THEM..ITS NOT IT IS ABOUT GETTING YOUR SOUL READY FOR COLLECTION AND ALL THOSE BEFORE US…GOT IT WRONG…FOR SATAN IS RELIGIONS JEEZE LOUISE…..God wake up for the Bride leaves soon…they are already ready and circumcised the day of the awakening…do you really think just the POPE HAS IT RIGHT OMGOODNESS HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM AND ALL OF THOSE WHO DIED NOT KNOWING,,, Along with other Religions look in the beginning he even worned about the RELIGIONS…WELL ALL THE PEOPLE THEY ARE ALL HERE TODAY ON EARTH FOR everyone calculated equals today's tallies…90percent sleep and ten percent go ..1billion 7hundred and twenty eight million matches the world's Tally actually over 8billion and 8hundred plus million that is the 10percent go 90lercent sleep… the Trees of LIFE WHO BECOME ONE ONCE AGAIN AT ZION…THE BRANCHES AND FRUITS THe FIGS MY Grandchildern make one at ZION….THE TREE OF LIFE….BREATH OF LIFE THE ONE HUNDRED FORty four thousand KINGS times the 12,000 priests. For the 1,000 years with Christ you still are born and you still die for the 8th day and all evil has not been annihilated yet that comes after BOWLS….AND YES SATAN IS HERE NOW, AS I type,,,, now a very well known world prophet by the world never checked his numbers…but, said we the world Government's will be in a UPHEAVAL by Nov.1….will he be right? ..we will see..
    we have 14yrs left…not seven you forget 7yrs of trumpets to 2033…33AD he was Crucified…2,000 yrs are up 2033 2034 7th day begins for God….the 6th day and 6,000yrs has come to a end…1,000yrs and the Lord breaks the covenant with the Kings and that is When Satan is RELEASED FROM THE PIT not HELL the Pit…for HELL IS 3 SECTIONS, and no one is there yet for JUDGEMENT HAS NOT COME UPON THE RESTWHO FORBID TO CALL CHRIST God…and hell is THE LEFT FOOT LEG AND LEFT HAND …AND EACH LEVEL IS A DIFFERENT TYPE OF TORTURE… RAPISTS, MURDERS INCLUDING BABY KILLERS, then one has the liars, thieves and the other the rest…give or take a few other Sins…just don't remember by heart…But, found in scriptures and Enoch is the only HUMAN WHO NEVER DIED and was made a arch angel. Now just what does it mean to be Almost holy…? Israel is 70 this year not 71 like the world BELIEVEs…Good sermon! Prayers for the Lost.🙏🙏🙏

  20. Sorry JD. Have to disagree with you that we only look for the Lord when things are going tough. I look for the Lord constantly and I have an amazing life. I look for Him good or bad because I just want to be with Him. I am looking

  21. Oops. Didn't finish that comment. Pushed the send button too early.
    ……I am longing for the Lord to come back because I can't wait to spend Eternity with Him. That's all. I know there's still lots of work to do and there will always be lots of work to do but when God says it's time He can save the whole world in an instant if He so pleases.
    I definitely have become weary in waiting and if I hear the word "SOON" again I think I'm going to scream!!!!!😫😩🤣
    Even so come Lord Jesus come.
    Bless you in all you do

  22. Great sermon thanks.
    Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child.

  23. Of course the Thessalonians we doing prophecy updates. Not daily or weekly, that is only possible in our time. But, they were allways saying Jesus is coming soon! Isn't that a prophecy update?

  24. but there's always going to be those unsaved sadly, so we could wait here for 200 more years waiting on people to be saved… .. I want to know why he said we can know the season of his return yet we all say we don't know……

  25. Wrath: Greek: Ergo….(1 Thess 1:10, 5:9,10) defined by the Word of God as forever burning with fire and brimstone…. Rev. 14:10….. Not to be confused as JD does with wrath: Greek: thymos…. as found in the bow/vial judgments. We are not appointed to Hell, and Hell is the wrath to come… not tribulation….
    Both Jesus and Paul warn, "Take heed that no MAN deceive you…" concerning this subject… Matt. 24:4, 2 Thess 2:3…. Those who do not "take heed" become the next generation of deceivers.
    Not one Scripture directly state a rapture prior to tribulation without first bathing and marinating the Word of God in speculation, assumption, conjecture, opinion, and flat out lies… If you disagree… simply produce Scripture without these qualifiers… you cannot…for none exist.

  26. IN HIS TIME. HIS TIME IS PERFECT. Romans 8: 25 But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.
    Jeremiah 17:7
    Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. Titus 2:13-15
    Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ; 14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.
    15 These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.

  27. Pastor Farge I have been for many years experiencing trials and tribulations, at one time I wanted to take pills and end my life, I ended in a mental hospital. I am continually feeling so sad because my life has been pure hell, I feel from the time I was born I have been a burden,my parents didn’t want me,my mother sold me for liquor,my dad married me to a maniac at the age of 14yrs old because he left with my mother’s friend, He left me in the streets of New York pregnant and stolen my other baby, I went hungry I was sexually abuse beaten,I prayed but God didn’t hear me, I had my baby on the steps of a hospital.when I left the hospital and was walking with my baby a man grabbed me and took me to the roof and told me if I didn’t go with him he would throw the baby off the roof so I went with him,my life was a living hell then, I got pregnant from this man I has a boy and a girl,I ended alone again. I worked and raised my kids myself, when my son and my daughter were grown,my son and daughter abused my younger mentally challenged daughter, I was so devastated that I had a nervous break down, my daughter, and son left then is when I found out, I wrote you before not to long ago, My daughter who is mentally challenged her life is a mess right now she lives in another country and I worry about her,I am now 72yrs old and have multiple illnesses, I have been in therapy but it hasn’t helped me, I have asked God to take me home but he does not want me yet,please please pray for me,my heart is broken and my God is not listening to me. I don’t know why I have been through so many horrible things in my life, there is so much more I have been through. Please remember me in your prayers it seems like pastors don’t care, I only listen to you and Amir I don’t trust anyone anymore.Thank you.

  28. Thank you for your wonderful message. God bless you and your family and church. Maranatha!

  29. The world is evil, their is only joy and strength in jesus 😊 there is much tribulation all around the world! THE earth is being destroyed through mans own greed!! Its getting very hard with technology taking over as well. Its all in gods hands!! AMEN.

  30. I just can’t take it any longer!!!! I am tired of the heartache and disappointments down here. I am tired of being depressed!!! I know it is not about me but when you get so depressed it is all about the person that is depressed. THE ONLY HOPE IS THE PROMISES OF JESUS BUT HOW MUCH LONGER?????

  31. Watch "The Identity Of Antichrist Will Surprise You" on YouTube

    Please check out and pray. I'll give you a hint. Their name appears early in the Bible.

  32. The bibles says.. To pray Come Lord , come ! As the Spirit and the Bride say come Lord ; come quickly! ( #speeds His coming )

  33. How can you know that God is a healer unless you've been sick?
    How can you know that God is a Shepherd if you've never been lost?
    How can you know that God is a provider unless you've been in need?
    Adversity is not there to discourage you but to define and refine you!

  34. Hope I can watch The forthcoming film Before The Wrath, From Heavenly Theatre’s, Amen, Hallelujah Praise The Holy Trinity Forevermore ✝️🙏🕊❤️

  35. Pastor, Pastor Paul Begley is trying to reach you. Just passing on the info. God bless.

  36. In today’s news Turkey’s Pres Erdogan vows to “crush the heads” of Kurdish fighters in Syria. The Guardian news source.

  37. I am so grateful for for this church and it's ministry. I have been caught up in uncommon busy work, and now I can view it. Thank you Kanehoe for these posts. I am on the mainland all the way in GA, but in my heart this is my church. Plus Ken Johnson and Jack Hibbs. These two and JD Farag helped me realize that I am of the Calvary Chapel, and have been all along. It's so wonderful having fellow servants as family in Christ. May GOD continue to bless you and keep you all. Amen and Maranatha!

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