Star Wars Rise of Skywalker is AWFUL!

[Wenis singing] Dumb dumb dumb, dumb dumb dumb, I’m so dumb [Wenis singing] I work for a corporation that’s dumb and they’re trying to take over all the world and all the media. [Wenis singing] And we’re just control everybody with our media. [Wenis] Yeah! [Enus] Yeah hey George this Vid’s for you [Wenis] Yeah! [Enus] So we want to congratulate you on your release of the first time you directed this like Star Wars movie. [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] Like whatever and it’s got like cool lightsaber battles and you know stuff that Enus and Wenis love. [Enus] Well you know what George [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] We’re not going to see it you know why Geroge? [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] You abandoned us [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] We were like paying you a shiny nickel to shoot our videos. [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] You left to go do Star Wars [Wenis] Is that what our friendship is worth to you George? [Enus] Yeah huh George? [Wenis] Huh? [Enus] Yeah…and like you’re always dropping off Baby Yoda at our place [Enus] And Granny’s not around to take care of him, so I don’t know why you’re doing that George! [Wenis] Yeah I don’t know how to change a diaper [Enus] Yeah come on George. [Wenis] I can barely change myself. [Enus] Yeah he poops his pants all the time it’s true George! [Wenis] No no no he poops himself. [Enus] No I don’t [Wenis] No I don’t what are you talking about? [Enus] So anyway we’re not going to see your movie George unless you want to give us free tickets. [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] That’d be pretty sweet George. [Wenis] Yeah, yeah [Enus] We’re not going to see your movie George [Wenis] Until….we’re going to lift our boycott [Enus] Yeah [Wenis] Only if you give us free tickets [Enus] Yeah exactly. [Wenis] Cause that’s what our friendship means to you. [Enus] Few other things we want to talk to you about Star Wars George [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] First of all like no mice in these Star Wars movies anymore. [Wenis] Yeah, yeah yeah [Enus] And like have your broze Enus and Wenis in it. [Wenis] Yeah yeah [Enus] You need to cast us Enus & Wenis in your Star Wars movies George. [Wenis] As like Bounty Hunters [Enus] Yeah cool bounty hunters [Wenis] Yeah yeah [Enus] Look at us, look at how bad butts we are [Wenis] Yeah look at that [Enus] We’re total bad butts [Wenis] Yeah we’re young and hung [Enus & Wenis] And hanging and banging [Wenis] Yeah we got to get T-Shirts like that. [Enus] Yeah, yeah, yeah [Enus] But yeah you listen here George! [Wenis] Yeah yeah George. [Enus] We’re not going to see your Star Wars [Wenis] I don’t poo myself, yeah George. [Enus] You’re little independent Star Wars movie [Wenis] Yeah, yeah nobody cares about that. [Enus] Yeah until you give your bros Enus and Wenis the tickets [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] Cast us. [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] Give us all the rights to Star Wars [Wenis] Yeah we got some sweet action figures made. [Enus] Because we know about Star Wars [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] We know what kind of Star Wars Stories we want to tell. [Wenis] Yeah [Enus] We want to get out into the world, you hear that George? [Wenis] Yeah George. [Enus] You Hear that George? You Hear that George [Wenis] I don’t poo myself George.

Glenn Chapman


  1. What if his plan was to bring the Enus and Wenis ride to Disneyworld all along? And if not you guys should pitch it to universal, that will be a real kick to his nards! Thatโ€™ll teach him to leave you!!!

  2. You love to see it, I hope George is #Cancelled until he properly addresses Enus and Wenis. They could have had their own place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if it wasnโ€™t for Georgeโ€™s hijinks ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค

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