Southern Lifestyle Assisted Living Facility Tour

southern lifestyle is an assisted living facility built on a sprawling five acre lot in scenic Lake Placid Florida we pride ourselves on being able to dispel the myth that beautiful scenery and architecture must be separated from quality care in order to serve the needs of the elderly built to the highest standards southern lifestyles interior encompasses 40,000 total square feet it is the attention to detail that grabs you when you enter the main foyer one is reminded of a five-star hotel a baby grand piano adorns the space as well as a high-definition television for the viewing entertainment of our guests and residents straight ahead is a nurse's station where the trained medical staff will sort organize and dispense medications to the various residents in the facility next to the nurse's station is the beauty shop a further testament to the luxury of southern lifestyle and also an examination room where patients can be seen by an on-call physician hall two is known as the lighthouse wing a tranquil paint scheme greets the eye as this wing houses all our suites and double occupancy rooms the first room is a double designed to have two beds separated by a dividing wall a typical feature of this type room is a walk-in shower the next room is a single designed for one but could accommodate two residents if needed it has two closets side-by-side the next room is our suite it features a sitting area with room for table and chairs as well as a small kitchenette this room also features a large walk-in closet as well as numerous hookups for phone and cable television each Hall includes a sitting area positioned midpoint down the hall just off the lighthouse wing is the spacious recreation room which is a central point or hub of the facility this room features a 10 foot projection television screen which will be used for weekly movie time in a small kitchen area that can be used for community events residents can also enjoy their leisure time by playing pool darts or cards in our gaming area attached to one side of the recreation room is a chapel where 20 persons can be seated for religious services this room also functions as a memory loss station similar in function and scope as a lighthouse wing is Country Hall draped in forest green paint and lively decorations this Hall features the same single and double occupancy rooms as a lighthouse wing our dining room features a chandelier that adds to the overall ambiance of the space when you enter the room you will notice that the hand sanitizing station will help to control the spread of communicable diseases right next to the dining hall is set in lifestyles kitchen where all the delicious meals will be prepared physical entertainment is accomplished via our outdoor nine-hole miniature golf course shuffleboard court and lawn bowling alley this area is located just outside the dining hall there is also a croquet court beautiful gazebo and seating areas for the enjoyment of our residents on the other side of the lobby is the employee lounge and just past that is the entrance to seaside wing painted a beautiful canary yellow with nautical themed wall hangings this Hall also has single and double occupancy rooms just to the right of seaside is memory lane which is a special wing that deals with memory loss this Hall is lighted with nostalgic advertisements and pictures of items dating back to the 30s and 40s as well as memory puzzles that are mounted on the walls this Hall has double occupancy rooms on each side but can be used as singles if needed the main difference between the rooms in this hall and the others is the addition of laminate floors that allow for easier surface cleaning this area has its own dining room recreation and crafts the door leads to the outside garden where the residents can stroll on the sidewalk or walk on our memory building maze we also have another beautiful gazebo in this garden for the residents to relax with their loved ones as you can see southern lifestyle is well on its way to becoming the model for future design of assisted living facilities southern lifestyle your home away from home your Place in the Sun

Glenn Chapman


  1. Only for the wealthy.what a scam.they don't speak of the abuse o no.i know.the sad part is that the children don't see how their loved one's are really bring treated.iy needs to be the law that everyone and everything every room is on camera at all times.

  2. what gorgeous surroundings for this facility – Southern Lifestyles looks like a terrific place, and is well represented in this nice video!

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