Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer REACTION

Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher…

Glenn Chapman


  1. Disney's sad attempt at a jedi mind trick won't work on me this time. I'm not giving them my money.

  2. U trending girl, nice. I don’t like star-wars I just clicked cuz I saw you on the trending page.

  3. The only way this movie will please me is if there was a twist and it ended up that Ben was on a deep cover assignment from Luke and root out Palpatine and finally destroy him. But Star Wars movies are not really known for their twists. They're examples of very basic storytelling.

  4. I hope this is the end of Star Wars franchise.

  5. Him: "The Force will be with you"
    Me: And also with you

  6. I dunno about Kylo turning good. We WANTED Zuko to turn good from day one (and to beat up his abusive piece of crap of a father) but Kylo kinda… Murdered… His dad….

    Also Kylo is pretty angsty in comparison to Zuko, who is a precious cinnamon roll

  7. My problem is that I really like Adam Driver so I'm not so trustworthy with my comments.

  8. This looks like if someone put all the Star Wars movies together in a program and made it auto-generate a Star Wars script – Star Wars: A Star Wars Movie

  9. The way you introduced this video made me instantly stop watching.. this is dead content and you have the charm of a slug

  10. They're going hard on the whole "It's the last one so you better come out and see it" vibe. Desperate, indeed. And Kylo can only be redeemed if he pulls a Darth Vader and sacrifices himself… which he probably will.

  11. What sad times for Star Wars. What an empty trailer. The only thing I have going for Star Wars at this point is, I hope some day, far far away, Disney or whoever releases/leaks George's treatment for his final trilogy. That is the only thing that makes me curious about this "saga" anymore.

  12. Finally, someone else got the reference to Harrison Ford coming back only because he finally got to die! Man, it's been been a long time coming since Harrison Ford wished George Lucas would have killed him off at the end of "The Empire Strikes Back" and again at the end of "Return of the Jedi".

  13. Kylo Ren: You guys, this is exactly how I pictured by death!!! fighting with Rey (again).

  14. I watch this and it elicits completely nothing. I expect one day Disney's purchase of Lucas film will be a case study in how to kill a franchise.

  15. Trailer doesn't show anything but makes me think dark Rey is just a vision

  16. Space horses running on a star destroyer in space. This is worse than the bombers were … in space… where there is no gravity, nor any oxygen… I think that broke me more than C3PO thinking that he is looking at his friends, when in reality he is looking at virtual strangers.
    The only nice thing they did, was giving Carrie Fisher the last word. That was nice.

  17. The can make a plot twist like in Harry Potter when snape killed Dumbledore because he asked snape to do it.

  18. Kylo is just a more interesting character than Rey, IMO. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So I'm ok if they focus more on him than Rey. But I don't think that's what's going to happen.

  19. Wahman brain. Lel epic. Why'd we let these "people" vote again? They are only good for pooping our men and sometimes other wahman (to make more men)

  20. this time the planet EARTH was mentioned in this last movie, god damn it, there is horses, you can't find horses in other planet in the universe of STAR WARS, Hell yeahhh.

  21. Me searching for someone who reacted to this trailer and he cried when he heard the word of C-3PO.

    Also Me: Cry you mother fuckers!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  22. this trailer looks like shit, and the movie is gonna be even worse- because FUCK DISNEY AND FUCK CHINA

  23. Hans Solo actually forgave his son in the moment of his death. Maybe he is redeemable. We will see. Rey maybe somehow associated with Darth sidious so maybe she will go dark.

  24. It's a little underwhelming. This entire trilogy has just been a complete mess and it's so difficult to even care for any of the new characters. Bringing Palpatine back just smacks of desperate also and completely undermines the story of Anakin/Vader over George's 6 movies (and clone wars). I'll see IX but I'll be in no hurry. Disney certainly won't be getting my money on opening weekend

  25. Every new trailer feels like a completely different movie which further proves that the rumors of a bunch of reshoots multiple story arcs a true, good Lord.

  26. ALWAYS

    I can't be the only one who thought of Severus Snape. 😂

  27. so the emperor is alive…. luke/vaders actions in return of the jedi meant nothing…………

  28. Ugh… who cares. Jar Jar Abrams strikes again with garbage. Just keep watching the OT and hope all memories of Kuntleen Kennedy and her cucks fade as senility sets in.

  29. Same trailer beauty from the previous two movies. Same disappointment from the overall quality in the actual movie. Maybe trailers should be their own artform now, and just forget about the movies.

  30. The boycott will be quite operational when your friends arrive. (This looks terrible, the entire Abrams, Kennedy, Johnson triumvirate must go….Feige could save it all but please not at the expense of MCU).

  31. I hope this movie is mostly about Kylo Ren. I need a good closure. I need Reylo!

  32. Disney does not deserve success with this. After episode 8, the last Mary Sue, I won't Buy a ticket of a movie Made by feminazis

  33. I am and always will be a Star Wars fan and I’m excited to see this but I try to ignore TlJ

  34. grace, you should do a piece on the reactions people are having to the final E9 trailer. people are sobbing. if you can't see that you're missing the boat

  35. Don’t be so critical.ik that’s funny but it’ll make ur experience better

  36. U have a very kind face host lady. The kinda face that can take multiple shots of nut and still keep trucking.

  37. God wtf is star wars now last time I watched luke was young and the main character Xd and darth vader was the main villian XD

  38. Hey Grace – are those test screening rumors reported by Doomcock true or not?

  39. Well yes it’s about Kylo Ren, the movies are about the skywalkers, which he is even though his last name is solo. Ray her origins are unknown, so yes the movie is going to be more based on him, it’s about the skywalkers

  40. people: omg f**k Disney they ruined Star Wars. Everything they do is terrible.

    the same people: goes to watch TRoS

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