STAR WARS 9 Official Trailer (2019) The Rise Of Skywalker Movie HD

we pass on all we know a thousand generation living in you now but this is your fight we’ll always be with you no one’s ever really gone

Glenn Chapman


  1. I remember every moment in every episod from IV-VI. Even I-III I remember smth, because it close the plot circle. But the new disney's episodes, I watched and forget as a nightmare.

  2. Well I won't be watching again like last jedi except for internet leaks not getting my money stupid trash Kathleen Kennedy

  3. Something is telling me kylo ren is the good guy in the end and there’s a twist elsewhere

  4. So, Mary Sue turns on her light saber, then runs with it for: Reasons.

    A fighter is hugging the ground like a speeder, and not firing it's weapons while trying to kill Mary Sue for: Reasons

    Kylo Ren uses his light saber as a club to knock someone backwards, instead of cutting them in half for: Reasons.

    A large part of the Death Star is still intact, and Palpatine survived on it, and stayed on the remnant on the planet it landed on for 30+ years for, and only now re-emerges, even though there can not be two Sith lords at once (Sorry Snokes you weren't real)because: Reasons

    Wait, let me guess, Luke becomes a force ghost that masturbates over Rey while she sleeps? Only thing left Disney hasn't mocked, and ruined so far!
    Oh look, Lando is back! I wonder what irrelevant reason he'll be there for, before being killed in a completely disrespectful manner!

    The saga came to an end before it began, your abortions have been rejected…

  5. スターウォーズだけは、アベンジャーズのように、続けてほしい。

  6. It's assumed the Rey character should win so she will.  I mean, she down loaded all her skills from Tank her operator…

  7. Ok there's a big catching net when people fall, just change the title to circus wars 😁

  8. Not seeing it. Don’t care. Fuck your liberal politics you demented sick fucks.
    Trump 2020.

  9. I feel lost with the new star wars from disney… there has been no big evil villain somehow other than a twisted snape o.0

  10. Despite the fact that I have no clue how Rey actually developed her Jedi skills, the big bad snoke died within five minutes of seeing him, and I still have no clue as to why luke lost his mind and completely gave up on everything…this movie shouldn’t disappoint me more than all the other ones…soooo yeah I’m thrilled. I mean, heck we all know she is gonna win in the end because she can pick up a lightsaber with no training and beat a master already.

  11. Who else (when the heard the laugh) Had an instant flashback to the movie when he “Dies” And was like, WAIT if he survived the fall…. Then couldn’t mace have survived his? That would be an epic battle.

  12. Man, I want to make the greatest Star Wars trailer ever – hey I know, Rey doing some jogging in the desert. Thanks JJ!

  13. Even George Lucas says theses movies are garbage. Soulless and no imagination. Complete and utter disappointment and failure.

  14. Palpatine did die you F normies. (Not protecting 9-11 films by the way)Dysney just took an idea from legends and made it canon. Palpatine had clones of himself ready and just like,moved his conciousness to one that was ready. Sith Alchemy and tech. That bastard is really smart. Writing only buries but I had to say something.

  15. So kilo clotheslines a guy with a light saber…an he just falls over..no cutting whatsoever? Wtf is the point of a light saber then u Disney fuks..

  16. "the saga comes to an end" ….to late u allready killed it…good luck getting people to the theater for this shit.

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  18. I swear when I have children Ill make them Legends fans and then show them this crap

  19. Not being sexist but Star Wars it’s getting shit now because most of the characters are female and the main character is female because of those bloody dicks who complain “oh why’s it not a female”

  20. without the old star wars crew, it was only a CGI-Trashy Scifi-Movie. The new Characters are so flat.

  21. why the fk they didnt produce a movie in ancient time like when all the sith and jedi were at war like in the game (kotor) comon ive been w8ing ages for that with massive light sabers fights and stuff, like in games comon kotor cinematics are better than the new movies even the clone wars cartoon (2003)

  22. If you don’t like what happened to Star Wars, remember that when you’re in the Voting Booth!

  23. "The saga comes to a end" and this was in the theaters i full on cryed and everyone was watch me a sad 10 year old crying because all my life i watch this and this was my favorite movie/saga and i am crying right now to

  24. Instead of being called jedi they'll be called skywalkers, that way everyone is a Skywalker now

  25. Obi-Wan: "That boy is our last hope."
    Yoda: "No…there is another…"
    We all know he didn't mean Leia, soooooo …. ?

  26. Anybody realize that ai 0:59 and 1:06 when Rey swings the lightsaber there is no blur effects following after the lightsaber. I spotted this but don’t see anyone talking about it

  27. someone get her an inhaler already. Bloody asthma attacks at the start of the trailers.

  28. What a load of shit what woman saves anything fucking leftovers fucking up the films as well id rather watch the old ones

  29. It was good to see Landau again, overall, the Star Wars saga , is BORING, who's idea is it to keep bringing back Palpatine? Can't they come up with or some other group, other species or another invading Empire to fight? Come on Disney damn! A billion dollar company with limited ideas.

  30. Literally hijacked a classic saga to twist it's plot to empower wamen, then close it off so nobody can set things straight and undo the damage.

  31. Just one more 4 hour boring no story try to explain us why sequel of what use to be epic …. Go on, more pew pew more battles more actors not knowing why exist or where they came from. Please end this nonsense leave us alone. U know we cant resist the fucking title and that we will always go watch it in a cinema instead of our living room…stop manipulate our sorry asses…and let us live …too many sequels for one man's life

  32. SW9: When Emperor Palpatine's mask falls off and you see the Evil Mouse behind it.

  33. The Rise of Skywalker intro text:

    "Rey, the femi-jedi that trained for a whopping 5 minutes, then knew and could do it all, beats what's probably the strongest Sith lord ever! Is it those vagi-chlorians doing its work?"

    Welcome to the flop!

  34. Hi there, please check out my parody video for this trailer : https://youtu.be/9IuIUDV4MdM

  35. Ok I just came here to see when new stuff is coming in roblox 🙂

  36. And then he did a back flip, snapped the bad guys neck and it was super easy, barely and inconvenience.

  37. I really appreciate Star Wars as a movie. I hope they did not just resurrected Palpatine instead better make a return of Plagueis – it was just a better darker sith.
    Also I hope we see new star ships not the same old ( boring ) imperial ships and tie fighters and add some new engines (sound).
    We already know 80-90% how the story ends so some new elements would be appreciated.
    But I have to say, I have some concerns

  38. 0:58 I may be a weirdo for saying this but they didn't even get the original sound!
    Seems stupid I know, but if you listen too Kylo Rens Saber you hear the exact noise from him.

    Jesus I noticed I sounded like a Real Karen.

  39. i’m so hyped that lando is making a return, imagine if he betrays them again🤫

  40. In the end, Luke is dead, and then Rey defeats the emperor, and then she assumes the name Skywalker. Hence, "The Rise of Skywalker." There. Now you don't have to waste your money on this stupid movie.

  41. They need a new heroine/hero and villian…. they're both boringgggg. Mandalorian series is so much better!!

  42. They have a huge budget… but they couldnt afford to get a makeup artist? Rey has dirt everywhere on her body, but only a little on her forehead. Her face is MUCH paler than her body in the opening shots and WOW that's SILLY! Like what Jedi is putting on a full coverage concealer? Like…… please color match when spending millions and millions on a precious franchise

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